10 places without GSM and WIFI - go to rehab girl

(and take your man and kid with you)



This list is for you, if you start a day with scrolling through your phone. Or, if your man starts a day like that, though, let's be honest - he should start it with something completely different. This list will also be useful if you end the day with scrolling through the phone. And your man too... If your kids scroll intensely and limiting the technology results in a fight and the promise of imminent move out, and that "you're the worst in the world and don't understand anything." You know those meetings with friends, when half of the people are checking their phones? Family dinners? Breakfasts? Did Google ever ruined a cool topic for discussion, because everyone started to look for answers in a search engine? Allegedly important life decisions are made away from the technology. In the shower you come up with the best ideas. Without the technology we sleep better and have better sex. Our children are leaner and less narcissistic. It's impossible to escape from it permanently. But one weekend, from time to time, without GSM and wifi is enough. And we know where to go then.



What a place! Not only it' located in Kashubia (Slowhop's direction of 2019), but it also has warm yurt with bed in central part and lake in the north part, only for adults. We don't know if you have ever slept in a yurt or a tent, but the sound effects after waking up are lit. You can hear every lark in the area, cricket passing by and strolling ants. You grap the phone only on the first day, then you get used to the fact, that there's no need and you can enjoy yourself.

"Beautiful location, comfortable yurts overlooking the lake and the stars. Comfortably furnished and clean. Very friendly staff and delicious breakfast. Hot Russian banya is the hit :) I recommend to anyone who hasn't been there yet! We will definitely come back!"

Slowhop opinion: Place only for adults, there is a hotel with a restaurant nearby, where you get breakfast and can buy a dinner. 100 meters to the lake. Here without four-legged friends.


Here, they combined the dream of a lonely cabin in the woods by Asia and stamina, which every person working in the events has. In this case, Asia's husband - Andrzej. And here it is: a wooden hut in the forest, so beautifully finished and smelling with resin that your blood pressure and other vital parameters spike. So, enter in the GPS Knyszyn Forest and go into the wild...

"Great place for a getaway for a weekend (or longer) with friends, for cycling, or other tours, wonderful silence, the lack of signal allows to relax even more, fully equipped cottage with a high standard. Very nice owners."

Slowhop opinion: House for 10 people, 3 bedrooms and you can take your dog.


It's time to discover the secret. Krzywe 3 is a summer residence of Slowhop. That's true, we're only one online startup in the world, which is established in a place without any signal. Well, unless we hang from the chimney and only in a very particular point. That's why we relax best here. We have here good collection of DVDs, so there's cinema instead of Netflix, talking instead of checking your Facebook wall and even though we're taking a lot of beautiful photos, don't count on the ability to share them on Instagram. It is delightfully normal.

"The house is beautiful, beautifully decorated, larger than it appears in pictures. Plenty of space around the house, cool barbecue area, very close to the lake, which at that time was warm (surprise for me), and you can calmly swim in it. Same upstairs - cool place to watch a movie; nice kitchen, all well equipped. We also swam on the SUPs, many of us for the first time and we enjoyed it so much. Definitely we recommend this place and would gladly come back! :)"

Slowhop opinion: Holiday house for 8 persons. You can take two families and a dog.


Our novelty of February 2019. You used to say that it can't be like that, theta there's so little places from Roztocze at Slowhop, as little as vegetables in the teenager's diet. It means very little. So, now we're catching up, with all our strength. We have here a house of straw and clay, which itself improves the ventilation of the lungs. The fact that there's no signal, improves the ventilation of the brain. And Roztocze's wine improves the rest. We recommend, very, for a family detox.

Slowhop opinion: It accommodates 4 to 6 people. You can take the dog, but hosts ask not to let them on beds and sofas.


There was a little Roztocze on Slowhop, and suddenly the whole crowd in one list! And right away, because you need to explain some things at the beginning: Chutor Gorajec is not a design hotel. If you expect swimming pool and massages - this is not the place for you. Many hosts on Slowhop are lovers of beautiful design and sophisticated details. Marcin and Marina don't belong to them and this is not a disadvantage. It's just different in here. Together they organize the best festival of ethnic music and tradition in Poland. This is our opinion and we will fight for it. Chutor Gorajec is Folkowisko, Lemko traces, stories of the history, woods and herbs. You come here for that.

"The best agritourism, I have ever been to. If you want to know what is Kresy hospitality and cordiality even for complete strangers - come here and check it out. Here you regain peace of mind and faith in people. One day is enough to make friends with Marina, Marcin, Mom Jola and the kids. I can't wait to come back."

Slowhop opinion: A lot of beds in the former school "one thousand years old" Cool place for an atmospheric wedding. Here without dogs.


Recently we've written a lot about Siedlisko Niedziela, and here it also suits our digital detox list, because finding signal here is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And so it should be. Everything gere is done peacfully. Dzidka and Darek are people so quiet that blood cells in guests' bloodstream slow down, you  want to draw mandalas and knit. And there's place were you can do it, because hosts have creative barn here, you can ask for help, drink wine and play with garments.

Beautiful place to relax. On the premises of Siedlisko Niedziela there are plenty of nooks so that nobody bothers each other. Everyone will find a place for themselves. And in addition these fantastic views! The place is also suitable for active holidays - there are beautiful bike and canoeing trails in the neighbourhood.

Slowhop opinion: You can rent Siedlisko for a birthday or bachelorette party. In winter only group bookings, in the summer also individual. You can arrive with a pet.


Not only super-cool people live here, but also you have a lot of time to talk with them (and other guests), because there is no signal. Our Dominika, who wishes to spend every free time in Karwik says, that the closest signal is in Pisz. The best is to immediately let go and come here forexc ellent breakfasts, watching as the hosts renew old furniture and create their own and also for laying in the corners.

We were all very pleased, great atmosphere and excellent food. The hosts are very warm people, eager to serve many proposals to spend time in the area and 100% of great proposals "where to eat". The least happy was our dog.... because he didn't get along with (by his own fault) Hugo, the hosts' dog... but that's only fault of our city mutt. We highly recommend stay in this location, because it's decorated with great taste, we will try to come back here.

Slowhop opinion: Only 4 rooms, delicious breakfasts, between two lakes. You can take the dog.


Once in a while it happens, that you have to take your man (or woman) to a place, where there's a pleasant atmosphere of luxury, your jaw stops clenching, and heart pumps to the rhythm of smooth jazz. We spend lazy mornings at breakfasts and waiting for sensual dinner, you can use cool swimming pool and red bath. There is no signal, so you won't be disturbed.

Stodola7 is an intimate hotel for the demanding ones. Mrs. Agnieszka's great cuisine and very well-chosen Italian wines from impressive wine cellar make everybody happy. Beautiful, original interiors and great spa with pool, kinda makes a lovely stay. Place also charming: surrounded by the forests and lakes where you can run, walk and ride bikes.

Slowhop opinion: For adults only. Several rooms and delicious, Italian cuisine. Here, no pets.


Cool agritourism created by specialist of geology in a really old house. Plawna is a very long village in the municipality of Lubomierz. It is known for, among others, that "Sami Swoi" movies were filmed in the surroundings.

"In the area many miracles: the beauty of nature, forests, fields, streams and rivers; a multitude of former German houses, even greater amount of (gorgeous!) castles' ruins; nature reserve, colorful lakes, close to the various peaks - as I said- many miracles... Inaddition trunk of maps and tips from Asia, which made that we have more ideas than days."

Slowhop opinio: You can arrive with the dog and thanks to the owner's passion, great for the kids.


This is a hut for those, who want to hide from the problems and it would be the best if even the Mossad or secret service couldn't find them. Even spy planes can't reach this place. For connoisseurs of historical antiques, because although the cabin is equipped with all the achievements of modern times, the spirit of the old Lemko cottage is still here and speaks through images, old stove and detaliki and as old details.

"I lived in this hut all week on yoga classes. Great place, great atmosphere, total relax from the things of this world. From time to time we all need such a "reset". Although this is an authentic old cottage here are all the facilities - bathrooms, toilets, kitchen with refrigerator, stove and all utensils as well as big convenient table. But the most pleasant is to eat breakfast in front of the hut, in the shade of old trees."

Slowhop opinion: Up to 15 people, there's a place for yoga, you can come with a dog. Without signal!