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11 guesthuouses for those, who are not joking with food. Never.




Come with us to the magical world, where animals are not fed with antibiotics, eggs are from happy chickens, vegetables grow at their own pace, fruits are eaten by the worms, and it is all about nutrition the guests rather than feeding them. All Hosts described by us use local products, their meals are based on the seasons of the year, and in some kitchens, the spirit of the old Chinese sits and suggests how to eat and live.

There are much more such places in Poland. We know addresses. You have to forgive us that we did not fit all in this article. We will improve soon, preparing the second part. Or maybe the third.

Ciche Wody culinary runs deep with the power of the waterfall. You do not know them? Big mistake! The farm is located in Masuria and you should remember well their name if you like to know the sources your food comes from. Beef and lamb from their own farm, and the latter is of the Scudde sheep. We would love to tell you the story how this endemic breed typical of East Prussia reached Wojtek and Ania's farm as a donation from the German government, but we will not take Hosts the pleasure of their own narrative. Eat bread baked from their own cereal, eggs from their own hen, chicken from their own farm, cheese from neighbour milk, and vegetables and fruits from their own crops. And add a lot of their own herbs.

„We love Ciche Wody! We love Anna and Wojtek! Best place for a total reset, best place to get together, best place for family vacation. Food - pure delight. Magic and unique place!”

Slowhop opinion: Even if you are not going to sleep in the Ciche Wody, come over for food. The host only asks for an earlier phone.

Anyone who has had some contact with Małgosia Kacner, the housekeeper in Sopatowiec, will realize that her kitchen is not just pots and products. Here everything is something more, it is about something more and Gosia herself is more. It is no wonder that you eat here according to the kitchen of five transformations, vegan and vegetarian, and with such a view that you should eat slowly. We recommend homemade bread, pates, cakes, preserves and energizing soups.

You can experience your nobility here, while being blessed with supper, dinner, coexistence and... books."

Slowhop opinion: We have already written about Sopatowiec here and it always makes us happy when we can make new mention about it. You must know that Gosia has written a book about her cooking philosophy.

We have already written about Villa Greta and it looks like we will still have the pleasure of doing so. Gault & Millau regularly come here and leave their caps, and Slow Food Poland anoints Greta with an official stamp. The philosophy of cuisine in Greta cannot be simpler. Serve food based on what gives the land at a specific time of the year and deliver from local hosts. So we have meat from Mr Władek, trout from Bolkowice, milk and cheese from the neighbour, and vegetables and fruits from the garden. In addition, beer from the brewery in Lwówek Śląski and a man since midnight thinks about breakfast, and since noon he thinks about dinner.

Great atmosphere and amazing hosts. But the biggest surprise was the food! Nettle cream with quail and delicate tenderloin with mushrooms is my discovery of the year. Place "must have" not only for gourmets.

Slowhop opinion: The restaurant is located in the fireplace room of Villa Greta and you can come for a dinner even without accommodation. Let just know earlier about allergies and preferences (veg, gluten-free, lactose-free or any other).

Such a place in Drawskie Lake District, where guests begin to applause at the sight of dumplings with meat, the duck makes tears of emotion, and guests from outside the Odra export buckwheat groats as a souvenir from the journey. Karpno is also a farm, so poultry, pigs and rabbits are eco, growing at their own pace and making a living only when their natural time comes. So if you want to know the real taste of meat and its true colour, taste the homemade cured meat, experience the taste of real eggs - come to Karpno. There are also a lot of options for vegetarians, and all things are taking care of by the goddess in the kitchen - Mrs Teresa.

Wonderful place with wonderful people and cool ponies. Very tasty food. Surrounded by silence, calm and beautiful terrains - meadows, hills, lakes, forests.

Slowhop opinion: Drawskie Lakeland is our little secret. We go there for mushrooms and honey, one of the best in Poland. Expect a simple, home-based kitchen, based on ecological products.

The Great Place is probably fed up with us, because we wrote about them here and here, and now again. We risk, however, and blatantly state that we do not know if the Hosts can cook, but they have a neighbour who is unequalled in this. Ewa Pe is a culinary blogger, vegetarian and vegan chef and if anyone wants to go beyond the breakfast basket in The Great Place, Ewa Pe will be the heroine to which he is praying for supper. Another place which was included in the yellow guide Gault & Millau. 

We can not fail to mention about simply splendid Ewa Pe's cuisine, as well as workshops we had decided to take right after have tried the first meal made by Ewa. I would recommend it to anyone who is dreaming about relax surrounded by the nature. We will be back for sure and we recommend it with all our hearts!”

Slowhop opinion: There is cake with dactyls and cashew nuts in the menu, miracles from nettles and salad of daisies and pansies.

In the West Masuria, you will find the outcome of passion for healthy eating. Even the European Union documented it. Without chemistry and enhancers. They focus mainly on vegetables and fruits, they are silage masters, and their products can be purchased at the ecological fair in Warsaw.

Venison, fish, fruits and vegetables grown on their own - delicious! Vegan also will not be hungry. Great place to relax and get away from reality, which will also be appreciated by children mainly because of the animals on the farm, but also because of the time spent with parents with total laziness. I sincerely recommend it.

Slowhop opinion: The superstar in Folwark Miłkowiec is Mr Zbigniew. The recipe for broth in his performance is like soothing music.

We have written about Polna Zdrój here, so today only about food. On the Slowhop they write about themselves: "Yes, Kitchen is the first thing that you have to come for because we are absolutely crazy about it." Not only does it taste, but it looks! The perfect scenery for one of Bertolucci's films, but he probably would not shoot anything, engaged with food.

Pavlova's cake - mastery! It knocked my taste buds to my knees! Marmalade with cactus - revelation! Trout soup is outstanding! Polna Zdrój is a perfect example that YOU CAN DO DIFFERENTLY and it will work!

Slowhop opinion: We probably wrote it somewhere, but Polna Zdrój is like a whole Pinterest on the edge of a small town in Lower Silesia. Feast, debauchery, the most beautiful flower bouquets and taste.

Karczma Stara Kuźnia i Folwark Przykop

We came to the Folwark Przykop encouraged by the positive opinion of the Culinary Critique. Well, really - we did not expect it. Somewhere between Ełk and Giżycko, on a total and miraculous boondocks, there is a small agritourism with a restaurant, where cooks the Top Chef participant. And maybe Stara Kuźnia does not look impressive, but certainly genuinely. Behind the fence there is a vegetable garden, goose and sheep are walking slowly, and all these miracles are done by Patrycja Wąsiakowska, former chief of Warsaw's Cafe Zielony Niedźwiedź.

„Great Lamb shashlik made in front of us on the grill in the middle of  "Stara Kuźnia", very interesting bread with ash, great zander, delicious fish soup. Fantastic dumplings. Everything is fresh and real.”

Slowhop opinion: Stara Kuźnia is open from May to October. Make a reservation and do not forget about the dessert.

(photos: Stara Kuźnia)

Pokrzywnik 11

There are places on the culinary map of Poland printed with golden notes, marked with several kilograms more and a deviation from the diet, even girls on the diet from Chodakowska. Pokrzywnik 11 in Lower Silesia is included to such places. We wrote about them here. The kitchen is vegetarian and if you consider vegetarians to be crazy, you should definitely visit Aneta and Stefan. You will change your mind. You need to make a reservation much earlier, but you may be able to get to the culinary workshop.

Two wonderful people who filled the old, Lower Silesian house with limitless energy. There the aromas of herbs combine with the aroma of baked pastry, and the objects in the rooms tell the story.

Slowhop opinion: We recommend that you look at Pokrzywnik's Instagram, although we warn you that your salivary glands will probably need a medical visit.

(photos: Pokrzywnik 11)

Przystanek Cisna

In the Bieszczady Mountains there is such an atmosphere, that if we would not include here a single place from there, we would go to hell. Especially since Przystanek Cisna is a cult place, people from all over Poland come here (we wrote about Przystanek here). The hosts, Kasia and Andrzej, have for their guests' vegetarian cuisine at its best. If you do not find a free term or rooms - look in the bookshops for a book Kasia Rozmysłowicz "Vegetarian Kitchen". It will not be the same thing as eating delicious food overlooking the mountains of Hon and Horb, but it will work to rub your tears.

Beautiful cottages, beautiful views, nice atmosphere and phenomenal kitchen. I remember the lemon soup until today. Even my Carnivore, initially worried "what will I eat there" admitted that although wege, it was delicious.

Slowhop opinion: Menu outline: bear garlic paste, young kohlrabi soup and tart with spinach. In the summer green pea soup, lettuce with raspberry sauce and stuffed grape leaves, winter buckwheat pate, lentil soup, orange tea and ginger.

(photos: Przystanek Cisna)

Gościniec Bocianowo

Masuria again, this time near Węgorzewo. Here we found a macrobiotic kitchen, which draws from ancient Chinese medicine and is not only to slim you down but to detoxify. So if you consider your health a little more - necessarily come to Bocianów. On the menu, there are vegetarian, vegan and traditional meals. Gościniec also participates in the program "Gluten-free menu". Eat here: nettle cream with roasted sunflower seeds, duck soup with shiitake mushrooms and buckwheat noodles or young purple potatoes baked with garlic and Roman cumin. Yummy.

Peace, tranquility, beautiful food, beautiful garden and fantastic zoo - puppies, alpacas and cats. This place has this kind of the truth that allows you to feel like visiting the countryside at someone's close to you.

Slowhop opinion: They have alpacas and they can be stroked!

(photos: Gościniec Bocianowo)