8 amazing dog friendly guesthouses in Poland

For Daisy, Rocky, Toby and Buddy



Without empty writing - it's not easy to travel with a dog and sleep in guesthouses. Man feels a little awkward when his dog barks at night. And when it wallows in something stinky and the whole guesthouse/agritourism is wondering if there is spoiled food somewhere? And this white linen, when there is rainy outside and your furry friend wants to roll around in something clean. Some of the dogs drools. Others have problems with hygiene. Besides, the possibility of carpet and decoration damage. Also large items swallowing or guests' shoes chewing may happen. And these poops. But there are some places in this world where, in spite of everything, they say to dogs and their owners: "come". And here are these places. We want to pay tribute to them and thank them from our heart.

Well, tell me, if you don't look sometime for a home for a group of friends, in which almost everyone has a labrador, jack or york? And if this house looks like from American movies about escaping to the countryside and starting hippie life, where you listen to Roy Orbison and sometimes jump into the lake naked? This home features a barn for events and so many lakes around that you can choose different every day, like socks in the morning. And in addition it has cool man with the role of a host who knows what to do, so you can feel like in the American film about escaping to the countryside and starting hippie life. You have to book this house in advance, because there are a lot of people dreaming like you. 

"Beautifully, casually, family-friendly, at ease, with the frog orchestra in a nearby pond, with yogis in the barn and the host, which does well on your soul."

Slowhop opinion: There are over 16 beds and you should book the whole house. At Slowhop ;)

Stołowe Mountains is one of only few national parks where your pet isn't a contraband. No hiding under the jacket or in a bag, or secretly sneaking off the trail. Totally legal, normally, with a leash - he should be let in without any complaining. And it's a great idea, because the routes to explore (including squeezing through narrow holes of Szczeliniec) and areas for running are so cool, and the dog has his paradise. Really nice Hosts, they like guests and their dogs. Read more about Łąkowa here.

"The best place to rest in the Stołowe Mountains! Lofty-industrial design, really friendly, open and helpful owners. Super atmosphere - I already know today that I will definitely come back (not only for those delicious breakfasts)."

Slowhop opinion: Beautiful views, and you don't have to feel guilty if the dog barks at night.

Incredible place that has been created with the thought of pets. We don't know another guesthouse, which part of the money from the room booking allocates for the rescue and treatment of dogs and horses. And now the details: 25 hectares of land by the lake, fenced but with access to the water. For those giants who prefer to stay outside there are two closed boxes 5x5 each, with thermally insulated doghouses. Pets may walk wherever can people. On site you will meet Hosts' 6 dogs and their three horses saved from the death, which "you can only pat and cuddle." You don't have to muzzle your dogs, dogs stay for free, and on guests' request there is an opportunity to examine the dog (by a vet), have photo shoot and have discounts on the purchase of dog food. It sounds like a Disney fairy tale, but it's true.

"Beautiful place!! And I'm not talking about the interiors (although I give them also an A grade), but about the atmosphere and approach to animals. "

Slowhop opinion: Beautiful interiors, good people. You should go there.

(Photos: Siedlisko Błominko, makulscy.com)

We're sentimental about this extraordinary place. Not only it has historical interiors, carefully restored, but also the Hosts like to eat well, feed guests without mercy, and the whole neighbourhood is a large outdoor dog run and area for kids. We wrote about them here and will probably do it again.

"First of all, VERY nice staff, second of all place with the atmosphere, pet friendly, open to families with children. Thirdly, the location, which is a good starting point for exploring nearby attractions: czoch, Noe's ark, camel and many others. Fourthly, delicious royal breakfasts and hearty dinners. We recommend it :)"

Slowhop opinion: Remember to ask for the opportunity to off-road ride.

35 km from the Warsaw center, a hippie masterpiece for amazing events, bachelorette parties and children's parties. We see there piñata full of candy, laughing girls with glasses of prosecco and a long table at which happens everything important. Biały Domek is so stylish that it's used as a location for film sets. But luckily you can also book it for a weekend getaway and pretend that you don't live in settlement houses, but outside the city, eat healthy eggs and smelling apples and your dog can run around the fields.

"Wonderful and magical place for people who love nature and a return to old-style boho. Every little element of this place makes that you don't want to leave."

Slowhop opinion: Cameral place for 4 people or for a party with sleeping in your house.

Zaborek is like the whole village transferred from the nineteenth century. We wrote about them recently here, and today we'll only add that the whole place is situated by the forest, so walking opportunities are fantastic, and the whole space of Zaborek takes seven hectares and our jack russell felt like in a really spacious house, he made friends with the horse and didn't want to come back home.

"Place with a great atmosphere, very interesting concept, a friendly staff, charming hosts. An ideal place for a holiday with a child, my son was thrilled."

Slowhop opinion: You can live in a windmill, the old forest lodge and kiss the footprints of the Rolling Stones bassist, if you like fanclub climate.

It is in this list, not because it offers wonderful things for dogs, cats and ferrets' owners, but because of the incredible space. Since Gościniec Zagaje has joined Slowhop, we get a lot of enthusiastic reviews that this is a place where, thanks to the nature around, you can really forget about the reality. The guesthouse is located in the region of miasteckie lakes, still poorly explored. You can count on really delicious food, translucent lakes, fantastic forests and great peace.

"We really well recall the two-week stay at this picturesque place, Mr. Marek's excellent cuisine, helpful Mrs. Gertrude and walks in forest with loyal Bonzo. Place is absolutely recommendable, we will definitely come back and I can't wait to taste again Mr. Marek's specialties."

Slowhop opinion: There is no chance of adiet and this is the only guesthouse in the world with its own deer rut.

Psi Szeptun (Karkonosze)

If you have ever watched The Horse Whisperer, then Psi Szeptun is its counterpart in the world of dogs. They write about themselves: "We bring them back to life among the people. Often enough we save their lives. Szeptun isn't afraid of the so-called difficult dogs - extremely aggressive." It's wonderful that our Polish Psi Szeptun has its own place 6km from the Polish-Czech border, in the area of ​​Szklarska Poręba, and this is an unusual place with pre-war swimming pool. People as well as dogs can swim in it (with this size, three malamute breedings and a group with large family card can get in the pool and still there will be free space). For those who love hygiene and disinfection: the swimming pool is fed by crystal clear mountain water and it works on the overflow concept.

„We were amazed by beautiful  autumn garden, which in this season was bathed in every possible colour. Our pets were delighted with the huge swimming pool in which they could swim for the last time this year thanks to the kindness of the hosts. We really thank themfor that – watching that absolute dog levity was for us - owners simply priceless :).”

Slowhop opinion: Big house, huge garden, place adjusted for disabled people and elderly.

(Photos: Basen Przesieka)