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13 atmospheric guesthouses with the best playgrounds



Have your children also swallowed money, pretending to be a piggy bank? Are you also scared of silence? Do you have fast children, such as those who move from point A to point B with the speed of sound, which can eat toilet paper and use the air pump to blow the air in your ear? If your children are someone like that, we can shake hands. We hope you understand why we sometimes publish places just for adults. Today, however, will be different. To the glory of all those who have children who are fast as the sound, with the energy of the duracell bunnies - today we show you some places where they can burn a bit of this energy.


We have here the most kids friendly agritourism in Greater Poland. Ultra friendly to all, who simply move to village and spit in disgust at the thought of spa and swimming pools. Here we have a friendly house, hostess, who always knew what she wanted to do, she went in this direction of education and at the end it turned out that she's a Doctor Dolittle in Greater Poland agritourism industry. You can take a goat for a walk, help with feeding the rabbits, you can dance by the fire or take a ride in a wooden wagon.

"Great family place, delicious dishes, which you can't resist. Rooms very well furnished and equipped - I felt like home. Living room with fireplace and lots of toys, books for children. The area around is a fairy tale! Animals very well maintained, and the nieghbourhood quiet and peaceful. Hosts lovely and satisfying at every step."

This time Cieszyn is in the top three. The villa is basically in the middle of the meadow and it's the center of the universe for kids. Sports competitions, kite flying, trampoline and art classes. But it all loses its meaning when you see Mr. Whale. The huge fish is like the Danish concept of the best playground in the world. Beside the whale, there is a jungle gym and a maze, created from real willow. If it was raining - there is a kid's corner inside. Paulina from the Willa Słoneczna tells us: "Our rule is simple <<Parents are resting and the children shouldn't be bored.>> "We like it, what do you think?

Slowhop opinion: In Dębowiec, there is six times more iodine than by the Baltic Sea, and since the beginning of this year there are afternoon sewing classes for mothers with children, which you can attend. Animation programs during longer stays will be provied.

Villa Greta. Always at the head of the rankings for families with children. We could talk for a long time about the kitchen and interiors, but to shore. Krzysiek is one of those hosts, which we can say that is multifunctional. One of the functions is a surprising approach to children and it's something confirmed by many sources. Besides the playground, million attractions like searching for agates and recognising minerals, there is also something, that kids remarkably love in Villa Greta. Maze in the grass. Krzysiek ensures that this year it's extremely difficult to pass.

Slowhop opinion: Before you come to Greta, sign up for a workshop in the Sudecka Zagroda Edukacyjna in Dobkowo.

Probably the best place for families with children in the West Pomeranian. We send here parents with toddlers, even newborn babies, because there's so quiet you could hear pin drop. It's really cameral, lazy like at Bertolucci's, no baby will wake up before the end of the break for coffee and a pastries. But we're not here today for toddlers, but for ultramoving kindergartners and schoolkids. Directly in front of the guesthouse, there's cool area, you can roll on the ground, eat raspberries from the bush and pet the dog Maniek. Maniek will go, if he had enough, although we kindly ask parents to note if the dog has to stand more than he can. Around the corner, there's summer swimming pool and cherry trees on which you can sit. But the real number one is the playing room in the barn. Marta, the hostess, professionally works with the interiors and she long looked for inspiration. There's everything, including climbing wall and groceries.

Slowhop opinion: We guarantee that on holidays in Lecą Żurawie you'll e able to read the whole Larsson's trilogy. Kids love this place.

Mrs Monika from Łubinowe says: "We have the first in the Lublin region and one of the first in Poland, and certainly the first in the hotel industry, natural playground. The aim was to design the space, so that the child could have a creative contact with nature and could use its gifts while having fun - cones, pebbles, bark, chestnuts, acorns." It sounds a lot like our times, huh? We go further: "On Łubinowe Wzgórze we've built Enchanted Less with Wąwici Village for older kids and Half Gorge for smaller ones. The Wąwici Village is created by hidden cabins, which finding, is part of the field game, described in a specially created book. Fun begins with finding sympathetic Wąwici in the garden. Next is rummaging in the houses, climbing up the rope, collecting gifts. Half Gorge is a garden for the youngest children. There were built platforms from special wood, which look like gorges. Kids can have fun here collecting the gifts of nature, playing in cooking, store, theater, moving, climbing, sliding, balance exercises, running, drawing with chalk."

Slowhop opinion: Place also great for moms. Be sure to read more about the Łubinowe Wzgórze at Slowhop.

Szczyrk and its parenting legend in the Scandinavian fairy tale about trolls and tree ghosts. The hostess of this place knows what's going on in kids' minds and therefore she served a firecracker in five-pack. So, we have a Fairy Tale Land inside, playground outiside, swimming pool, garden and animation program. Did we mention that there's a swimming pool? And it looks nice, is healthy and additionaly multifunctional for kids and parents. In the Fairy Tale Land kids have a slide, wall for painting, a stage and a billion toys. Animations - everything, including making dumplings with Mrs. Krysia. And the swimming pool...

Slowhop opinion: Górska Legenda is indeed an ideal place for parents. You should understand why. Coffee of five changes for the relaxed parents acts as a cherry on the cake.

Willa Tadeusz has already delighted us long time ago, with its swimming pool the same as the one from the movie "A Good Year" with Russell Crowe. Have you ever seen in Poland something as fantastic as this? Kasia from Willa Tadeusz claims that their playground also attracts crowds of underaged travelers and we believe her. In addition they have a large garden with mysterious nooks and crannies in the trees, swings, a quarry to conduct excavations by kids and the forest and dogs which can be cuddled and petted..

Slowhop opinion: Lanckorona is the most creative town in the Lesser Poland. For those who don't necessarily like total wilderness.

Paradise in Lower Silesia for those, who must move every second of the day. Behind the house there's an orchard, in the orchard (besides trees to climb) there's a playground. Here - the important thing for parents and completely usless for children - everything is approved and by the book. So relax, let your youths on a mini climbing wall, let them eat at least a small part of the sandbox, play in wooden cottages with a slide. There's also a  construction of climbing ropes, three swings, table tennis, a place to play badminton and hammock. Hammock rather not for resting. You have no idea what things you can do with a hammock. And trampoline. In winter, kids have the gratest fun with sliding down the hill on the bags stuffed with hay. Remember too, that Kowalowe Wzgórze is a great agritourism, you can learn here where the buuter is coming from, and how you can milk a cow - Kasia, which came back here from a big city, will happilu organize workshops.

Slowhop opinion: One of the most kids friendly places at Slowhop. The hostess - ultracool.

One of those things in Masuria, which you must see with children. The first activity should be to sheep hug. In Ciche Wody sheep are specific, wbout which we write here. Wojtek and Ania are a pair of ecologists, who decided to show children and adults how sustainable village looks. Almost 100 percent certainty that kids will disappear among animals for half a day and spend the next half at felting workshops, baking bread, creating decorations from wool from their sheep, and even building an oven from clay.

Slowhop opinion: Even you only only pass, be sure to come here for a dinner. You won't regret.

Beautiful place in the foothills of Kaczawa. Available to active members of the family is cool playground and a playing room inside. Gościniec Pod Gruszą has something more: a few dozen proposals for different Tom Sawyers, Little Reporter Nela in the form of thematic workshops. They are held all summer and include such frolics as ceramics, gingerbread making, but for the fast moving children we recommend family workshops of banging on drums, gold panning, searching for agates, besides there's a rope park and swimming pool in Stara Kraśnica.

Slowhop opinion:  Beautiful and spacious interiors!

We've recently visited Zaborek after the renovation and although we wanted to try liqueurs in peace, children have different idea for ​​entertainment. Finally, we were late for dinner. Playground in Zaborek is probably the size of Żoliborz in Warsaw and it includes: football pitch, basket and volleyball pitch, jungle gym in the woods, a place for smaller kids with slides and swings and a hit - a kind of small zip-line. Awesome, lit, kids don't take prisoners. In addition, the hosts Kasia and Tomek are tireless and can arrange questing. Also a map of neighbourhood is doing a job itself - in fact Zaborek is not one building, but a few historic cottages, transferred on 70 hectares with a windmill, forester's lodge and averything found by the hosts parents in a serious ruin in the area. Leave kids alone with a map and tell them to find a playground by themselves. Meanwhile go and try liqueur from mirabelle plum.

Slowhop opinin: Necessarily come to Horse Stud in Janów Podlaski and take the tour guide.

Wait, does the Lower Silesia doesn't accidentally took over the whole list? What whe can do, if you have kids, this Polish region really seems to be a natural destination. In Agrohippika are all those things without which active kids go crazy - trampoline, sandbox, swings and  a hectare to run across, but also something more: horses and people who know how to handle them. In addition, as in every stable: the kittens to cuddle and gentle dogs, which you can chase.

Slowhop opinion: One of the best agritouristic cuisines in Poland and beautiful interiors in renovated building.

Among us, mortals, walk those lucky ones, who have the Masurian property within the administrative boundaries of Warsaw. Once a year the aunt Zosia organized there her birthday and mom used to come here to listen to the frogs. That was until Lila and Marek decided to share Staw Otwarty with others. From some time you can take your Warsaw children there and show them something different than the big jungle gyms under the roof. In Staw Otwarty there's a small lake, cool area, you can boat, dive and spend time in Warsaw completely differently than usual.

Slowhop opinion: In the cottage you can sleep in cozy little rooms upstairs and workshops are organized.