Kúp voucher na výlet so Slowhopom

Stop, wait a minute! Consider for a moment whether the recipient is a "slowhop guy". Will he be willing to spend time in one of our places? Do you already know? Then you know what to do ...

Ako to funguje?

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Vyber si druh vouchera

Potrebuješ niečo na rýchlo alebo chceš skôr niečo výnimočné? Vyber si voucher, ktorý si vytlačíš doma alebo to nechaj na nás a pripravíme ho ako darček.

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Venuj ho

Vyber sumu a vpíš, koho chceš obdarovať

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Platíš pohodlne online. Poukaz pošleme e-mailom alebo zabalíme a pošleme na uvedenú adresu.

Máš už voucher?

You have one year to use the Slowhop voucher. You can choose any place in Poland (only in Poland for now) or any event. Step-by-step instructions on how to use the voucher are attached to the voucher. If you choose the print version of the voucher, you will receive an e-mail with two different language versions: English and Polish. Note: the voucher can only be used once – it cannot be divided into many different stays/trips. :)

Slowhop voucher

You’ve probably had enough of the usual gifts...Actually, how many times can you give someone a book or a pair of socks? But what about something out of the ordinary? Like an amazing agritourism trip in the Beskids, where they make the best pancakes? Or a painting class? Weekend for yoga? A gift that can be the beginning of a new story? We’ve come up with something that’s spot on – a voucher with a special rebate code for a trip with Slowhop. You just choose the amount of the gift and enter the code when purchasing the trip on Slowhop.