Amazing places in Suwałki Region, it means we're going to a fairyland!



Each village, different lake, a person can not run away from the woods, clearings and magical hills, national parks spring up out of nowhere in front of your nose like in a fairy tale. You can count on Zeppelins, and the venison and honey are a feast for the palate. For explorers there are stunning Viaducts in Stanczyki, mysterious pyramid in Rapa, Wolf's Lair, Vilnius and the tripoint border. Take your pick, with a predominance of green color. We have a few places along this route, Which are worth visiting if you are looking for accommodation Slowhop.

At first glance you can't see what's hiding here. And hides here a sportsmanship, not only in the form of the hosts, who came here from Cracow and fell in love in this middle of nowhere. They brought here from Cracow sports hobby and they realized themsleves in water sports, because as we all know there is no such possibility near Cracow... So, here we have two apartments for rent, you can take both or only one, both are great and have a beautiful view of the greenery. Only a few steps to the lake, around the lake you could hear a pin drop, sometimes only fish jumps and this perhaps is the most surprising thing that can happen there. There is a beach by the lake and a whole bunch of equipment for water sports enthusiasts. You can try windsurfing, sailing, or don't try anything and sit in the sauna. Cool, slowhop place for those who are seeking en escape.

"The place definitely worth recommending. Clean, well maintained and very well equipped cottage. Nature which even bursts into the yard. Cranes, herons, hares, deer after a few days stop surprising with their presence. The owners also took care of other attractions such as: sailing, rowing boat, tennis, volleyball, bicycles (and many others), as long as you have enough time to use all of them."

Slowhop opinion: Very engaging Hosts, they'll say where to buy eggs, honey, brilliant baumkuchen sekacz and why you should take a trip to Lithuania. You can come with pets (inform Hosts in advance).

Unusual place. The more we read about, the more we liked it. Especially the possibility of spreading coffee and cinnamon all over our bodies, ginger peelings, delicious cuisine and hosts that respect nature. We feel that it can't be different in the Suwalki, because this region  rejects itself, what it dislikes. In "Dalej nie Idę" we have wide fields, forests, the opportunity to splash in the Czarna Hańcza river and friendly ecosystem of surrounding agritourisms and local hosts. This is as it should be.

"We've spent 3 wonderful days filled with the smell of freshly baked bread, home-made products, lentil bread, Wigry forest and smoky wood from black hot tub... The house is decorated very nicely and comfortable. We had here everything we needed (even too much), including the coffee and tea pot. The selection of board games and books tempted to go nowhere, just hide yourself inside with the cup of tea. These pleasures we postponed for the evenings, during the day we enjoyed the beauty of the surrounding nature and clean air. It was an amazing experience sitting in the hot tub and swimming in the cooling Czarna Hańcza. We will certainly come back again..."

Slowhop opinion:  At your disposal there is an exclusive house for 5 people (2 bedrooms, living room with kitchen and bathroom). You can come with pet.

A couple of people in love with the interior design created on lost clearing by the lake a paradise for those who love places with the soul. And attention - there's rustic! For guests await four beautiful apartments for couples, families and even families with large family card.


Slowhop opinion: The view so beautiful, that all you want is to drink morning coffee all day and look out the window. Something for those in love in absolute calm, rustic interiors with class and lakes admired from the hill.

Edyta and Wojtek built by the Serwy lake an ecological wooden house with nine rooms and entrusted it with the mission of training triathletes. Therefore, in the lake, you can always find a few tall guys in swim caps. The only family business in Poland with such professional fitness room.

"I fell in love in this place at first sight. Beautiful and peaceful surroundings, crystal clear lake, delicious food, cozy, stylish rooms and great owners - you don't need anything else. It's perfect as well for active and as for those who are looking for rest, peace and relax."

Slowhop opinion:  We are in love with Sirvis, because there are only a few places that care about the sporting spirit and in addition provide attractions to those who only accompany athletes. Read more about Sirvis at Slowhop.

Just by the river Czarna Hańcza, the owners exhumed and revived the traces of ancient Suwałki Region. 22 beds in two houses and two "apartments", which don't look like apartments, but like if someone pulled them from the Nights and Days. It seems almost certain that Bogumil is hanging somewhere around, but none of these things, no one is hanging around, everybody rests, admires and eats. They eat a lot.

"We found there peace, harmony and gorgeous nature, and also extreme conditions for cycling! We especially recommend the option with purchased meals - freshly baked bread, delicious local cheese is heaven on earth."

Slowhop opinion: Everybody praise the owners, especially for the love to cooking and bread. And, for that they as no one know, that if you're coming to the village, you have to eat rural delights made of rural products.

Gościniec Gaładuś

Suwalki gem. Only five rooms, but charming and romantic with details rather from the French girl than from Podlasie lumberman. But the whole thing is really impressive, especially glazed dining room and a sort of porch with fireplace. Delicious food.

"Fantastic place over the tranquil Gaładuś lake. Many trips spent in a nice atmosphere. Phenomenal food with an emphasis on local traditions."

Slowhop opinion:  Interiors of the guesthouse are like something taken from a French magazine about interiors. A little different Suwalki, but extremely beautiful. Families with children will feel well here.

(photos: Gościniec Gaładuś)

Folwark Hutta

Seven kilometers from Suwalki, at the edge of the lake, stands a farm digged up from the eighteenth century. Guests sleep in the Granary, two-room houses, cozy apartments and rooms. Folwark Hutta is located in the buffer zone of the Wigry National Park, one of the largest Polish parks and is a great starting point for the bike trail Green Velo.

"Beautiful place with amazing nature, charm and silence. The quintessence of the Suwalki region. "

Slowhop opinion:  Best place for cyclists. The hosts have thorough knowledge about all the bike trails in the National Park and in the Green Velo. Be sure to take your bike!

Siedlisko Anahata

Guesthouse with outdoor swimming pool, outdoors jacuzzi, garden, Wigry National Park within 50 minutes drive and Aszaryn lake near the border of the pension. On special request - breakfast basket. Crisp morning with coffee in hand and a view of the morning mist - as a bonus.

"Perfect location for cycling or hiking trips with great views. Excellent conditions for regeneration, work and play! The guesthouse is tastefully decorated with attention to the smallest details. I especially recommend an evening in the hot tub under a starry sky with a glass of wine in your hand."

Slowhop opinion:  Place to rebound for a group of friends, family and colleagues who want to spend some time together with crossed legs and a glass of wine in hand. A lot of sports equipment for rent.

(photos: Anahata Siedlisko & Spa)

Siedlisko Ługiele

Nearby they filmed "Pan Tadeusz" and the general atmosphere is such, that if someone wants to do something creative, he probably found a good place. Siedlisko Ługiele consists of owners' house and a guesthouse. 3 km from the house there is a super deep Hańcza lake, in which divers shriek in ecstasy.

"The guesthouse is beautifully decorated, very cozy and very functional at the same time. The residence is wonderfully situated among Suwalki hills, away from other houses."

Slowhop opinion:  Although it seems to be a simple, wooden house, but we are delighted with the entrance to the garden and chimney corner. Poems write themselves...

(photos: Siedlisko Ługiele)

Gościniec Jaczno

Someone described this place as a "4* standard in a rural cottage." And so it is. Open hearth, wooden floors create an amazing atmosphere. If you add to this the stone fireplace room and regional cuisine - you don't want to leave. At guests disposal there are three apartments and nine rooms.

"For me it's a place as snug as a bug in a rug. I love the living room with huge fireplace. Once I've spent the whole day here with friends, a glass of wine and roaring fireplace. I really recommend!"

Slowhop opinion:  Guesthouse is hidden among the trees, fields and lakes. It's not easy to get here. But once you succeed - you should be satisfied...

(photos: Gościniec Jaczno)