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Camping and glamping
Icon Max 8 people
Icon Without animals
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Kimura Glamping

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Location Poland, Mazovia Province, Marki
Glamping was created for those who love being close to nature but appreciate more comfort than that associated with sleeping in a tent. It was perfected by the rich British who hunted in Africa, and we added a bit of Asian tranquillity. Here we have the perfect union: campfires in the wilderness and morning bird concerts, but without pinecones digging into your back and the merciless sun waking you up at 5.45 a.m. Instead of an inflatable mattress, there are large, comfortable beds right next to private bathrooms into which plants creep. Don't bother with the canned food and Balton bread - the cuisine here is completely different. Each tent has its own atmosphere; artistic souls will feel best in one, while those who like to immerse themselves in a book will enjoy the others. There is nothing but soothing greenery all around and paths leading to resting places: a sauna with a view of the trees, an open-air cinema, gazebos hidden between bushes. Most of the week, it's a place for adults in search of peace and quiet. On Tuesdays, it's a family day - then the kids take over the place, and off you go. You can feel the atmosphere of the East and forget that you are just outside Warsaw. All you need is a bit of luxury in the forest: an open-air bathtub for herbal baths and hand-woven hammocks hung between the trees. A terrace for quiet meditation and a place for a campfire with songs. A magical forest to get lost in. Here you get away from everyday life, you are here and now. You can take a deep breath and gaze at the treetops. Get away from the overload of thoughts, get closer to nature. And all this only a few minutes from the centre of Warsaw. We welcome you.

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Cicha 23
I am a painter and designer of Japanese origin. The idea for a unique glamping site was born out of the need to create, a love of slow life and the desire to enjoy the beauty of a forest plot located in the vicinity of a big city. My roots inspired me to draw on Eastern motifs and add elements of native culture to the décor of Kimura Glamping.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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Eco Alert

We plant trees

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4 atmospheric tents for 2 people; each has its own character
4 atmospheric tents for 2 people; each has its own character
Breakfast baskets delivered to the tent (extra fee)
Breakfast baskets delivered to the tent (extra fee)
In the forest and everything is overlooking the greenery
In the forest and everything is overlooking the greenery
Forest spa, yoga, open-air cinema - entertainment in nature
Forest spa, yoga, open-air cinema - entertainment in nature
Another world just outside the city - only 15 km from Warsaw
Another world just outside the city - only 15 km from Warsaw

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Where will I sleep?

Icon 4 tents

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In one of the four tents, surrounded by forest and lush vegetation. In the glamping area you will find a SPA and relaxation zone. There is also a separate place for a fire and a magic forest. We will not reveal to you what its charm is - we will leave you something to discover. Our place is inspired by the culture of the East. We named the tents after Japanese gods, and the elements of their equipment refer to the character of the deity. Each tent has a double bed. With cooler nights in mind, we have also prepared stoves and large electric blankets, so even in cooler weather you will not get cold. The tents have their own private bathroom with shower. There are 4 tents to choose from: BENZAITEN - named after the goddess of beauty, patroness of lovers. You will find a free-standing bathtub in it, the perfect place for blissful baths. TENJIN - named after the god of science, poetry and calligraphy, has an inspiring bookcase and favors complete immersion in reading. HOTEI - you will find there a multimedia projector, easels and paints. Hotei is a deity of happiness, patron of artists and actors. AMATERASU - a tent closer to heaven, as befits the namesake of the goddess of heaven. It has its own elevated terrace, which guarantees a beautiful view of the entire glamping.

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What will I eat?

Kimura Glamping - What will I eat?

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Each tent has basic equipment for storing and preparing food (fridge, electric cooker, kettle, paper cutlery and disposable dishes). For an additional fee, we serve breakfast baskets, also available in a vegetarian and vegan version. We work with the nearby La mia passione restaurant, which serves delicious Italian cuisine and more. Together, we have created a menu that is available in every tent. You choose, you order, and food is delivered straight to the tents. There are also several other restaurants nearby where you can order meals with delivery or pop out for dinner. There are also grocery stores. It is nice to make a bonfire or barbecue in the forest - we have great conditions for that, so use this opportunity as much as you want.

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Food on-site

Breakfast for an extra fee (50 PLN)
Free coffee
Free fruit compote, water

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Kitchen access

Shared kitchen

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In / at the edge of the forest

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Kimura Glamping is all about relaxing in nature. It is about forest supply, birds singing and silence. The repertoire includes only SLOW entertainment. The SPA zone is open and pampers you with baths in a hot barrel and a free-standing bathtub, as well as sessions in the sauna with a view of the trees. In the relaxation area, you can rest on hammocks and swings or have a barbecue. There is also a spacious wooden terrace - a great place for meditation and yoga (especially recommended in the morning). In the evening it sometimes turns into an open-air cinema. After dusk, long fires also work well - we have a separate, comfortable place for them. We have created a lot of nooks and crannies where you can hide with a book or fresh coffee. Our library and a large selection of board games are also at your disposal. You can also rent bikes (for example, the iconic Wigry!) And ride around the area.

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For hedonists

Outdoor hot tub
Dry Sauna

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What’s there for children?

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Weekends are reserved only for adults, and Tuesdays are a day for families with children. This means that there will probably be other kids in the area (which is conducive to having fun together), and the children's buzz will be more audible than on other days of the week. Longer stays with your baby are also possible. The little ones like to get to know our place: there is a lot of greenery, a magical forest, bicycles and unusual surroundings with an announcement of adventure. Please note that we do not have extra beds for children - they sleep in bed with their parents or on a fold-out couch.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Cicha 23, Marki, Mazovia Province, Poland

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How much will I pay?

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The price includes accommodation in a luxury tent for 2 people and unlimited access to the SPA and relaxation area.

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Icon Minimum age of guests: 18 years old
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Icon Maximum number of guests: 8 people

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Standard minimum stay: 1 days

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Prepayment charged: 100%
If you cancel up to 30 days before your arrival, we will refund the prepayment amount
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We accept payment in advance for the stay. You can cancel your stay up to 14 days in advance - then we will refund the entire amount charged when booking. Please contact us at a later date to find a convenient solution. :)

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Wyjątkowe miejsce …można opisać tylko jak raj na ziemi . Cisza ,spokój i natura. Mnóstwo roślin , bardzo zadbany ogród. Serdecznie polecam


Leśny raj <3 Gdyby pogoda była lepsza to chciałabym zostać dłużej. Skorzystałam z bani, którą polecam. Woda jest przyjemnie gorąca. Mile byłam zaskoczona brakiem komarów. Farelka w namiocie wystarczająco dogrzewa. Jedynie Pani, która nas zameldowała i oprowadziła robi mało pozytywne wrażenie. Jeśli nie słucha się narzekania to mimo chłodnego i deszczowego dnia można cieszyć się pobytem. Musisz chociaż raz w życiu spędzić chociaż jedną dobę w tym miejscu.


Urocze miejsce - światła, zieleń. Dbałość o szczegóły - porzucone pianino w lesie, wiszące klucze na drzewie, łapacze snów, magiczny las przy wejściu. Cisza. Relaks - gorąca beczka w ogrodzie. Smaczne śniadania i możliwość zamówienia jedzenia z dostawą. Oraz nowe przyjaźnie - pies, Zula, który spał w naszym namiocie, żeby dotrzymać towarzystwa;) Będziemy polecać dalej!

4.8 4 opinii