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Gościniec Pod Zielonym Jajem

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Indiana Jones would feel great here. Especially if he stood in the gate hungry hungry, with a beloved dog and an appetite for adventure. The first fact is that we like to overeat the guests. Second - our village lies on agate beds and no one is sure what else can be dug out from Lower Silesia so the adventure is as if in a package. Third: that we are probably the only place in Poland that so simple and openly encourages arrival with the quadrupeds. Not that you can. You have to!

 We have uncovered an artifact in Plowczki - a two Centuries old house, full of legends and secrets. We renewed it with care and with affection. For several years we have shown this place to strangers from different lands and tell mysterious stories from the surrounding area. We invite you to a place full of adventures and undiscovered secrets of history. And take a shovel.

Antoni Jackiewicz Jackiewicz

Gościniec Pod Zielonym Jajem miał stać w Afryce. Dokładnie pod Marrakeszem. Pokonywaliśmy land roverem saharyjskie bezdroża, obiecując sobie, że zostaniemy tam na dłużej. Tymczasem ten 200-letni dom z kamienia i piaskowca wziął nas szturmem, z zaskoczenia. Zaparkowaliśmy tu nasz samochód i zapraszamy gości na poszukiwanie agatów.
Super superhuman place
Downhill and cross country skiing
Regional cuisine and special requirements
Zloty Potok beach in the area
12 double rooms with bathrooms
Fantastic cycling and hiking trails


  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the countryside
  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast included
  • Vegetarian, vegan, for allergics
  • Local products


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Pet friendly
  • No neighbors
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Playground
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Beer
  • Preserve

Where will I sleep?

The house was built of the same sandstones as the German Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate. It was given the form of a country cottage, though perhaps more elegant than usual. The inn is a little bit like a boutique boutique hotel, and we looked after at least a few stars.

There are 12 double rooms...
in three categories: Traditional Chamber, High House and Lord's House. They differ in size, but the microclimate is the same in them. Time can be spent in the tavern where the ambition of the best chefs sticks out of us, even when we try not to overdo it or out.

After bed and breakfast it is worth to jump out to the garden and lie down on a small beach, wipe with a dog in the forest and see the gorge. Or be tempted to travel a land rover around the area. We will be accompanied with joy.

What will I eat?

In this topic we do not go for shortcuts. We take only local produce, delicious sausages and meat, cheeses, and vegetables and fruit growing at the pace. We do what we need according to different requirements.

Our specialty is regional, bar, and even Mediterranean and gluten free. The custody of the...
latter is exercised by our dietician, Mrs. Monika. We try to meet many tastes - most of the surrounding inhabitants are descendants of repatriates from Volyn, Yugoslavia and refugees from Greece.

To swallow, it is good to drink. That is why we serve beer from the oldest brewery in Europe - Lwówek Brewery. Best.

Breakfasts with bread, coffee and organic produce and delicious dinners are served in the inn. And we drink beer in the bar. In the evening we invite you to feast under the stars.

How will I be entertained?

Since you are just watching our place, you must know that in Lower Silesia you can not be bored. Here's what we recommend in the area:
- beach in the Golden Stream
- picturesque bike routes of the Giant Mountains and Jizera Mountains among forests
- Horse riding in friendly studs
- rock climbing in Rudawy...
Janowickie and Sokolich Mountains, where Polish climbers
- kayaking with Kwis and Bobr and more exciting in the mountain streams
- ski resorts (Zieleniec, Czarna Góra, Świeradów Zdrój, Karpacz, Szklarska Poreba) and Czech resorts. Our guests will climb to the slopes and provide an instructor.
- cross-country skiing - Jizera Mountains is a mecca of cross-country skiing
- tennis in Boleslawiec and Wroclaw
- hiking trails through the Sudetes (archaeological trail, extinguished volcanoes, Piast trails and others)
- off road - we organize land rover trips around the area

Inside our bustle we have a garden, a small beach by the brook, a ravine and a forest and you would not be able to move from here at all.

What's for children?

We tried to make it easier for parents to rest and to provide children with a solid dose of adventures. Apart from the holiday standard (slipper, trampoline, sandbox) and the area for carefree running, we have a list of all interesting events for children in Lower Silesia and recommendations such as:
City and Miniature Park in Kowary
Circus of Miłków
Dino Park in Szklarska Poręba,
Legend of Silesia Castle in Pławna Dolna,
Rope Park in Szklarska Poręba
Wrocław Zoo and Africa
Water parks in the area


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • No TV set

How much will I pay?

price list * season high / season low **

type of room price
2-bedded Traditional Chamber 170/150
3-bedded Traditional Chamber 200/180
2-bedded High House 190/170
3-bedded High House 210/200
2-bedded The Lord's House 220/200
3-bedded The Lord's House 250/210
4-bedded The Lord's House 280/230

* not applicable for Christmas, long weekend. One-day stay is more expensive for an extra 10 zł / person, and during the holiday it also includes weekend stays.

** high season: winter holidays, holidays (15.06 - 31.08.)
Buffet breakfast - 35 PLN / person (with a minimum of breakfast served individually)
Second breakfast prepared by guests alone - sandwich with bread roll or 2 slices of bread - 5 zł
Tasty 3-course dinner with homemade dessert - 55 PLN / person (advance reservation required)
soup with bread at lunch time and the other evening meal - 60 zł / person
Children 4-9 years 50% of meal price
Reservation is non-refundable
The settlement is due on the first day of stay.
we issue vat invoices

The price is 10-20 PLN / day.

We rent bikes for our guests (first 2 hours 20 zł, whole day 30 zł).

Place rules

Minimal rental period

2 doby

Payment and booking conditions

- zadatek rezerwacyjny nie podlega zwrotowi
- wcześniejszy wyjazd nie uprawnia do zwrotu pieniędzy za niewykorzystane doby
- rozliczenie następuje w pierwszym dniu pobytu
- wystawiamy faktury

Pensjonat jest przyjazny dla Państwa czworonogów (cena pobytu 10-20 zł/dobę).

Naszym gościom wypożyczamy rowery (pierwsze 2 godziny 20 zł, cały dzień 30 zł).

  • Card payment
  • Cash on the spot
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:15:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Płóczki Górne 102
  • 59-600 Lwówek Śląski

How to get there?

Tel: 00 48 607 200 200 e-mail: For GPS users: deg ° min 'sec.dd "N51 ° 05'15.56" E15 ° 32'03.57 " deg.min.dddd 'N51 ° 05,2593' E15 ° 32.0594 ' deg.dddddd ° N51.087655 ° E15.534323 °



Everything OK 10, good food, contact host, helpful in every matter. Amazing old house with a soul, an interesting neighborhood.


A great place also for families with kids. The buildings have been restored beautifully. Location of the Gościniec in the village itself, ideal. The area offers plenty of attractions. A relaxed atmosphere, very tasty food, a variety also designed for children. I would recommend.


The place is really unusual. The house, the neighborhood and the host make it possible to turn off completely and give bliss. A wonderfully maintained workaround, a lot of heart and passion were put in the cattle. In every corner you can see the attention to details that make us break away from the 21st century. What you see in the pictures is just a substitute for real impressions for those who love the closeness of nature and the remarkable interiors. Mr. Antoni is energetic and caring about the guests with the "good spirit" of this place. In fact, the whole farm is her host. It serves a rich and very tasty breakfast, and for those who are willing, it also offers dinners prepared on the spot. We loved staying in Green Egg and we will definitely come back :)


Beautiful place, friendly staff, nice rooms, good food, beer and lounge beds. We recommend :)


I recommend it to all those who want to truly relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nature itself, birds singing in the morning, rooster crowing, total peace. Beautiful surroundings, around the silence, around the greenery. Gościniec is a beautifully restored, really atmospheric place ... The house of the Lord - because it was our room - with a beautiful view of the 300-year-old oak, spacious, with very comfortable mattresses. The bathroom is also large. The rooms and the bathroom clean, tastefully and with a touch of nostalgia decorated. The whole house as well as a detour around is also very clean and tidy, beautifully landscaped garden where you can rest, read and look after your kids on the playground, which is next door. The area is fenced, safe, an ideal place for families with children. Going down to the ground floor of the house, you can rent a book from a small library on the first floor. Meals served on the ground floor of the house in a really truly epochal kitchen - inn. Buffet breakfasts to choose from: several types of bread, wheat, wholemeal, with seeds and the like, the same choice when it comes to scones, several types of cured meats, pate, white cheese, cheese, butter, scrambled eggs, steamers, cereals, cocoa, milk, yoghurts and various additives: fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, olives, small-size cucumbers, peppers. Really a huge choice, no problem to feed the children. Dinner can not be missed. Great soups (cucumber !!!) my little one ate up his ears shaky! The second dishes are very tasty, real home cooking like mother or grandma without any fancy. Neck in beer - revelation! For this, potatoes, salads served in the bowls can be applied at will. Young cabbage with dill or white cabbage salad - fingers lick! Very large portions, beautifully served in ceramics, a feast for the palate and the eye. Children will be able to eat delicious homemade dishes without any problem. Service very nice, obliging, atmosphere just like in "old friends" you can sit quietly with a coffee or a glass of wine and chat. Mr. Antoni owner will help and advise in choosing attractions for sightseeing - really a lot of beautiful places, castles, palaces etc. within 30 minutes from the highway is really a lot. With a clear conscience recommend a beautiful and atmospheric place like Gościniec Pod Zielonym Jajem, where you can really relax and eat well and see the beautiful surroundings of Lower Silesia.


At the beginning, perversely: I do not recommend ... those who expect hotel bellboys carrying suitcases, maids standing at the door of the apartments, ultra-hip-all-inclusive lovers with Filipino waitresses running behind you with trays full of drinks with an obligatory umbrella, malcontents who bother you, that it rains, and those who think their taste buds are so sophisticated that they can not stand the tastiest dish, if it only comes from the supermarket on B, L, or IM. ;))) I recommend those who like peace, unique atmosphere and decor and delicious food (dishes Mrs. Wiola is a real world championship). Gościniec is a truly unique place, slightly reminiscent of an English farm. The owners carefully restored 200-year-old buildings, took care of small details, such as fences, greenery, wheels of horse-drawn wagons hung on external walls, "period-old" furniture, carefully renovated floors ... a big piece of "green" - a perfect place to relax on a sun lounger, as well as an ideal playground for children, which - as it turns out - you would not need much to have fun. The rooms are clean, neat, have a unique decor. The village itself - Płóczki Górne - has two advantages: it is both near and far. Near the city (Lwówek Śląski) - about 10 minutes it takes you to the supermarket, pharmacy, Lviv market or restaurant, far - because Plóczki Górne lie in a valley away from the main road, in the valley there is no "transit" traffic, because the road ends blind in the town of Nagórze. That is why the sounds of nature dominate in Płóczki - bird treble, the sound of the stream and the buzzing of insects. Gościniec Pod Zielonym Jajem is an ideal starting point for exploring this part of Lower Silesia. Within an hour of driving there is, among others medieval Lwówek, Lubomierz (the one from the movie "Sami Swoi"), tiny Wleń with the Lenno Castle towering above it (I recommend it due to 360 view), Grodziec Castle, Pilchowice and Gryfów dams, as well as Bolesławiec (with ceramics manufactories), Zgorzelec and Gorlitz, as well as Zittau, Bogatynia. Also within reach are the impressive Frydlant Castle in the Czech Republic, and for mountain enthusiasts: the Jizera Mountains (Świeradów Zdrój) and Karkonosze (Szklarska Poręba). The owner - Mr. Antoni is passionate, who has a great knowledge about the surrounding, nearby monuments of cities, villages and history of Lower Silesia. For this he has the nature of a storyteller, thanks to his advice and recommendations regarding what is worth visiting in the area, it's also a fascinating story. For this non-repeatable atmosphere of the "guest house" pub + Lviv beer;) We did not complain about the lack of interest - the owners and employees of the Gościniec do not impose themselves, because this is the rest in such a place.


I highly recommend, a great place that does not do anything. It is exactly what it is supposed to be, offering exactly what it is supposed to offer :) I think that any negative opinions may result only from not getting acquainted with the offer, or simply from irrational expectations. The crew feeds so that it can not be eaten, everything is delicious, many restaurants could come for training. In addition, they stand on eyelashes to meet all the food curves reported by guests (rallies - I am gluten-free, I am veg, I'm without meat, the child does not eat this and that etc ...).


A great place and wonderful people. I spent with Mr. Antoni and my family a long May weekend and we really rested. A place decorated with taste and a nice atmosphere. Mr. Antoni - the owner is a very nice, specific and well-organized man with extensive historical knowledge and a storyteller. Food very tasty and a lot. Maybe it does not come from a nearby farm, but they try, as they can, to let the holidaymakers to clear the skies, especially Mrs. Wiola - "the trainer of the kitchen and the whole object" - a very optimistic and nice person. I sincerely recommend to all, and especially admirers of Lower Silesia!


People, the opinion below is untrue and very harmful !!!! I wonder who is Mrs. Ania, because the company during the stay was very nice and no one complained to the hosts, on the contrary, everyone praised the place, atmosphere and food. I do not understand such a procedure ... first pretend or be satisfied, and then smudge on the net ..... it's not fair ... I went with my husband and two children. I absolutely do not regret the spent time. I can boldly recommend a place to others. Clean room, cot cooked for my 4 month old baby. Despite the late hour we arrived, we were served a large dinner. The owners are nice, ladies cooks too. They flexibly approach many issues that can be discussed individually with them. The off road drive is great and not expensive at all. After all, fuel for such a car costs and such fun can not cost 10 PLN, because it is not a charity organization, People !!!! A climatic house and tastefully decorated. Despite the low temperatures at night, it was warm, so that I even screwed the radiator on, so I did not have to worry about the children being cold. I am very pleased. Oh, I do not consider myself a person with "undeveloped taste buds" ;-).

rather poorly

Hmm, I also have similar feelings from the Easter trip. A high price for three nights, and here (instead of the one described on the website of the guest - the smell of freshly baked bread) distasteful bread from the market. The owner will announce to the guests that on Friday and Saturday he fasts, and therefore each of the guests also had to fast. Even if he is not a Catholic. That's how it happened to me nowhere! For dinner on both Friday and Saturday there was a frozen fish from the market, fried in breadcrumbs. Belly, because it's unpalatable and unhealthy. Additionally, the soups are poor in taste, resembling those from cartons. And how lettuce is topped with a ready-made sauce (also from the market). On Easter Sunday also without madness. Eggs with mayonnaise were missing. I think the hosts did not hear about the roasted meats. The sausages were "market", of poor quality and greasy. The dough was also industrial, unless someone cares so badly. No regional cold cuts or cheeses, though the tavern advertises itself via its website. I felt misled. No, it was not a trip to a place where you can eat, if not regionally, it's decent. Where are the traditions of borderland and Mediterranean cuisine that the host writes about on the website? Maybe not at this time? At the same time, the host has advised much about the tradition, or its downfall !!! I did not know that the Poles have a new "supermarket" tradition for Christmas. It is a pity for me that I lost my time, I returned home and hungry and pissed off. Perhaps people with undeveloped taste buds will find their place there. However, I and my husband decided that we would avoid this place with a wide arch. Oh, the internet did not work after the arrival of other guests, and the bed was dirty. And in fact, the hosts claimed that you can not pay with the card, although the terminal kindly blinked under the counter. I have a similar impression as a person writing a comment from January, ie that everything was so prepared, but it was "cheap". What is written on the site, especially about food, is not true in my opinion. My husband said that he knows where the name of the highway comes from. We have been made into a nice "egg".

could be better

Płóczki Górne is the name of the village where the guest house is located under a green egg. Or should it be Cisterns? No, it's not a charming village, it's about drifting owner's style, Mr. Antoni. The first sentence he said for a good day? "Please state, technical note, I would ask you to settle your debts with hard cash, until Sunday. "Later, he reminded me of this ... Gosciniec under a green egg, but to get the eggs though mayonnaise served ... and here we come to a basic defect - the kitchen. , 5 tiles for 3 nights (2 people), we imagined some regional specialties, and this is honey from a befriended apiary, a sheep's cheese from a friend, or a wild boar made by Mrs. Jadzia, nothing like that. meats or pre-packaged yellow cheese, the same with half board - poor soups and slips, and everything ... heavy in the esophagus. As if the owner wanted to save. Similar impressions on New Year's Eve: the only decoration is stuck balloons, in the offer of no wine, let alone other drinks (unless extra paid), dinner just moved by two hours, and cold buffet ... further difficult for the palate. No integration, entertainment for children, own ideas. Just forward, just like. There were no fireworks, other than those that all the German guests had regained. In summary, the price is inadequate to quality and we can summarize the whole wording: but eggs, but eggs!


Fantastic place full of twittering birds, tastes of cuisine, fantastic atmosphere. The owner here is the right man in the right place - he is always there for help and he can flawlessly shoot the needs of his guests. This is a place where you can forget everything. The area is full of wonderful places.