10 Slowhop glampings in Poland and not only



Back pain, a "turistic" tin hidden in a cold hole in the ground, butter in a jar with water, toilets with arguable comfort and the only thing that impelled us to bear up all of this: living really close to nature. Hovever, it turns out, that you can combine the latter with comfortable conditions. Glamping is a combination of "glamour" and "camping" and it's getting famous in Europe.


Tatra Glamp appeared at Slowhop at the end of 2018 and rocked our world. People cheered, confetti was falling from a helicopter. In a word - wow! That's what we seek. You've got here spherical tents, view of the mountains in the widescreen version, comfortable bed and you can start feeling like in a James Bond movie. One warning - remember that Podhale are not the Alps and there is a little real wilderness here. From the parking located next to the main road to the tents, there are many stairs and paths.

"I fell in love with this place from the very beginning. First, only from the pictures. I decided very quickly that I'll take there my husband to celebrate his birthday. I booked a stay and waited for February, to visit the Tatra Glamp. In the meantime it turned out that the trip can go wrong, we did have care for the children. The owners were helpful, supportive, they wanted to move the booking for another day. Fortunately we managed to arrive on booked date. On site, there were flowers waiting for my husband, wine, chocolates and cake, veerything I asked for. All beautifully prepared, together with a birthday wishes letter as a gift for him. Big wow. And what else was waiting for us on the spot? Cozy interiors, bed inviting to rest, comfortable armchair and those views!!! Unforgettable! Tent surprisingly warm (you could also heat it with a fireplace), with a supply of coffee and books, as if someone had forgotten to take theirs ;) Nothing more to do, but rest. We're 100% sure, we'll return :)"

Slowhop's review: Four luxury tents with heating and air conditioning and a private bathroom. Here without dogs.


And here we have Kashubia, so woods and close to the sea. The area traversed by hundreds of lakes and green tongue of forests stretching from Koszalin. Cool. In all of it, near the village, there's Mongolian yurt. It's not that the hosts came up with an idea that they'll set a yurt here because it's cheap and fits. They are so involved in horses and ecology that this Mongolia came quite naturally.

"Mongolian yurt in Kashubia - ii itself sounds bizzare, but on the spot, it appears that not only the reality coincides with the ideas, but it exceeds them at every level. Perfect space for leisurely reading a book, looking at the green and happy horses on the other side of the fence, adding wood to the woodburning stove - just to be in harmony with each other and what is around, without looking at your watch. With good surroundings for hiking, horseback riding or cycling. Necessarily!"

Slowhop's review: Yurt exclusively for 5 people. Inside bathroom, heating and kitchenette. You can arrive with the dog. Cool for kids.


If you haven't been in the Suwalki region - think warm about it. It's one of those Polish regions that remain mysterious, even mystical. And in all of it, there's Wojtek Walicki, a guy from another life that began here new life. In Dreams and Stones, you eat his vegetarian cuisine, practice yoga and experience life in harmony with nature.

"Chef cooks himself - regionally, vege, surprisingly. Breakfast and dinner outdoors and sleep on the threshold of the forest is something wonderful! In addition, two steps to the lake, which which you have for those brief moments just for yourself. I really recommend!"

Slowhop opinion: Stay at home or in tents. You can take the dog but under certain conditions.


2019 belongs at Slowop to the Kashubia. So many beautiful things rise there, that you have to visit it. By the Lake Bronislaw lies 4rest Camp, which is two cool yurts for adult lovers of isolation. It won't be in isolation like on Mongolian steppes, because first: there's easy access to Gdansk, conveniently pull off the A1 and there's quite delicious breakfast in the nearby guesthouse.

"We highly recommend!!! Lovely place! Peace, quiet and romantic atmosphere. If you want to breathe fresh air, you have to come here! :) Chillout in the sauna and in banya. Very friendly owners. Tasty meals, great breakfast ;) swanky :) What can I say... just come here and see because it's really worth it!!!!!"

Slowhop's review: Yurt is for two people. Here we take no dogs (or kittens) and remember about the brilliant banya on the spot!


And this place is near Warsaw. For those who don't like to take a break in training (because there's a well-equipped gym for Crossfit and Tabata), and those who like adventure and accommodation in tents. The tents are in the style of Out of Africa movie, the safari-style, small and large. There's Kampinos Forest nearby and own swimming pool.

"Great place close to Warsaw for a weekend getaway or a longer stay. You don't have to go to Masuria to relax, swim and spend time together."

Slowhop's review: 50 beds, which makes Baranowka a base camp. You can arrive with the dog.


Herbals Glamping was created by the same architecture studio, which is responsible for the houseboats in Mielno, on the lake Jamno. HT Houseboats team apparently liked the creation of creative tourist offer, because they went with the flow. 

We have here 4 tents. Mint, Lavender, Lemon Balm and Rosemary. The names aren't random, in each of them, they planted relevant herbs, that should assure guests a holiday mood. For the most luxurious Lavender (additionally equipped with a shower and toilet) you'll pay 350 zł per day. For Mint (built-in bath) 250 zł. There will be no problem with the blowing up the mattress or with the mess in bags. Tents are connected to electricity and equipped with all the necessary furniture. 

"I really recommend. Houses built with cool idea. I liked everything. We even had hammock in the house :D And breakfast brought in a wicker basket - wonderful. Staff very nice and helpful. I'll definitely come back here." 

Slowhop's review: Every house has a fireplace, some of them have even sauna! You can come with a dog. More about Herbals Glamping at Slowhop.


Hidden in the forests of northern Slovenia, in the foothills, surrounded by the aroma of herbs, is waiting for those who love nature. Glamping, situated about 60 km from Ljubljana, has everything you need. It looks more like a village full of charming houses than camping and the view after leaving the tent will delight everyone. Inside, there are two double beds, sofa, bathroom, air conditioning, heating, TV, Wi-Fi, safe and private outdoor Jacuzzi. The herbal scent mixes with the fresh, mountain air. Price in the season is 320 euro, in low season you'll pay 280 euro.

"A luxurious stay in an intimate tent with a view of the mountains."  

Slowhop's review: There is a little lack of intimacy, comparing to the Polish Glendora. On the other hand, this mountain-forest wilderness fascinates. Thumbs up for herbal workshops. The distance from Warsaw to Ljubna is 10 hours by car. For such places, it's even worth to take unpaid leave...

(photos: Herbal Glamping Ljubno)


All right, we haven’t had this before. An oasis of relaxation and artistic boho style glamping just 20 minutes from the centre of Warsaw, which can be reached by public transportation! An Instagram-able village created by a painter and designer of Japanese descent, consisting of four tents named after Japanese gods. Each one of them has its own character: there is a tent for bibliophiles with a large library, a tent for hedonists with a photogenic bathtub and even one with a terrace and a view of the entire settlement. Pack your bags and get your phone ready, there will be plenty to photograph.

Slowhop's review: Four double tents ideal for couples with a spa area (included in the price) with a sauna, hot tub and an outdoor shower. A great place for a quick getaway out of town: a relaxing peaceful stay, or a romantic weekend for two.

An ideal hideout for urban dwellers looking to escape from the city, on a mountain slope in the buffer zone of the Rudawy Landscape Park. The idea is that you pack lightly and go there without unnecessary ballast and an overfilled trunk that lowers the back of the car. You sleep in a yurt and watch the stars from the bed in a place made by people who are serious about zero waste and Mother Earth. You are provided with everything that’s needed for reset, and even a little more. Marta and Kuba furnished the yurts with recycled furniture and conjured up decorations themselves to create simple yet beautiful interiors that minimalists would appreciate as well as those who instead of glossy furniture, crystal chandeliers and swans made of towels, prefer the closeness of nature and breathtaking views.

"We are delighted! The yurt is made with the greatest attention to detail – simple, minimalistic, but functional. We were impressed by everything –  from the cables cleverly interwoven through holes in a wooden structure, through flowers in handmade flowerbeds made of string, to the leather handles on kitchen cabinets. The interior is bright and spacious (thanks to the skylight in the ceiling and the glass entrance and terrace doors), we managed to spend the night comfortably in a group of 5 people (2 adults + 3 children). The location of the yurt is fantastic! The plot of land is located at the end of the village, on a mountain slope, next to the forest and close to the trail. The hosts have prepared a convenient parking lot, lighting by the stairs and monitoring in the area so that you do not have to worry about leaving things in the yurt (if you go walking in the mountains). A terrace was built next to the yurt, from which you can enjoy a fantastic view of the nearby mountains. The second yurt is placed lower so that nothing obstructs the view. I was worried that we would be cold at night, but it turned out that no, the yurt stayed warm, there was even no need to light a fire in the fireplace. We will definitely be back, we already recommend Hideout whenever possible :) "

Slowhop's review: This season, both yurts have been equipped with a wooden terrace that’s ideal for morning yoga and coffee with a view. The hosts also run their own bicycle rentals: electric and fatbike, where you can also rent additional equipment to easily and safely take your child on a trip. And we have to warn you – it's better to pack compactly because you will have to carry your luggage up to the yurt, and the mountain is quite big ;)

We are overwhelmed with pride that we already have our first German place on Slowhop and one with such a story that we don’t know where to start. Maybe because the Hitzacker village consists of environmentally friendly parts that can be dismantled without leaving a trace. Before becoming hosts, Eva and Holger produced environmentally-friendly furniture and then they created a holiday oasis on the premises of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for those who like to shower in the open air, feel the grass under their feet and who care about the fate of the planet. You can sleep in one of 16 wooden houses or a movable bed-tent (there are six of them), spoil yourself with breakfast in an ecological Bistro, warm up in a sauna or hot tub and sleep peacefully and close to nature.

Slowhop's review: You’re only 250 metres from the famous cycling route along the Elbe, the river port is just a bit further down with lovely, small beaches, and the outdoor pool is just a 10-minute walk away. A child-friendly place but it’s not fully adapted for children so this should be taken into consideration. You can bring a cat and a dog.