12 remarkable accommodations with design

For those with great sensitivity to the beauty



This is the kind of a list, at which you can stare for hours, because it has health-promoting and developmental effect. It cures depression and develops sense of taste better than the art history classes at the university.

Yes, all these places are in Poland. There are many more on Slowhop, we've only managed to fit these. There is an unusual holiday stone house, there are guesthouses in the Hamptons style, agritourisms with red bathtubs and extraordinary approach to the definition of the word "agritourism". There is also Polish Wisteria Lane by the sea. In one word - something beautiful.

In Martiany there should be bright and the serotonin level should be raised even in this miserable moment in November when a man brushes his teeth already for the night at 15 in the afternhoon. Instead of evening toilette just after lunch, we suggest a visit in the relaxational area, taking a loose form on the super-comfortable couch and staring into the fireplace for the rest of the dark day. Everywhere is beautiful, elegant and spacious - you can feel like a star of the American TV series about the Hamptons. But this is not the Hamptons, just Martiany in Mikolajki, where there are sheep outside and where you can take a ride on a horseback. Here you will cheer yourselves up with the light, a swimming pool and conversations by the prosecco. Host appears here on the weekends and has a lot to tell. Delicious breakfasts, dinners praised.

"Beautiful place! The atmosphere, great hosts, lovable and committed service, delicious meals made by Mrs. Bożenka and wonderful horseback riding lessons carried out by Mr. Tadeusz. We got there by accident, but we will come back for sure :) Peace, silence, nature and beautiful interiors. "

Slowhop opinion: Place only for adults, they will definitely be taken care of. There is so many animals on the spot that you should leave yours at home.

This is not a neighborhood of Warsaw, just forests of Western Pomerania, known for mushrooms and proximity of the sea, and now also for that there is one of the most designer homes on this side of the Odra River. This year, the owners decided to throw in the swimming pool, so you should take a look at their profile at Slowhop, if you plan holiday with a larger group of cool people. 

"Wonderful place away from the hustle and bustle. Great decor and design. The surrounding nature allows you to relax."

Slowhop opinion: Cool spot for families with children and groups of friends. You can rent the whole house or only half. Here you can come only without pets.

Fantastic place in general and in details. In fact Tatiana consists of four larch villas in Zakopane. There was an idea for ​wood and folk and from that came out such an amazing thing, that you want to watch all photos by coffee and cookie, let alone live for the weekend and sleep in wooden sleigh ...

"We were in the Old Smrekowy apartment in Tatiana Boutique for a week with three children. Everyone was delighted, we've been already thinking about the next trip. Villas impress from the outside, Zakopane gained curios. Although there are more and more beautiful objects in Zakopane, Tatiana stands out. Inside - a feast for the senses in terms of aesthetics, retaining all the necessary modern amenities. You just want to stay in every apartment! "

Slowhop opinion: Every apartment has its own kitchenette, evereything in here is refined by the host. You can expect extra comfort. Like in most of the places in the Podhale region - without dogs.

The capital has its own secrets. And this is just one of them - an amazing boutique apartments right next to the famous Hala Koszyki. About the history of this place and the owners you can read on their profile at Slowhop, and we invite you to a feast for the senses in the center of Warsaw, because we have here design as well as nice, social meeting place, right under your nose. Generally, a beautiful thing. There's pride and glory like it was Paris, not Warsaw. 

"It is so beautiful that you don't want to leave at all ♥. All interior elements are refined in the finest detail. Warm, intimate and cosy at the same time. But in the atmosphere of the most beautiful houses from Pinterest. An additional big advantage for decorating the space with Polish brands. "

Slowhop opinion: Author Rooms have a special offer of concierge, this means someone who will take care of you more than your own mother, suggest places off the beaten path and tell where Magda Gessler eats when she doesn't eat at home. You can arrive with a dog, pretty cool for kids.

We have to admit that they did it well! Cisowy Zakątek is like Wisteria Lane, only without all the drama, but with more beautiful interiors. The hosts set up here a few lovely houses, then set up even more, and that's how arised something like an elegant, seaside village with the scent of the forest. Safe for children, satisfying for people with good taste, cool for dog owners.

"Beautiful cottages, everything you need is on the spot. You can feel like in your own home. Wonderful beaches. Brilliant cycle routes for everyone. Even for the 5 years old. Lighthouses, horse stables, good restaurant and a fish bar, Slowinski National Park, a aquapark and amusement park in the neighbourhood. I definitely recommend this place. "

Slowhop opinion: The beach is only 5 km away, there is no rough crowd and this is certainly a different aspect of the Polish coast. You can arrive with the dog.

Brand new guesthouse in the Masuria region, near Szczytno. Run by people with passion for sports, but also with good taste in interiors. Only five rooms, but decorated so nice that you don't want to leave. If you love Hamptons style, this is something for you. You can feel good, bury in the cushions and enjoy nice atmosphere with bright interiors, delicious breakfast and hosts energy, who decided to move the seaside climate of the New York resorts to the Masuria region. Daredevils, because it worked out.

"Great place for chill and relax, quiet neighbourhood where you can calmly rest and spend time with family or friends. The interior of the house is beautifully decorated while every room allows guests to use its space. "

Slowhop opinion: Cool place for active people and for total reset. Near Warsaw. Here without dogs.

Our beautiful star in the Giżycko area. It has risen during holidays in 2017 and shone with so much brightness that so far we can't get over it. What they've done here! They bought a barn, then probably empty it out ruthlessly, and then one room after another they decorated it with mixture of "Polish farm" style and "Danish furniture from the 70s.". And suprisingly enough - they succeeded! Maybe because they are perky people and like to experiment with interior design. Wanderers from across the Poland and the world are surprised at first that this is possible, and then they're surprised even more than it's so nice in here.

"Perfect place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Farm is surrounded from all angles by green, and throught the day you can hear the birds singing. During the day you can sit on the terrace, go to the lake, ride a bike, or wannder around the neighborhood. In the evening, relax by the fireplace on a large, comfortable sofa. There is also a fireplace and grill. The hosts and friends of the house - great people. "

Slowhop opinion: A feast for the senses. Fine dining on-site, and the famous in the whole Masuria region Stara Kuźnia is not so far. Just eat! Here without dogs.

Host of this place in another life had dealt with art and this must be short explanation of the "wow" when you arrive. Each apartment is named after another famous painter and all of this not only works out, but also has a heart and soul. We don't want to sound like real estate agent, but the space in Siedlisko Blanki is just perfectly designed and spectacularly decorated. In all of that there is also peace of the housewife, who professionally teaches yoga.

"After a week stay, I feel wonderfully reset (head rested), inspired (the hosts are talented decorators), integrated with family (the place is so harmonious that love is spread) ... and in love with the hosts. I would recommend it to couples, families, groups of friends, everyone who are thirsty for beauty in natural atmosphere, surrounded by nature and stylish interiors. "

Slowhop opinion: The host is at the same time a tennis player, yoga teacher and hostess - you can count on a lot of sports. Children can walk the donkey. Whole place is located by the lake. You can arrive with the dog.

In fact, the pictures don't show it, even if they are beautiful. This October Kasia from the blog Simplicite who went here on an autumn trip with Natalia Jest Rudo was impressed. It was a sincere fascination, enthusiasm and admiration, and if there is such respect from from people who appreciate good design, minimalism and warmth from the fireplace and sauna, we don't have to say anything else. 

„It seems that houseboats is perfect idea for summer holidays. Nothing could be more wrong. We had a chance to be guests  in HT Houseboats in October, but now I think that December could be even better date. Evening by the fireplace with fabulous view on the lake from the huge panoramic window, a fairytale. Additionally we had sauna in our houseboat, however if you decide to take houseboat without the sauna, you'll lose nothing, because on premises there is also floating sauna for all guests, yes, yes, sauna on water."

Slowhop opinion: The best idea for autumn and winter - Mileno is beautiful then. And you can take your dog!

In Warsaw, in Praga district this apartment for wanderers who want to see Warsaw from the 8th floor and don't want to live in a hotel. Cool, unpretentious place with friendly interior for cheery people. The hosts have also a nifty option to drive you across the capital in the old Volkswagen Transporter and show slightly different Warsaw. Marta and Rafał created an Adventure Warsaw brand and the Czar PRL Museum, so they know what they know about Warsaw.

Slowhop opinion: You can take the dog in and have fun in Disco Nyska. Ask at Slowhop.

We saw a glimpse of this place on Facebook and it caused many a jaws drops at Slowhop. After a long time we start looking for it, because it's a real rareness. These things you have to like, because there is a lot of cold from stone and much elegance, which has to be respected. If we had to put in here someone characteristic, it would be a writer who came here for complete peace of mind, to create such a plot, for which he would get a Booker Prize in London. Absolutely beautiful surroundings, the view from the terrace will make you cry that it could be so amazing.

"This is a magical place! if someone wants to distance himself from  the noise of the city, here he will find rest. I won't write about the decor, because it amazes and everything is shown in the pictures, but I have to mention about how warm and welcoming was nice host lady and that the from windows will soothe every tired soul. "

Slowhop opinion: There is sauna, fireplace and peace. This is a holiday home - whole for a larger group.

(photos: Wygnanowice. Dom nad Źródłami.)

Stodoła 7 (Kaszuby/Kociewie)

It is just such a firecracker that we salute it and watch with pleasure by the morning coffee. The thing was created by professionals and is an agritourism as Martiany - with a swimming pool. This red is bathtub is like from the movie about the Queen Marie Antoinette, wanton and promising that we deserve it like dog deserves a soup. If there was too little of this sensual relax, there is also a swimming pool with a fireplace in the main role, not obvious mix of loft, France and a little bit of Harry Potter. At this point there is only one question to ask - why for God's sake, they aren't at Slowhop yet?

„Place refined to the smallest detail, atmospheric, meeting the highest standards. Friendly, open-minded Hosts who care about comfort and good mood of the guests. Pleasure of the stay is complemented by organic, full of unexpected flavours cuisine and wine made by owners. Charming place to rest both body and spirit.”

Zdaniem Slowhopa: Place only for adults, good cuisine.

(Photos:  Stodoła 7)