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Gościniec Pod Gruszą

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The house is 170 years old, but it is a lively old fella, capable of accommodating lots of curious guests and entertaining them not only with memories. It's like the senior family they all want to hear because they tell stories that are unusual.

And so is the one we have to tell. The house has been empty for many years, but we took care of it, remembering the words, "and my house loves it when its laughter brightens." That's how our story began. Her witness is a great pear, the oldest household member. We are waiting for small and big guests and for all we have a lot to do ...

Joanna Smolińska- Kramarz

Data, którą odkryliśmy na portalu wejścia wskazuje na 1845 rok. Od tamtej pory dom przechodził z rąk do rąk, zmieniał się język ojczysty gospodarzy, a w końcu pojawiliśmy się my. Po 5 latach udało się stworzyć coś, co nasi Goście podziwiają, a my za to dziękujemy. Staraliśmy się odzyskać historię i tchnąć w dom trochę nowoczesnego ducha.

Przyjedźcie do nas na racuchy z jabłkami, po odpoczynek na Pogórzu Kaczawskim, po nową wiedzę i długie rozmowy. Zapraszamy.
A place for families and more
Delicious breakfasts and knowledge of where to eat a delicious dinner
Ski Arena Łysa Góra - 11 km
Spacious, two-level apartments
Horse riding in the neighborhood
Welcome without pets


  • In the countryside
  • In the mountains

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast paid extra
  • Local products


  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Close to attractions
  • Bicycles
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Fireplace
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Animations for children
  • Animals on site
  • Bed for a child

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Meat and sausages
  • Bread
  • Honey

Where will I sleep?

Gościniec is three buildings with typical courtyard architecture. For our guests we have prepared 40 beds in 11 rooms and suites. In addition to private parts, we have a 40-meter common room, which serves as a piano bar with a range of wifi and a TV.

There is also an indoor children's living room and...
a kitchenette for guests with refrigerators.

We have prepared:
1 room - 1 bed room,
4 rooms - 2 persons,
2 apartments - 4 persons,
1 apartment - 5 bed room,
3 apartments - 6 people,

What will I eat?

For the time being we mainly meet in breakfast - we are preparing to open the restaurant. This has the advantage - the morning meals are chic like cheeses of pre-war housewife.

We know for sure where to eat well and who will bring catering if so desired by the guests. In a word - you can count on our...
knowledge and experience in eating delicious things in the Kaczawskie Hills. more

How will I be entertained?

Boredom? We have never had problems with her.
- in winter we go skiing. The nearest ski station is 11 km away. We also like sledges and cross-country skiing
- Right next to you there is a fantastic stud with great instructors
- we gather agates - still full here
- we learn a little about the Earth and...
Earth in the Sudeten Educational Camp
- There is an indoor swimming pool nearby
- Sometimes we run into a pottery workshop
- We generally like handmade and we know where they do the best workshops

What's for children?

We are for children. We know what to show them, how interested they are, and we have a nice playroom and an outdoor playground. Rather do not like to leave.


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Dryer
  • Tv set
  • Iron

How much will I pay?

basic information price
Bera Ulmska 1-os> 14m2> bathroom> TV 80 PLN / room
Good Louis 2-os> 20m2> bathroom> TV 120 PLN / room
Żyfardka 2-os> 18m2> bathroom> TV 120 PLN / room
Faworytka 2-os> 16m2> bathroom> TV 120 PLN / room
Jozefinka 3-os> 22m2> bathroom> TV 120 PLN / room

Mezzanine apartments

basic information price
White Bera 4-os> 36m2> bathroom> TV 200 PLN / room
bergamot 4-os> 37m2> bathroom> TV 200 PLN / room
Paryżanka 5-os> 46m2> bathroom> TV 230 PLN / room
Guyot 5-os> 48m2> bathroom> TV 280 PLN / room
God's grace 6-person> 50m2> 2 bathrooms> TV 260 PLN / room
calabash 6s> 62m2> 2 bathrooms> TV 320 PLN / room

You can also rent the entire Gościniec. Price: 2400 per night.
We offer the possibility to rent a room to conduct training for max. 40 people.
Hall equipment: multimedia projector, computer, screen, WiFi, TV.

• And form: payable per person - 60zł / per day,
• Second form: no matter the number of people (max 40 people) - 600 PLN per day
Payment includes buffet service during the conference (coffee, tea, homemade cake).
Possibility to order lunch, dinner, dinner - professional catering. Prices from 25 PLN - 45 PLN / person.

• Breakfast 20 PLN / person,
• The Villa Greta Restaurant is 4 km from the road
• 5.5 km from the road is the Młyn Wielisław restaurant
• the possibility of using catering services

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

  • Card payment
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:15:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Stara Kraśnina 9
  • 59-540 Świeżawa



Great place with a wonderful host. We were absolutely delighted with everyone, only regret that so short.


I was Pod Grusza already almost 3 years ago, I still think about coming back, because this wonderful peace, comfortable bed, delicious breakfasts and smiles of people do not let me forget about myself. I recommend wholeheartedly not only the hospital, but the whole area. An ideal place for both relaxing and organizing training for a group of over 20 people. To this day, we remember the hunting cauldron and barbecue until dawn, about the delicious milk from the cow, not to mention :) The owner comes out with a heart in her hand and creates a homely atmosphere. I have heard many good changes, so I will try to come again this year.


A great place where you can feel the heart of the owners


The place has its own style and character. Rooms spacious, clean, generally there is nothing missing in them. A concrete breakfast, without extravagance. Very nice and helpful Ms. Joanna. I can not wait for the object to have its restaurant. The only minus is the neighborhood of Gościniec with route 328.


Wonderful place, great location for trips to the Land of Extinct Volcanoes :)) Good breakfasts, very nice rooms, and an przesympatyczna owner and all those involved in running the highway. I'm smoking hot :)


Fantastic place! Excitable and helpful hosts, cozy rooms, delicious breakfasts! And around the hill, old volcanoes, beautiful views and interesting nooks and crannies. I heartily recommend!