Buy a voucher for a trip with Slowhop

Stop, wait a minute! Consider for a moment whether the recipient is a "slowhop guy". Will he be willing to spend time in one of our places? Do you already know? Then you know what to do ...

How does it work?

- 1 -

Choose the type of voucher

Do you need it quickly or specially packaged? Choose whether you want to buy a voucher that you can print yourself or one that’s ready to give.

- 2 -


Choose an amount and add the name of the person you’re surprising with the gift.

- 3 -


Pay online and you will receive the voucher immediately in your e-mail box, or we will send it by regular mail to the address you provide.

Do you already have a voucher?

You have one year to use the Slowhop voucher. You can choose any place in Poland (only in Poland for now) or any event. Step-by-step instructions on how to use the voucher are attached to the voucher. If you choose the print version of the voucher, you will receive an e-mail with two different language versions: English and Polish. Note: the voucher can only be used once – it cannot be divided into many different stays/trips. :)

Slowhop voucher

You’ve probably had enough of the usual gifts...Actually, how many times can you give someone a book or a pair of socks? But what about something out of the ordinary? Like an amazing agritourism trip in the Beskids, where they make the best pancakes? Or a painting class? Weekend for yoga? A gift that can be the beginning of a new story? We’ve come up with something that’s spot on – a voucher with a special rebate code for a trip with Slowhop. You just choose the amount of the gift and enter the code when purchasing the trip on Slowhop.