Once upon a time, these were the family parties! The band in cherry color suits, playing the lively beats on the Roland synthesizer, uncle Roman in the center of the parquet floor in a short sleeve shirt tucking a star-shaped evening gown and spinning cousins.

Aunty Mania with vocal talent and the guest appearances at Sunday Mass, here cheered cheerfully in the hit of the Boys Band "You are crazy". At midnight the moment of calm, and now we go to one shot, then "bitter vodka", the traditional egg-laying through the leg and creating the longest rope from clothes.

Or such a wedding in a fireman's depot with a professional kitchen in the back room. The door to the kitchen opened solemnly, the light went out, someone switched on the Star Wars music, and the whole pig came in, with the apple in its mouths and the light fountains flares in its rump. The concept of exaggeration did not exist, it was thick and whole. Before the finale the orchestra played Urszula Sipińska's unforgettable hit, and the lovely parents performed a shaky dance with dignity. Later, only the finals, survivors, abandoned sailors, left and right leg, you will not drink and finally, and then only champagne breakfast  and home...


So it was once, we remember it well, and when Kasia said "I've made it too sweet." and showed pictures to the following article - we asked where is uncle Roman and his spinning jacket?! Where is tatar with egg, unruly noodles from the broth and what the hell is the "naked cake"? Kasia responded calmly, relaxing our post-communist state of consciousness that luckily the ideas for family events are miscellaneous and yet we show only one type. There are, in the end, palaces with uncle Roman from the PRL and aunt from the church choir, but there is also something else. Vintage, retro, rustic, wonderful wedding reports and barns. The whole mass of barns. Today about the barns just, though not only. There are two picturesque guest houses in Lower Silesia and the famous villa in Lanckorona. Maybe you'll find something else? Let us know!



This is kind of a place for a wedding in the boho style, that even obdurate singles want to hear Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" and married women, in such a setting, want to renew the oath. Instead of white outdoor tents, beauty openwork yurt and instead of stain resistant tablecloth, beautiful china and rustic decor. Małgosia, who in the past dealt with film production, came up with this idea for a romantic wedding in nature. Now she realizes the most fantastic scenarios. She pulls out weddings in churches and registry offices to Polish meadows. She helps fulfill the dreams of romantic stylish wedding and celebration of this special day in nature.

"We had a beautiful wedding. Not only because the yurt with its equipment looks phenomenal and not only because the yurt in the open air is a feast for the senses. The most valuable thing, that we had from the yurt that day, was its hosts. Gosia with her team helped us to feel relief and safe. They really watch over everything and there was no problem, for which they wouldn't find a solution! Thank you and we highly recommend."

Slowhop opinion: For the organization of the wedding in a yurt you need land, the rest belongs to the organizers. Everything from the decorations, through the flowers to the menu you'll discuss with organized and experienced team. It will be beautiful and without stress.


At the first place we have something so beautiful that we had to make sure that it was in Poland. And it is. All those photos of climate weddings you find on Pinterest were probably made in Kawków, and by the hand of the host of this place. So there is a house in which about 16 people will fit, a huge barn with a parquet floor, on which many uncle will fit. If there will be many more of uncles - all of Nowe Kawkowo is at your disposal, because the area is the most atmospheric accommodation in Poland. 

Stodoła is the perfect place for a wedding! No stress and among friends. And Staszek creates an true aura, making you want to come back after a weekend in Kawków and your dream wedding in the barn! We are limited only by the distance, but even from the other side of Poland it's really really worth visit!!

Slowhop opinion: Such a nice place that you can consider your second wedding, just to make a party in Kawkowo.


Apparently one of the best places for a rustic wedding in Lower Silesia. We think one of the best places for a creative party in Poland. Probably because of the hosts who do not take captives at the parties, they know what a good photography and the magical scenery is, and they love it. And in the specifics: Złoty Jar will hold the party for 50 people (maybe more), because the rooms are organized that it will be nice for the newlyweds, and big families, and all cousins taken together who will fit into dorm rooms. We are adding to this praised food and unusual interiors.

I was here for a wedding. The place is far from the hustle and has a fantastic atmosphere. Feel the spirit of several generations, and the owners will make sure that the whole thing is nicely done. There is nothing to expect great luxuries, but it is clean and tasty. Some rooms are a fantastic trip to a group camps when sleeping in 10-12 people in a room... Cool!

Slowhop opinion: Lots of things to do in the area - Złoty Stok Mine, walks around the area and a base for the Kłodzko Valley and the Czech Republic. Reasonable prices.


Fabulously situated house in the middle of the forest. Silence, clean air, relaxation and no stress. Bride relaxed, laughing, friends and family lying down on the sun loungers and a wooden platform serves as the best dance floor under the sun. Rural wedding in a modern style, a little bit detached from reality. You can get married outdoor, under the linden tree or on the island in the middle of the pond, organize a bonfire, and even get foodtrucks for an afetr-party. We dare to believe that this is the most beautiful place for the boho wedding in Wielkopolska.

"As I am writing "magical", I'm not abusing this term - we drove here 20 minutes through the forest to find this haven of peace where Karolina brought house with her history back to life. Flowers, decorations, tables - it's almost all down to the bride nd groom and their relatives. Preparations have started quite slowly, Zosia had even time to go for a run ;) With time, everything speed up a little bit, but still - without hurry. There was no fixed plan, it was my first wedding where cake entered after midnight, the DJ didn't stopped playing music - uninterrupted party!"

Slowhop opinion: One of those places that offers rental - you rent 2 hectares of land with two houses, hall and a covered terrace - total area of 260m2 of ballroom. The price includes the whole infrastructure: tables, chairs, dishes.


It's time to expose this place, we are sure you will be grateful. The author of the success is Alex and Przepitki. Alex provided an idea, a house and a barn, Przepitki, hectares of wilderness an hour from the capital and the name. "Where did you have the wedding?" "In the Przepitki (chaser in English)"! "We invite you to the wedding at Przepitki". And immediately it gets fun, and as a bonus to the invitation we have a smile and a promise that it will be a decade party, and certainly will not be drought... Alex is a painter, he has in mind not only creativity, but also aesthetic vision, and a few places to sleep in. Look for more and contact the Host.

Wonderful intimacy in a enormous space! And it is so close. Lazy rest or active close-up with nature. And evening by the fireplace or by the fire. A grill or an exclusive dinner. Such a choice that you have to go back and try everything.

Slowhop opinion: We have 12 places in a small and large house. And the barn and gazebo with a total area 110 sq m for celebrations, weddings, workshops, film events or whatever you think of. 60 minutes from Warsaw.

Creaky floors, a mansion with a cozy home atmosphere, a magical garden with a pond, linen tablecloths and the fire in the fireplace. Wedding in Dwór Dawidy is an extraordinary event. This eighteenth century manor house after careful restoration is today a wonderwall for brides who want to have dress with a veil in the Provencal style. Dwór Dawidy is perfect for enthusiasts who love celebrations in vintage style, boho and traditional receptions in fairy-tale interiors or outdoors. It's worth mentioning the brilliant food made from local products and beautiful bedrooms on the first floor and an atmosphere of unhurried relaxation.

"Charming place surrounded by forest and tranquility. Atmospheric place in the old style. We held a 3 day wedding here. People who work in the manor house create an atmosphere of hearth and home. Owner was extremely helpful in the preparation of the party, he tried to do everything, so we wouldn't have to worry. FOOD. Large portions, prepared from regional products, excellent taste. None of the guests left hungry and disappointed."

Slowhop opinion: Inside the mansion there's place for an intimate party for the Bride and Groom and closest family. Here, too, you have the option to arrange a magic civil ceremony in the park.


Wilhelmi and Barbara Kraftówna were here, and young Stuhr probably fall into the pool several times. Willa Tadeusz is an unusual place, and probably we will soon read about it in textbooks, because it is probably the oldest pension in the hands of one family. Weddings are even for 100 people, in a garden-outdoor climate, over an unusual brick swimming pool, in a green sourroundings, about 30 minutes from the center of Kraków.

Beautiful garden weddings, unforgettable atmosphere. If someone is so fond of such a style of home-garden weddings then this is an ideal place for not much money.

Slowhop opinion: If you ask us - with the wedding at Villa Tadeusz you will enjoy not only yourself, but also the grandfather who loves Piłsudski, mommy with good old days taste and dad who likes to eat well.


Oh boy, how they do it! They have a great kitchen, they cooperate with "Kwiaty i Miut", so you can count on beautiful floral decorations and in addition they are in the Wleń area of Lower Silesia, and there is always something to do. On the spot there are 14 beds, and the newlyweds suite. People from Polna Zdrój have great joy from the organization of weddings and this passion is clearly visible.

Polna is definitely the best place to organize this special day! A place with climate, great owners, where every stress gets lost. Polna Zdrój offers a completely different level of service and quality compared to other wedding service providers. If someone cares about the climate of an exclusive gala, let them look further, and if the rustic atmosphere is his dream, he could not get any better. 

Slowhop opinion: Magda and Mateusz are masters of climate weddings. Left everything in their hands, and you will be looking at photos from the wedding every day for the rest of your life and you will look back to those flavors.