8 best shared tables

in atmospheric guesthouses and agritourisms



We sit at shared tables in guesthouses with excitement of a child, because they are almost always a promise of interesting mornings and long evenings. Mornings are more politely, in the evenings the ice is already broken after a few bottles of wine and a few juicy stories. We like the idea of a long table with atmospheric accommodation so much, that we decided to create a mini-list. Help us to expand it. If you have ever spent a fantastic time at the table in an atmopsheric guesthouse or agritourism - be sure to let us know!


Number one in our list, because it's not only cool, lit, dope, but it has similar effect as the march of the whole NATO contingent in Giżycko or Coldplay concert at the National Stadium. Well, you just can't forget this table. Old timber roof truss of the Puttkamer family manor house, about 4 meters long. It seems that is has no end. Asia, the hostess, takes care of breakfasts for guests like nobody else and the guests (Polish and foreign) have the opportunity to chat till midday, because nobody is in a rush. Near to the table there is a stylish kitchen with copper pots, steaming beautifully.

Slowhop opinion: We recommend, you won't regret.


At Monica and Maciek it is eaten at the table downstairs or on the porch. The porch is like from the movies about the southern states of America and when heat waves come in June, the atmosphere there is the same. There is lemonade or fruit compote, delicious salads, focaccia with tomatoes. Kids run, after dinner you can sip some wine, eat home-made cheese and have interesting discussions.

Slowhop opinion: Come to Agrozagadka with kids, they'll feel here like in Bullerbyn. The hosts have the energy of the whole nuclear power plant.


Folwark Bielskie came out in 2017 and immediately received the certificate of the most designer barn in Hawaii, and perhaps in Poland. Rumor has it, that the cook in the Folwark comes from a good Warsaw restaurant and there must be something up there, because the reviews are quite pretty. Be sure to choose this place, if you are sensitive to the aesthetic interiors, you know the taste of the coffee in Bolesławiec cup and you like good food.

Slowhop opinion: Next to the lake, you can burn all calories from these eating sessions any time you want.


Here is a prank. In Dom Tkacza they don't serve meals, guests have to organize breakfast themselves. So why we put Dom Tkacza in this list? The answer is simple, what's more - checked. Imagine that you're at cameral campsite, in addition, at impossibly exciting campsite with its own legend. You see around cool people. They look pretty cool, from the overheard conversations you assume that they can be fascinating interlocutors. on the second morning you propose to shove your tables together, one of you put can on them, another sausages, someone else brings their own fuit compote. And so it is in Dom Tkacza.

Slowhop opinion: If only you open up to other guests (and in this house guests tend to be distinguished) - simply organize common breakfast. We recommend!


We wrote about Dwór Dawidy here, in fact, we talk about it wherever we can, because we don't know anyone who wouldn't be impressed with this place. Not only that the host has the power to reconstruct historical ruins, but also you can talk with him about many things, for example, about his travels to Africa.

Slowhop opinion: Homestead is actually in the Landscape Park, so we recommend the long table in the garden, cool prosecco and slow tasting of all dishes.


One of these schools, where you want to come. It stands on Dylewskie Hills, close to a fancy Irena Eris spa and it's a nice counterbalance to spa. Real magic happens in the kitchen of Stara Szkoła, because cooking for the hosts is a very important issue. Take also into account that these regions are famous for Dylewska ham and the hosts' daughter learned cooking in French school, and sometimes workshops for chefs are held here. It's delicious.

Slowhop opinion: We plan to come here in winter, because the host is also a fan of cross-country skis and you can spend a wonderful sporty-eating weekend, and actually, that's what we like the most.


There is a cottage, and Sara inside, a girl from Cracow. Cottage, like normal cottage, it doesn't fit million visitors, but only a handful of people and it'll be excellent handful. Therefore, the long table in Miłośliwka, is not only laden with delicacies, provides excellent social entertainment, but also adds a pair of new people to the list of those, to whom you send email with a Christmas greetings.

Slowhop opinion: Cameral place in the Beskid Mountains, one of those, about which you can talk and talk.


Complete novelty at Slowhop, quite unique. Adam is the host in here - a man of action and idea, famous herrings and their history lover. Breakfasts are common here, at the table with checkered table cloth, in a designer kitchen or in the garden overlooking the greenery. The village Starkowo itself is nothing particularly huge, but the heart of the inhabitants must be considerable because with combined forces, they find old recipes for sourdough bread and herring dishes and they helped to build Herring Museum, the only one in Poland, and perhaps in the world.

Slowhop opinion: After breakfast you should come to the DeLuxe festival, a rock party in Starkowo 11-13 August. It'll be fun, and there'll be plenty of herring.