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It is the only school in the world that has its own cottages on trees and forest huts. Only one with modern kitchen, aspiring to good restaurants. Certainly one of the few schools in the world where traditional brick architecture is associated with design. There is a sauna in this school. And two pools. And hammocks and a barn for parties. Two lakes and the sea at hand. You can climb freely. And now the best: at this school no one has to learn anything. Well, unless he wants to.

We invite you to a place by the sea and lakes, of which few but the coolest people know. We will be here waiting for you.

Patryk Laskowski

The playhouse started from the Allegro page, which dreamed of me at night. Old school in the region with which I had nothing to do with. Behind the school was a real story, because the building was built in 1928, and one of the most famous painters of the 20th century - Ullrich Bewersdorf. I clicked "Buy now." After months of ideas and renovations, in May 2017, the Figlarnia was born. I invite you!
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Doggy place
If you like good cuisine - it's with us
Accommodation in tree houses, forest cottages and old school
Two lakes in the area, the sea 40 km
Slupsk surroundings
Two heated swimming pools


  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast included
  • Full board


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • Pool
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Private bathroom
  • Playground
  • Jacuzzi

Where will I sleep?

We have some interesting sleeping areas for you, also for glamping lovers. All the rooms, also on the trees we decorated modern and equipped with the necessary in the 21st century convenience.

Here are the options - the choice is yours:

1. Treehouses
With large bed, bathroom and terrace. You have to...
climb it. We recommend couples, although sometimes children also live there.

2. Forest huts
With a large double bed and one with a width of 80 cm. They usually choose couples with children.

3. House, or old school, and in it:

 - studio
A two-storey loft apartment (there is a small bedroom where the children usually sleep) and a lounge downstairs (with a possibility to sleep). Each room has a spacious bathroom)

 - family studio
The studio area of ​​60m2 consists of two levels with five sleeping areas, a living room (with sofa and bed) and a bathroom with bathtub.

- former teacher's apartment
100 m2 space, bathroom with shower, three TVs and unique interior design. We preserved the original setting of the rooms, though we gave it a bit of a modern touch.

At home there is also a common place for meals where we serve breakfast and dinner.

What will I eat?

In the topic of the kitchen we are quite basic, which is why we come to the meal really seriously. No way, it's just what we would like to eat ourselves. And we like to eat well, healthy and do not recognize the geographical boundaries.

We respect culinary differences - if you do not eat meat, gluten,...
etc. - let me know.

We have for you:
- breakfasts
- dinner on request

How will I be entertained?

We have prepared a lot of things in place that bore you out or allow you to experience it in a unique way. So we have:
- Two heated swimming pools
- sauna
Hammock zone
- we organize campfires
- we eat cool stuff
- We lie on the ground, hanging and climbing

We also have an interesting region because:
near Slupsk and you can for example take civil marriage with President Biedronia
Slupsk Museum is close to Słupsk, and there are excellent tasting sessions
- in the second near Kaszuby
- brilliant bike trails
- fantastic lakes
- Leba with beach 40 km from us

What's for children?

The name itself was supposed to be a promise. Children in Playgrounds usually feel a bit like monkeys in the jungle and cats in the forest. Not only are there trees for climbing, tree houses to make bases, then we have two more pools for taplating. It will be good for them.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle

How much will I pay?

A tree house 370 PLN / house
Forest Cottage 270 PLN / house
Studio 270 PLN / house
Family studio 300 PLN / house

Given prices for 2-3 people. Additional payment 25 PLN for an extra person.
Half board (only for guests of the facility) PLN 30 / person

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer



It was a wonderful week to end the holidays. A tree house with a personal woodpecker - what more could you want? For this the most hospitable hosts on this side of the Milky Way, delicious food and idyllic atmosphere smelling of forest and meadow. A nice gift for all guests were Polish-English-Indian classes;) yoga! Beautiful thanks and, I hope to see you :)


A great place with an incredibly friendly atmosphere. I recommend to everyone - especially to families with children - even with lots of :-) Delicious food. For this "unfortunately" all-inclusive version. (Breakfast theoretically from 9-11 - in practice, they start much earlier and end later), from 13 to the evening soup in the heater, from 16 to 18 dinner - and here again very consecutive hours - because you can be served until late evening). It is worth adding that it also tastes to children ;-) The incredibly friendly owners bring an atmosphere in which guests can easily make new friends. For this, the space of the old post-German school, the elaborate eco interior, and the idyllic garden with the houses on the trees are well used. You can get away (even on a hammock) and relax :-) Thank you for a nice time!


Beautiful place, great hosts, extra amenities, tasty home-made food. We will definitely come back here again!


We just left from Figlarnia and we want to come back. This is the perfect place for everyone who wants to relax :-) We rested as never before, our little toddler (9 months) had a place to catch on the grass, in the pool, taste in apples straight from the tree, there was sand, swings and after all harcach slept like an angel. Delicious food and mass of food. We are gluttonous and we did not lack food. We recommend dumplings with curd. We have not eaten this in our lives. In addition, for the small we could ask and there were always some vegetables, macaroon and no one complained about the food being thrown in half of the dining room and our son can really mess. We recommend very much :-) a perfect holiday with children.


A great atmosphere, great place, strangers. A place without bloating, the owners with passion. White wine tastes best here :)


It was a great stay! Beautiful place, delicious food, wonderful owners and service and hit: pool. We highly recommend and hope that we will return to the playhouse!


The playhouse is a wonderful place !! We left today with tears in our eyes, so we regret to leave this place! A beautiful building of an old school, restored and adapted for the needs of the dining room - intimate but very pleasant with bright, new and clean equipment and a sufficiently large fleet of chairs for the youngest guests :) Next to the barn, where you can sit, or enter the jacuzzi, or borrow a bike (free!), and around the old orchard with apple trees, which bend from apples (quite edible), and from the branch hang a comfortable chair-swings or hammocks. In addition, two swimming pools, a playground and forest huts and tree houses - modest, but nicely and well-equipped, with clean, modern bathrooms (this is important!). The food is much smoother in the world !! Someone in the comments wrote that the canteen ... Well, maybe my taste is too little sophisticated, but 4-5 diverse homemade (made on the spot!) Dishes for every meal + salads, vegetables and fruits, and for that every day baked cakes , it has satisfied our needs so much. In addition, the hosts will take care of every diet (gluten-free, milk-free, non-lactic) and even spoil the culinary guests. But the most important thing is that there is an unearthly atmosphere - children run from the morning to the night laughing, hide in secret bases and splash in swimming pools, parents can swing in the hammock and enjoy the peace of the Kashubian village, the owners and service are extremely nice, and the whole playful it envelops a wonderfully idyllic aura. We will definitely be back!

could be better

Unfortunately, the object did not meet our expectations. The biggest disappointment was the location. The resort is located on a busy road to Słupsk, at the edge of an average uninteresting village with post-communist buildings. It is surrounded by a handful of trees, which in turn is surrounded by a fence made of mesh, but it is absolutely not a forest. There is also no forest nearby, or any other walking areas available on foot. If someone is looking for a rest in the bosom of nature, far away from people and had at least something more at their disposal than a balcony in a block of flats, then it will be a great disappointment. In our opinion, the food was canteen and unlimited. The lunch buffet consisted essentially of a modest salad, soup, two kinds of dumplings, stuffed cabbage, breaded chicken and pasta. For the sake of clarity, the food was not tasteless, probably made by hand, but it was canteen. The dining room is small, with a larger occupancy it is necessary to share tables with other guests. However, the canteen was always available to guests, which you can not complain about. Thanks to this, you could drink something hot or cold. Unfortunately, in terms of the standard, it is difficult to talk about the promised glamping. Small houses, modestly equipped, with the most-characteristic and well-known series of furniture from IKEA. However, the construction of boards as the only element of the trip brought us closer to nature. After igniting the light through large gaps in the floor, the bugs from the whole area got into the house and at that time you could feel really like in the forest for a while. The owners, according to other opinions, are friendly. I think that the object will meet the expectations of large families with children who live on a daily basis in a block of flats, because it is a backyard to go wild. But basically that's it. For those who are really looking for closeness to nature, peace and quiet - I advise against.


How do you rest in two days? Only in Figlarnia! A beautiful, neat environment in which everyone will find a place for themselves - a chill-out deckchair, or maybe a gazebo. You can choose a shadow under the trees or a nice pool with a view of the golden field. Tasty food, plenty of choice and przemili hosts. Definitely a great place for families.


We will be able to remember with the family. And how! Broth with dumplings poured first class! Greenery, apple trees, hammocks ... a good escape from the city.


Tired of a difficult week, long journey and hot weather, we jumped into the pool early in the morning, enjoying the scent of coffee. "It's nice," I thought, when Superman appeared on the horizon. Will you give me faith? In Figlarnia he even brings superman to make the guests feel special! Seriously, Mr. Superman came to a kids party and made a phenomenal show. We spent a wonderful weekend in a fantastic atmosphere, far from commercial entertainment, which we just needed. The hosts cared that we would feel at home in a playhouse. They are wonderful. The atmosphere is great. Everyone is kind and understanding. For this food, so tasty that I do not know how to finish my pants now. The faces of the guests, especially the kids who are coming back home, were sad. It is a pity that the end of this adventure is already over. Thank you! See you later! Please, take us again :)))


Generally, I am not writing an opinion ... but in this case you can not resist. A great place and atmosphere! A paradise for kids. Hosts a delight, open, with an individual approach to everyone .. small and large :) Delicious food. Idyllic atmosphere in the bosom of nature :) ps. Birthday wishes to Frania :)


It is a breathtaking place. If you are looking for idyll on earth, book a basket! A place called "You'll fall in love and come back here more than once". Fabulous and at the same time fairy-tale space with a hint of modernity. Hats off to the Owners, and more Hosts who care about their guests and approach each individually! :) Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and unforgettable weekend! See you later! :)


Great atmosphere. Excitable owners and delicious food. The tree house is very comfortable and cozy. In the end I got enough sleep. We will definitely be back. :)


Sielska atmosphere, beautiful and thoughtful landscaping, interesting architecture and even more interesting and przemili owners. A lot of options to choose from, lounging by the pool, bicycle trip, sauna session, sipping coffee in the orchard, eating delicious food or chatting at an old school. A brilliant place and definitely recommendable.


The playhouse is a lovely place, as are its owners. I spent my birthday there and I played great. In a tree house you sleep like a boat, the wind sways nicely to sleep. Sweet cherries taste like grandma's in the orchard, the books themselves read and the pool is perfect for photo sessions. Sunsets are beautiful and you can admire them sitting on comfortable garden chairs.


A great place among the beautiful nature and almost total silence. Delicious food, przesympatyczna service. I heartily recommend to everyone who wants to forget about everyday life for a few moments and slow down the pace. This place was created for this.




Thank you for a wonderful stay! Delicious food, great service. The children are delighted, they greet Mrs. Wiola, the only minus is the stuffy and hot attic.


First of all - great owners !!! Young, open, przesympatyczni, accommodating, interesting people (Mrs. Klaudio, our conversation until the first night will stick in my mind for a long time :). Second - fabulous place! Apart from the fact that the Kashubians are enchanting us, the playhouse itself is a mega idyllic but modern and designer place with a soul !!! "Old and new" school with two-level apartments, design dining room (meeting place for all "holiday makers"), tree houses (kids totally enchanted!), Heated swimming pool (hicior!), Barn with sauna and jacuzi, hammocks, gazebo everywhere with canopy and comfortable couches, badminton meadow, evening bonfires, delicious, very diverse, home-made, healthy meals with elements of modern cuisine. These are the arguments for which you have to go there! Thank you for a great time with you in Figlarnia !!! And definitely see you :-))))))


A great place to cut yourself off from everyday life. Fantastic base for bikes, close to the sea, delicious food and a unique atmosphere!


Very friendly hosts and a beautiful, peaceful place, ideal for people who want to calm down away from the city. It would be nice to have some more local ingredients for breakfast, although there is a lot of choice.


A wonderful, beautiful place, for those who want to spend peaceful moments away from the concrete world. Delicious food, unique atmosphere. For children, the option of separating from plastic; swimming pools, hammocks and a barn give unlimited possibilities for fun or blissful laziness. For dogs - a huge area for running. It is really good to come to the playhouse ...


Best! <3 Very friendly and helpful owners, a wonderful place, the surrounding nature of beauty! Tree house a great, comfortable bed, clean everywhere. Tasty meals. The climate can not be described! :)