9 slowhop places in Warmia



What we have with this Warmia! Actually, with the border between Warmia and Masuria, specifically marked out, important for the residents of Warmia, like it has been a foreign policy of nuclear power. But - in respect, not oppose, just whine a little bit, that we do not have the expert level of knowledge in this field and with a little sigh over the next e-mail with the reprimand That it is not like it suppose to be .

In contrast, Warmia itself is super cool, many interesting people, and agritourisms Their guesthouses are famous for good food and friendly conversations with the Hosts. Holiday homes in forests, like the atmosphere from the album about a lonely huts, where you can write books and paints pictures, even if you do not know how. For us, everything is fine.


Beautiful place created by the tennis player and yogi near Lidzbark. Both have a nose for art, so the interiors talk to guests with Picasso and Modigliani. The apartments are stunning and the hosts are jazzed with sports and cooking. Plus lake under your breath, if someone has not enough license, there are yoga and mindfulness classes, personal trainings and tennis lessons under the guidance of the host. 

"Very charming place. Storks in the neighborhood and the cranes and herons! Just beautiful."

Slowhop opinion: We recommend to couples who wish to spend an elegant anniversary in pretty interiors in the wilderness, but also to families with children. You can walk the donkey. Who wouldn't want to? We want!


Artur and Tomek are also fugitives, but not from corporate Warsaw, but the fashion Paris. They hid here, in the tiny village Tłokowo and decided to live well and eat healthy. Happily, they invite guests to their world and show them their paradise. In the surroundings there is lake Pierścień and many cycling trails and every morning we receive a basket with fresh products under your nose. Later, it gets more interesting, and if you decide for a dinner, it'll be prepared by Ewa Pe, a blogger, to whom Gault & Millau bows.

"Lovely hosts, the lake under your breath, a basket with breakfast, for which you want to get up earlier than usual. The Great Place is a place for adults and children over the age of 12, which has a deep meaning..."

Slowhop opinion: The Great Place joins those who suggest different stay, if you have small children. Here you come for the peace and quiet. Plus - the hosts are designers, if you like fashion, be sure to persuade them to organize workshops!


The name "Kawkowo" touches many souls. If you haven't heard of this village, you have a lot to catch up, because Kawkowo should be in Wikipedia under the title "the biggest number of atmopsheric places per square meter." In the centenary house lives baby clothes designer with her husband painter and their welcome guests with children.

"Amazing atmosphere, great, more than one hundred years old houses, elaborately decorated interiors, incredibly picturesque surroundings, delicious cuisine, and above everything owners who redefines the word "hospitality"."

Slowhop opinion: Silence, harmony and creative hosts inside the artistic enclave. In addition, area large enough for children to runout for all these years of living in the city.


This is a place so dog friendly and generally animal friendly, that it only attracts good people. So this is perfect accommodation for those, who seek not only rest, but also good company. Such, where they listen to Billie Holiday and lay in the hammock with a dog on your legs.

"Paradise on earth, great neighbourhood, beautiful rooms, the residence itself so charming, that you don't want to leave! We spent a wonderful weekend! We'll definitely return!"

Slowhop opinion: 6 rooms which can accommodate up to 16 people. You may and even have to take your pet! They don't cook here, but the kitchen is fantastic, and you can go shopping by bike.


This place looks like painted with a magic pencil and the Housekeeper, Paulina, revived it, putting her heart and soul into it. Because this is not just a simple hotel or one of many agritourisms - this is home where they invite guests and treat as their own. There is a dining room where you can enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee, talk for hours about the scent of wild flowers and listen to jazz playing lazily. It smells of herbs here, you can do whatever you want and like, without rigid rules and looking at your watch. The hosts are lovely, solidly prepared for the visit of small explorers.

"Food delicious, based only on natural products like at grandma's. Beautiful house, nice atmosphere, quiet, wonderful environment."

Slowhop opinion: 15 bikes, playground for children and green everywhere. You can organize a developing workshops. Here without dogs.


We've already mentioned this place, creating a list of favourite Slowhop tables, places for princesses and even those with groovy bathAnd that's all there is to say. Masterpiece reconstructed by enthusiast and traveler. The secret weapon of Host: Mrs. Halina. We will not say anything more. No one, who was sent there, complain, it was quite the opposite. Take a look at the profile of Dwór Dawidy and book via Slowhop.

"Beautiful place: good architecture, tastefully decorated interiors, beautiful garden, rustic surroundings: forests, fields, villages. Good for the weekend to rest, read, lay down or bike by the Vistula Lagoon and the surrounding area. And great food from Mrs. Halina :)"

Slowhop opinion: 20 beds in a court setting. Green, Warmia bike paths and a park right under your nose.


And here house hidden on a hill, somewhere between trees and lazily flowing stream. The excess of green often causes unexpected explosion of endorphins. It's like a small Bullerbyn, where you can roll in the grass, climb trees and ride a bike through forest paths. Respect for hosts for the fabulous interiors, where you can turn off all your sensory receptors, forget about God's world and just relax.

"Magical place. Very sympathetic hosts - I recommend to everyone looking for rest, peace, tranquility and comfort at the same time. Thank you for the fresh flowers in the rooms and many wonderful trinkets which I really enjoyed."

Slowhop opinion: Beautiful interiors, homemade food and fantastic conditions for kids. You can go for a bike trip on the Copernicus trail or a walk in the woods.


Venila Kostis wrote about ArtHouse Pelnik and we invite you to her blog, so you won't think that only such chorales are available on our website. She also appreciated it. Interiors slightly different than in Slowhop village, more modern, for people who fancy glass and design. In the woods, very near to the lake and a nice host (Grzegorz, cheers!) Exclusive house, you can run around naked, dancing to Slawomir and nobody will have problem with that.

"This place combines the beauty of nature and invaluable tranquility. Huge living room facing a wall of green... you just have to see, feel it... Atmospheric, comfortable, with attention to details."

Slowhop opinion: Without board but there's well-equipped kitchen and the house accommodate 8 people and four-legged pet. A few steps from the house is a sunny beach and you can rent kayaks.


The house was built due to dreams and longing for nature, because it's surrounded by 25 acres of woods, meadows and hills, where for days you can make daisy chains, chase the butterflies and wander following footsteps of forest animals. Fallow deer farm in the package, you can visit and admire. There are ponds for fishing, green bike trails and kayaks for the more active, and a hammock for an afternoon nap.

"Magnificent surroundings! Perfect place to relax from the hustle and bustle and recharge the batteries during long walks in a natural setting. I really recommend."

Slowhop opinion: House can fit 12 people, no meals but has a kitchen and some culinary addresses. Due to the fallow deer farm - ndon't take your animals.