How it works?

- 1 -

You choose the type of voucher

Do you need it quickly or exceptionally? Choose whether you want to buy a voucher to print yourself or ready to give.

- 2 -


You choose an amount and type who do you want to surprise with a gift

- 3 -


You pay online. Then you receive the voucher immediately on your e-mail box, or we send it by mail to the provided address.

Do you already have a voucher?

You have one year to use the Slowhop voucher. You can choose any place in Poland and any event. The exact instructions for using the voucher can be found in the list.Note - the voucher is used in its entirety - it can not be divided and left the part for a different trip. :)

Slowhop voucher

You probably have enough of ordinary gifts... Actually how many times can you give someone a book or a pair of socks? What if it was something out of the ordinary? For example, an amazing trip to agritourism in the Beskids, where they make such pancakes, that the jaw drops? Or a painting course? Weekend with yoga? A gift that can be the beginning of a new story? We've come up with something that can hit the point - a voucher with a special rebate code for a trip with Slowhop. You set the amount of the gift yourself. You enter the code when purchasing the trip on Slowhop.