13 unique places with bathtubs at Slowhop



There are many questions coming to slowhop Slowhop, but "what place with a bathtub do you recommend" shook our little world. When we were asked for the first time - well, strange requests happens sometimes. But when we were asked for the fifteenth time, we thought that there must be something about it.

We found 13 coolest baths on Slowhop. These are bathtubs designed for relaxation, detoxing baths after a week of hard work, bath tubs to heal your body and soul. Bathtubs in agrotourisms, in guesthouses, in boutique hotels, elegant and rural once, also these for special occasions. Get inspired, use these bathtubs and have fun - by booking on Slowhop...

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We have been writting about Cisowy Zakątek several times already! For example here and probably it is not the last time, because it is a quiet place by the sea, where the air smells of pine. And so: the number of old furnitures from the Goleniów Furniture Factory is zero, you can not hear the gaming machines. So it's vacation place by the sea, but not quite. That is why we describe and show it to you with such a pleascure, because you also have admit that visually the Cisowy Zakątek can impress. Well, there is a bathtub of course, in this bathtub two people can soak in aromatherapy surrounded by the smell of cones with the window open.

„It is as beautiful as the pictures, both in the house and outside. We liked everything from the decor, amenities, view from the windows (!!), athmosphere (fireplace, sauna) and not to mention about amazing location. (Beach in Stilo in the off season is something EXTRAORDINARY!)”

According to Slowhop: There are a private houses with terraces and two bedrooms each available. A romantic fireplace on cool nights and walks by the sea. You can take a dog.

When someone asks us: where to take a wife or husband for unique weekend with good food: this is the first place we think about. Maybe because it has been on Slowhop for a long time and we have special feelings for this place (we wrote about them here and here), or maybe because no one who we sent there has come back with a complaint. Usually successful, 100 percent satisfaction. Everyone is delighted with the interiors full of wood, Moroccan accents and the athmospheric around. Because Dwór Dawidy is adjacent to the Lenki Nature Reserve, chlorophyll literally enters through the windows and is absorbed through the skin. There is one of the most beautiful baths at the Slowhop. Pleasant eco system with a glass of wine.

„The owner is a delightful person who can make your time even better but also leaves you the spaces to feel like at home. The cuisine in Dwór Dawidy is delicious, based mainly on its own products, including home-baked rye bread on sourdough. A large number of bathrooms and beds makes a diverse group of friends or family find a good place to rest here, even if not everyone wants the same entertainment.”

According to Slowhop: If you want a bathtub, ask for apartments Sztynort or Słowity. You can come with a dog, try delicious food and meet interesting host.

We are also in love with Siedlisko Blanki (proof #1, proof #2). Each photo is like an aesthetic emotion, as if you were choosing a praline from the packaging of a Belgian chocolate box. It's something between a farmstead and an elegant house in the countryside. Fortunately, the hosts do not like the palace interiors, they have white floors, soft rugs, a bit of cool paintings and an idea to spend time. It's a bit of yoga and mindfulness here, and there is a bathtub to relax.

„An amazing place created by people with great passion. I recommend it to everyone who dreams about being away from the city even for a moment.”

According to Slowhop: There are spacious apartments over 100 square meters, where you will feel like a French queen visiting a Swedish royal couple in their mansion near the city. You can take a dog (extra paid).

Król Stanisław is in fact Mr. Stanisław Król, who decided to come back from abroad and recreate the dream of a house and a boat. He organized everything so well that the place is open to take in families and couples. The house is a bit like a quiet settlement. There is something surprising about bathtub here, because it is made of wood, extremely charming and suitable for special occasions.

According to Slowhop: For a couple, we suggest Raspberry Apartment. You can come with your dog and there is a lot to do around. No meals included, but in the apartments there are kitchens, and in the neighbourhood farms with local and organic products.

We wrote about this place in the context of good addresses for batchelorette party. So we will not write about it again, but we would like to emphasize that Ms. Renata is an architect and had a special idea for the bathtub with the view. Beautiful, elegant place, spring fresh garden, after bathing you can go out, feel the happiness of freedom and sip Prosseco on the grass.

According to Slowhop: Nice area to rest, a moment from Wadowice. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, here we invite you without dogs.

Above all, it's an amazing neighborhood. In the valley, separating the Sowie Mountains from Bardzkie Mountains, with its own stream. The hosts have already shown what they can do in their agrotourism in Stary Dom, and the Mały Domek is his younger brother, intended exclusively for 2-5 people. If you intend to take your loved one to a pleasant place, we suggest this option. There is a bathtub!

„If you are looking for a place far away from the hustle and bustle, a place where there is no cell phone service (!), but there is an internet :), where the bed sheets smells like at home, sofas in the living room make you feel like you want to fall into their softness with one of the many books available here, where the warmth of a real furnace wraps you like a blanket - then you have to come here :)”

According to Slowhop: One bedroom, but there is a lot of common space in the house, where you can also relax. No cell phone service, but WiFi is available. You can come with your dog.

We have been writing about the Dom Nad Źródłami several times but we still did not get bored of it. In fact, you do not need to write anything, just look at the photos. Looks like a cold stone, but sensuality penetrates through the walls. Here we would take the other half, to drink by the river this ridiculously expensive bottle of wine from the latest grapes, talk about dreams and eat something sophisticated from the kitchen of the hosts.

According to Slowhop: In fact, Wygnanowice are designed for 4 people, although the house can fit even 6 adults. If you want to come with dogs, only with small ones and after asking the hosts. The house is to exclusive use, although the hosts are nearby and can cook if you would like so.

Kashubia have extraordinary powers of attraction, and this place attracts especially. A new house, with a wow effect from the first sight, with a saltwater pool, with bathtubs and the gym! And all this in an intimate family pension, not a big "hotel facility". Respect!

„I took my girlfriend for the weekend, which happend in the middle of the week. We highly recommend it! Excitable hosts, comfortable beds, great pool, clean interiors, tasty food, casual atmosphere, only the weather did not work out, but we'll catch up another time :)”

According to Slowhop: The hosts took care of ultra-comfortable beds, a nice pool, sauna and Kashubian views. And you can take a small pet.

And this is a place where you just have to come with your partner on the occasion of something special. It is worth planning a visit to Quadrille and waiting for it for a long time. Reminding yourself every week that you will be there soon. And book a room with a bath under the slants! And then just taste the feeling. Sisters Górskie made the Wonderland from an old high school. The style is obvious, no one has to guess and everything revolves around it. For us extremely elegant place from the furthest dreams, placed in Gdynia, this time not in the countryside. You can book slightly cheaper business rooms or have a bit more fancy weekend and experience real magic. Cuisine - as extraordinary as the interiors.

„A unique atmosphere of Alice from Wonderland: a magical garden, beautiful interiors and excellent service. The amazing restaurant Biały Królik, part of the concept of "Wonderland". A very pleasant SPA with a swimming pool, jacuzzi and 2 saunas.”

According to Slowhop: Quadrille is located in a park and has a real court garden. This is an adult-only place and pets are not allowed here.

If it would even be the only thing you can read today - take a look at their profle at Slowhop. We like to mention the Beskid Masala, because unusual people live there. The place is only for adults in the Beskid Niski. There is a lot of talking in beautiful and colorful language and appreciating interesting people.

„Something fabulous! A wonderful place, great people and food that knocks off your legs. Beautifully and imaginatively decorated interiors, casual friendly atmosphere, funny cheerful dogs, interesting conversations or blissful silence. I totally recommend it!”

According to Slowhop: Something for people who want to move into a different dimension and are looking for a complete reset. Here is the athmosphere to relax. Delicious breakfasts, it's best to take full board. They cook for everyone, including vegans. Dogs are allowed after checking with hosts.

When we entered this large room with a bathtub set up in it and the most fantastic terrace we have seen so far - we just gave a moan of delight. Then there were of course other attractions: warm croissants, homemade lemonade, kitchen with a incredible table and the most important - the hostess, who did all this alone. But we promised ourselves that someday we would return to this room, take a bath in this bathtub and spend the whole evening on the terrace talking about non important matters.

„Real slow lifestyle in the former court of one of the most prominent Pomeranian families. A cool spot for cyclists, mushroom pickers and diving enthusiasts, because the lakes are clear, and Joasia (the hostess) dives and organizes diving courses. The interiors are fantastic, and the host always makes sure everything is fine. We can not be more proud that we have such places in Poland!”

According to Slowhop: Around there is only lakes and forests, not far from Dwór Role some old, former German manor houses. Delicious cuisine, phenomenal interiors and meals at the longest table we have ever seen. Here without dogs.

In Villa Toscana there is a athmosphere of Italian agritourism, only a bit more elegant. We were delighted with the cinema room and two-level apartments and the fact that it is one of the few places in Podhale, where you can come with your dog. Beautiful views of the Tatras, good cuisine and extremely nice people.

„Fantastic and atmospheric place, especially for a romantic getaway for two. Rooms decorated with unusual taste and great attention to detail. A screening in the cinema is a great idea for spending the evening, and the view from the terrace is breathtaking.”

According to Slowhop: In some apartments there are fireplaces, in some baths, in all organic cosmetics based on olive oil. And you can visit with a dog...

This bathtub truely surprised us! Where do people buy such bathtubs? You can chill out and read all Dostoyevsky plus Pushkin, adding boiling water only from time to time. Those houses have long fascinated us with the idea and design, especially since they are four larch villas, designed to leave people with a jaw drop.

„Our first visit to winter Zakopane was an unforgettable experience not only because of the beautiful scenery around, but also thanks to Willa Tatiana Folk. A stay in the Siberian Suite will remain in our memory for a long time. The decor, attention to every detail, friendly service - everything at the highest level! I recommend it to everyone.”

According to Slowhop: A great place for skiers. Independent cooking in kitchenettes, although it is known in Zakopane - you can always go to the restaurants. Something for discerning travelers - a truly luxurious place.