15 ultraromantic places

for an anniversary, honeymoon or proposal



From the research conducted on behalf of Slowhop (our method consists of checking messages on Facebook, because we usually get there your requests and expectations) we've learned that romantic evening in the atmospheric hospitality industry has clarified look. And it's neither SPA, nor castle, nor any exclusive hotel. You want huts. Preferably in the middle of the forest. We don't know exactly why. But we can guess. So, without any questions, for a specific request, we deliver here some romantic huts and houses. It may be useful.



Everyone knows what wil be in the first place. The house looks impressive, but it really is designed for 4 people. There is sauna inside, yoga room and comfortable beds. It's one of those places that look good both in the summer and winter. The place itself is an idea for the anniversary. There are springs near the house. We warn you: they're freezing cold. They have 12 degrees all year round. And you, to these springs, wearing only bathrobes. And then quickly to the sauna and repeat it few times. Then delicious dinner with wine (hosts are great cooks) and lit weekend ready. Warning - hosts don't live at home, so you can feel freely.

"Location (scarp with the springs at the bottom, that are perfect on winter day after sauna). Atmosphere (silence, space, water, forest). Fine-tuning every detail (equipment for the projector, fresh herbs and layout of the premises, where none of the guests bother themselves, when they need silence) and the owners - who unite it all together and give a unique character (very warm, helpful and nice people). One of the few so unique places in Poland. *weather during our stay was also perfect - a sunny, snowy weekend (March)"

Slowhop opinion: Here with small dogs (and after hosts' agreement). You can ask for a cooking.


Another hut in the forest, this time with the look of a modern barn. You can't see it in the photos, but we know that the lake is a few steps away from the huts. And there's noone around. Adam and Barbara (hosts) thought it would be an excellent family hoouse. They didn't expect that the house will attract couples that desire peace and forest. Well, here you can come and follow the words of the classic "We're going into the woods, to make some noise" ...

"Sauerwald is a piece of paradise on earth. Incredible silence, total relaxation and a wonderful rest in the bosom of nature. The cottage is wonderful and  atmospheric, and the area invites you to walk and bike. We will definitely come back together with our four-legged companion :)"

Slowhop opinion: Here you can come with the dog! And you can take a fishing rod - fishery practically next to the house. Self cooking, but the hosts are preparing a few surprises.


If we say that this is an authentic, one hundred percent cottage by the lake in Warsaw, would you believe us? In addition, hosts, Marek and Lila, are very friendly people and will welcome a couple that plans in the hut proposal, secret weddings or anniversaries. Cool idea for parents who dream of lying on a wooden floor in front of the fireplace. In the winter or in the summer - Staw is cool.

"This place is wonderful :) Cold and damp outside the window, and it's good, because you can light a fire, cook something good, curl up in a chair, enjoy the smell of a giant Christmas tree and listen to the crackle of sparks and rain! And without any qualms overdose total relaxation :) I recommend with all my heart!"

Slowhop opinion: Also you can come with the dog. You can also come with a good bottle of wine, and make cheeseboard on the spot...


This is such a tiny house for 4 people, but it' good to know that it's located next to the big house Bezat. So it wasn't that we didn't warned. While surroundings - a fairy tale. Warmia - and in addition, it's best part. Besides suppers on the green grass, you can go to Lawendowe Pole (lavender field), see the art gallery, visit local artists. Personally we would plan a visit during the festival Sztuka w Obejściu in September, because all the agritourisms, galleries and studios open their doors and you can meet cool people.

Slowhop opinion: Cool in the vicinity of the House Bezat is that you can catch the board. And it's pretty delicious. Here, too, you can com with dog.


It's a candy house. It looks like this probably because the owner knows what's nice. The cottage is as blue as Smurf and you can cook here Smurf broth, because there's an old tiled stove. Pepper, salt, or whatever you want. Cool place for a couple, you can take a bike and explore the Green Velo bike trail.

"Cottage cool - interiors are made with love, cozy house to live, you can see that every thing left here fr guests was found or bought specifically for this place. Around the cottage - beautifully fragrant apple trees, the most delicious apple for a cake, barn to play, super, extra hammock, well, path, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, potatoes.... We could never leave :) - and we were here really long :) We really recommend!"

Slowhop opinion: Here unfortunately without dogs, but with bikes. Self cooking.


OK. Show us someone who wouldn't be impressed with this image of the stone mill by the banks of the river. We're impressed everytime, then we imagine many things. There's mainly hunting decor, basically open area, and the fireplace downstairs. In the morning you make your loved one good scrambled eggs and serve it on a blanket, by the river, handing with eggs stylish glass of champagne with strawberry. You know, between the glass and mouth many things can happen, especially in such a romantic setting.

"Beautiful place! Heaven on earth! We will come back here. For sure. All in accordance with the description, but the description is not enough. Here you have to come. I recommend such a gem everyone."

Slowhop opinion: Here you can take the dog and there's self-cooking. Nice places around.


And in Wielkopolska you can hide in a villa in Zielonka Forest. But. It's not lost in the forest villa, like the one in the Seksmisja movie. It's located right next to the guesthouse, which is pretty cool, because you can arrange a dinner with wine. And this is not a place for every couple in love, only for those who have money and fantasy for the luxury for two. We don't forbid. But book at Slowhop...

"I highly recommend, we spent here New Year's Eve with 8 people. The house is really beautifully decorated and clean. Owners extremely friendly and flexible, the area is beautiful and far from the noises and city. You can really relax. There are 2 lakes with piers and a large forest where you can walk. Thank you very much!"

Slowhop opinion: Lakes and here, unfortunately, no dogs.


We perfectly know how romantic weekend in Krzywe looks like. Prepare yourselves, we'll tell you. Early in the morning (around 6 a.m.) the birds start to sing. Cranes sing too. We really like it. We make coffee, take a blanket under an arm and a steaming cup and then we walk to the beach. No worries. It's less than 50 meters. There's a swing for two people loved and gosh, how many hours we spent on this swing talking! Then there's a long breakfast and planning the day. Plans goes to hell, because eventually we lie in the orchard and drink cold wine. And that's not over yet...

"The place is definitely magical. Pure nature and beautiful views. Cottage decorated really masterfully. Front garden with many places for sitting and resting in the bosom of nature. Swing looks like from the old movie and is the ideal place for a truly atmospheric photos. Two SUPs, which are in the equipment are cool. We tried them for the first time and after many failed tries, we decided to sit on one of them and row as in canoe - it was the best adventure of the entire trip, we explored nooks of the lake quietly floating on the board. In addition, the water in the lake is really clean. For quiet evenings in a house there's a great area for watching movies with quite a collection of very good DVDs! I recommend for people who want to distance themselves from the hustle and bustle and relax in nature. There were two of us, but the house is also ideal for a large group. And for those who want to spend time with their partner, the cottage and beautiful surroundings foster really romantic moments. We will come back for sure :)"

Slowhop opinion: You can take your dog. And ask hosts for the addresses of cool restaurants. They know.


This is another place at Slowhop, which belongs to architects and is the realization of their vision of relax by the lake. We like this vision, because there are barefoot walks to the lake and evenings on terrace, where we can see two plates with Italian pasta and glasses of champagne.

Slowhop opinion: 50 meters to the lake, home for up to 4 people, no dogs here.


And here, almost lonely house. It's Kotlina Kłodzka, so we give our word, there's something to get out of bed.There are cool biking trails, many places to explore in the neighbourhood. And in the afternoons, you can lie on the green grass and drink chilled compote.

"A new house furnished with taste, warm, cozy, perfect for everyone! An ideal place where every day you have the chance to watch deer or roe-deer strolling and watch the sun hiding behind the Stolowe Mountains. A place where you can really relax. Near to everything: mountains trails, Klodzko, spa towns, the Czech Republic..."

Slowhop opinion: You can arrive with the dog. Price friendly and welcoming.


It's not just a cottage, but also a good idea to hide somewhere, where nobody will find you. We claim that the Stołowe Mountains are the best mountains in Poland, we personally miss noodles in Pasterka and we also worship the surroundings. There's also close to ski slopes, so in the winter we have comparable joy as in the summer.

"We spent a week in August 2017, two families from Masuria. Well furnished house away from everything, cool space inside and outside. You don't even have to go to the Stołowe Mountains, around there are so many beautiful sights and places to wander and very interesting settlement of Buddhists. We loved it :)"

Slowhop opinion: Here without dogs, bikes on site and see how many things you can do on the terrace.


Again, Warmia and Masuria. We can't resist, just look at these photos. The hosts are working n the film industry and we must admit that everything here looks like cool scenography. Old, post-German house rents as a whole place, everywhere around there is forest. This story will in a romantic way...

"Atmospheric house, beautiful place in the wilderness, great energy, charming lakes and wild forests. For families, friends and anyone who is looking for unique places. And in addition the owner is a lovely man."

Slowhop opinion: You can take the dog, and we know at least one restaurant, where you need to go for a dinner.


It was Kasia's idea to put houseboats in this list. She had a nose and appropriate intuition for needs. Because when you ask - a romantic place, we must give you: a fireplace, cool sunsets seen from the terrace, a short distance to the lake in case you want to swim without clothes and the unique bonus. Floating on the water. Light, almost impalpable, but when a house is on the water, there's no way it won't float...

"It was fantastic! Wonderful autumn weekend. Great view, fireplace, sauna, atmospheric interior and silence! Very nice owner,  he allowed us to sleep longer ;) thank you and will definitely come back!"

Slowhop opinion: Here rather without a dog and you have to take a little sbit of food, because the nearest shop is 7 km from the houses. We know a beautiful place to have dinner in the neighbourhood. The hosts also know, it's worth asking.


And finally Podkarpacie! And there, silent, lost cabin and alpacas. It couldn't be any better. The combination of love and alpaca therapy works better than botox and Japanese facial rejuvenation rituals. And one more thing. For sleeping there is a duvet made from alpacas' wool. Well, we have a complete set of experience and we add as bonus a view for a million dollars.

"There's quietly, away from the commercialism, beautiful, wonderful atmosphere, privately, safely. The cottage is comfortable, decorated with heart and taste. The hostess is very friendly and loved. In addition, these funny alpacas and the company of nice dogs and kittens. It all made me feel like in a fairy tale and at the same time as at home. I highly recommend for those who are looking for peace, tranquility and artistic souls."

Slowhop opinion: The cottage is small, next to the house of the owner and don't take dogs (alpacas!)


Technicaly you could lock in the yurt, go out only for breakfasts, possibly to the hot tub and go back to bed. We are generally in favor, although the proximity of the lake tempts. Since it's here, you should use it. And it's quite near Gdańsk, maybe a nice dinner there? Of course we recommend Hotel Quadrille, because the chef will make you cry with happiness and you'll get back culinary stoned. And from Quadrille back to the yurt, completely without any signal and WiFi. For us, it sounds pretty cool.

"We were looking for something in Pomerania (clean air), where he was supposed to be a lumberman and guardian of fire, and she was supposed to be a lady, because she had birthday - slow weekend in pajamas, but with a bit of luxury. And bam - brilliant place, with beautiful nature, away from people, with a very discreet care of the owners. Comfortable yurt overlooking the lake, a fireplace, without wifi (finally). Inside, there's a very comfortable bed and a large bathroom with a view of the swaying branches. Bathrobe fragrant with forest waied at the spot, ready to transported directly to sauna in a really cosmic shape. And a pile of blankets. Everything was thought through. Sauna, rolling in the snow and the evening in the hot tub with a glass of wine and staring at the stars - I quietly gave myself a high-five for coming to the forest, and the owners for this clever concept. In addition the smell of wood and coniferous forest, which you can breathe while sitting on the terrace in the morning with coffee... And silence in the option without rationing. A lot of silence. There were also delicious breakfasts (fish! cottage cheese! scrambled eggs like at home!) And filling dinners. Good coffee. The owners carefully approached to ask for a meatless menu."

Slowhop opinion: For adults only. No pets.