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Kashubian Lodge & SPA

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Well here is Leśmian, Ella Fitzgerald and Chilean carmenere. In winter, take a fluffy sweater, in the summer a knitwear, sneakers and a bit of nonchalance will be useful. Readiness for not having to be ready. The first hit of the distance to the world comes with the first supper and the wind from the lake. In the morning, with the coffee in the garden there is an unhurried that this coffee with a view of the hills could be so drunk all day, because in total why not? In the afternoon a bit of action, on a bike, at the pool, on winding paths, at the lake. And in the evening dinner again, again Ella, again Leśmian and wine ...

Among the hills and winding dirt paths, our habitat stands on the shore of the lake. A bit secretive, mysterious but promising a lot. We serve in it food with a soul, comfortable beds, own vegetables, the smell of a mowed meadow and a momentary detachment from the world.

From the east and south there are meadows and fields, from the west the shore of a beautiful lake at the foot of a steep hill. The northern edge is closed by a beech forest, cut with a deep, picturesque canyon with a loudly flowing brook at its bottom.

In the summer there are sounds of crickets, starry sky and perseids. In winter solid frosts, white branches and fireplace. Prepare a suitcase, come, your senses will sharpen themselves. Welcome!


Habitat is my second home where I leave a piece of myself every day. It was created from dreams and passions that we share with our guests. I love nature, good food, sport ... you can find all this in our charming home with a touch of elegant comfort. Great people help me in running the Habitat, and even though we do not have blood ties, we treat ourselves like family.
Indoor, salty pool with a water temperature of about 30 degrees
A sauna with a window and a view of a beech forest
Bicycles and 200 km of bicycle routes right next to it
Extremely comfortable continental beds
Apartments friendly to families with children
Small animals are welcome


  • By the lake
  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments
  • Entire place


  • Breakfast included
  • Local products


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • Pool
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Kayaks
  • Sauna, banya
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • Spa
  • Skis
  • Children's corner
  • Bed for a child
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Meat and sausages
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Bread
  • Preserve

Where will I sleep?

Apartment Wrzosowisko carries out romantic plans, but also family adventures with kids. At sunrise, the sun silently discovers its interior through a small Kashubian dormer, and from the south it illuminates the whole apartment through a large glazing in the bathroom. From here there is an impressive... view of the gentle hills and the surface of the lake. You can enjoy bathing in a large bathtub with a view of nature.

Apartment Bocianie Gniazdo consists of two separate bedrooms connected to each other by a bathroom with a balcony. It has a view of the countryside and the lake located in the valley. In fact, every day with a little patience, you can admire the passing families of storks and cranes and hares and foxes skimming the nearby meadow. It is an ideal observation point, also in many other picturesque natural settings.

Apartament Przystań, which usually drowns in the sun, cools the interior's blue. It is on the ground floor, has a private exit to the garden, you can do it barefoot, through the adjacent conservatory. And then barefoot to return to the bathroom, where it is seawater, marine, because only a few dozen kilometers away, you can pour sand over salt water.

Jaskółka Room is a memory and a dream - small details convey the atmosphere of distant travels that we once had or have dreamed of for years. And behind the window, instead of the Orient, there is still a beautiful landscape of Kashubian meadows and fields. Sitting comfortably in an armchair, you can see the swallows flying beneath the roof at the moment of concentration, their sockets twining there. The room has a small bathroom with a comfortable shower, which leads to the hall above the living room.

What will I eat?

Home Slow Food, food without pressure and hurry. Here everything happens calmly, comes from our vegetable and local hosts, and all the rest from Mrs. Monika's home pantry. At any time of the day is fresh coffee, tea and a pitcher of water.

Our philosophy of eating began with black soil and a few seedlings....
Then it began to be abundant, no one expected it, and certainly did not suspect that it would be such a satisfaction and pride. Under the influence of the garden, we began to look at food differently, where it comes from and how important it is to us. Looking at the changes taking place in the garden is simply fascinating. We will tell you about the flavors ... more

How will I be entertained?

- In spring, summer and autumn, we recommend cycling trips, Nordic walking, kayaking, horse riding at a nearby stud, and swimming in the lake on hot days.

 - At any time of the year you can swim in a warm salt water pool or relax in the sauna with a window and a view of the beech forest and gorge.

For gym lovers: stationary fitness equipment - Concept2 rowing machine, exercise bike, exercise machine. By prior arrangement, massages and body relaxation treatments are also available.

- For those who are in the course of their favorite series - all apartments are equipped with smart TVs, connected to high-speed Internet connection and to Polish and satellite channels.

- Our facility runs through the blue cycling trail of Three Lakes, 28 km long, which connects with many others in the Municipality of Przywidz with a total length of over 130 km.

- For snows: good conditions for cross-country skiing, and proximity of three ski resorts (Przywidz, Trzepowo, Wieżyca), also for downhill skiing and snowboarding. We also recommend sleigh rides ending with a warm meal by the fire.

- 3 kilometers separate us from the Kashubian Landscape Park, where there is one of the most beautiful national routes in Poland - the Radunski Circle.

- The nearest neighborhood also abounds in many historic architectural objects related to the history of the area. Lake Połęczyńskie and the river Reknica, which border our plot in 1920-1939, constituted the eastern border of the Free City of Gdańsk.

People who will long for a civilization in a 45-minute drive will find themselves in Gdańsk, Sopot or Gdynia.

What's for children?

We even have special apartments for families with children ( Stork's Nest, Rose, ConeFlower and Heron, some of tchem with kitchen) and then it is even better:

- swimming pool: warm and pleasant,
- sauna
- garden: swings and sandpit
- for teenagers WiFi and smart TVs
- board games and toys

As part of...
larger groups with children, we can organize additional thematic activities for them. However, we need to organize this in advance on the basis of individual arrangements. more


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Balcony, terrace
  • Dryer
  • Tv set
  • Cosmetics
  • Bath

How much will I pay?


Prices with breakfast (no extra bed)
Swallow"s Nest 2 persons 295 PLN / apartment
Harbor 2 persons (+ extra bed with additional fee) 385 PLN / apartment
Heathland 2 persons (+ 2 extra bed with additional fee) 545 PLN / apartment
Stork's Nest 2 + 2 persons 625 PLN / apartment
Rose 2 people (plus extra bed with additional fee) bedroom, living room with kitchen 450 PLN / apartment
ConeFlower 2 people (plus extra bed with additional fee) bedroom, living room with kitchen 450 PLN / apartment
Heron 4 people. (2 bedrooms with 1 bathroom and small kitchen ) 700 PLN / apartment


Prices with breakfast (no extra bed)
Swallow"s Nest 2 persons 370 PLN / apartment
Harbor 2 persons (+ extra bed with additional fee) extra bed) 480 PLN / apartment
Heathland 2 persons (+ 2 extra bed with additional fee) 680 PLN / apartment
Stork's Nest 2 + 2 persons 780 PLN / apartment
Rose 2 people (plus extra bed with additional fee) bedroom, livingr oom with kitchen 550 PLN / apartment
ConeFlower 2 people (plus extra bed with additional fee) bedroom, living room with kitchen 550 PLN / apartment
Heron 4 persons (2 bedrooms with 1 bathroom and small kitchen ) 800 PLN / apartment

Half board after order: 75 zł per adult (soup, II course, dessert, wine).
High season:
New Year
God's body

Place rules

Minimal rental period

2 dni

Payment and booking conditions

Advance 30% up to the next day after booking by Slowhop.
The remaining amount is up to 30 days before the date of arrival.

If the reservation is made less than 30 days in advance - we expect 100% prepayment.

  • Card payment
  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:15:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Częstocin 21
  • 83-047 Przywidz

How to get there?

Please, as the only way to reach us, treat the one from Przywidz through Czarna Huta. Google Map and other navigations can drive, for example, from the side of Połęczyn and these are very uneven roads that can damage a car. Here is the link to the recommended last route section:



A wonderful place, amazing atmosphere. The beautiful Kashubia, Kashubian lodge & spa is the perfect combination of relaxation and relaxation at the highest level with a certain form of agritourism. Us and the dog bought 100%. We recommend !!!


One minus star - not really the fault of the place or the hosts. I imagine that you can hit here to give 5 stars. But, however, the object is small enough that the comfort depends to a certain extent on the culture of other guests. We found that there was a large group apart from the two of us, and although I do not have anything serious to complain about, it sometimes just disturbed our noise. In addition to this slight minus, everything is wonderful. Excitable hosts and ladies who cook deliciously; more beautiful views than the pictures show; wonderful pool zone and sauna. I read here a comment that it is difficult to include the sauna yourself. I would like to deny him. Actually, once the sauna in hours specified in the regulations, as "active" - ​​it was turned off. I have absolutely no experience in using the sauna;) but I turned it on without any problem. There is one button. It's not astrophysicist :). Six stars should be for food. The dinner portions are huge, but so captivatingly tasty that the man pushes his nose to eat until the end :). Overall - I recommend it! Particularly large group that has the option to book the entire facility. PS - And six more stars for "relaxation classes" available in the SPA offer !!!


A wonderful place for adults and children. Rooms beautifully decorated, very clean. Delicious breakfasts. Owner and service very nice and helpful. Great conditions for relaxation, in silence and surrounded by nature. We will be happy to return.

could be better

Reading the opinions about this place, we were convinced that we are going to a magical oasis of peace in a remote area, having a home-like, delicious cuisine, providing a family atmosphere. Nothing more wrong, maybe the easiest way to describe it in a few examples: 1. Pool and sauna? Of course they are, look very nice, but you have to reveal the pool yourself. However, to run the sauna I had to download (which is not so easy, because the quality of the Internet is catastrophic) instructions to the driver, because it is difficult to meet any of the hosts, and the sauna is turned off. 2. Internet? Yes, there is also, apparently even WiFi allocated to our apartment (we were in Żurawia), but the internet unfortunately "I have not met" trying to connect with it. 3. Kitchen? Here are the two sides of the coin. The breakfasts are generally correct, although we were also met by such a "nice" surprise that the ham just ended, because "we do not have any supplies anymore." Well, should this happen? I do not think so. Dinner? Cost 75 PLN per person. Here you should set yourself a soup with Thermomix, a second dish in portions for dwarfs and dessert in the form of jelly. Basically, the matter of meals made us laugh, it's not enough that you can lose weight after such microscopic amounts of home-made food means there is a salad from the box Colesław. 4. At the end a rather puzzling subject, namely the snacks that are on offer. Yes, once we asked if we can count on pancakes, our son was already hungry. We heard that "not really, because I have to cook dinner now, and I'm alone" To sum up, beautiful interiors and surroundings are unfortunately not everything. The price of accommodation is not adequate to what you get. I think that we dare not recommend this place.


It is difficult for me to dissolve into delight as much as the other guests who left their opinion here. And maybe it's a matter of bad weather that we found? Generally everything is very good, clean, nice, in the middle of nowhere and in a beautiful area. Swimming pool, sauna, kids happy, dog too :) But ... There was a lack of the promised internet, which unfortunately is indispensable (we have such a disappointment that we can not afford 5 days completely off in May, but we can leave and do some work while making the bed) so internet in the room is a prerequisite . Unfortunately, despite the assurances of the owner here in the internet room was not. And despite the final small price reduction, the owner somehow did not have the feeling that something is wrong. In general, any of our comments were sold with a smile and a shudder. It's a pity, because sometimes the word "sorry (y)" or "thank you for this information, see what I can do" is enough, but here I got the impression, as if I had some comments from the cap  and she was waiting, I do not know what. And let me add that the price per night is not low and according to us (me, my family and our friends with whom we spent time here) inadequate to what Kashubian Lodge offers. 4 points with minus. Too much we have a comparison with what guesthouses can offer for a much lower price. Despite many advantages - cleanliness, pleasant interiors, swimming pool and sauna, the possibility of arriving with a dog - but the price vs the offer are not consistent. Rather, we will not come back here. It's a pity, because opinions and photos suggested a unique stay.


An oasis of peace and quiet. We spent a few wonderful days here, we charged the batteries and relaxed the body and mind. Everything on the highest level, spotlessly and bloated with a flash. Very comfortable beds, well-equipped rooms, excellent spa area. Absolutely captivating meals, our vegan palates were simply delighted. We recommend strongly!


The perfect place for a romantic trip. My husband's birthday organized to perfection. I recommend the apartment Heather with a bathtub overlooking the pool. Story!!!!


I will put it this way: to places and people until you want to come back. Everything from A to Z great. Plan a longer stay :)


A place to which I will want to come back, peace, peace, but for the thirsty active many opportunities. I would like to thank Mrs. Sylwia, who took care of us throughout her stay. For painful, but also fruitful training sessions, as well as a sensational massage and sense of humor. Without you, this holiday certainly would not remain in our memory;) The place itself, with numerous rest areas, a swimming pool and sauna have stolen our hearts. Morning, lonely swimming in the lake, long bicycle trips or walking with beautiful views will be a remedy for autumn shrubbery.


I'm just coming back from a great place. Together with my family, we found silence, a beautiful window, a fantastic house where everything is enchanting. Delicious cuisine, great service. On a scale from zero to five, I display a full ten.


If someone is looking for peace and rest, this place is perfect. Also, those who prefer active leisure have a lot of possibilities: kayaks, swimming pool, sauna, swimming in the lake, walking, bicycles ... Apartments at a high level. Breakfasts very tasty, home-made. Hosts very friendly and kind. In a word: a magical place far from civilization. We highly recommend. Sporting marriage from Lower Silesia.


Just a revelation. Silent peace, Mr. Ryszard and his wonderful wife can prepare a wonderful holiday. The thought of returning to this place is still in my head. Beautifully, I recommend it with all my heart.


Beautiful place. We hope to visit them again. Reality more beautiful than in the pictures and the hosts very friendly and helpful. A perfect place for those who like to get lost in peace and quiet.


You can not not love this place. It is beautiful, comfortable, intimate, intimate, charming and delicious.


It was love at first sight! :) Wonderful hosts, an object decorated with taste, with attention to every detail. A great view from every room. Amazing atmosphere, calm, relaxing music and fireplace in the living room ... ideally to immerse yourself in the chair, with a blanket and favorite book :) Food that pampers the palate :) Plus is the swimming pool that does not smell of chlorine and sauna with a view to the forest ... I will definitely come back here. :) The only suggestion to consider is the availability of a kettle to make a cup of tea.


Very hospitable hosts, delicious breakfast and intimate atmosphere. Super spa zone. I highly recommend!


We were with a girl for the weekend, which fell in the middle of the week. We highly recommend it! Excitable hosts, comfortable beds, great pool, clean, tasty food, casual atmosphere, only the weather did not work, but we'll catch up another time :-)