19 UNIQUE HIDEAWAYS FOR ADULTS ONLY, weekend without kids



 Children are the future of the nation, they will pay for rheumatism pills, they are the meaning of life, they are sweet, they have beautiful little feet and they smell good. However, sometimes it happens, that the most devoted parent wants to bite off his head, and mother would give anything for a moment of uninterrupted conversation with a friend, and a few more hours of sleep. Down with the guilt, we deserve it as dog deserves soup, go somewhere where you will drink hot coffee, not cold pigswill. And take childless friends, let it be like in college again.

We found in Poland atmospheric places, which stated boldly: we are an asylum for adults and we feel good about it. Yes, yes, we know what's going to happen: outrage, controversy, discrimination and everything... We kildy respond as follows. Do you remember the scene from the movie "A Good Year" by Ridley Scott, when American tourists sit in atmospheric diner in a small Provencal village and ask for french fries with ketchup? Russell Crowe answers them then: "The nearest McDonald's is in Avignon, fish and chips in Marseille. Goodbye!" Do not worry though. We're also parents and for people like us, we'll prepare another list - this time kids-friendly places. Meanwhile, let's give ourselves a bit of luxury.


In this house in Mikolajki there is a wonderful bistro, only four rooms, they serve breakfasts and long stories in the orchard under the apple tree. If you want to drop by for a coffee and cake - the hosts will be happy, but for longer stays don't take small children. The hosts surely won't throw you, because they are really a kind, but essentially Przechowalnia Marzeń offers dreams storage only for adults.

"Fantastic place run by amazing people! Delicious breakfasts with homemade delicacies didn't bored us nor we didn't overeat. Beautiful garden where you not only can eat breakfast or enjoy afternoon coffee, but also relax with a book in your hand."

Slowhop opinion: Be sure to ask Karolina about the list of places where it's worth to eat something. She has in her head all major spots for munchies on this side of the Vistula.


2019 is on Slowhop the year of Kashubia. Close to the sea, close to the lakes and near Stare Gospodarstwo there's also ski lifts. The guesthouse is really old, it has also 200 year old barn. The place is only for adults and beginning adults (16 years).

"Great place and exceptional people. Anna and Paweł are very nice people and they care about their guests. The food (breakfast, dinner) is delicious, natural, simply made with love :) Stare Gospodarstwo is a place with a fantastic atmosphere, decorated with an unusual taste. The icing on the cake is the banya and sauna, which complement the relaxing weekend. We would certainly return to this place! :)"

Slowhop opinion: We've already booked Stare Gospodarstwo via Slowhop. We fell in love with the peace and food. Here come without pets.


We have at Slowhop such places, thet we know they're not for everyone. These are places for special tasks, agents for outstanding moments. You take then a bottle of something special, which was waiting few years for the opening. If you want to open it, you have to do it here. The hosts are Tuscany lovers, and Mrs. Agnieszka likes to mix really good products in a pot. You won't be disappointed.

"Wonderful place. Escape from the hustle and bustle, peace and relaxation. Only 5 apartments, intimate and quiet atmosphere. Beautiful and atmospheric interiors created with taste. Nice evenings by the fireplace, walking through the woods and by the lake. Excellent cuisine of Mrs. Agnieszka, wine and delight owners. Everything is copacetic if you look for luxurious peace and relaxation in an unpretentious version."

Slowhop opinion: Stodoła 7 has only five apartments. There is also an intimate restaurant, where you can order a'la carte. Here we go without pets.


Everyone, literally everyone who goes to Siedlisko Sztuki, returns delighted. And you should know one thing: as guests we're reluctant to issue opinions. We just don't want to. We are surprised, together with moreover Mrs. Renata from Siedlisko Sztuki, how eager are guests of this place to leave feedback! Cool!

"We spent 10 days in October in Siedlisko with our dog. The most time of our stay we had this place exclusively, we were lucky! Brilliant breakfasts, delicious teas, atmospheric rooms and common space and the owner, Renata is a wonderful, warm person, with whom it's hard to stop talking, because they're such nice talks. :) The dog was spoiled by everyone and we walked with him a lot, because the area was beautiful. I recommend, it's a wonderful place!!!"

Slowhop opinion: In the package, a view of Jelenia Góra's Basin, delicious food and you can take your dog.


Incredible place in Low Beskids, where it is a little bit of India, Poland and heaven for tired parents and singles. For your disposal there are oriental rooms with private bathrooms and hosts, who've seen a lot. Great people with calm voice, curiosity and a desire for something more. And that's what Slowhop is about.

"I will not be original, wonderful place, pampered in every detail and Asia and Jacek like two good spirits, you want to pack a backpack and "start" with them journey across the world... We will come back, that's for sure."

Slowhop opinion: We're in love from the very beginning and we'll certainly drop by to Masalscy in 2018. Children and dogs leave in the house.


We wrote about Nakomiady many times, but we don't have enough. Weekend spent in a magical place, a restored palace, breakfasts in the Big Palace Kitchen, long walks in the park and garden. As in the "Beauty and the Beast", only without the beast. We cannot do anything, we have a weakness for fairy tales. However, remember that in the Palace Nakomiady fairy tale is only for adults and children over 12 years old. 

"Loose atmosphere, beautiful interiors, for those who seek reflection and peace, good food, very friendly owners, you can feel like home that is a... palace. Many aesthetic impressions, an extremely beautiful handmade fireplace and stove tiles - you can feel the power and history. A beautiful park and a vegetable garden."

Slowhop opinion: Warning, the palace opens to visitors after Easter.


We wrote about Quadrille in the text about good design, because this place is an aesthetic feast. Today, we're adding them to our list dedicated for adults and we're sure that Quadrille will feel here like home. There's only a few hotels at Slowhop, usually because we think that they lack the soul and passion and their main goal is purely business. Here we've managed to find all these things. The passion of two sisters, the idea taken from childhood dreams, old building with history. Recently, hotel Quadrille has belonged to the prestigious Relais & Chateaux organization, which associates the most exclusive boutique hotels around the world.

"An excellent idea, intriguing and charming. You could describe every detail, but there is no place for that. We would describe this stay in that way: the staff understand this fairy tale, love her and introduces it to guests. Thanks to that, in park, at the reception and in the rooms you can feel a mysterious adventure. Restaurant White Rabbit is an incredibly exciting world, full of surprises and unique, unusual sensations. I can't wait to come back."

Slowhop opinion: Two types of rooms, the more business and the fairytale ones. Brilliant restaurant, even better spa. Here necessarily for a romantic getaway without children and animals.


Recently we've written about Fajne Miejsce in the context of the best places in Warmia and Masuria and the hosts told us very clearly to emphasize that they invite guests over 8 years. We advise that this is that nice moment when children know half of the multiplication table and they know how to write a "łóżko" instead of "uszko", and 80 percent of food goes directly into their mouth.

"Peace and quiet, beautiful views. Close to the city, you can reach it walking along the sidewalk. Lake in sight. House neatly decorated, minimalistic rooms, atmospheric and comfortably furnished. Brilliant idea with the terrace. A variety of breakfasts delivered to your room with delicious coffee. The hosts kind, professional and hospitable."

Slowhop opinion: Delicious breakfasts waiting in the basket and the cuicine of Ewa Pe. Place on the Gaullt & Milau trail.

The hosts have four apartments for guests and they invite for romantic stays in the silence of Tuchola Forests. Let's face it, if children run around, no matter how cute and amusing they are - romantic plans go to hell. Therefore, if Gacanek, leave kids in the care of grandmother.

"Lovely place! Siedlisko is located next to a small lake, between forest and meadows. It's located near highway, but cars are great rarity. There's silence disturbed by nothing, you can hear the cuckoo, cranes scream. Lots of green, a huge space. Rest from the big world. Apartments well furnished, simple, without exaggeration, everything necessary is, very clean. Ladies in the kitchen cook incredibly and beautifully serve meals."

Slowhop opinion: Owners describe themselves as a "boutique agritourism". And although they make fun of this term, we think it's true. Gacanek is also the art gallery o local artists.


What is Wojtek doing here! We feel that Dreams and Stones are after-corpo therapy for people like us, inhabitants of big cities. And you want to go to someone who has already thought through their life and now treats with delicious cuisine, where's no meat nor gluten. The place is very zen, the very fact of its location in the Suwalki region means something.

Slowhop opinion: There are rooms in the old house and in the summer also in the wooden cottage and tents. Here you can arrive with a dog, but one, which isn't sleeping with its man, so doesn't use beds and bedding.


What a place! You don't know if it's a hotel or agritourism, buut you know for sure, that you can switch off and breath with Masurian air, ride a horse and swim in the pool. In Martiany it's a little bit luxurious, something for those, who love the village, but in version 2.0.

"Wonderful place away from the city, away from the main road which only affects the peace and complete silence. Animals everywhere, lots of space, very good dinner. Another issue is the living room - I've never specifically used a common space in such places, but here it was great. Comfortable sofa, soft cushions, candles above the fireplace, a cup of coffee. We felt very comfortable. Unfortunately, passing through, we only stayed for one night, but I think I would gladly come back to Martiany for a longer stay."

Slowhop opinion: Fairy tale for adults only, because of the owners' dogs don't take away your own, enjoy the peace, tranquility and interesting company.


This is exactly the place, where you should arrive just the two of you. Surroundings - so green, that your eyes hurt. Hidden in the forest lobelia lakes (super clean), a lot of cool cycling routes. In a word - there's a lot space to move. The problem is that you do not want to. The reason is Asia, and what she did with the old aristocratic manor. Step by step our ja was dropping, especially at the lowest level, where's a wine bar, lounge and kitchen with is absolutely genious long, heavy table at which you have to eat. Foodtourists feel good here. Maybe even too good...

"Beautiful place! Wonderful owner, who arranged a whole place with taste, you don't want to move from there. You can see good taste and attention to detail. Manor is located in beautiful surroundings, perfect for hiking and cycling. In the area we find forests and lakes. But if someone wants to read a book or be bored, you can safely spend the whole day in manor, walking in the park or sitting on one of several benches in the same park or by the pond or in the shade of trees. And if the weather isn't nice, you can lie down on one of the couches inside. The biggest advantage is the kitchen - both the room and the food. The food is delicious - homemade, varied and prepared with products from local farmers or products prepared personally in manor. At breakfast a huge selection of local cheeses, purchased directly from the family farm, smoked fish, eggs from the village, homemade sausages and pies, and homemade jams. In addition, there's on-site baked braided bread and always something sweet for breakfast - pancakes, drop scones or ice baked with apples. I haven't eaten better breakfast anywhere."

Slowhop opinion: Originally Dwór Role was open to families with children, but sometimes place begins to choose its guests. Due to the lack of entertainment for children, unfenced pond and wooden interiors - Dwór Role invites older guests. Here, no pets.


Gościniec Zagaje is located close to Dwór Role in Miasteckie Lakes region, which are the cleanest, lobelian ones. Unlike Dwór Role - here the atmosphere is more like in the former hunting house and people are attracted by an amazing cuisine and a 99-percent peace of mind. The latter percent we subtract because of the deer rut, which is the pride of the hosts and a fun attraction, especially if you haven't seen such thing. Gościniec Zagaje is the place at Slowhop, that guests often review, spreading their enthusiastic opinions by phone or e-mail! For us - lit!

"Forests around  and spacious yard breathe and are teeming with life. Gościniec smells of wood from which it was created, and the interiors charm with the spirit of tradition and wealth of nooks and crannies where you can safely hide with a book or a coffee. It's perfect place for those, who seek relaxation and harmony: amateurs of forest walks, boat drifting on the crystal clear lake and swimming in it, and in the evenings - warming in the sauna or reading a book. It's also a mandatory destination on the culinary map: dinners served in Gościniec Zagaje are phenomenal and definitely will impress any palate, and its creator is a very positive person, full of commitment and passion. The remaining crew and owners are also remarkable, full of love, energy and wonderful approach to animals. Adopted from a shelter, surrounded by extraordinary care dog is the best example :). There was also no problem with sharing the yard with our elderly cat (it was enough to ask the owner to keep the in a house for some time). This is a place, which is worth coming back."

Slowhop opinion: For guests over 14 years old. And you can take your dog.


And this is one of those places that have their own fan clubs. The priestess of this place is Krystyna, who once worked with art, and now she works with the art of hosting people. On the walls you can see a bit of her previous life, at organized plein-air paintings you can still feel passion for the artists. All of it located west of Łeba, between the lakes Gardno and Łebsko.

"To the arrival to this guesthouse we were convinced mainly by two things - the promise of long, lazy breakfasts and the location (between two lakes, close to the sea and practically on the edge of the Slowinski National Park). And nothing disappointed us and even we got a lot more: a delicious breakfast served at insanely cozy kitchen, beautifully decorated, comfortable room, phenomenal views from every window, the silence almost ringing in ears, tranquility, but also admiration for the way of home decoration, each piece of furniture, picture, combination of a traditional construction with modern solutions and details. Pensjonat Kalmus is a place where you can come during the worst weather and even then you'll rest and recharge good energy. And if the weather is good, you have to force a little bit yourself to leave the cozy corners, but walking through the forest, beach and dunes are worth it. Mrs. Krystyna is an amazing woman and she created really special place."

Slowhop opinion: For adult guests and their dogs.


There are few things that you should know about Malinówko. First of all, bikes are included in the price of stay. This is important because Malinówko is located near Kashubian Routes, which are one of the best cycling trails in Poland. The second thing: Malinówko lies by the river and and you can start canoe trip from the house. And thirdly, they give delicious food here.

"Beautiful place with very friendly hosts. Little House is perfect for rest and quiet evening by the fireplace. Macchinetta gurgling on the gas, a selection of books... The area is full of cycling trails. Autumn weather favored and painted the forest with many colors on our arrival. Lots of lakes, a few of them we managed to visit in the canoe. Peace,quiet, starry sky... Driveway marked with torches, a wonderful dinner waiting on the table. Unhurried breakfast in the morning with a mouth-watering pastes, pesto, oatmeal and scrambled eggs with mushrooms. Dinner hot, fragrant and full of vegetables. I recommend with all my heart!"

Slowhop opinion: You can take the dog and completely unplug from reality.


There are towns in Poland, where we go with the assumption that they're surely be beautiful. And always it is. Lanckorona in Malopolska is an artistic town with a charming town square and at least two cool restaurants that you should visit. We have there a historic Willa Tadeusz, but thre's also Willa Bajka, which perfectly fits this artistic atmosphere and even creates it. A lovely terrace, great hosts, children above the age of 15. Go there.

"We spent here four days. Fantastic place. Old wooden house, the floors creak - an advantage and not a disadvantage, because we were looking for this. Silence with singing birds. No television - what a relief! Time for discussions about art with the hosts. Thank you! Enjoy a mini kitchenette - fridge, kettle, coffee, dishes - everything that you need to make a really delicious breakfast with bread from a nearby bakery. Katarzyna and Aleksander."

Slowhop opinion: One of the highest located houses in Lanckorona, and such a terrace, dear mother! The hosts have dogs that don't tolerate competition. Here without dogs.


If we say, that this place is located less than two hours from Warsaw, by the Bug and for adults only, will we hear the applause? Hold on, further is even better. Eco cuisine, a great place for meditation, peace, chill, flavors, hammocks. But - you won't come here with a dog, but we hope you'll understand. A little Samoyed lives here, which at any other pet looks at least disapprovingly...

"At Irek and Aga's home, we spent a very enjoyable week. In the morning we were woken by birds singing and we were falling asleep to the sound of the river, which is located just outside the house. Breakfasts, as previous guests have written, hearty, delicious and made with local produce. Rooms very cozy and common space nicely arranged (large living room with comfortable couches and windows overlooking the river). As for the hosts themselves, they are very kind and caring, respecting the privacy of the guests but willingly to accompany during evenings by the campfire or grill. Thank you for your hospitality!"

Slowhop opinion: Place for 12 people, delicious cuisine and cool people.


Kraina Alkos attacked us out of the blue. And we thought, that we really know everything. And the comes Milosz, with flowing hair, colorful soul and says: A-ha! Gotcha! He got us. Beautiful green roofs by the river Krutynia, with respect for the legends of the area. And for the first time there was more boys' likes on our Facebook profile than girls. It's interesting...

„It was an amazing experience, like moving to green elves' land. :) Beautiful green area, very well maintained, you can see a lot of heart put by the host. We visited Kraina Alkos with 4 people [2 couples], we booked big apartment with a terrace with the view of the river. Apartment was spacious and there was everything in here. Even though, the wetaher wasn't nice, we could sit on the terrace in warm clothes and read, play board games or talk. In the apartment, there was also a fireplace, which amused our evenings and warmed us :) During better weather you can go on a bike trip or canoe. We choosed walks in the nearby forest. We went also for dinner to Galindia, about 1 km from Kraina Alkos. And we went by car to Potocki Restaurant in Gałkowo, near Kraśko-Fereinstein horse stud - we also recommend. In a nutshell, we experienced wonderful relax. Huge advantage was also fact that there were no kids in Kraina Alkos, this was kind of reset that we needed. I honestly highly recommend Kraina Lakos to people, who want to spend time in nature, feast their eyes with greenery, read a book in a hammock, rest without noisy kids or spend active time on bike or in canoe. :)”

Slowhop opinion: Zen, river, adults only - a fairy tale. Cool breakfast in caves. Without dogs (on site sensitive owners' animals).


This is our another favourite place, that always, when we show it, people are cheering and we can clearly hear the music from Star Wars. This means only one thing: there's a lot of people in this world who want to lock the two of them in a luxury tent without signal and dance every morning on the grass wet from the dew by the lake. This place is in the Kashubian region and we will be glad, if you book it through Slowhop. Because we're not just a portal giving ideas for hot dates...

"Wonderful place ! Hosts very nice and helpful. In addition to your own thoughts, trees and birds singing you won't hear anything else. Yurts are clean, very comfortable. The same must be said about banya and sauna - brilliant idea! Here you can relax properly, cut off from everything. In addition, horses add charm to this place. It's definitely "virginal" here. I would highly recommend!"

Slowhop opinion: Yurts are two, in a safe distance, you won't connect here with the Internet and here we come for the real dating without children and pets. On-site sauna!