16 exceptional accommodations



When we show the Hobbitówa, people immediately are in a better mood. We have a mission and the need for good deeds, so in connection with the autumn mood and the desire for sweet, we serve some candies. There will be accommodation in Hobbitówa, and even in the whole Shire, there will be agritourism in circus cars, pension in windmill, Bieszczady, Pomerania, Masuria, Kashubia and Podlasie. It's a bit different sleeping, maybe it's worth a try.

It's a collective of three boys from Warsaw. So the capital city for every day, fast life, fast decisions, but then only Masuria, Rajgrodzkie lake, clean and transparent as the rules of playing cards. The house is on the lake, actually: it is parked on the lake. It has a fireplace, a sofa, two bedrooms and sunrises worth getting out of bed earlier.

„If you are demanding and you value special things, this place is for you. Super design, sensational location and ah these sunrises.”

Slowhop opinion: Rather, without small children (for obvious reasons), ideal for a group of friends. No dogs.

Slowhop star for 2017. Bogdan and his Hobbitówa shook the first months of existence of the portal, there were so many questions about the booking! The house is for four people, although there will be a bit of space for a small man with the hair on the feet. Bogdan himself is one of those original hosts that are never forgotten. The Hobbitówa is his passion, he still improves something in it, so it's possible that once you get to Krzywcza, you'll find in it a miniature of the Grand Canyon. Take a look at Bieszczady on the way.

An unusual place. Created by an extraordinary Man. Away from civilization, away from the whole world. A fairy-tale place, fantastic. A place where the peaks of the Dynów Foothills and its valley alternate and the subsequent details of the Hobbit House and its surroundings are constantly discovered. Where you hear the crack of fire in the fireplace and the sound of wind in nearby trees.”

Slowhop opinion: Booking dates are distant, but book through Slowhop, it can succeed. Home exclusive, rather without a dog.

Place in a former school, which the host bought on Allegro (polish eBay). He thought if there is a school, why not houses on a tree in the middle of a forest? And he put them there. You can get to them by stairs, ideally for two, and the interior itself is the result of a recycle passion and a tendency to minimalism. You'll like it. All this in a region known for its super clean lakes, mushroom forests and proximity to the sea. We wrote a little more about Figlarnia here.

„A wonderful place, home atmosphere and delicious food. Patryk (the owner) is very friendly and open to people. We felt more like we were spending a vacation with a good friend, not like a hotel where we are strangers, anonymous customers. You can see how much work and heart was put in order for the Figlarnia to look like this way. I really recommend it to everyone looking for a peaceful place where you can have a good rest and eat well (home-made dumplings, stuffed cabbage - delicious!).”

Slowhop opinion: Figlarnia was established in May / June 2017 and has already won a lot of praise. You can take a dog.

The whole charm of this place lies in the various architectural marvels scattered over 7 hectares. That is why the name "guesthouse" is a bit confusing, which admitted Kasia, the fantastic host of this place. Zaborek was created many years ago when her parents began to collect the old houses, forester's lodges and even the church and moved them to their place by the forest. We slept in a windmill and we recommend this place. We recommend a desacralized church for various business meetings and trainings, and the wedding can be arranged in the inn.

Zaborek is like an alternative reality, far from the city. Plus useful things: huge playground with playing fields, delicious cuisine and available at any time of the day (also late into the night, super friendly waitresses). And, in addition, close to Warsaw.

Slowhop opinion: You can take a dog, and then visit the famous horse stud in Janów Podlaski with a guide.

Apparently, there are few things in the world as depressing as a seaside resort off-season. There are no waffles, the winds blow through the closed hut with ice cream, and the number of inhabitants drops from a thousand to five people. And these five people make a difference in Mielno. We have written about them many times, we will once again. Especially that the architects from Mielno made glamping along the way (also on Slowhop), and this year they will show a completely new house, with a jacuzzi in the middle and you can cure autumn depression in it. More about them here.

Houses on the water is a real fairy tale. The owner's ideas are limitless. Wonderfully furnished houses, full-service equipment including a tower, coffee machine, microwave, fireplace, sun loungers, kitchen... In the resort all attractions including the pool, bikes even tandems, tennis, hammocks, swings, the best board games, bicycles and water dinghies and much more. The cake is delicious and large breakfast, pampered in every inch brought in the morning in baskets...”

Slowhop opinion: You can take a dog, nice for families.

Even the equatorial penguins have probably heard about Glendoria. Artur and Krysia, the hosts, not only did they make sleeping tents in polish climate, they also added an open pool. Apparently, they planned that Glendoria will be only for adults, but after lots of protests, they changed their mind. :) We were a few years ago, there was no trampoline at that time, but it did a piece of green terrain that together with swings on the oak and the possibility of visiting the ostrich it was friendly for children. Ours were happy. EDIT: someone just informed us on Facebook that "in Glendoria there is a playground with a sandpit and a trampoline, and a rocking horse with a delivery to the tent." Thanks to Zuzanna for being vigilant!

We were in the middle of September, so the attractions like swimming in a lake or pool were inevitably gone. But there was silence, peace and so many cosy corners that everyone spent their time just as it suited them. One of them read or solved crosswords in an unusual barn, which apart from meals was as a coffee house, a common room, cinema. Others went bicycles, and some went for mushrooms (there were quite a few!). In the evening, bath in the nearby forest (!) with candlelight, in a huge tub with jacuzzi, with heated water - a very original experience.

Slowhop opinion: You can take your dog, tents open until September and you must necessarily use the Camp Spa in the forest.

If you have not yet lived in circus cars, this is a chance at Podlasie. The owner of this idea is Kasia Leszczyńska, one of the best Polish translators of German literature who lives in Switzerland on a daily basis and organizes trips to Poland for foreigners. Also with traces of Polish literature. And as befits an interesting personality, she set the wagons in the Bialowieża Forest and next to the Tykocin.

Slowhop opinion: The cars are in two locations (Puszcza and Tykocin). The hosts perfectly know the history and geography of these areas. Great for a tour guide with a guide.

To Domek Pirata in Sarbinowo people come for the pirate stories and legends. It's a brick hut with thatched roof, in the Baltic Sea style. The owner, Karolina, together with her parents took care of every detail here driving around, searching and trying everything to create the interior as presented in the attached picture. Captain Hook wouldn't be ashamed. Light swithes are from old Norwegian ships and under the ceiling with a map of treasures can sleep 6 people craving for sea breeze and the wind in the sails. We recommend to wake up at dawn and go on a trip to the village Chłopy for fresh fish from the boat, then trying to deal with rebellious waves of the Baltic Sea and, in the evening, sitting tigether on the terrace and playing battleship. More about them here.

Slowhop opinion: Kids will enjoy a trip on a tractor with Mr. Bruno, who sing with kids and is a good spirit of this place. You can arrive with dogs.


If you haven't yet heard about this place, it's time to catch up. First, recall the story of Alice in Wonderland, and then go through the gate of the magical garden and lose yourselves in a totally trippy interiors of the eighteenth century palace in the center of Gdynia-Orłowo district. Each of the 12 rooms is decorated uniquely and like a fairytale and has proper patrons - Nobokov, Tolstoy, Flaubert and Scheherazade. There is a risk that you'll not want to leave them, and this is a shameful mistake. Just stir out of doors to experience true artistic nystagmus or holistic nursing experience at the SPA and move to the other side of the mirror in White Rabbit restaurant. It's a fairy tale for demanding adults seeking childhood memories and luxury as the Queen of Hearts.

Slowhop opinion: This is an adventure for those who value sophisticated art, breathtaking design, food knocking out and intimate atmosphere. The hotel opens its doors for adults only.

Lapońska Wioska Kalevala (Karkonosze)

Firstly, we want to inform you that the second stage of construction works is currently under way so temporarily the visiting is not possible. The whole idea is a result of the fantasy and passion of a man who decided to build a village in Borowice near Karpacz. The conversation with Michał, the originator of Kalevala, looked like that: he was talking, and our jaws dropped more and more. Be prepared for 20 heated, all-year tents, a separate tent where you can light a bonfire, tents on trees, moomin house with all dishes and furniture, Vikings and full board in apartments nearby. It will be happening and for this occasion, we will surely make a cup of wine.

Slowhop opinion: Dogs are welcome (dogtrekking with husky dogs on site).

(photos: Lapońska Wioska Kalevala)

Hobbitowe Wzórza (Kashubia)

If there is no place at Bogdan's Hobbitówa, then go from Bieszczady straight to Kashubia. There is whole Hobbiton, built by the lake. For now, the Hobbit Hills are still unrolling, but there is a sneak peek and passion. The landlady is eco, she lives in a dugout, whose basic building blocks are used car tires. Important note - the Hobbit village is inside a human village, among the normal village buildings, do not expect isolation like in the movie of Peter Jackson.

„I am delighted with the place! Located among trees with a view of the lake. Fairytale houses create a unique atmosphere. A place where you can relax, feel like in a fairy tale. Hospitable thresholds and magic... I highly recommend.”

Slowhop opinion: You can come with your dog (although they will not be able to enter the beach), full board on the spot.

(photos: Hobbitowe Wzgórza)

Inter Nos Kamping na Wyspie (West Pomeranian)

If it's not freaking awesome, we do not know what it is. The second campsite in the history of Slowhop's collections, this time located on the private Sołtysia Island in the Drawsko Lakeland. It is the only island in Poland where you will find an authentic Tyrolean pub with waitresses dressed as in the Alps, and in addition, if you are moving by car, you will get there only by ferry. The ferry, which the host and manager, by the way, an Austrian, bought in Katowice. The history of this place is unusual enough for us to write about it on Slowhop.

„Fabulous island with full equipment and a great atmosphere. Suitable for children and water sports enthusiasts. Surely there is no time for boredom. In addition, the kitchen of the innkeeper is five stars. I recommend.”

Slowhop opinion: On the spot a great restaurant, you can take a dog, and if someone does not like tents - there are also bungalows.

(photos: Kemping Inter Nos)

Wiatrak w Lędzinie (The Rewal coast)

Windmill from 1723, which in the 1950s was entered on the list of monuments. The owners' holiday home, now the rooms for rent, so do not expect exceptional design, but it is friendly and atmospheric.

Slowhop opinion: Near the attractions of the west coast with Rewal, Niechorze and Pogorzelica. There is a view, a wifi and you can take your dog.

(photos: Wiarak w Lędzinie)

Carska (Podlasie)

Once you've eaten a double portion of salmon at the Tsar's restaurant in Białowieża, maybe you'll stay for a stylish overnight a'la Car Nicholas. They have apartments in a historic water tower, salons in old railway cars, a room in the one building and in the house of the gatekeeper. Interiors such that a man begins to feel like in the fairy tale of Disney about the lost Anastasia and wants to drink tea from a pressure cooker.

„A boutique hotel in tsarist salons is absolutely outstanding. A brilliant idea and masterful implementation - a bit of the spirit of history and some luxury in the heart of the Forest. Beautiful car interior, unparalleled attention to detail, everything consistent and elegant, without any half measures and shortcuts. A place of extraordinary beauty, with a unique atmosphere, and a great restaurant with the highest standard of cuisine and impeccable service. What do you want more? Unconventional, but comfortable. Dignity, but not boring. Far from "civilization", but on a world level. Simply perfect.”

Slowhop opinion: You can take a dog. Opponents of venison - choose a different place.

(photos: Carska)

Kopalnia Soli w Wieliczce

And this is a fairy tale for those who in their childhood imagined what Krecik's underground house might look like. If Krecik wanted to make a hostel, probably with the small support of the Czechoslovak government, something similar could be created in the 1980s. The adventure is in this case sleeping 123 meters underground, where, as the Mine assures - "everything is completely different. "Here, time passes slowly and silently. Resting strengthens the weakened forces and relaxes the mind." And the best "Here the night is taken completely blind." There is also a restaurant underground and a Stajnia East Chamber, where you can sit with some dark novel, and in the recreation part play table tennis or table football.

Slowhop opinion: Let's be clear - this is not a place for a comfortable night, only part of the adventure, which is visiting the mine. Everything modern, but it is not a hotel and definitely not a guesthouse with charming hosts.

(photos: Komora Słowackiego Kopalni Soli w Wieliczce)

Kozia Farma (Mazovia)

You can sleep here in a Mongolian yurt, but you will not need a fur hat. Inside there is a fireplace and it seems to us that this is a great idea for a romantic trip. James Bond would go for sure. You can also use the tiny cottage for two, a concept that is being talked about more and more lately. This is probably a less crazy option than the yurt, but it has its advantages.

„Beautiful place! Warm hosts who care for their guests' comfort. Delicious food. 

Slowhop opinion: Leave the dogs at home, take a bit older children. Delicious eco cuisine.

(photos: Kozia Farma)