16 unique places at masuria region (vol. 2)



Recently, we have not been able to show all the beautiful places in Masuria in one go. We do not show the full list now either. We are not even close. We would have to publish a book. We have some new places, one will open this season.


Check the first part here: 14 unique places at Masuria region (vol.1)

Domy Konesera are like a settlement from the times of Mickiewicz. A few stylish buildings in such surroundings that in the summer it is like "Under the Sun of Tuscany" and you feel like in Bertolucci movie "Hidden Wishes". But it is not Tuscany, it is Western Masuria, and if we had the Domy Konesera to be described shortly, in our opinion it is one of the most artistic places on Slowhop. They are singing here, playing the piano, organizing music classes for kids and inviting various known people, who later can be seen on stage. Note - they serve amazing food, made with passion and proven sources from which food comes.

„A beautifully located place in Welski Landscape Park, a picturesque and beautifully restored cottage settlement. The hosts are passionates, they do everything for their guests! It is worth coming here and appreciating the real hospitality and devotion of the hosts.”

According to Slowhop: You can rent rooms in one of the stylish buildings or opt for a separate house for exclusive use. And if you want to make an epic family reunion of a multigenerational family with the aristocratic traditions - this is it. And you can take five dogs, because Domy Konesera are pet friendly.

Let's start with a villa built on the foundations of a 1930s habitat. You can rent whole house and which will be comfortable and it will make fourteen people happy. In each of the five rooms there is a private bathroom, and the interiors are so nice that you will not want to get out. We advise you to go out, sit next to the fireplace, drink coffee with a friend and play in Monopol with a six-year-old. A holiday home that looks like a warehouse with amazing interiors. And to book it, go to their profile on Slowhop.

„Wonderful place, great surroundings and perfect location to relax outside of the city. A cozy house with a large and peaceful garden. Spacious interiors, well-equipped and maintained rooms.”

According to Slowhop: This house is the result of the passion of two sisters who used to come as kids to the village of Jeziorowskie for holidays. As adults, they decided to continue the tradition. Great place for cyclists and swimmers. Here without dogs.

A beautiful house in the area of Giżycko. The house rebuilt from an old cowshed, located in the village and looks extraordinary. Just go inside to admire the hosts. If you let in a journalists from the French Elle Decoration here,they probably would not want to leave. Who would have thought that the design from the 70s would look best in a restored post-German barn...

„The perfect place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Folwark is surrounded by greenery on all sides, and birds are heard throughout the day. During the day you can chill on the terrace, go to the lake, ride a bike, or take a walk around the area. In the evening, you can relax by the fireplace on a large, comfortable sofa. There is also a place for a bonfire or barbecue. Hosts and friends of the house - truealy great people. You can talk to the them for hours and spend a great time.”

According to Slowhop: Two minutes away from the beach next to small lake, good food, and restaurant Stara Kuźnia restaurant, where you simply have to go and eat.

Mazury Garbate around Stare Juchy - such a family paradise. The hosts know what it is like to be a large, traveling family and after a few attempts to find a place in Polish hotels and guesthouses, they had enough! They built their own paradise. Here everything is for families, also those that go beyond the 2 + 2 standard. The apartments are so huge, they can fit the entire Simpsons family including grandma and grandpa. The hosts are not cooking for guests, but there are several addresses of restaurants nearby. Also Małgosia, host from Arkadia has a lot of food surprises waiting in the kitchen. It sounds amazing and there is even more! House is located by the lake and you can use yachts, yachts and boats. And what we like the most - you can simply use it anytime for free!

„Very nice place, amazing hosts, great facilities (new, well-kept bicycles, 3 sailboats, pedalo etc.), a great playground for children, a room with darts, table football, ping pong and tv. If you dream of a perfect place for families with children near the lake but away from people - it is just such a place :) Congratulations to the idea of the hosts and we can sincerely recommend this place because it's hard to imagine dissapointment here!”

According to Slowhop: One of the most child-friendly places at Slowhop. If you are the parents of superactive children - this is your place. Here without dogs.

Debutants at Mazuty from the summer of 2017. We wrote about them in context of good design. This is a place for those who instead of huts in the middle of the forest prefer elegance among nature and enjoying the sourranding of beautiful objects in the stylish interiors. Miejsce Marzeń was a dream of Agata and Ola and each of the five rooms were design by them with great passion. It turned out really nicely, you'll like it.

„It was great! We are greatful to the hosts for their hospitality, cordiality, openness, professionalism and delicious food. The place is fantastic and very comfortable. We were a group of 12 people, but we did not get in our way, everyone had their own space. The house is beautifully decorated, it became our inspiration. A herd of deers behind the window, stunning sunrise and sunset - priceless. You do not have to leave the house to enjoy the views.”

According to Slowhop: Really nice hosts with passion. You can use proffesional physiotherapy and massages. You will feel good here. Please, don't take dogs with you

If you are fans of houses on the water in Mielno, here you will find something similar, in a smaller version and slightly different circumstances. The floating house is placed on Lake Rajgrodzki, in Masuria, quite close to Podlasie and the Biebrza National Park. The hosts are fans of water sports, so there is some equipment for sailing and windsurfing, but the most important thing is the peace that prevails in this area. For those who want to spend vacation in peace close to the water.

„If you are demanding and appreciate unique things, this place is for you. Amazing design, great location and breathtaking sunrises.”

According to Slowhop: Three very nice owners who knows what is needed for those who have enough city on a daily basis. Two bedrooms and a pleasant common place with a fireplace and an exit to the terrace. For adults only and dogs allowed.

Well, our jaws dropped a little at the sight of this house. It looks like it was invented by American specialists in finding outstanding film locations for romantic stories. This is a holiday home where you can feel at least once like you were on a luxury vacation in the Hamptons. A quiet, secluded place near Mragowo. The host is Coen and he will be pleased to answer all the questions about the possibility of booking this lakeside happiness, contact him via the Slowhop.

According to Slowhop: During the holidays, you can book Dom Poręby for at least a week. We recommend a trip with family and friends. Leave your pets at home.

Agata runs this place with a great charisma. We were enchanted by the interiors, full of space, with mezzanines and slants. Hosts are passionate about horses, so if you are looking for a combination of a classy interiors and passion in the soul - go to their profile at Slowhop for more information and book your vacation.

„A cool place where we had a nice time with two children :) Bartek (4 years old) before we left, he already asked when we would come again - he fell in love with horses and two nice friends. Older kid (7 years old) all the time on the way back demanded return to the lake :) Respect for Wiesław for amazing cooking: pancakes - the best we've ever had! Big thanks to Agata for wonderful horse riding "in the field" with a 4 year old :) We'll be back...”

According to Slowhop: Definitely with children who want to learn horse riding. You can take your dog. You have the opportunity to cook yourself, but also the chance to try what the hosts will come up with.

Our beloved Mazury Garbate and a place that can not be placed closer to the lake then this. The story begins in the village of Gorło, cleverly hidden from the eyes and hearing of those who are going to Stare Juchy. The lake is called Ułówki and it connects with the Łaśmiady lake. In this area the TV show Siedlisko was shot and it was the reason of a slightly greater interest in this area. Szara Sowa (from the last name of the hosts: Szarrasowie) is full of wood and brick constructions, well-groomed and dreamed by the owners. Now, houses are not being built so close to the lake, so if you want to see what it is like - please visit their profile at Slowhop.

„Excellent breakfasts, charming house with beautiful interiors.”

According to Slowhop: It is worth to pack bicycles, because the landscape is full of smaller and larger hills and fantastic paths for cyclists. From Ułówki Lake by boat or canoe you can sail to Łaśmiady. To Szara Sowa do not take dogs.

We have a nice debut here, created among the flowers of July 2017. There are several things important here. First of all: a promising name, taken from the town of Sontag, which once was located here. Second: the unique Creative Barn with the loom standing in the middle. Anyone who does a bit of DIY skills will have an emotional attack now. Thirdly: the hosts of Siedlisko Niedziela once ran the Royal Manufactory in the Royal Łazienki in Warsaw and know a lot about weaving. They are ready to share with guests their knowledge and rooms.

„Great place, nice hosts, new tidy rooms, phenomenal dining room and large terrace. Perfect place to rest, long walks, fishing, biking or chill out by the bonfire. You can do anything you want.”

According to Slowhop: Five rooms, mostly double, one quadruple. There is a kitchen, and a cook EwaPe lives nearby, and this gives great opportunities especially for vegans. You can come with dogs.

Zagroda Kuwast is actually still in Podlasie, although it is so close to Masuria that we decided to mention it here. Location is important. That is why we wrote about them in concept of Wandering Guide and places of natural beauty, because Kuwasy are in the middle of the Biebrza National Park, and this is something that should squeeze tears of emotion to all naturalists. You should come here to show kids and yourself that you do not need to be afraid of the forest. In addition, delicious regional cuisine and own preserves. More about them at their Slowhop profile.

„Nice place to take a break away from everyday life. The cell does not work! Around only meadows, forests and the Biebrza National Park. Delicious cuisine.”

According to Slowhop: Zagroda Kuwasy is a good place to organize weekends with yoga - there is a well prepared room and a soothing view of nature.

Between Nidzica and Działdowo, there is a place created by organic food producers near the beautiful Szkotówka river. Not only that they cook extraordinary things for their guests, they have a piece of land in which anyone wants to hide and completely detach from reality. Real detox for body and soul.

„Great place, nice hosts, tasty food with homemade products that come from organic farm and comfortable apartments! Simply the best.”

According to Slowhop: In Folwark Miłkowiec buy fresh fruits and vegetables and take it home.

About Nakomiady (near Kętrzyn) you can read here: 10 guesthouses for real princesses and here: Pensions for adults only. We do not get bored with this place at all and that is why we are showing the Pałac Nakomiady once again.

„A great place to spend a few days. The amount of work put into the restoration of the palace by present owners is admirable. The atmosphere around this place makes you feel like you do not want to leave Nakomiady.”

According to Slowhop: A little reminder: you can only go to the Pałac Nakomiady with children above 12 years of age. Toddlers has to stay at home!

For all large groups of friends and families who are searching for large holiday homes. Story is as it always is - the best ideas come from need. That is why a married couple took matters into their own hands and built several houses by the lake. Houses can fit big groups. You can talk about life during long evenings on the terrace, children have their own safe place, and when it rains, you can swim in the indoor pool.

„I recommend for a group of friends with kids! We have been there - it was brilliant!”

According to Slowhop: In the Fisherman's House children can sleep in a boat, placed in a children's room. Many adults would be jealous about it... A nice idea for a luxurious weekend or holiday for a larger group.

Masurian novelty near Węgorzewo, with the opening date in May 2017. Where does the name come from? The host is called Stanisław Król, he lives in Germany and as he told us: "As I once tried to leave Poland with all my strength, now I am trying to come back to it." The house was his dream, a it became remarkable place for families in the middle of the Masurian wilderness.

According to Slowhop: There are well-equipped kitchens, and suppliers of local eggs and cheese lives nearby. In the house there is also a renovated barge as a attraction for adults and children, wooden tubs as a spa and a common space for integration.

Six modern apartments in thatched cottages, beautifully placed near the forest. A new thing, but it has gained the recognition of those guests who like to have everything in the best standard. There is about 20 minutes to the lake, but there is an outdoor swimming pool on site. For kids, a nice playground, and for adults, nature and silence.

„Beautiful place. Super calm and quiet neighborhood. Cottages located near the forest. There is only one neighbor in the area, but the apartments are protected by wonderful, very watchful guard dogs. An amazingly friendly place for dogs. Friendly staff, all very helpful and smiling. The beautiful surroundings are very favorable for long walks...”

According to Slowhop: A nice place for trips with a group of friends and business meetings. The hosts will try to fulfill all wishes, such as individual sailing lessons.

(fot. Apartamenty Szelągówka)