18 unique guesthouses by the beach in Western Pomerania



For all those, who associate Western Pomerania with its golden beaches and cheesy seaside, we have something incredible. Rewal Coast, the neighbourhood of Pobierowo, Mielno, Sarbinowo and Międzyzdroje are not only all kinds of jelly beans, cheap book fair and crazy rhymes of Zenek Martyniuk by the seaside promenade. We found unique accommodation in floating houses, old mansion and family slow guesthouse. It'll be close, a little more quiet and really atmospheric. 


This is not a neighborhood of Warsaw, but forests of Western Pomerania, known for mushrooms and proximity to the sea, and now, for that there is one of the most designer homes on this side of the Odra River. This year, the owners decided to add to this happiness swimming pool and take you shouls take a look at their profile at Slowhop, if you plan to have holidays with a larger group of cool people. 

"Great little place away from the hustle and bustle. Great decor and design. The surrounding nature allows to rest."

Slowhop opinion: Cool place for families with children and groups of friends. You can rent the whole house or only half. Here, no pets.


Drawa Lake District is lika Masuria region, but without the crowds from Warsaw. Not even the crowds from Szczecin, nor from Koszalin, or even from Poznan. There is simply no crowds here. Instead, there is honey, smooth and golden, beautiful legends and Dom nad Stawem. The hostess you can know from Karpno, the same Merida, The Brave, running through the local woods. Now, she gives exclusive home for seven people and hopes that you'll be fine here.

"The horses outside the window, cranes in the sky, beautiful surroundings and wonderful areas that can be enjoyed from horseback, what more you could want."

Slowhop opinion: For seven people, five beds, horses in the neighbourhood, water under your breath. And you can take your dog.


Food straight from the farm, and when they bring dumplings, the guests applaud. Super horse friendly place just by the water. Rooms are double and triple and there are also two-room family studios. Stunning place.

"It was wonderful. Daughter was riding horses as much as she wanted, from morning to evening she had contact with horses. Girls are fantastic, riding lessons took place in a very positive atmosphere. Lake, sauna, bicycles - everything close and within reach. Food above average. Every wish fulfilled and we aren't an easy group - vegan, vegetarian and carnivorous daughter. I rested here more than I thought I can. Well, there's just beautiful."

Slowhop opinion: Ultra photogenic place, worth getting up in the morning, because they provide here fog and fresh coffee from dawn. You can come with the dog.


We didn't expect it, but it turned out that we found a gem! Nineteenth-century house and oriental flavors in the middle of Drawa Lake region. That there is honey - we knew, that there are horses - we were aware, that there are lakes - it's obvious, but that we will eat there Lvov-Algerian food with French sophistication and cooking family - we had no idea. Great story - go there to listen it.

"Coming to Rawiczówka is like a journey into another dimension. Time slows down, smile arises on your face and doesn't disappear, there is blissfully, harmoniously, peacefully and freely. House with a wonderful atmosphere, around there are views extending to the horizon, friendly animals, delicious food and Best Hostess! Spontaneous arrival was a great decision, we're already planning to return, because this place you can't not miss!"

Slowhop opinion: Three rooms with private bathrooms and you can take your dog.


There is no longer Drawa Lake region without this place. Be sure to come here with small children, seriously - babies feel here like fish in water. They are surrounded with respect, like a small incarnation of Buddha in Nepal and there is really quiet. Even five-year kids don't make noise, but so far we can't believe it. Good home cooking, tasty cakes. The ingenious barn, in which the Owner's dream of the coolest playground was fulfilled. There is a pool, currant bushes and dog Maniek.

"An ideal place to relax with children. On-site wonderfully arranged barn, outdoor playground, space, silence, peace. The area is full of interesting places for shorter and longer trips. Lunches tasty and served in large quantities. Rooms neat. You can see the titular cranes, and  a deer :-)"

Slowhop opinion: Two and four-bed rooms. Beautiful porch, from which you have a great look at the children, while drinking coffee. Here, without a dog.


Oh, how we love Siedlisko Niebieski Szczur! We've never asked Ewa, its Hostess, whence the name is from, but surely this is an interesting history. One of those places in Poland, where the horses are treated in a special way. Siedlisko is a sanctuary for them, and hosts equally surround with care people and animals. Wonderful place, full of freedom.

"After a week stay, it was very difficult for us to leave! Each one of my family had their own rhythm and space for themselves. I read, I looked at my daughter riding horses, walked the dog, breathed and cheered apple trees to bloom beautifully... Piotr read, run and took photos, slept and made coffee; Janio played football in any form, Zofcia besides horse riding could sink without restraint in the horse world. The dog sniffed and run like crazy! It was really wonderful!"

Slowhop opinion: Five rooms in historical buildings. You can arrive with the dog.


Something for fans of digital detox and the luxury of being off-net. Mrs. Alicja did a good job, her garden blooms like crazy, you can see here great passion. The garden is in the middle of a landscaped park, by the river, only few minutes from a  lake - you can feel nature pulsates with energy.

"We spent a week in Orlik and it was lit. Villa is located off the beaten track, in the middle of trees and ponds. Phone signal is quite weak, so if anyone is looking for rest and don't want to be "on call", this is a great place for you. For us it was definitely an asset :). Excellent food and delightful owners. In addition, this beautiful garden, quiet  and deers running from time to time."

Slowhop opinion: 2-bed rooms, family rooms, studio and apartments with kitchenettes. Here, no pets.


One of the most designer places on the Polish coast. Houses float on the lake Jamno in Mielno, a few kilometers from Koszalin, beautiful and relaxed as lotus flowers on a calm surface of the water. Somewhere in the back are left waffles with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, soft serve ice cream and fried flounder. But no worries. It's only 10 minutes to get all of it and buy jelly beans for kids so they can feel like in a resort. You can drink coffee on the terrace with a view of the other shore.

"The most wonderful place we've ever been. Fireplace, sauna, the best breakfast in the world! In addition helpful, smiling staff. We'll definitely come back!"

Slowhop opinion: Mielno has its pros and cons. Houses on Jamno is one big pro that covers all the cons. Great service and good breakfasts.


Most of the Szczecin inhabitants have some youthful memories of holidays in Pobierowo. In recent years, a lot has changed here, but scarps above the beach and pine forests remain as before, quiet and giving hope for a peaceful holiday by the sea. The hostess made from an old cabin in the woods a place, where not only sentimental inhabitants of Szczecin want to go, but the whole Poland. You have a choice of upper and lower apartment, in the summer they are rented in weekly cycles.

Slowhop opinion: We belong to the lovers of Pobierowo. Beside the ice cream you can find here the house of Ewa Braun, Hitler's mistress and one of the oldest hotels on the coast. Be sure to try fresh donuts.


Year-round cottages on the beach and in the branches of trees in Mielno, equipped with a sauna, fireplace and graduation tower. Nobody got cold here yet, even in February. Frankly we would come here to get a bit warm. There are 11 cottages, each is something between the Scandinavian house and luxury tent.

"Hats off, really. Cool, comfortable, cozy cottages (it can be warm in a tent in February :)). In addition great breakfasts (even our dogs got something in the basket breakfast), very friendly service and I can list pros for so long. In the hotel industry and catering bothers me "mediocrity", and here my jaw dropped, that it's possible to take care of all the details, because that's what creates a unique atmosphere. Thank you for a lovely week. Keep it up."

Slowhop opinion:  Even if the summer this year won't be warm - with fireplaces and sauna it'll be a good holiday.

S_pokój & dobro / slow life apartments

New house on the seaside in Gąski. It was built from the remnants of the old train station in Slupsk, by a pair of cultural anthropologists, Anetta and Artur. Inside there is a lot of restored antiques and the atmosphere, which is really hard to find at the Polish seaside. Hosts have for guests two apartments: Calm (2 rooms, 4-iron beds) on the ground floor and the Good (3 rooms, 5 beds and a sofa bed). The latter can accommodate up to 8 people. There is a kitchen. You can take the dog.

"A place with a soul, calm and atmospheric and this atmosphere is created by good people."

Slowhop opinion: When the Hosts were building this house - there was nothing in Gąski. Unfortunately, over the years, happened the same situation as everywhere - shops, booths, and all this cheesy stuff that Polish seaside is associated with. But this place is a kind of oasis. So it's not for everyone. Beautiful garden, hosts' sons are masters of cakes and coffee. But it's not a place for those who look for lonely house on the sand dunes.

(photos: S_pokój i dobro)

Fulinowo Grzybowo

About 6 km from Kołobrzeg, in the village Grzybowo, it was created a guesthouse like no other. It's because people from Fulinowo took care of it - previously known for a cool place in Kuźnica. They repeated the concept that has succedeed. Spot for families, garden to integrate, bicycles, kick scooters, lots of toys for the kids and quiet seaside town. The interiors of all 13 rooms look beautiful, and in the common kitchen, which looks like from a TV series Fresh Prince of BelAir, you can meet other guests, who feel good here.

"Beautiful quiet family house. Wide beaches, where there is always a place. Toys and games for children on rainy days. Lovely kitchen, dining room and a porch for guests. I love sleeping there. Peace and quiet around. Really worth a visit!"

Slowhop opinion: Come with your children. If you get bored (which we doubt) - Kołobrzeg is only few minutes on the bicycle.

(photos: Fulinowo Grzybowo)

Pokoje przy Morzu

It was such a discovery, that our jaws dropped with a thud. In the small town Gąski, among old trees, we've found a house from the early twentieth century. We saw visions of a lady with a lace umbrella, who enters the beach through a private entrance and is followed by a servant with a mustache in a striped suit. Unique. You can choose between a house on a sand dune for up to 11 people and rooms in buildings of a former farmstead. Each of the three apartments fcan accommodate about 7 people.

Slowhop opinion: One of the most hidden atmospheric place by the beach, which we have dealt with. It's a great advantage.

(photos: Pokoje przy Morzu)

Dom przy Plaży

We found this house, desperate looking for a small guest house by the beach. We cared less about the interiors, more about the ability to wait with a glass of wine for the sunset, sitting on the sand, as in American films about Florida. And here it is, in Sarbinowo, 7 km from Mielno. It's separated from the beach only by a narrow boardwalk, so the proximity condition is met, in addition, you can celebrate the sunsets from your balcony. Brilliant gate leading from the garden to the beach.

"Excellent - quiet place with a wonderful location, a step away from the beach. The room, which we had, with a view of the sea, clean, modern and spacious. Recommendable place, where you want to come back and tell others about it with delight."

Slowhop opinion: Very family place, but you have to leave your dog at home.

(photos: Dom Przy Plaży)

Straszny dwór / Haunted House

Another old gem at the Polish seaside. It stands in Mielenko from the end of the nineteenth century, a few kilometers from Mielno and is quite well. Inside, there is like at a French Count, not like in Mielenko, West Pomeranian voivodeship! You only need to step outside to come back to reality, because Haunted Manor is located 600 meters from the Baltic beach, which gives about 4 minutes walk with the inflatable ring under your arm and a waffle smeared with nutella in your hand.

"We've never been in such a charming place. Lovely guesthouse."

Slowhop opinion: We have already written about the Haunted Manor in the context of foreigners creating guesthouses in Poland. More here.

(photos: Haunted Mansion / Haunted House)

Villa Park Wisełka

The only big thing in this list, with the spa, reception, lobby and a conservatory. Inside - 20 atmospheric rooms, outside - playground and a lot of greenery. Excellent cuisine, close to Międzyzdroje and Wolin.

"Fantastic, atmospheric, stylish place with lovable, competent staff, delicious food, great design and a unique atmosphere. A huge advantage are the surroundings - beautiful Wolin National Park, the wide beach and the lake. I've been coming to Villa Park for 9 years, every time I hate to leave and can't wait to return!"

Slowhop opinion: For demanding travelers who like to play a round of golf in Międzyzdroje and sip cava for breakfast. Remember thatrooms in Villa Park are often booked already at the leave, for the next year.

(photos: Villa Park Wisełka)

Willa Błękit

Sometimes it's a good idea to invite Dorota Szelągowska and let her mess inside. Seriously, many seaside guesthouses should consider it. Photos of Willa Błękit before and after should make some people thinking. Anyway - it's beautiful, very white and blue, 100 meters from the beach and in total 40 people in 11 rooms will find here shelter.

"Fantastic boutique hotel. Small, beautifully decorated, excellent cuisine, very friendly staff, beautifully restored secession villa in the "prettiest" part of Mielno."

Slowhop opinion: Nice villa among the old, secession buildings. Don't take animals.

(photos: Willa Błękit)


There is a place in Pobierowo, just above the cliff, overlooking the Baltic Sea, in the middle of a pine forest. Wy&Spa is nothing new, nor any monument, but the view from the terrace is such, that we would spend emergency cash for it. Or at least for a candlelit dinner. Because, in the kitchen rule Thai cooks and during the warm evening with the sunset you can imagine the Thai islands. There is also a small fitness room and great area for Nordic walking.

"The location close to the sea, in the forest, peace and quiet. Spa - you can take advantage of the treatments by the occasion of a seaside vacation."

Slowhop opinion: Rather for couples than families. Most of the guests from Germany.

(photos: Wy&Spa)