18 amazing places around Lublin



It is about this land between the central Vistula and the Bug. This is where one goes by bicycle and where the border between Eastern and Western Europe is.

The Lublin region gave birth to Beata Kozidrak, Marek Grechuta and Zbigniew Hołdys, and Kora moved to Roztocze and is said she is delighted. 

We found a few nice hotels here, but also warm agrotourism, which you must visit. You have to go to the the Folowisko festival in Chutor Gorajec this year. It's July 12th, you can buy the tickets here.

We have already written about Wygnanowice in an article about hen parties and the ones about the most designer accommodations, and invariably we encourage you to book your stay here, because it is something completely different. The building itself is amazing, and if you add cold wellsprings (constant temperature of 12 degrees in winter and summer), this amazing terrace and greenery around - you imediatelly have desire to go here. It is an exclusive home and you can cook yourself, but the hosts know what is the good kitchen and have an eco-friendly vegetable garden, so they can help you with providing a healthy and valuable food.

Slowhop opinion: Theoretically, you would fit here way more people, but this is about something else in such place, so hosts invite 4-6 people. You can come with small dog, but ask first.

There are several things that we must say about Chutor Gorajec. First of all, people who lives here has an unknown substance similar to caffeine instead of blood. They do so many things that it's difficult to believe even for us. Second (consistency of the first one): they created one of the world's best folk festivals. The previous four editions of the festival were devoted successively to the Ukrainian, Jewish, peasant and girl culture. Prepare yourself on the next Folkowisko on July 12, 2018. There will be wreaths, music and good people. All about the Folkowisko at the Folkowisko 2018 site. And the accommodation in Roztocze book at Slowhop.

Only in such a way can the patriotism of small homelands arise and only such patriotism today makes sense for the Folowisko Festival in Chutor Gorajec, at the same time an enzyme and catalyst for the transformation of our social alchemy on the forgotten Wall of Eastern Poland. (bard Jacek Kleyff)

Slowhop opinion: Dog-friendly, great for a retro wedding, 5 rooms, but with different configurations of up to 26 beds. For camping and caravanning too!

As for us: elegant star of Lublin region in the guest house category. It fits to Nałęczow like Kate Blanchett to the role of Galadriel. The amazing owner of this place gave the guests a new space this year, this time only for adults. Small building with 5 rooms in it for a comfortable stay. But Łubinowe as a whole is not only for adults, on the contrary, the landlady made a real paradise for kids there. You can read about it here

A wonderful garden with many recesses, where you can sit with a book and / or a glass of wine on a bench, lounger or hammock. Lots of attractions for children - playground and muddy kitchen makes a child do not want to leave. Rooms are clean, comfortable and cozy. The service was excellent and very helpful. And the food was incredibly delicious - an incredibly large selection of breakfast, lunch and dessert - revelation. In addition, there are vegan options available, which really does not happen very often.”

Slowhop opinion: The perfect place for a weekend with friends, though Mrs. Monika can do the climate for couples and parents with children. You can take a dog. Outstanding.

It is great that we publish the Lublin region just now, during this period. You will have time to plan how to fall into the annual event organized by Sobibór. The hostess of this place used to work in the theater once, so you can participate in a unique cultural event called Kulturalne Uprawy Tarasowe. This year it will be held on September 2nd and Polish artists will perform at the terrace. Beyond the spiritual and cultural feast, try local bread and live in bungalows in the trees or in old buildings.

What is worth to appreciate is the atmosphere there, which is created by Mrs. Eve - the owner. Shared meals and conversations all made us feel no like in a hotel or another guesthouse, but like with a family we have not seen before.

Slowhop opinion: You will not be disappointed with food, views and mood. Our recommendation and advice: hunt for vacant space.

Whenever we create a profile of a place on the Slowhop, we ask the host what he actually does. Marcin, the host of Dobre Miejsce, replied like no one before: I am a punk rocker. And then came the story of moving out of Krakow to the village, where there was nothing at all and nothing happened. The best chapters are opened in such places. Marcin and Asia (by the profession of culture expert) have completed Alfredówka with their ideas. For more information go to their profile on the Slowhop. The title of the teaser: in Bobre Miejsce you can participate in the workshops in the educational yard "Kurza Twarz", in questing under the name Deptaj (something like a stalking), you can learn how to bake bread, hunt with a camera, watch birds and talk to the hosts as much as you could. They are interesting people, it is worth coming to them.

The most beautiful place on earth. The kitchen resembles the appearance and atmosphere of a grandma's kitchen, which is always full of delicacies, and feel the warmth of the fire burning in the oven. The whole house is a cozy and wonderfully decorated place. Around the forest and animals. The owners are friendly and very open to all guests. This is a place from which you do not want to leave. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to breathe and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city!

Slowhop opinion: Only three rooms, but you can spend a romantic night in a tree house or set up a tent. There are some farm animals on site, so leave your own dogs and cats at home. Address to note for the organizers of workshops, including yogas. Vegetarian cuisine.

Brzozowy Dworek (Roztocze)

We have an idea to explore Polish vineyards on a bicycle. Brzozowy Dworek will be on this route. They have their own vineyard there, they know how to do riesling and solaris, you can learn a lot and stir a glass of wine. There are also culinary workshops and hospitable hosts who replace all guides on Roztocze. If, however, you are looking for designer interiors, Roztocze is not for you. Here, in the foreground, there should be the nature - in Brzozowy Dworek there is a forest, vines and everything that is the most beautiful in this region.

An intimate place, perfect for a weekend for two. Peace and quiet, very pleasant surroundings, beautiful view from the balcony to the forest. Rooms clean, very good standard. Fast wifi. I will be happy to come back here!

Slowhop opinion: Really green everywhere. 5 km from Zwierzyniec, 15 from Biłgoraj. You can take a dog. Delicious breakfast with sourdough bread.

Stara Szkoła Potok Senderki (Roztocze)

We wrote about this place in autumn and since then nothing has changed. It is still Roztocze, you can still get a wonderful break time. For more, go to our article about old schools.

„Beautiful, neat space for accommodation and relaxation, the surrounding nature is amazing. I heartily recommend!”

Slowhop opinion: 6 rooms, delicious food, you can take the dog.

Zagroda Guciów (Roztocze)

In fact, we should give this link as an answer to the question "where to eat in Roztocze", because this address was recommended to us by many. Well, they have a good food right there, sourdough, soups and broths. But there is also the place to sleep. It is not a Ritz or Carlton but a farmstead, you will not find towels with a logo, but there is climate. Well, this is also the tourist information center, so you can ask about everything, while eating a delicious broth with noodles. 

Slowhop opinion: You can live in a guest house, a former stable and a historic cottage. There are several dormitory rooms. A great option with baking and breading workshops. Really worth a visit.


Holiday house in Kazimierz Dolny. For eight people and a dog, and it is a great idea for those who do not like guesthouse and prefer the intimacy of rented huts and houses.

We chose the house in a retro atmosphere on purpuse, tasteful decor suited us very well. All guests were delighted. Arrival by magical gorge, beautiful plot location. Comfortable rest, highly recommended and will definitely be back.”

Slowhop opinion: Good location, a cool option for groups of friends or families. The terrace is great and promises perfect evenings...

Siódmy Las

A few years ago, we had big smile on the faces after reading the text at the Siódmy Las website: "We are pleased to offer our guests peace of mind during the holiday, with food, drinks and books available, and you can lie under the covers and no one is surprised." Shiver my timbers! Us, exhausted white collars, crooked mothers, discouraged grandmothers and all those who have been groggy by the last months. Because this place is as if created for us. They feed the vege kitchen, take care of the spirit and body, gently move to another track. Among the proposals: a week of peace, Dąbrowska's diet, detox, mindfulness, culinary, and even seven principles of Hawaiian Huna philosophy. And it's all in the Lublin region, no Bali or Hawaii.

Everything is fastened to the last button, starting with wooden chalets and ending with hand-knit lace on the bedclothes. Vegetarian food, varied and very tasty. Next time we will try Dr Dąbrowska's diet there.”

Slowhop opinion: For people who are looking for not only overnight stay. A real guest house with a great idea.

(Photos by Siódmy Las)

I tu i tam

Cool holiday houses for 4 people near Okuninka in the Lublin Region. Such accommodation that a man feels as if he resides in Ikea directory and rather everyone likes it. Take a bigger step to the beach of Białe Lake.

The houses are nice, tastefully decorated. Great location, very close to the lake and to the center. As for the lack of playgrounds it's very good! Children can have fun in other places in Okuninka. You can just chill out in peace.”

Slowhop opinion: For those who like cleanliness, design, Scandinavian.

(Photos by I Tu i Tam)

Pałac Cieleśnica

It is obvious that we are crazy about historical buildings transformed into guesthouses. Personally, we are of the opinion that people who have decided to bring these buildings back to life are entitled to a lifetime subscription to the spa and massage lomi lomi. The Palace in Cieleśnica in the Lublin region is not only an overnight stay, it is an experience in a special guest house, for those who will come and sigh, appreciate and ask a lot of questions.

The best weekend stay in recent years - a wonderful place, with incredible but not widely spread history. Fantastic service, top quality and very decent prices. Perfect place for a total relaxation.”

Slowhop opinion: On-site movie room, library and small spa.

(Photos by Pałac w Cieleśnicy)

Pensjonat Vincent

One of these places in Kazimierz Dolny, which stands on the route of Lubelszczyzna stylish places. There is also a restaurant, swimming pool, and such interiors that people unknowingly sing French hits. We can not deny it is a candy among the accommodations. The best choice for the festival Dwa Brzegi.

A charmingly intimate hotel with a outstanding atmosphere.”

Slowhop opinion: Romantic spot for those who love Kazimierz Dolny and want to have everything close.

(Photos by Pensjonat Vincent)

Dworek Kazimierski

As for us the climate of the place is made by the cool owners. And here in Kazimierz Dolny you will find such. They built their guest house surrounded by pine forest, about ten minutes from the market in Kazimierz and give their guests an amazing breakfast every day, whispering about the ravines. This is a real agritourism breakfast, because the hosts do everything themselves, you are sitting long time while eating and no one has anything against it. Guests can enjoy candlelight evenings on the terrace. If you like to meet someone, chat and come back with a few new friends on Facebook - yes, that is the address you should know.

It is said that the atmosphere of the place is created by people. These ones created the perfect atmosphere treating the guests better than the members of the royal family - they are treating the guests as the members of their family. They offer relaxation in luxurious suites of architectural beads. They guarantee silence and relaxation by walking on soft rugs and green grass in the garden, serving delicious coffee and serving breakfast better than those from Tiffany.

Slowhop opinion: Leave dog with mother in law and use the guest house to use free bicycles and explore the trails. 

(Photos by Dworek Kazimierski)

Leśny Dom

Holiday home for ten people in a forest near Kazimierz Wielki. Something for those who travel with a small army and like when there is no stranger around the house. Around the green itself, the terrace looks like you want to get up in the morning and have coffee on it, a large dining room and a fireplace. In a word - it will be a nice weekend with friends and family.

Together with the family we spent a lovely weekend in a cottage, a warm and cozy place, very well thought out and designed. In sunny weather you can soak up on the terrace, or simply lie on the sun loungers in the garden. Very good contact with the owner.

Slowhop opinion: We could not find this information anywhere, but usually for holiday homes you can take a dog.

(Photos by Leśny Dom na Wzgórzu)


Nadedworce is a spacious apartment in Kazimierz Dolny in an old, 100-year-old rectory, moved here from Lublin. If old and renovated, then the owners need to have a positive sneak peek. And they have, because on the spot you will go not only with ordinary bikes, but old "Komar" and yamacha. For those who like water there is still a boat. If you dream of such a place, where in the summer you will leave the room directly into a nice garden and sit on the terrace with a cup of coffee, and in the winter you will catch up backlog in reading by the fireplace - it is here. The apartments are different, larger and smaller, single level and two - all large and relaxing.

Beautiful place for winter evenings. The Library Suite is a charming piece of history that, combined with a fireplace, allows you to 100% relax.”

Slowhop opinion: We recommend for family trips and with friends. You can take a dog and the market is a half hour walk.

(Photos by Nadedworce 29)


This place is close to Kazimierz Dolny where you can eat well (Gault & Millau Yellow Guide) and provide tranquility in lush greenery (a three-sided forest and ravine habitat). For guests there is an old house with veranda, a new climate house with terrace and a whole bunch of former auxiliary buildings with stables and a barn. There is also a wicker workshop if anyone wants to make a basket for mushrooms.

I have met Wiatrakowo in November. The thought of how it is in spring and summer is already breathtaking! I have never been in such a magical place.”

Slowhop opinion: Yoga workshops or development meetings are often held here, because the area is conducive to silence. Delicious cuisine.

(Photos by Wiatrakowo)

Villa Spełnione Marzenia

A guest house with a terrace like Ryan Gosling had in "Memoirs" somewhere in the Louisiana or the Mississippi, and here you are: Lubelszczyzna, on the river Włodawka. You can meet new people, drink a cup of coffee and stare at the river.There used to be an inn, then pop lived in, then a museum was here, and recently the villa fulfills the dream of staying in the unspoilt nature of Polesie. Accommodation in nicely arranged rooms and shared breakfasts.

Great location, over a small river, just near the beautiful forest. We rented an apartment on the top, which impressed us with its interior, comfort and size (70m2). Mrs. Edyta - the owner is a wonderful and warm person. The name speaks for itself, this place allows "to fulfill dreams".

Slowhop opinion: You can take a dog and there is a playground for children. 20 minutes to Białe Jezioro in Okuninka.

(Photos by Villa Spełnione Marzenia)