10 unusual Bed & Breakfast in Bieszczady



Bieszczady must be full of people who one day packed their suitcases, sold all belongings and escaped to the mountains so fast, that their pants were, like, on fire. It's, of course, not exactly like that, but in case of most guesthouses, that's what happened. Come to Bieszczady Mountains for the peace, views and hosts' stories,who are in love with Bieszczady to death.

First, there was a land, a little abandoned by the owners, who live on the British Isles. But these Isles, full of cottages constructed in the traditional technology, inspired them to build their own clay cottage. Actually, made from clay-straw blocks, hard as concrete, but a million times healthier. They mold these blocks from clay and carry them with the whole family, until they created this house, unlike any other.

"Beautiful and atmospheric cottage with a view of the mountains. Fireplace, Russian hot tub, a dining room with big dining table, fireplace, warm duvet and comfortable beds."

Slowhop opinion:  Great place to take kids, run along meadows and breathe healthy air inside and outside the cabin. Cool playground and dining table outside. The cottage is well equipped and comfortable. Option for ecologists.

This is how the story of a girl, who wanted to have a hammock, looks like. This is how you achieve the dream of a chicken-legged hut. Paulina and Przemek go out on a limg and here it is - they live in a centenary, Lemko cottage, smelling with fir and they host wanderers here. Guests can sleep in five atmospheric bedrooms and drink coffee on the swings.

"Excellent location, away from the hustle and bustle, peace and quiet. Cozy and warm interiors of beautiful cabin. A place where you can really relax. Hosts are very sympathetic and kind, and the meals are "little drops of heaven".

Slowhop opinion:  The hostess probably won't have a problem if we describe Smolnikowe Klimaty as a third-world village, where the air is always clean, people are happy and the owners have their hands full of cool work. Cottage itself has everything you need, including vey good Internet. On purpose, there is no TV, so you spend evenings like in old times times - having feasts and telling stories.

Shire almost in Bieszczady. Bogdan Pękalski move guests to place, where he'd like to live, although he's not a small little men, living in a pit. Therefore, Hobbitówa is suitable for human beings with standardized height. There will fit four people plus two children, but it's good to call the owner and ask.

„In one word: revelation! Place created by man with passion. Peace, quiet, relax. Real fairy tale that you don't want to live…”

Slowhop opinion: To be accurate, Hobbitówa is located about 90 km from Bieszczady, co it's on a trail. But it's worth to come, to see somebody's realized dream.

Cottage, about which all the guests speak only good. The owners, Ania i Paweł are the Hosts with capital H. It must be so, because not only they created a place where everyone feels good, but also they try to create an unforgettable experience for every guest. So, there's a huge space, a playground and tipi for children, a picturesque stream with bench, house with a barbecue, massages, possibility of extreme sports, swimming pool within 10 minutes, the nearby ski lift, and even dog sledding.

"Atmospheric place, fantastic people, fun. In addition, good music, nice interiors, great food and fireflies flying in the dark. And how not to love this place?"

Slowhop opinion:  Family business with a passion. Additionally, cuisine, about which people whisper in the meadows. Bieszczady seen through huge windows and austere rooms with deliberately irregular walls, painted with lime white. Cheerful, family atmosphere.

Chata Magoda

The story like many other: people from the city abandon the daily rush and run away as fast as they could there, where everyday you have to clear small wooden houses of snow from October to March. Jagoda and Maciek are fugitives from Szczecin. In Lutowiska they fell in love with renovatitn centennial cottages - they've already brought back to life three. Chata Magoda and Bojkowska are 700 m above sea level and they can accommodate visitors in rooms with bathrooms and terraces with a million dollar view.

"I recalled, thanks to Chata Magoda, that shared meals with other people are pleasant, that you can slow down the pace of life and talk with newfound guests, that it's nice, when the Host serves something, that he has prepared by himself."

Slowhop opinion: In Chata Magoda you'll meet interesting people, who once came to Bieszczady as wanderers and stayed here, spreading their passion among others. It's possible that after talking to them you'll want to give up everything and become their neighbour.

(photos: Chata Magoda, Zbigniew Sierko)

Chata nad Wisłokiem

Apparently the word "magic" is heavily devalued, but we're going upstream, because this Lemko cottage on the edge of the Bieszczady and Lower Beskid really impressed us. The hosts obviously from import, so they're completely in love with Bieszczady. For guests, they prepared three rooms with bathrooms and a kitchen, about which birds sing in the morning.

"Traveling across many places I've never met hosts so wonderfully caring for their guests and thus linking their life with lives of others."

Slowhop opinion:  Perfect idea for the trip with friends or families, although the intimacy of the cottage foster new acquaintances. Long dinners at a common table and each room with stunning views.

(photos: Chata nad Wisłokiem)

Chata Wędrowca

Bieszczady legend, a restaurant with guest rooms. Created by Ewa and Robert, Chata Wędrowca is a regular brand protected by a trademark and their Giant Pancake became Bieszczady Regional Product. If we add the fact, that the cottage has been three times honored withe the Gault & Millau prize, the most important culinary prize after Michelin, that's in fact impressive.

"The house made with attention to the smallest detail - it's nice, cozy, atmospheric and comfortable. Clean and inviting. Very sympathetic owners, with whom you can spend many hours talking."

Slowhop opinion: The cottage operates only 6 months during a year, it comes back on May and then you can stay in one of the fove rooms. You should do it, at least for the coffee with stunning view or pancakes with stunning view, or anything they serve ( with stunning view).

(photos: Chata Wędrowca)

Miętowa Dolina

In the village Roztoki Dolne, in the valley of a mountain stream, in the Cieśnińsko-Wetliński Landscape Park, there is a noble cottage in the countryside. In the countryside as in the countryside - you can buy fresh eggs from free-running chicken, eat still warm cheese, see how to milk a goat. The cottage is really comfortable, it can accommodate eight people and a  cook with a size of two. In total, 10 people in one of the Bieszczady cottage with a nice kitchen island.

"Convenient and deliberately equipped cottage, situated by a picturesque stream. A paradise for children. Peace and quiet, meadow, swimming pool, children's playground. You can relax."

Slowhop opinion: If you have children, who would rather not spend time peacfully browsing through the encyclopedia - take them to Miętowa Dolina. The hosts have to know something about kids, because they not only made use of huge area, but also took care of what is useful to families. 

(photos: Miętowa Dolina)

Wilcza Jama

To well-known to lovers of venison inn, nestled the log cabins. The ground floor of each of them does everything to make two people nice and cozy. The bed in the niche and a stone fireplace. You don't need anything else. Upstairs, there is more familiarly, it comfortably fits the whole family. Both, the ground floor and the first floor have separate entrances, both parts also have separate bathrooms.

"Great location, atmosphere, with beautiful views. Delicious venison dishes. Brilliant pheasant with chanterelles and a wonderful Georgian wine."

Slowhop opinion: Good pub with venison is a treasure, and here we have a real Bieszczady inn with a solid, wild meat. Then you can hole up in the living room, stare into the fire and do nothing or, you can do, what hosts propose. The possibilities are many - from yoga and nature educational activities for children, to off-road, skiing and sleigh rides.

(photos: Wilcza Jama)

Przystanek Cisna

Two wooden houses transferred by the owners, so that they look at Hon Mountain, surrounded by meadows, on the edge of Cisna. Charming rooms, decorated so that everyone get cozy, large living room with terrace and fireplace, and the stone fireplace in the basement, where you can pla billiard and talk for hours. Plus housewife in love with the vege kitchen.

"Beautiful cottages, beautiful views, nice atmosphere and phenomenal cuisine. To this day I remember the lemon soup."

Slowhop opinion: A place for those who love good, vegetarian cuisine, peace and quiet and a beautiful view. If you ask what vegetarian knows about cooking, you should definitely stop here.

(photos: Przystanek Cisna)