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Kowalowe Wzgórze

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There are agritourism in the Kłodzko Valley that can be confused with an elegant guest house. So we have beautiful rooms in Kowalowy Wzgórze, even apartments, there is even a name for "studio", but guests are after fish from our ponds, milk and cheese from our cows, eggs from our hens and vegetables from our vegetable garden, which are the basis of the kitchen Blacksmith's Hill.

Kowalowe Wzgórze is a real agrotourism. In the meadow behind the house, the Vistula mare walks, the hoof is hoisted with the Malwiną cow and the Macius bull, and the pigs, chickens and chickens live in their own apartments in the farm rooms. The Argos dog and cats are a backyard gang, though gentle like a flock of lambs.

Go to a place that lives according to nature and in harmony with the seasons, what counts is real food, called slowfood in the city, children are loved, and those willing to go milk the cow. Welcome!

Katarzyna Czuba - Kowal

Pełno tu historii o ludziach, którzy uciekają na wieś. Ja, urodzona na wsi, najpierw nią wzgardziłam. Marzyłam o mieście, korporacji i garsonkach. A kiedy wreszcie udało mi się tam dotrzeć, zapragnęłam wrócić. Tu, w Kotlinie Kłodzkiej, pośród niezwykłych ludzi udało się stworzyć prawdziwą agroturystykę, gdzie oprócz prawdziwego jedzenia i zwierząt, wprowadziliśmy nieco miejskiej elegancji we wnętrzach. Zapraszamy! Kasia i Jarek
Created for children and families
23 places on a true farm in the countryside
Own vegetables, fish and dairy and spirit of slowfood
Great trails and sports facilities
Sadly, we cannot accept pets
Zieleniec Ski Arena - 35 minutes by car

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • No pets
  • Fireplace

Where will I sleep?

The country house is spacious enough to accommodate 23 people (+ 4 extra beds).
We are looking forward to families with children and we like pets.
At your disposal we offer:
Green room - 4 pers. (Double bed and bunk-double)
Heather Room - 4 pers. (Double bed and bunk - double)
Rose room - 4 pers. (Double...
bed and 2 single beds)
Rural apartment:
Salon - 3 pers. (Double bed and single bed)
Bedroom - 4 pers. (Double bed and bunk-double)
Lavender suite:
Salon - 3 pers. (Double bed and single bed and mezzanine 1yrs)
Bedroom - 2 pers. (Double bed)

For those who like long evenings there is a barbeque and a fireplace room, and for those who lay down early and get up at dawn - comfortable beds and fresh morning coffee. We get up with the chickens to brew her for you :)

What will I eat?

Kitchen "Smith's Hill" is based on products from our farm, ie meat, eggs, dairy, vegetables, fruits. Every year in the early spring we sow a vegetable garden, which is the basis of our country dishes. Our homemade food is prepared in accordance with the idea of ​​slow food.

On the farm we breed chickens,...
ducks, fish, pigs and cows. Thanks to these animals, we can give our guests fresh morning dairy, milk and butter, ham or bacon, lard, pate and brawn in the morning. A real homemade pudding. We provide our guests with delicious pantries; Jams, powdery, pickled cucumbers. To prepare our homemade food we use the basic "grandma" spice. In the pond we breed trout and carp. more

How will I be entertained?

We are prepared for the arrival of families with children. The house is surrounded by a garden and a mountainous pasture, which provides ideal conditions for kids at any time of the year. Just go outside the house to admire the landscape of the Stołowe Mountains or go for a walk along the pond and around... our village.

There are 2 ponds in our habitat. One is a fish pond in which guests can fish for trout or carp, while the other will be prepared for swimming. We hope that in the 2018 season we will be able to run it :)

In the huge yard and playground you can make a snowman with children in the winter and play ball games or jump on the trampoline in the summer. All year the older children can feed our farm animals with hay.

In the orchard behind the house, you will find a large, attested playground for children with a mini climbing wall, wooden houses, a slide, swings, a sandpit and a children's favorite trampoline. Nearby guests can play table tennis or play football.

There is a barbecue in the garden (hung over the fire), and a bonfire place by the pond.

- three swings,
- jumping trampoline,
- a sandpit
- houses on a platform with a slide,
- mini climbing wall and ropes,
- table tennis table
- a place with a badminton net,
- a playpen for babies
- hammock under apple trees,
and for parents we have comfortable sunbeds and a barbecue area so that they can rest and look at their kids peacefully :)

If you decide to go sightseeing a little, we recommend it
- Stołowe Mountains (Polanica Zdrój, Duszniki - Zdrój, Kudowa-Zdrój), or spas known throughout Poland
- Chapel of Skulls in Czermna (one of few such places in Europe)
- Open-air museum in Pstrążna (examples of wooden construction collected from the entire Kłodzko Valley)
- Road of Stu Zakręków Radków-Kudowa, and from there Szczeliniec Wielki (with a great labyrinth of rock) and Błędne Skały
- Marian Sanctuary in Wambierzyce
- the largest ski resort in Zieleniec

What's for children?

For the convenience of children (or maybe more parents) we have prepared:

- a wooden and tourist cot with bedding free of charge (please reserve in advance due to the limited amount - 3 items)
- blankets,
- towels
- footrests,
- changing tables,
- potties,
- toilet seat covers,
- air humidifiers,
high chairs,
 - plastic cutlery and crockery,
 - plastic bibs, children's portions,
- security of electrical sockets,
- a place for prams,
- stroller,
- bicycle seats,
- play area (toys, blocks, puzzles, board games, books, coloring sets, crayons),
- TV channel with cartoons, computer games,
- playground (swings, hammock, climbing structures, slide, house, sandpit, toys for sand,
- trampoline, mini-climbing wall), motorcycles, bicycles, sleds, tobogganing hill,
- the possibility of contact with farm animals,
- milking a cow.

We organize activities for children!


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Dryer
  • Tv set

How much will I pay?

Rooms and apartments

Low season High season
lavender suite (5 pers.) 300 PLN / room 330 PLN / room
rural apartment (7 pers.) 320 PLN / room 360 PLN / room
heather room (4 pers.) 190 PLN / room 240 PLN / room
rose room (4 pers.) 180 PLN / room 220 PLN / room
green room (4 pers.) 180 PLN / room 220 PLN / room

Additional information:

    Rental prices for rooms and apartments during the Christmas season, New Year's Eve and the May weekend are set individually.
    Rent the whole house in low season 1500 zł / high season 1600 zł per night
    Extra bed - full size bed 90 / 200cm 30 zł
    Baby cot - free
    Parking - free
    WiFi - free

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

Reservation confirmation is a deposit of 30% of the price of the stay.

  • 57-300 Kamieniec



zdecydowanie polecam miejsce. cudowne otoczenie, fajne zwierzaki, pyszne jedzenie a co najważniejsze cisza i spokój.


Pyszne domowe jedzenie, gustownie urządzone, mili gospodarze. Kominek i dobra nastrojowa muzyka - czego chcieć więcej w listopadzie?


Super agroturystyka, przemili wlasciciele, bardzo ladne wnetrza, pycha swojskie jedzonko. Polecamy rodzinom z dziecmi :)