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Gościniec Zagaje

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On the edge of Kaszuby, in the not-quite-known area of ​​the Lake Districts is a real rut. Like the picture, only real and with sound. Sometimes with high decibels, because the deer is in the area of ​​700 and they like to settle for sparring under our windows. Then the guests hurry to put on their shoes, get up from the sun loungers in the park park, come out of the lake, run out of the forest and fly without binoculars to watch live what they saw only on the natural canals. There are no TVs in Ziemia Zagaje - everything is live, it smells good, the food is from local hosts, the cook is legendary, and the lake is so clean that you can paint his lips in it.

Normally, however, everyone is without make-up, sometimes without shoes, is deliciously lazy, crazy green and has no compulsions. Welcome!

Violetta i Zbyszek Milczarczyk

Gościniec Zagaje miał być niewielką agroturystyką, do pięciu pokoi, miłym otoczeniem, doprawdy, nic wielkiego. Bezpieczny azyl i pomysł ten czas w życiu, kiedy można już wszystko. Szukaliśmy w całej Polsce, aż w końcu dotarliśmy tu, na skraj Kaszub, z rykowiskiem po sąsiedzku i jeziorem tak czystym, że widać w nim każdy kamyczek. Zamiast pięciu pokoi jest 12, zamiast agroturystyki gościniec, a zamiast zwykłego domku, wyremontowana obora i dawne pokoje służby dworskiej.
Slow food (specialty: sturgeon from the oven)
Lake lobelowe (ultra-pure) for swimmers and divers 100 m
Stocked lake ideal for fishing
A place for adults and children over 12 years old
Near the amazing stags of deer
You can come with a dog


  • By the lake
  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments
  • Entire place


  • Breakfast included
  • Full board
  • Local products


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Pet friendly
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Kayaks
  • Sauna, banya
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • Animals on site
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Cheese

Where will I sleep?

There are 12 double rooms (bigger and smaller), equipped with everything important for a good rest, ie comfortable beds and amazing view. For guests who feel better in separate buildings with their own kitchen and living room, we have prepared an apartment in the cottage. It is possible to rent the whole... cottage for guests (4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms). more

What will I eat?

Mr. Marek runs the show in here and it is him to be praised and appreciated by the Guests. Indeed, perhaps from Heaven fell, because his ducks and geese from the 8-meter oven is heaven in the mouth, at the sturgeon see the angels, and dessert sing chorus.

At the price of the accommodation we provide...
varied breakfasts, which are waiting all night. Guests who choose to savor the day at the front desk, please inform us in advance that they will be tasting the dishes of Mr. Mark during dinner, and maybe even dinner.

In the middle of the day guests can enjoy free coffee and tea all day in any quantity. We are not planning to schedule guests on a holiday. It's enough to make an appointment with Mr. Mark. He will know what to do, and the hour you set together.

How will I be entertained?

We set up a sauna, we created a climate billiard room with a projector for watching movies, but the way of relaxing our guests is usually different. What do our guests like?

- spread sun loungers over the pond and read books (# 1 of the ranking)
- swim on the lake by pedal boat
- ride bicycles around...
the area
- read and play board games provided in our library
- visit (eg Teutonic Castle in Bytów)
- in the autumn walk passions for mushrooms (we even have special mushroom instructions)
- fish (how much fish is there!)
From the middle of August, watch the deer fight at the ranch and listen to their roar without leaving the sun lounger.
- eat the dishes of Mr. Mark
- Brda canoeing on the canoes
- Winter skating on frozen ponds
- come in here with your horses (we have 2 boxes)

We feel obliged to inform you that there are no TVs in the rooms.

What's for children?

We have decided that the tavern will be a silence for the tired, urban souls. Therefore, even though we love children - we have dedicated our guest house to adults and adolescents over the age of 12.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Dryer
  • No TV set
  • Iron

How much will I pay?

Low season

description price
Large double room Bathroom, balcony, breakfast 260 PLN / room
Double room Bathroom, breakfast 230 PLN / room
Apartment in the cottage Bedroom, living room with fireplace, kitchen, bathroom with tub, without breakfast 350 PLN / room

High season (long weekends, holidays and months of July and August)

description price
Large double room Bathroom, balcony, breakfast 290 PLN / room
Double room Bathroom, breakfast 250 PLN / room
Apartment in the cottage Bedroom, living room with fireplace, kitchen, bathroom with tub 390 PLN / room
The whole cottage for guests 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (11 people) 890 zł / night

Breakfast - PLN 30
Half board - PLN 65
Dessert - PLN 20

Dog 50 PLN / day

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

  • Card payment
  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:14:00
  • Check out till:12:00
  • Zagaje 1
  • 77-220 Zagaje

How to get there?

On the main road Bytów-Miastko, you will find a sign for turning "Zagaje 1" and then we take a kilometer forest-road road, which leads straight to the gmina.



I recommend this charming place with a wonderful atmosphere ... especially when a man wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here the time flows lazily, there is omnipresent calmness, and the eyes can be filled with the greenness of nature and the colors of countless flowers. For this amazing care of the hosts with the smallest details. Each corner of the house is managed with a view to the comfort and leisure of Zagaje visitors. For this wonderful hosts and delicious cuisine


In Gościniec we spent a few days of picnics. A wonderful place, close to the lake. Interior design and care for everyone to feel at home. We are vegan and here also the efforts of the hosts and employees of the world championship. recommend


The forest around and the spacious yard breathe and teem with all life. The guest house smells of wood, from which it was created, and the interior captivates with the spirit of tradition and the richness of nooks and crannies, where you can easily hide yourself with a book or coffee. It is an ideal place for people looking for harmony and respite: lovers of forest walks, boat drifting on a crystal clear lake and taking a bath in it, and in the evenings - basking in the sauna or reading a book. It is also an obligatory place on the map of culinary travels: dinners served from Gościniec Zagaje are phenomenal and will definitely impress every palate, and their creator is an extremely positive person, full of commitment and passion. The remaining team and owners are also extraordinary people, full of sympathy, energy and a wonderful approach to animals. Kept off the shelter, surrounded by the extraordinary care of the girl is the best, exemplary :). There was also no problem with sharing the yard with our age-old female (it was enough to let the owner know that the little dog remained at home). This is a place to come back to.


Together with my fiancé and dog, we had the pleasure to spend a wonderful time in this place. The whole object has been refined in every detail, in the house homey warm and clean, clean rooms decorated in great style with very comfortable beds. A beautiful square that you can use offers sunbeds, hammocks and other places to relax by nature. Close to the lake which is so clean that you have to see it with your own eyes. For active people: bicycles, pedal boats, a boat, arches, billiards. The people who create this place, Mrs. Wiola, Mr. Ryszard, Mrs. Gertrude and all the delightful girls ... thank you for your heart on the plate, refine every detail and fulfill the "whims". We recommend in every way and we will definitely be back!


Here is everything you need to spend a pleasant weekend. Forest, lake, boats, bicycles, deckchairs. There is a great team that makes sure that the rest goes. There is great food and homemade cakes. Dogs are also welcome. The downside for me were the rooms in the highway. Tiny, in the hot attic and probably separated by plywood, because you can hear every neighbor's whisper, every conversation, alarm clock, radio and all other things ....


A haven of peace and quiet. No neighbors. Around wild nature. Pure Lake Sands full of fish. Near the herd of Highlander cows with his chief - "Waldek" and his helper - "Brudas". It all caused that we spent an excellent time at Gościniec Zagaje, we charged the batteries and relaxed the body and mind. The charm is added by Mr. Ryszard - the host and Mrs. Gertruda. Both of them are very nice, contact and eternally smiling people that perfectly fit into this place. Magical people in a magical place. They meet every wish right away. Mr Ryszard's dishes melt in his mouth. The neck and trout from the oven spread us on the shoulders. In addition, Mr. Ryszard is a very interesting person, eager for chats and stories. It draws beautifully. The guest house itself and the house with a fireplace are very cozy and decorated with taste. Everything is blushed for a flash. Comfortable beds, large bathrooms. A big plus is the lack of a TV set. The view and the sound of burning wood in the fireplace only help to achieve complete relaxation.


In Gościniec Zagaje we spent the whole weekend and it was definitely too short. The area itself is breathtaking. Lake Piasek above which the hospital is located is extremely clean, surrounded by trees, perfect for morning fishing or afternoon boat. The forests near Zagaja are great for cycling trips - pleasant routes, picturesque and idyllic. We spent the Sunday morning on canoes, Brda on the Przechlewo - Folbrycht route delights! An easy episode, we overcame it without major problems, around the main forest. It is worth to go in the morning when the route is still empty. The hospitality area can provide us with various attractions, maybe because everyone does what they want. If you are thinking about active recreation, there are bikes, a boat, a water bike, the possibility of making a bonfire or barbecue, equipment for nordic walikng. If you want to laze, relax on the sun loungers doing a job - Helmut's view of the pond and the bull calms down and pleases. However, the heart of the entire place is definitely Mr. Rysiu! Already from the threshold he delighted us with his smile and cordial greeting, he added colors to our stay. When something is needed, it is always in need, it will help, it will tell you where and how. His cuisine is a great idea for me - fresh, homely, homely. Chicken with oyster mushrooms, pear in batter and potato pancakes - a fairy tale! Śniadanka equally tasty. The decor of the place harmonizes with the surrounding area, it is warm, cozy, cleanly. With a hand on my heart, we recommend this place to anyone who wants to stay for a while, there time flows slower.


Together with my boyfriend, we spent the weekend at Gościniec Zagaje and I can honestly say that we can not get excited so far. The host very nice, there was no problem with contacting and getting all the information. The area around the road itself is amazing, the forest area stretches for miles, there are many lakes here and the lake sand is extremely clean and picturesque. I recommend to sail a boat on it, in the afternoon to jump on bikes, the routes are pleasant, the areas are breathtaking. In the evening it is possible to make a bonfire or grill. The heart of the entire place is definitely Mr. Rysiu who in the first minute delighted us with his smile and cordiality. Thanks to him, the place takes on life. We have been served by a great cuisine - fresh, homemade, tasty. Potato pancakes, chicken with oyster mushrooms, pear in cake - poetry. And every day a homemade compote. He pointed down the canoe trip - to Brda you have to drive a bit but it is worth it, the route we chose was not difficult and the beauty was amazing, you could rest. We also got to know a Helmut bull which can be treated with delicacies. Gościniec as a building has its own climate, the rooms are clean, there is nothing missing. It is a place where everyone does their own thing, nobody imposes anything - if we want an active rest we have a choice of bicycles, kayaks, Nordic walking, walking in the woods. If we want to rest - sunbeds in front of the pond do the job. We found ourselves there perfectly, we gathered strength and rested. Greetings warmly and we recommend this place with your heart!


Spontaneously sophisticated place turned out to be a hit. Extremely hospitable and friendly owners, sympathizers of dogs and other animals (cows peeking from under the red bangs) make a man feel fantastic as a guest of their home. The house itself is beautifully decorated, warm, a bit rustic but also light. Viola and her talent deserve a lot. Rooms comfortable, warm when the window blows and pours. Anyone who likes to eat will appreciate the cook of Mr. Ryszard, who not only cooks deliciously, but also draws such joy from feeding people that he can not be denied. If someone does not like to eat, Mr. Rysiu will convince him that it is worth it. A wonderful place to slow down, rest, eat up and not think about anything.


The beautiful surroundings make you feel like you are in paradise. Around well-kept lawns full of lawns with floral compositions. Arcades decorated with a multitude of artistic details created by Mrs. Wiola's hands, that is, the owner of the Gościniec, with sophisticated artistic taste, and objects of general use from ancient times that have long since disappeared from our surroundings. There is also a wild, natural space created by a meadow and in the distance grazing fudges, a very rare Dutch variety. Even the roasts are friendly to the guests. Interiors - hall, living room, dining room, stairs, corridor, rooms maintained in the style of a pre-war aristocrat, art connoisseur (I did not feel and see), antique furniture, beautiful chandeliers, fireplace every detail, picture, tablecloth, rug, a candelabrum, a candlestick reminiscent of the splendor of that era and is a sublime work of art. However, the attractions offered by Gościniec are as modern as possible and can satisfy even the most demanding ones