15 phenomenal guesthouses in Kashubia



So many beautiful cycling paths! By the way, we were there and we burned a few thousand calories. North Kashubia is coastal area like Puck and Trojmiasto, at their southern end there are Bory Tucholskie... But that's not all. We found guesthouses that reveal yet another version of Kashubia. A little quieter, tastier and very hospitable.

New on Slowhop, especially for those lovers of Kashubia who need a little more luxury. So here is really cool indoor swimming pool, massage if you need some -  the Hosts will organize it for you. Around the emptiness to the horizon, you see only the pure nature.

"This is a unique place on Earth. I fell in love at first sight ... From the enchanting property and luxury interiors stretches heavenly panorama view of the lake and Kashubian hills. You can actively spend time and relax in the sauna and swimming pool. Ravishing garden from which vegetables were served for breakfast and where I collected blueberries on my own."

According to Slowhop: a place for families, meetings for mothers and daughters, and even the mother, daughter, grandmother and great-grandmother. Ladies will be happy.

Raised on comic books about Kajko and Kokosz, we always dreamed about the house hidden in the forest. Well, here it is. But the house has a standard, which in the 80s no one even dreamed of. The hosts asked by us about what you can do on the spot, shrugged with a smile and started soothing story about walking in the woods, swimming in the lake and spending time on the terrace. With a view of the forest and coffee in hand. And so here it is. The best way to book Kaszubski Reset is to click here :)

"Place Champion! You can not just take a break from the hustle and responsibilities but, above all, stay in the bosom of nature unaffected by human presence! Bravo for the home decoration! France elegance!"

According to Slowhop: The optimal solution is 6 people, but 8 also will fit. Here without dogs.

This part of Kashubia, which already falls under Pomerania. The ride to the Dwór Role itself is a pleasure, because here are the woods and forests, and even from the car's air conditioner starts to smell mushrooms in sour cream with dill. And then you arrive at the Dwórr and the amount of enthusiasm grows in direct proportion to the steps taken. Asia dealt with getting together this place, a petite woman, yet mighty. The interiors are unusual, kitchen simply impossible, you have to see it.

"Great place, great owner Asia, and delicious food! I spent wonderful, unforgettable Christmas. Thank you very, very much! I highly recommend to everyone."

According to Slowhop: rather without dogs, rather for people in need of peace, chatting, beauty and aesthetics. Bike, scuba diving in the surrounding lakes and mushrooms in the forest.

Couple miles away  from Dworek Role there is a place that has recently gathered a lot of genuinely enthusiastic reviews. Maybe because it's in the middle of the wildlife, by the lake, where you can even see the fish scraping the bottom with their bellies, near the deer rut, they give you so good things to eat and with such passion that it's hard to return to reality. People without children rest here - Zagaje is a place only for adults.

"Absolutely wonderful place to rest for big city slickers. Old sheepfold adapted to the agritourism at premium level. The nearest civilization is about 12 km away. Nearby there is a real rut and crystal clear lakes (crayfish!). Walking, cycling, pedal boats, canoes, mushrooms, fish, berries and other wonders. On-site sauna, hot tub and smokehouse that serves delicious meats and fish [edit] - Mrs. Gertruda - I love you! Great owners, and the Master Ryszard (chef), who's food was so tasty, that despite the company of a beautiful woman, thinking about the upcoming dinner made me feeling a pleasant thrill of excitement (respect, Master!)."

According to Slowhop: Beautiful, happily undiscovered place. You can arrive with the dog.

Warning, this story is inspiring! Two young people throw everything away, take backpacks and go out into the world. However, you have to return someday. And the nature of traveling around the world is that you don't want to come back to the same place. You can take over a guesthouse from your parents instead, start producing craft beer there and get for a dessert the recommendation of Poland Slowfood for what you are doing in a local restaurant. And all of it, ladies and gentlemen, in the Tuchola Forest, quite near.

"Excellent place for the integration with people from work or friends, canoes, campfires, etc. Beautiful place with great atmosphere, good food, recommendable, additional attraction is the beer of their own production, freshly brewed."

According to Slowhop: If someone likes freshwater fish and has nothing against a solid piece of meat for a dinner, is fond of dumplings, and he would die for a good beer - take him to the Przystanek Tleń. After the dessert there are plenty of things that wait for you: bicycles, horses, canoeing and everything else that Tuchola Forest can offer you. You can take your dog.

Atmospheric stay with people, who saw a stop sign at the right time. They stopped right here, near Wdzydze Landscape Park, founded an experimental plantation of raspberries, started canoeing, riding a bike and collecting mushrooms. Now they encourage their guests to the same things.

"Malinówko is an idyllic place for all who want to take a breath and enjoy the beauty of the landscape with "it's own" lake. You can rest in large apartments with comfortable beds and beautifully designed bathrooms. Taking a walk through the woods almost entirely covered with moss, you can see mushrooms from almost one kilometer. Great dining room-porch and summer kitchen enhance taste sensations. Super nice hosts complete the atmosphere of this fabulous place, and scrambled eggs with chanterelles served for breakfast tastes like little drops of heaven (really and with no exaggeration, I've never eaten anything so tasty)."

According to Slowhop: An oasis of complete peace rather for adults. Elegant interiors, good food and cool hosts.

Again we want to write that this place was created by a former war correspondent of Time magazine, that came back to these lands for the love of his life. He created a guesthouse, produced vodka and wine, but if you read our lists of ideas then you certainly already know this. If you don't know, read our article about Polish guesthouses with foreign Hosts. Or go directly to the Kania Lodge on Slowhop.

"Great hospitality. Great food. Luxurious rooms. Interesting host with amazing stories. Recommend."

According to Slowhop:  Class all the way, style and interesting owner, with whom we want to drink Kashubian vodka and listen to his stories for hours. The best.

Find us another guesthouse with interiors as in arthotel, but far from the seaside crowds! We doubt that it's possible... The hosts bought a piece of land on a cliff once, an now they realize here their passions for interior design, cooking and gardens. Get ready for a pleasant conversation by the best breakfasts in the world.

"Very peaceful place, away from the noise, crowds, seaside stalls and waffles. Near Puck - quite pleasant town with full infrastructure and a pleasant levee, separated from the main seaside resorts. Fantastic breakfasts!"

According to Slowhop:  If someone is looking for wild beaches and different vision of the sea - Molmare is the best. Great place for bikers - trail heads up to Hel. Kite lovers have several schools right next door. So read about Molmare on Slowhop.

Tuchola Forest again! This time in version only for adults. Gacanek appeared by a small lake and is waiting for guests who love untouched nature, bikes and love to eat. Ladies that work in the kitchen, use methods that cause the necessity of loosening your belt. What a pity, it's worth it. Duplex apartments, really nice, and the dining room is also the regional art gallery. And you can sit by the fireplace...

"Peace and quiet, intimate place, with atmosphere, unique! Delicious food - wonderful and beautifully served breakfasts prepared from local products."

According to Slowhop:  For those who appreciate folk interiors and regional cuisine. The owners created real art gallery here, it's worth seeing!

Former old school, which Host Patrtk bought on Allegro and made there wild wonders. Hospitable place with treehouses and simple interiors. Verified last season. For more visit their profile at Slowhop or the review on a Karolina Ponzo blog, who we took this fall to Figlarnia.

"Wonderful place, home atmosphere and delicious food. Patryk (the owner) is very sympathic and open to people. We felt rather like we were spending holidays at a good friend than like in a hotel, where we are complete strangers, anonymous clients. You can see how much work and heart was given to make Figlarnia look like it looks now. I really recommend to all those who are looking for a quiet place where you can properly relax and eat well (homemade dumplings, stuffed cabbage - delicious!). The rooms are clean, the food is always fresh, extra sweets in the form of cakes has pleasantly surprised us."

According to Slowhop: You can come with your dog, at your disposal there are treehouses, rooms in the school building and cottages among the trees.

Folwark Jackowo

Many things have changed since we wrote about Jackowo last year. Now reign this place two women: Nicole and her mom, there are breakfasts and dinners made from their own and organic products, horse riding (with teaching), beautiful nature, historic park, and gym, summer swimming pool and a playground for children. It's all in Choczewo, where you can even go horseback riding on the beach. We come here for the plum cake, still warm, torn with fingers on the porch with the view of the park.

 "The warmth and hospitality of the hosts, cozy and comfortable rooms, delicious food (prepared taking into account the specific needs of guests), quiet neighborhood full of picturesque countryside, away from the noise and crowds of the seaside resorts. And additionally horses! All this creates a unique atmosphere of this place!"

According to Slowhop:  Great place for families, but also for groups of friends. Definitely for those who can or want to learn horseback riding. Certainly for those who enjoy a long breakfast in nice places with a view of the manor park.

(photos: Folwark Jackowo)

Lawendowa Osada

Do you like lavender? In Lewandowa Osada there is so much of it that you can wallow in lavender, wash in lavender, and even eat lavender. The settlement, that has several colorful cottages, is open all year round. And it won a prize for the best rural agritourism in Pomeranian Voivodeship.

"Enchanted place where time stopped for a moment. Great place to relax and unwind. Hot tub perfect for chilly evenings, the stars at your fingertips, morning Cranes' concerts, stork's nest at the gate, friendly Hosts and unforgettable taste of meals. Now I know how the real fish soup should taste like."

According to Slowhop:  Kashubian wonder with a slowfood cuisine and a real spa. Cyclic workshops with the cultivation and use of lavender. Interiors magical.

(photos: Lawendowa Osada)

Słomiany Zapał

Place run by enthusiasts who decided to build an ecological village made of clay and straw. Even Cohabitat foundation and United Nations Development Programme helped them. First house was built as a result of workshops in only 10 days! Currently, there are two cottages and neither at the first nor the second sight you can see that they're made of straw. 

"The settlement is extremely friendly and welcoming place where you want to come back. Interesting ecological construction, which hosts know very well, peaceful and quiet environment, direct access to lake and forest, great atmosphere and delicious natural food. Actually, there was everything you need."

According to Slowhop:  There are more and more houses of clay in Poland, and this is great news for allergy sufferers. The settlement is year-round, nearby lake for swimming in summer and ice skating in winter. 

(photos: Gliniana Osada Słomiany Zapał)

Bielska Struga Leśne Apartamenty

Tuchola Forest! And in addition seriously old building from 1847, of course renovated and lovely inside. The owners prudently created there four two-bedroom apartments with kitchens and living rooms. Therefore, no crowds here, instead there is a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, area Natura 2000, and, as if that weren't enough, the settlement is situated in the middle of a forest, by a stream!

"A place to which we'll certainly come back regularly. Perfection in the middle of the forest, silence, peace, nature and fresh air. Excellent food and it's served to your apartment."

According to Slowhop:  How much we like places where you can stretch yourself in the morning and take a deep breath! Birds fly, bees from the forest make best honey in the world, additionally tasty food in wicker baskets for breakfast, children can run, and you can take dog. Plus, many essential oils in the air for health... 

(photos: Bielska Struga)

Chata na Zielonym Wzgórzu

30 kilometers from Sopot, in the countryside, away from other farms, there is Chata na Zielonym Wzgórzu. Everything is surrounded by forest, proper farm with goats, pigs and a dog. Inside, in a really pleasant conditions, in two bedrooms can sleep six people. At least one of them should be responsible for smoking eels and the other for baking bread, because the owners built outside wood-burning oven and home meat smoker. Calories can be burnt in a nearby lake or during the forest orienteering.

"Excellent conditions, unique atmosphere! Forest, animals and a fireplace that will warm you after a long walk in cold weather is something that's definitely worth coming back."

According to Slowhop:  Let's show the youth how real countryside looks! Although alittle bit tuned, because the interiors were designed by someone with aesthetics similar to ours. So this is a luxury village, one, where you'll relax the best.

(photos: Chata na Zielonym Wzgórzu)