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Pensjonat Uroczysko Zaborek

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Uroczysko Zaborek is a place where Arabian sheikers taste the cepelin, and American rock stars ask for pancakes with cheese and raisins and soot. If you want to ask what the Polish gentry have in common with the great world, we will answer that with a high probability this is a unique taste for Podlaskie dishes and love for horses.

At the beginning we will give you a map, because without it it will be difficult to find all the miracles we have set here. Later, we will invite you to your rooms in the old forester's lodge, where the Rolling Stones live, to the Princess's Apartment in a windmill, or to a hut under a forest or in a completely different place. We will take you to the church, where icons are still hanging, visiting the underground, visiting the garden of Basel Albichuk, a Podlasian artist whose paintings have been brought to museums, galleries and collections all over the world.

For 20 years we have been able to create a unique guesthouse in Zaborek, as if it were an open air museum, yet full of modern comfort. We invite you to a history lesson that you will not know at any school ...

Katarzyna Okoń-Szczepaniak

Najpierw było trochę ziemi, mały, stary spichlerz i wiśniowy sad w Parku Krajobrazowym "Podlaski Przełomu Bugu", tuż przy słynnej stadninie koni w Janowie Podlaskim. Gospodarzy tego skrawka, Lucynę i Arkadiusza Okoniów, bardziej od rolnictwa interesowała turystyka. W ciągu kilku lat na teren 70 hektarów sprowadzili skarby okolicznej historii: prawdziwy wiatrak, o którym wszyscy zapomnieli, porzuconą przez kogoś leśniczówkę, niejedną wiekową chatę, a nawet kościół. Starej architektury jest tu tyle, że potrzebna jest mapa okolicy. Tak zaczęła się nowa historia Zaborka, pełna znakomitych osób, a nawet ważnych spraw, o których piszą w książkach. A historia zupełnie najnowsza to ostatnie dwa lata, kiedy po rodzicach Zaborek przejęły ich dzieci i jeśli pytacie gdzie spotyka się nowoczesność z tradycją, to my wiemy, że w Zaborku.
Doggy place
Delicious, borderline kitchen
Fantastic bike routes
Area of ​​Landscape Park "Podlaski Bug Gorge"
Horse riding
Friendly to children and families


  • By the lake
  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Full board
  • Local products


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • No neighbors
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Kayaks
  • Sauna, banya
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Horse Riding
  • Animals on site
  • Basketball court
  • Football pitch
  • Volleyball court
  • Tennis court
  • Bed for a child
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Cheese
  • Meat and sausages
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Beer
  • Bread
  • Preserve

Where will I sleep?

Over 70 hectares stands several dozen wooden buildings, dating back to the ancient times. The guest rooms are located in Stara Paskia, Bielany Manor, Vale, Brody, Bani and windmill. Each of them has been set up with the sentiment behind the old times, but also the comforts needed in our time. There is... air conditioning and comfortable bathrooms, adequate toiletries and all the comfort we need.

Each room is decorated in a different style and named in accordance with the character: eg Hunting Room, Podlasie, Ludowy, Młynareczki, Gajowe Apartment or Princess, on the last floor of a windmill with a mill wheel and the mechanism. And despite the fact that there are usually a lot of guests in our house - no one gets in the way, no one bothered. It is quiet and spacious.

In the desecrated wooden church there are small conferences and workshops. The conservatory has a restaurant. Each of the buildings has its own, intriguing story, which we will be glad to share with the afternoon coffee.

Every room and space is in Zaborko connected with nature and that is what it is to be, because we are reminding here of the old days. Spend some time in the fairy garden, as if painted with the hand of Podlasie Nikifor, Basel Albichuk.

What will I eat?

Anyone who is interested in true Podlasie cuisine should stay in Zaborko for a longer time. From the kitchen are the best breakfasts and dinners on this side of the Bug River. What do you expect? Bowing tables in a climatic restaurant in the Orangery of the White Manor and:

- extended breakfast with...
fresh bread and local delicacies
- evening feast with the smell of smoking and smoke
- Celebrities like Rolling Stones (favorite drummer and his wife)
- fragrant broth on the country hen
- dumplings with meat and pumpkin
- groats, potatoes, puy and cepelin
Homemade crap

Our kitchen specializes in flour, dumplings, dumplings, cardamom and extraction of unhealthy vegetable taste.

How will I be entertained?

See the entire Podlasie Landscape Park "Bug River Gorge". But in addition to watching it, we recommend that you actively experience these areas with all your senses.

- horse riding with an instructor with our two stars. Sneaking and braiding two bay mares can not wait ...
- cycling (trails by dirt roads...
or asphalt with low traffic, mainly forest roads along the Bug River and its surroundings)
- Excursion with the monuments of the three cultures - Catholic shrine of Our Lady of Maine, remnants of tarsars marsars in Studziane and Lebiedziew, Orthodox monastery of Sts. Onufrego in Jabłeczna and the place of numerous pilgrimages of Holy Mountain in Grabarka.
- kayaking and boat cruises on the "Podlaski Bug River Gorge" Landscape Park. (Bug is the last unregulated river in Poland.) During the kayak trip you can admire the beauty of the naturally shaped landscape and the result of the work of beavers.
- riding peasant carts
- On special request we organize unique sports and leisure activities and excursions
Athletes are playing football, basketball and beach volleyball and tennis courts
- visit the stud in Janow Podlaski
- Zaborek is friendly artists. Since 2001, painters from Poland, both famous and promising artists of the younger generation, have been performing here.

What can you do in Zabork?
- meet the folk herbalist who will talk about the herbs grown in our garden and herbarium, will brew tea with herbs
- Walk with Zaborka with a guide and listen to his talk
- Relax in Ruska Bani with barbeque treat
- Go out at night with torches to the stone circle of the "Force of Power"
- watch a film about Zabork and the surrounding area and photos from Janów Stud of Arabian Horses
- send children to the summer cinema for the youngest
- ride by horse carriage around Zaborko and the surrounding area
- canoeing
- horseback riding

What's for children?

Families with children are invited to Zaborka for unique history lessons. We guarantee that the knowledge of the time of noble democracy affects the students' heads in an unobtrusive manner, though lasting :) The little ones are welcome to our playground and to the baby house Jaga. Otherwise:
with swings, sandpit, cableway, slides, trampoline and many other attractions.
- Toy house full of toys, with crayons, blocks and other things.
- Quest (field fun)
- Sports fields for football, basketball, netting etc.
- Educational nature trail - Tour with map in hand and nose at the ground in search of pets and plants
- Open-air trail - a crazy history lesson in a nutshell about what in the Podlasie people in the head sitting
- Poduty game field full of puzzles and surprises


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Tv set
  • Iron
  • Cosmetics

How much will I pay?

Special attractions and packages in Zaborko

1 person In a double room 1 person In a single room
Holiday in Zaborko (6 nights with breakfast and dinner) PLN 1194 / person 1494 PLN / person
Majówka w Zaborku 1-5 maja ( noclegi, śniadania, kolacje, atrakcje) 970 zł/ osobę 1174 zł/ osobę
Wielkanoc w Zaborku 19-22 kwietnia ( śniadania, noclegi, kolacja, atrakcje) 917 zł/ osobę 1079 zł/ osobę

Individual prices

Price for 1 person COMMENTS
Single room 269 PLN / person breakfast and dinner included
Double room PLN 215 / person breakfast and dinner included
Extra bed for a child up to 12 years old PLN 135 / child breakfast and dinner included

Children up to 3 years free. Price for children over 3 years - 100%. Dining up to 12 - 50%

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

In order to make a reservation - please pay a deposit of 40%

  • Cash on the spot
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:14:00
  • Check out till:12:00
  • Kolonia 28
  • 21-505 Janów Podlaski



A very pleasant place if you like to get a little cool. It's the coolest way to live in an old forester's lodge, it's the furthest away and gives a break from the hustle and bustle.


The place is charming, you can turn off completely, sensational space, individual historic buildings perfectly integrated in the area, even if there are a lot of guests, you can not see them on a huge area, theme rooms, comfortable even if small, children's paradise on earth so parents rest, staff, very friendly owners and food ........... if someone wants to slim down is not here ... tasty, varied dishes, even strong will will not help


We recommend it very much. We came for a sunny weekend. Field games for children allow you to spend the weekend outdoors without phones or tablets. Delicious food and fresh air, plus birds singing. Perfectly. The owner involved is also a good showcase. Regards Julia and Michał from Warsaw


There is no other place like that. It's completely complete, everything fits together here, and goes together with each other. This harmony delighted us enormously. The owners managed to combine the history with the convenience of the "modern" tourist without losing any of these elements. Preserved buildings have been preserved, giving them a new life full of comfort. Around the huge Zaborka, there are wonderful places to run, ride a bike (you can rent) over the Buga backwaters, a great stud farm in the area with very friendly instructors and arranged horses. The food is full of delicious, regional dishes, breakfasts and dinners - very diverse and plentiful. There are also tinctures, a Russian pumpkin for the brave, a beautiful chapel .... Words that could describe the atmosphere in Zaborek are passion and words. It sounds a bit like an advertising post ... But we just did not find any "buts", although we've been traveling around the world for many years. Zaborek, he fell in love with us. It's worth to stay here for a moment. Agnieszka from Wroclaw, with family and friends


A place with atmosphere and soul - for me it is one of the most important criteria for positive reception of a given center. Great infrastructure, refined in the smallest details. Comfortable rooms (at least Old Presbytery we liked). The area is vast, it is where to walk and what to watch. Hosts and przesympatyczni service. In the case of late arrival, the dinner is waiting in the room (after agreement with the owners). Only details could be improved (promotion of local / regional producers and cooperation with them would certainly work in Zaborka's favor, Podlasie has a lot to offer in this area). Perhaps, however, we just got to the very beginning of the season and the kitchen was just starting to run :)


Visited Zaborek quite recently, i have to to see that it is the most peaceful place ive ever seen :) If you love nature, polish food, going Zaborek is truly recommended!


A place close to nature, around only forests and meadows. Pleasant rooms and very tasty regional cuisine. A few things could be improved (eg it is not possible to choose a room in the standard version before arrival - the rooms are very different, so it would be nice to be able to choose), but overall it is very nice and the service is also smiling and helpful at all times.


Pensjonat Uroczysko Zaborek is a great place to spend a few peaceful and family days. An ideal choice for people who like long walks, bicycle trips and kayaking. In the area, a stud farm in Janów Podlaski, old churches and abandoned mansions. Since recently, you can also go to Brest without a visa, which unfortunately we did not have time. The guesthouse itself has a unique atmosphere, the rooms are decorated with great sensitivity, the food is very tasty. Zaborek is for all those who for a moment want to forget about the pace of the city and feel the atmosphere of Podlasie, try the dishes there and stay with the wonderful hosts. A place to come back to :)


We spent a great long weekend there. Our dog was delighted with space and freedom. There is a lot of space for walking, close to the forest, further from the main road. Everyone will find something for themselves for breakfast or dinner (also regional dishes!) Old Prospekt has an amazing atmosphere, especially when together with other guests you are chatting on the porch in the evening. For owners, there is no problem to solve. We are already planning a return to Uroczysko ❤️


Great place and wonderful hosts! We were in the extended August weekend, with a dog and a child. Everyone was extremely nice, despite full occupancy and heavy traffic, you could always count on help. Attractions for children were well organized. The place itself is charming, with wonderful rooms and amazing areas to explore. The food is also delicious, very varied - we regretted that some dishes disappear from the menu so quickly. We recommend everyone to everyone!


Pensjonat Uroczysko Zaborek is an absolutely magical place on the tourist map of Poland. Perfect for catching your breath after a long time of storm and pressure in the city. If you come to this secluded corner for a short time - it is worth considering in your plans that on Tuesday morning the host and master in the estate - Mr. Arek Okoń - shows the wealth of the whole guesthouse. In Zaborek, there is a family, warm atmosphere - also during delectable breakfasts and dinners, during which the dishes served not only delight the palate, but can become the beginning of an amazing drift in discussions with the hosts or other guests. Charming rooms could in terms of decor and cleanliness be a pride not only of the Okoniów family, but also be a contribution to the pride of the best Parisian hotels. Bearing in mind the location of Zaborka, the picturesque location among forests and especially beautiful fields at the turn of July and August will not escape, as well as a short distance to Janów Podlaski or the Bug gorges, which are places worth visiting. In the area you can also taste delicacies of the borderland cuisine and immerse yourself in the Eastern spirit of meditation in one of the many Uniate or Orthodox temples of this region. I heartily recommend spending a few days in this place to regain vitality and willingness to live - both whole families and in a more intimate circle.


To start with, be careful! It is forbidden to enter the water. This is not very accurately written on the site, so I mention in the beginning. If someone goes to Zaborka with the thought of swimming on hot days in a lake from photos, unfortunately he will fail. It is a small flood and swimming in it is supposedly dangerous. I am going to quote you from the reception regarding entering the water: 'no two sentences'. The bathing resorts are about half an hour away by car and are said to be pretty. I advise against swimming in a hotel in Janów because it is expensive and small on some days. The place itself is peaceful and pleasant, and Mrs. Katarzyna, who is the daughter of the owners, is very cordial and helpful. We rented an apartment in a nearly century-old windmill that combines modern comfort (bathroom, air conditioning) with the atmosphere of a historic place. Food without complaint. The breakfasts and dinners are delicious and plentiful. There are many children and there is a large playground, as well as a place for games. Bored should not rather.


Two weeks ago, together with my fiancée, we had the pleasure to visit Pensjonat Uroczysko Zaborek. A beautiful, vast green area with authentic historic accommodation from the 19th century. I recommend a walk around Zaborek under the leadership of the owner, Mr. Ark Okonia, who tells the story of this unique place. Near Zaborka, the famous Arabian Horse Stud in Janów Podlaski, using the possibility of renting bicycles, we also went for a ride through the surrounding, picturesque areas. Superb kitchen! Breakfast served in the form of buffets, delicious regional cheeses, home-made preserves, homemade meats. A place where a weekend stay allows you to recharge your batteries for the next few weeks! We will definitely visit Zaborek again!


Pensjonat Uroczysko Zaborek is a unique place to which I always come back with great joy. Amazing atmosphere, wonderful hosts and delicious regional cuisine! A beautiful resort, accommodation away from each other provides privacy and peace. Rooms very neat and cozy, beautiful surroundings, a perfect place to relax in the bosom of nature away from the city noise. Parowaniece, potato fritter, Sammia pancakes and dumplings is a real culinary feast, to top it all delicious regional beer from Nadburzańskie! For sure we will be back with my family! :)


We came to Zaborka and our jaws dropped. First of all, the area: 70 hectares. On the hectares, a dozen or so rescued traditional buildings - from a desacralized church to several huts and a windmill. To this a dozen surprises: from the playground, where our "generation from", which does not sacrifice for one attraction more than 10 minutes, spent over an hour and had to force it for dinner, a cool quest path for kids, garden of Basil Albiczuk , wonderful aging on green hectares, then a guided tour of the Janów Podlaski Stud and minor pleasures in the restaurant. It was cool to see that Zaborek is exploring a bit like a huge open-air museum - there is plenty to see and everything can be touched. This place may not appeal to lovers of seaside stalls with green snot, chimney and attractions in every second of their stay. And good. Do not go here. Go to Mielno. You come to Zaborka for something else. The kids are rolling in the grass, the dog wyhasany for a decade, the morning after the forest run, the lessons of nature and history have been dubbed and good every bit thrown on the tooth. Plus amazing surroundings. We will definitely be back.


Some time ago, we were with a girl in Zaborek on an extended vacation - I must admit that she insisted on "a secluded place among greenery" :) and I must admit that I do not regret! Perfect peace, battery charging without distractions! Something perfect for a bit too busy Varsovians. Well, I do not conceal that definitely food prevailed - a lot and delicious;) Traditional buildings with unique rooms, a bit rutically but very climatically. Cool for me! It's nice that it's a big area, and with a book and a deckchair I could stitch away from the playground;) And you have to try the Russian sucks. I would recommend.


We have known Zaborek for many years - parents, friends, friends from abroad! Probably because it's easy to forget about God's world and problems. Peace, quiet, beautiful views, wild animals in the fields, local food that resembles a grandmother ... As residents of Warsaw, we recommend Zaborek for a getaway for the weekend to relax and enjoy nature! Beautiful area - great for hiking and horse riding. Sam Tortorek climate, artistic and very Insta-friendly;) We value the incredible hospitality of the owners and space! And who has not tried there paratroops, he does not know anything about life :) We are already planning another trip!

rather poorly

Totally no understanding of the admiration of this place, especially for families with children. Let me start with the pluses: 1) silence, peace, singing of birds; 2) przemili owners; Minuses: 1) apart from the fact that you can sleep in wooden houses from several dozen years ago, nothing happens on the spot and that's definitely not enough; nothing else happens outside this place. Near Janów Podlaski - with the only attraction of a stud farm where you can watch horses. In addition, terrible boredom. 2) medium-heavy food - a place like with local food. Eggs for breakfast 3- from cage breeding. What you can order for dinner (paying separately, because only breakfast and half board is included in the price) is later going to dinner as not eating at dinner; 3) prices definitely excessive for both the night and the restaurant. I would understand if meals were prepared with great products but it is not; 4) neglected playground, grass ball pitch up to knee height: 5) the place is marked as a lake. The lake actually is, but you can not drip in it, as if it was not there; 6) attractions that for children provides a charmingly medium-sized - searching for fern flowers at the time when all children are sleeping or traveling with a cart with a horse, meeting with a herbalist. To sum up, definitely not worth the money unless you like to be decent.


A very charming place with friendly service allows you to completely calm down and recharge with positive energy. The food is delicious and local.


Uroczysko Zaborek is my place from the land of witchcraft. I have a great fondness for Podlasie and the art of Bazyli Albiczuk, a primitivist painter from Podlasie. My favorite place in Zaborek is his Basil garden, which in spring and summer flourishes a full range of colorful flowers and shrubs. The owners of Zaborka reproduced this garden based on the image of one of the paintings of the artist. Attention to detail and cultivating folk art can be seen at every step in Zaborek. In addition to the folk art in Zaborek, a lot of attractions await everyone - there is a beaver forest with beavers :), a magical place of power, a windmill with the princess's room (slept there, including the Queen of Jordan Rania), a great playground for kids with a trampoline, zip-line, slides, sandpit, for older adults waiting for a Russian pumpkin and willow withe :) In Zaborek I was at any time of the year and certainly this is not a place to visit at once. Ideally fits in the slowlife philosophy. Being here, you are moving to the times of a Polish gentry manor from the 18th century. It is also worth mentioning that during the famous auction in Janów Podlaski - Pride of Poland, Zaborek was chosen as the accommodation facility for all Arab sheiks and Rolling Stones musicians :) and at the end the most important - Podlasie cuisine. This is probably the only place where I have asked for some additions of cucumber soup, because it was so delicious :) and parowance with blueberries are my favorite dessert. I recommend and I also come back this year :) See you in Zaborek!


Opinion of three people after a four-day stay. Cons (generally minor flaws): - service goes into the rooms (except to replace the garbage bags?) in the absence of guests, without knocking - not fully established hours in which the restaurant is open, and this is the only place in the area where you can buy something - on the first day there are two bottles of water in the room (nice;)) but there are no more water in the next days (bottle in the restaurant PLN 15);) - we asked for a location in a quiet and peaceful place, and in fact the "Zaścianek" cottage is located so much, but in the hut itself (6 rooms), there were families with small children who sometimes cry at night. - sauna and banya is, but belongs to one specific house - kayaks are, but you have to drive a few kilometers - bicycles are on site (medium class and medium-sized) - it is a great, atmospheric lake but there is a lack of eg a bathing beach - in a cottage with 6 rooms there is only one shared mini-fridge and a whole kitchenette would be useful;) Pros: - great location, 5 min. by car to Janów Podlaski, on the one hand a lake and on the other a forest - rooms decorated in climatic, old cottages, manor house and windmill - service for six, super nice and obliging - good food, quite modest but local and tasty The place seems to be more focused on short stays with an overnight stay and fits perfectly. After a few nights there are small organizational shortcomings - on the one hand it is not a hotel and on the other it is not an independent house;) Cuba


Zaborek is my definite favorite in eastern Poland, several times a year and there you can rest :) Place with total climate.