14 unique places at Masuria region (vol. 1)



So much going on here! In this region, our Slowhop map bursts at the seams, we do not have any space left to stuck our pins. We officially seperated Warmia and Masuria, and Masuria we've done in two parts just like the premium series on Netflix. There is a good chance for several seasons, follow us closely!


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Karolina and Marek from Przechowalnia Marzeń are people who you want to sit with at the morning cup of coffee and talk about life. First Karolina found the old door, and Marek took her challenge to build a common house around them. The house fell apart when they tried to move it, so they built from the scratch. There is an interesting history and an unique guesthouse in Mikołajki with an artistic bistro and great coffee, and Karolina has her own map with the best places to eat.

"The hosts will make you feel like the most important guests in the city, and the conversation with inspiring and interesting owners will bring a smile to the face of even the most bleak guest."

According to Slowhop:  According to Slowhop: We appreciate that more and more guesthouses inform with honesty that parents with little kids will feel better in a different place. Nice and honest. We go to the Przechowalnia Marzeń for peace and quiet, long conversations with amazing people and there is a chance that each mother will finally drink warm coffee.

The interest around Kordaki even surprised the hosts. See the pictures and you will not be surprised. This is one of the Masurian stars, in our opinion a real candy, and guest reviews only confirm this. There you'll find a house with two apartments, a fireplace, wonderfully summer interiors, a garden like that of Bertolucci and breakfast in the house of Tatiana and Michał. You can find their profile here at Slowhop.

"A paradise on earth. Colorful garden, lawn trimmed neatly, porch smelling of wood, frogs croaking in the pond, beautiful apartment, wonderful owners. Although there are no animals here, it is an almost self-sufficient farm full of delicious food, which, with the efficient hands of Tatiana and Michał, jumps onto the table itself, then lands in the stomach with pleasure. The owners know how to take care of the smallest detail. There are many attractions in the area - kayaks, deckchairs, lake, bicycles, wine, bonfire, night talks."

According to Slowhop: Long breakfasts, five minutes walk to the lake, you can visit with a small dog.

We've already written about Martiany 21 in the context of good design and places for adults only. We will not repeat ourselves, just click on both links, information should be enough to make a decision where to go for vacation with your seconf half. And as soon as the decision is made - we invite you to book here.

"I do not usually write reviews, but Martiany 21 definitely deserve the best one. A charming place away from the rest of the world. Plenty of space and animals: horses, sheeps, rabbits, chickens, cats, dogs.The house is completely new, tasteful and well prepered. Everything is perfectly organized. Open minded hosts spent many evenings with us talking and telling stories about this place."

According to Slowhop: There are a lot of animals in Martiany, so do not take yours. This place is amazing for horse riders.

Rural place in Masuria on the border of Welski Landscape Park. This unique house is managed by Magda and every detail of it is showing that she loves what she does. You can make dumplings with strawberries and look through of the window and see the Rumian Lake, about three minutes away from yard.

"An extraordinary charming place, atmospheric and preserved in the old style, peace and quiet :)"

According to Slowhop: Two bedrooms, beautiful kitchen and living room. Dogs friendly house.

We have a special fondness for the hosts of the Stara Szkoła w Piaskach. Here are three the most important things which makes this place so special: the view of the Lake Łaśmiady, host Ania and her amazing meals and a lot of mysterious corners where you can hide and read favourite book. Elegant rooms in English style, beautiful porch and cellar full of good beer and wine. 

"I was at the Stara Szkoła last summer. Charming place - small, kept in a slightly "British" style. The food was phenomenal - it was hard to get up from the table. The people we met - both the owners and other guests filled up our time with interesting chats. I will definitely come back :) "

According to Slowhop:  Both families and singles will be delighted. You can come with dogs. Good sports grounds: cross-country skiing in winter, training for triathlon in the summer. Great bike routes!

Somewhere in the Olsztynek area, near the forest, there is an old house with a stable near the lake. Danka lives in it. She is a wonderful housewife with unusuall character. Visit Kolonia Mazurska Mierki if just like us you have dream about house in a forest glade and a house wine in front of the fireplace. 

"Fantastic atmosphere, nature, quiet, peace... Reason why this place that stands out from the others is that you can make delicious smoked fish and owners will help you with a pleasure."

According to Slowhop: The horse riders and children will be delighted. Masurian pearl in the middle of the forest.

Kameralny gościniec niedaleko Olsztyna, gdzieś między pokręconym korytem rzeki Krutynii a rozległymi lasami. Szuwarowi ludzie to Kasia, Maciek, Kuba i Antoni. Zrobili tutaj wiejską oazę ze strategicznym podejściem do dzieci i werandą jak z klimatycznej kawiarni na przedmieściach Oslo.

A peaceful and beautiful place to rest surrounded by nature. A great base for trips by the Krutyń river, but also for entire Masuria. A country house and a beautiful, half-wild garden with a charming porch.

Accoring to Slowhop:  If you are looking for child-friendly places - spend a few days in Szuwarach. Outdoor playground and a common room for kids, where they can take a break from their parents for a while, and parents get a coffee on the porch.

North of Węgorzewo stands a real eco-house with the mission of showing the rural world. If you have reason to believe that your child has never seen a chicken - this is the address where you have to go. At Ania and Wojtek place you also find a complete freedom, four nice rooms, sheeps and the rest of the eco-world. Not to mention about this delicious pesto with nettles, fish with croutons and many kitchen miracles.

Very cozy place, delicious food and very nice owners! A paradise for kids.

According to Slowhop: We recommend hugging sheeps, chasing ducks and eating healthy food. Be sure to take your children, they will be eternally grateful.

Monika and Maciek from Agrozagadka are people to whom we feel true sympathy and we've heard that a visit here can work like a therapy. The hosts lived for a few years in Ireland and are a bit like the Irish, full of cool energy. Be sure to try cheese and beer, and the eggs in Agrozagada are the best in the world. It's not a lie, we 're taking it seriously. Great people and their great place. For guests there is a house with a separate entrance. For more curiosities, go to their profile on the Slowhop.

This is the best place in the world! For people sensitive to the beauty and charms of nature, this place will be a paradise on earth. Beautiful rustic interiors, a garden full of flowers and herbs, a wonderful neighborhood, and for breakfast bread straight from the oven baked by the host. Here you can not only relax but also feel like at home... Lie down in a hammock, try home-made delicacies (so good!), walk for hours on the meadows or swim in the nearby lakes. Extremely friendly hosts - can not be expressed with words.

According to Slowhop: Families will feel good in Agrozagadka and you can take a pet. Near the river and lake and all-day meals from Monika.

And what happens when people from Silesia fall in love with Masuria? They buy nordic-walking poles, walk through the forests for days, and then build beautiful Scandinavian houses with a view of the lake. In each of the houses there is a fireplace, not to mention about sauna placed outside the cottages. Well, that is Widokowo, one of the most loved places by athletes on Slowhop. They have MTB bikes and SUP boards here.

An ideal place for people looking for silence and Masurian atmosphere. Widokowo is a small resort, consisting of three tastefully decorated houses, located on a hill from where you can enjoy the view of Lake Pasterzewo and forests. We only stayed there for 3 days, but we will definitely come back. The atmosphere of the place is created not only by postcard views but also by the great hosts. Positively crazy people who escaped from the big city to settle on the border of Masuria and Warmia and create this wonderful place. Thank you once again for your hospitality and bonfire.

According to Slowhop: A cool place for Christmas. Strangely - great in winter. We are already thinking about New Year's Eve. Here, unfortunately, come without pets.

And this is a place near Ełk, in Mazury Garbate. We have already said a bit about how it is there, writing about places for bachelorette party. And it's worth to read their profile on Slowhop, because if someone expects a lonely cottage, lost among lakes and forests - it's not here. Here is a village, in fact lost among lakes and forests, but still a village. On the left a neighbor, on the right a neighbor, but in the middle a real cowshed, renovated into a characteristic holiday home. They have orchard, country flies and mosquitos, pizza oven, pears and apples. A place for 8 people who like experiencing adventures. We warn you that life priorities are changing here... for better!

Hmmm ... I fell in love. In a beautiful approach to stone, brick and wood and beautiful autumn where the roads are full of intense colors. In the village where behind the last house are only fields... wonderful fields. In fact walking through a little village you can feel like in a movie. It looks a little like a settlement from over 100 years ago. And thanks to Ola and Marcin for the hospitality and making us feel like at home :)

According to Slowhop: You can take a dog and a cat, beware of small children - the stairs are quite steep. There is a sauna and a forest nearby. And the lake.

Jagiele are for lovers of places where people can clearly hear their own thoughts, feel the smell of clean air and would not be surprised at all if a herd of bisons were running in front of the house. It is these wild Masuria, where no express road leads, the world is what it was and probably will be like that for a long time. And if something will suddelnly change, it probably will not get there anyway. There is a unique atmosphere, two 80-meter apartments and you can ask for delicious meals from the hosts. Or not. As you want.

Beata has created a place that from the first minutes acts like a balm for the soul. All problems and everyday life are far behind, and the only problem is whether to choose a hammock or a meadow for a nap. Location - perfect, among fields and in close proximit to the Borecka Forest - I will take the bike next year.

According to Slowhop: You can take your dog to run around the meadow. Best for families!

It is very nice here. For guests there is one floor of the house available and you can integrate well with other guests. The rooms are beautiful, really, full of blankets and lampshades made by Daria. It is worth to spend time in large kitchen, where a long table stands and says: it's time for the evening wine and chat. We did it, we drank wine and talked. It was great. And thats is all in an interesting village near Mikołajki called Zełwągi.

An atmospheric, peaceful place where you can completely relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. The rooms are very cozy. Shared kitchen, with a large table brings people from neighboring rooms. The owners are friendly, very sociable, willingly spending their time either by the fire or playing cards with guests. We are very pleased to remember a few days in this place, and our dog Cirii after returning home, was sad and missed her playmate Sonia - the owner's dog.

According to Slowhop: Double rooms with bathrooms and you can take a dog.

The atmosphere in this place, whether there is a phone service or not - all electronic equipment lands in this part of the backpack, where there is only a dried out mascara from 2004. You can kick the ball, ride bikes, jump into canoes or go to the lake and learn how to ride a horse. You can also grill from morning to evening, play board games, collect berries in the forest and do whatever you like. Exclusive house, treat it well, because it's old and deserves respect.

Very pleasant, atmospheric, cozy, clean place, away from civilization among fields, beautifully located! Perfect for relaxation! Thank you!

According to Slowhop: House for exclusive use for 10 people, ideal for families with children. A few moments to the lake and the forest. Well-equipped kitchen available..

(photos: Dom w Dolinie Łąk)