12 slowhop places for sauna, banya and massage lovers



We're creating these lists upon request. And now, somehow, there was a request to go somewhere in autumn, for the so-called "retreat". To warm yourself up, take care of your body, relax before winter. You have such expectations of autumn, so we've willingly written them down and have found places that you could visit this fall. So slowhopping - autumn version. 



If someone, in the middle of the night, after a heavy night, during the strongest sleep period, woke us up to ask about spa on Slowhop, we will mention Łubinowe Wzgórze in the first place. It's like a reflex. But if you expect shiny tiles - go somewhere else. It's a little bit different there. There will be a Russian banya, hay bath, stamps massage with buckwheat. Then, there is Herbarium - orangery with the view of the stars and delicious eco herbal teas.

"Very well-thought and consistent place, everything fits together and is just in its place. From the beginning we felt very comfortable. Room (Nostalgia) reminded us of grandma's house. The great advantage of the place are playgrounds - it's a real hit for parents, because children are absorbed for hours and then you can drink coffee in a secluded gazebo and switch off for a while;) We'll come back with pleasure :)"

Slowhop opinion: Delicious cuisine and pleasant accommodation in five buildings in the area of 1.5 hectare. They take care of your senses, all of them. The kids have one of the best playgrounds on Slowhop (mud kitchen rocks!) and parents have good coffee and a peace of mind. You can come with dog!


It's about real slow: herbs, flowers and good food. So yes, there is a spa in Pieniny Mountains, but it's possible that it's different than you imagine. The hosts clearly understand the concept of a digital detox, so if you wish, they willingly take your electronics and we don't know if they respond to your beggings to give them back :) As for the pleasures of the body, they prepared for guests: treatments based on organic, hand-made liniments and oils made from herbs and flowers, massages, sauna and fresh bread with St. Hildegard's flour. And we know that good bread is enough to feel like in a spa.

"Cottages are very nice, well equipped. Three playgrounds and the presence of animals will not allow the children to be bored. The owners are delightful, we were welcomed with tasty, healthy and homemade cake :) you can jog with Mrs. Ela and get to know the surrounding trails overlooking the Tatra mountains :) in the library everyone will find something for themselves. I would heartily recommend. And I know that I'll come back..."

Slowhop opinion: Breakfast baskets, cottages with spruce tree fragrant, 10 minutes from the ski station and to Czorsztyńskie Lake. You can come with dog!


Rzepiska village lies near Zakopane and the best is, that they are not Zakopane. We put them in this hedonistic list not due to the massages, which won't be there, but due to the hot tub on the terrace and the possibility to stare at mountains just from that perspective. However, don't expect, a solitary hut hidden among the peaks - Rzepiska Hills are a few cottages for 4-6 people and are currently two more are being constructed, this time for couples. Ask for them while booking at Slowhop.

"I already want to go back - I don't know if I could better, more bluntly recommend this place. Magical views and silence. House clean, minimalist décor, you can feel a bit like in Scandinavia. In comparison with other proposals in the Polish Tatra Mountains, contact with the owners stands out the most - approach to guests is unusual. I felt like the most awaited guest in someone's home. And just when you think it could not be better, it turns out that not only you are a welcomed guest, but also your four-legged friend! \"

Slowhop opinion: For now, two smaller cottages with private tub for 4 people and one for 6 people. For information where to eat, if you don't want to cook, we invite you to their profile on Slowhop. You can come with dogs, which in Podhale is a rarity.


Górski Azyl from some time appears in two reveals, Buczynowy and Jaworowy House. Both equally nice. Looking at the popularity of the view of the mountains from the banya, with a glass of wine in hand, we hope that the owners will soon present us another child. What should we say? Maybe something about the hosts, who are great people and we are glad that we could meet them. And something about the fact that if you ask, they will organize highland cheese for you, but the real one, no windup. Also, you can drink your morning coffee from Bolesławiec. And when you put kids to bed, you have all night to heat up in the tub with a view.

"From some time I visit nice places testing what makes me the greatest pleasure. After staying at 4 different places it was here, that I felt the best - Ania greeted us with a smile and a very nice conversation. She honestly responded to many questions about the business and she offered help if needed. She recommended a restaurant, explained what is the best way to "play with" hot tub, she offered pastries from housewives from the village. Cottages were clean, ensuring peace and beautiful views. What surprised me, was their size and space! They are very big! Modern cuisine and dishes from Boleslawiec, wonderful! I heartily recommend the place, here you want to rest! "

Slowhop opinion: Buczynowy and Jaworowy house, very decently apart. Both have hot tubs and views. This first one is for 6 people, the other for 8. Here, too, with nice dogs.


And if someone asks us about a quiet place near Warsaw, then DomPod Wierzbami is in the TOP 3, which we recommend. This place is only for adults, in a contrast to the previously described places where there is a lot for the kids. Here you come for a complete reset of the system. Peace, silence, food. Everything just by the river, you could also listen to nature sounds from the water. But if someone has not enough reset, we recommend in adition herbal baths with views of the backwaters and absolutely cool Finnish sauna.

"Fantastic place with a soul. Wonderful ladies who not only prepare delicious meals, but also infect with positive energy. Perfect for a weekend to relax and cut off from the world. An additional plus for the magical herbal bath overlooking the river and fields."

Slowhop opinion: Real agro with a beautiful face. So if you desire hotel conditions, where they poison the entire area to accommodate guests - look for accommodation elsewhere. Here, they are doing what they can, but in harmony with nature and each other. Here, no kids, no dogs, but it can be cats instead.


Here, they probably have the prettiest sauna on Slowhop. Scandi version, just the way you like. In general Widokowo is very natural and Scandinavian. On-site there is a shop with local eco products, view of the lake and cottages. This is the version for hedonists athletes, who like when something is happening and not only in a horizontal position. The hosts took care of bicycles, SUP boards and other wonders, knowing that most of endorphins are released during the physical effort. So we invite there those, who will appreciate the intimacy of your own house, won't mind the proximity of another house and will gladly meet neighbours in the sauna. You can also book a massage.

"I owe the stay my relatives - my wife and sons, it was their birthday present for me. Great idea, successful surprise. We spent 5 wonderful days driving around the area (including bicycles), visiting beautiful spots of Warmia and Masuria. Comfortable and functional house, fully equipped with all the necessary little things, beautiful landscape around, fragrant forest, water in the lake warm as it was heated, silence, calm - well, just like in paradise. Even better, because you can swim on the board - Mr. Krzysztof, thanks that you mobilized me, it was not as difficult as I thought, great relaxation. Many thanks to the hosts for their warmth and creating a warm, family atmosphere by the fire."

Slowhop opinion: Three cottages for 4-6 people and a sauna. Here, no pets.


It's such a beautiful place that it takes your breath away. We are accustomed to the design in Podhale, but here was a fresh delight. Niedźwiedzia Residence is a place rather for adults and since it was established, many development groups, yoga camps and all possible detoxes come here like pilgrims. There must be a reason. In our opinion, this is thanks to the hosts, atmospheric interiors, the food and Poronin itself. For hedonists, they prepared sauna, massage and tai chi.

"Beautiful and atmospheric place, details are in reality even better than it looks on photos. The hosts are people with passion, wich you can feel in the atmosphere. Rooms are so beautiful, that it was hard for me to decide which one to choose :) Breakfasts delicious, cold and hot drinks available all the time which is a big plus for me."

Slowhop opinion: 10 rooms in an old villa, a place for kids from 12 years old and adults. Here, due to allergy sufferers, come without dogs.


People say food tastes there remarkably. It's thanks to the owner, who fulfill her culinary passions in Kociewie. Guests like that. Just like the restored house and barn from 1906, which now resemble a boutique country hotel. Jaws drop at the sight of the pool with a fireplace and the red bath. So, in Stodoła 7 you can use the swimming pool, dry sauna, wet sauna, massages, and delicious cuisine. For us, it sounds like the best spa.

"I have wonderful memories from the stay. I want to come back there in the summer :) place with an amazing atmosphere - very intimate, decorated with the utmost attention to detail. Relax provide very comfortable mattresses, aromatherapy rooms, the fire in the fireplaces, the charming and secluded corners where you can read a book. A great spa also impresses: pool bathed in candlelight with pleasantly warm water, unusual dry sauna with a view of the forest and wet sauna. Close to the forest for walks. Excellent access from Warsaw - 3h fast route. Great food - every day something delicious to choose, rich and varied breakfasts. I'm sure the hosts will provide everything needed to make guests feel comfortable :)"

Slowhop: Only a few rooms for a total of 12 people. Place for adults only. No pets.


When someone asks us about the place, where even the autumn slob is not important, we often answer with this name. First of all, only a few places on Slowhop have pool. More and more, but still not enough. Especially indoors. Here it is, and also massages so we send here guests, that are seeking a pleasant treatments. The pool is filled with salt water with a temperature of 30 degrees, and there is also a sauna.

"The place where I want to go back, calm, quiet, but for those seeking active experience, there are  many opportunities. I would like to thank Mrs. Sylwia, who took care of us for the whole stay. For painful, but very productive trenning sessions, as well as massages and a superb sense of humor. Without you, our stay certainly wouldn't remain in our memory;) The place itself, with many nooks to relax, swimming pool and sauna stolen our hearts. Morning, lonely swimming in the lake, long cycling and walking trips with stunning views will be a cure for autumn gray outside."

Slowhop opinion: Good food, total seclusion and the opportunity to take advantage of the spa package. You can take small animals.


There's only a little Lubuskie Region on Slowhop, also only a few such big places. The more we feel obliged to explain that historical buildings have a special place in our hearts. Mierzęcin Palace is a decent spa, ultra-professional and for those, who don't forgive a bit of village in spa. Here it is deeply luxurious, mainly because you can massage with wine, lie in wine and drink wine. And the wine is their, because Mierzęcin Palace has its own vineyard and they organize cool grape harvest each fall.

"Excellent location, wonderfully spent tenth wedding anniversary. Accommodation in the Palace, a romantic dinner, massages and baths. Spa: sensational, aesthetic and harmonious. Relaxation area, swimming pool with attractions - all of the highest order."

Slowhop opinion: For lovers of more hotel climates. On-site there are horses and their own vineyard. Here, no pets.


Incredibly friendly place for all those, who have a problem with the spine. Miejsce Marzeń has its own physiotherapy cabinet and help guests to cure their own body. Besides, it's a beautiful place close to the lake and interiors, in which everyone feels good.

"Miejsce Marzeń is in fact a dream home. An oasis of peace, located in a beautiful place. In the morning we were greeted with delicious breakfasts: homemade baked bread with a crispy crust, a wide selection of preserves, cheese, hams. There were eggs and pancakes, egg spread and cottage spreads and even delicious dumplings that Mrs. Ola mde herself. These breakfasts lasted a long time. The house is decorated beautifully, aesthetically, in bright colors. Spacious and perfectly clean. The interiors are tasteful, details selected precisely. It is stylish, but also warm and cozy. We rode bikes and walked a lot by the lakes and in forests. We stare at Hutsul horses, storks and cranes. Our daughter had plenty of space to run and play in the garden. And we could finally relax. In addition, I took the massage option - it was a phenomenal experience! Mrs. Ola, thank you! We'll come back for sure."

Slowhop opinion: Very intimate setting, delicious breakfasts, cool for the stay with grandchildren. Here, no pets.


Zaborek has in its name "guesthouse", but it really is a kind of the whole village, blended in the 70 hectares of forest and meadows, which was created from saved, Podlasie buildings, by the owner's parents. So when you sometimes call us to ask for exclusive house, but with some food and attractions, our answer is usually one: go to Zaborek. Near Janow Podlaski, and on-site silence, peace, a great restaurant, a real banya, a barrel of cold water and in addition, a swimming pool.

"Silence, calm and delightful people. Both the owners and the service very responsive and helpful. Place is beautiful. It's not in the pictures, but they have a heated swimming pool in size just right for children. There are organized games (something that we know as urban games) which absorb the whole family. Everywhere forests and a lot of space. If I had to pick on to somethinng - it is worth to take a little more expensive room, in a bigger size, because the standard ones are quite small. Besides, after 7 days of regional dishes you can be tired, but then you leave so I don't think you can complain. I would recommend this especially to ones, who live in a fast pace. You can really slow down, kids calm down, but don't get bored, and parents can really catch the distance to their "corpo" problems."

Slowhop opinion: Very good place for group meetings (cool sports area), traveling with children (great playground) and you can take your dog.