Swimming pool on vacation. The best of Slowhop.



We have collected almost all pools on Slowhop. We wanted to prove that if you have them in Tuscany, why not in Poland? There are several amazing agritourism farms with indoor pools, a few exquisite and outdoor ones and one unusual place in the Gorce with a natural swimming pond.

An amazing house in the middle of the West Pomeranian forest, somewhere between Koszalin and Szczecin. We have written about Chociwle 30 in our article with design and you can read about the aesthetic details there. Here we write about the pool, as chic as the entire property. The pool is dual-function, depending on the mood and weather opened or closed. It creates great opportunities especially in autumn when all of West Pomerania and part of Kashubia go mushrooming. We set off to Chociwle, and in the breaks from collecting mushrooms, we soak in the pool.

„A wonderful place away from the hustle and bustle. Great design and decor. The surrounding nature allows you to relax.”

Slowhop opinion: House for 10 people for PLN 1000 per night. 3 km to the lake, dogs are welcome.

A higher level of mountain huts. These are located in the Beskid Niski, on the hill and are brazenly equipped with a swimming pool, so that the guests really didn't need anything more. Each house (there are two) is for 5 happy people. Around Magurski National Park, unique, with waterfalls and the reservoir Klimkówka lake.

An absolutely magical place. Beautifully decorated and equipped cottages, a super heated pool and an interesting area. You can completely turn off and reset. :)"

Slowhop opinion: Slowly, two sisters and brothers come to two houses. But only Dosbajka has a swimming pool on the long arm's reach. Here you can come with a dog, there is a banya and you can ask for an alimentation.

We talk a lot about Willi Tadeusz last year, because we are naturally excited about reality, and here something like this jumped out and exaltation peaked. Well, as we have already given up in searching for a swimming pool in Poland, which, like in the Good Year, would be associated with Provence, wine and this lazily lazy calmness - suddenly and unexpectedly the Willa Tadeusz occurred. Their brick pool stunned us and it still puts us in a good mood. A beautiful, absolutely unique place with history in Lanckorona.

„This villa is a beautiful mark from its builder, Mr Tadeusz. He was a great man and constructor. He was the first who construct a car with the lights moving along with the steering wheel. At home, you can feel an amazing climate and smell like in a forester's lodge.”

Slowhop opinion: This is not a place for everyone. Bathrooms in the hall - not everyone likes it. But if someone appreciates history - you are more than welcome.

A new place on the map of climatic places, with the debut of late 2017. It is a place with an idea and a built-in sense of peace. We wrote about it in the article with the coolest baths on Slowhop. The Kashubian pool was built in brine technology, so the fingers do not smell of chlorine, and in addition, you can turn on the geyser on the buttocks and involuntarily get rid of cellulite. The temperature of the water as in the Red Sea in July.

Incredible architecture, interiors arranged with attention to detail. Delicious food. Excitable hosts who take care of literally everything. A great area with many walking directions. We were fortunate to use the swimming pool and sauna with a view of the forest. I honestly recommend.”

Slowhop opinion: A few spacious apartments, peace and quiet. You can come with a small pet.

We wrote about Martiany in the article with good design and basically for all the information you can go straight to this beautiful post, which we are so proud of. Martiany has something amazing, which is appreciated by everyone - an indoor pool. It is useful for winter weekends and sometimes also for summer. Cool host, in love with horses and the history of the surroundings.

A picturesque place, surrounded by forests and meadows and a lot of trees on the property itself. A real magic for those who value relaxation and close contact with nature. Sheep and horses, cats and dogs complete the idyll of this place. Wonderful, open and helpful hosts are another advantage. Mrs Ola in the kitchen does such miracles that after her culinary shows we could not move. What can I say in comparison to similar places it is really special. We are in love. We're back in June.”

Slowhop opinion: A place for adults only, it is supposed to be an oasis of peace. Do not take dogs - there are a lot of animals here, for example slowly walking sheep.

This is a Bullerbyn candy, where you must necessarily come, especially with small children. The hosts have some understanding of the fate of the parents, and that is why they serve this coffee of five changes, these eye-catching little things that make life easier and the wonderful ladies in the kitchen. Pool uncluttered, thoughtful probably with scientists from the Jagiellonian University, filtered with Himalayan salt. With the beach!

„It's a really great place. Especially for families with children. Everything you need to spend a good time. Swimming pool, deckchairs, playground, garden, barbecue area, hammocks for afternoon laziness. ;-) The advantage is the playroom in the hotel, always fragrant, clean, with a safe slide that my son loved.”

Slowhop opinion: There is nothing more to say - go there with the children and now. No dogs!

This is an unbelievable place, adjacent to four nature reserves. Reading about Homole Gorge you can blush, and in the immediate vicinity, there is a reserve of Biała Woda, where were made the scenes for Janosik movie. Right next to the Zaskalnik waterfall, Trzy Korony, Sokolica peak and Zamkowa Góra. For older children in the area, there are rope parks, a gravity slide, a downhill ride on roller monsters, and an outdoor swimming pool on the spot. Well, this is the pool that captivated us, grabbed us and forced us to look at what it is all about with Pieniny Mountains.

After a ten-day vacation in Apartments Kornaje, I am even obliged to leave a short review. The owners are so cordial people that it is not proper not to say thank you. Apartments clean, high standard, we did not miss anything. Great place for families with children. Pool, playground, trampoline. In addition, the quiet picturesque surroundings away from the hustle and bustle, a short walk and enter the nature reserve. Around 2 km walk there is Bacówka with delicious food. We will come back here.”

Slowhop opinion: You have apartments for four and eight people and nice hosts here. The pool, in our opinion, a firecracker. Leave the dogs at home.

New on the Slowhop from the category: a super-exclusive place that we could not resist. Everything fits together here - an idea for Alice in Wonderland, a fantastic kitchen and a spa with the swimming pool. Crowds cheer in honour of this spa, so we decided to highlight it. This is the place where you go with your loved ones or your friends and the smile does not go out of your face, like the Cat of Cheshire. A feast for every sense.

„A great place that you must visit! Beautiful decor, magical atmosphere, excellent service and of course delicious cuisine!! Everything at the highest world level.”

Slowhop opinion: This place is for adults only and only for people (no pets). Located in the Orłowo district in Tricity, it's not the village, but worth visit.

This swimming pool is awesome. Really. The hosts have thought mainly about children because you can not count on improving the technique of swimming a butterfly stroke. For kids, the pool is super warm, full of inflatables, you can splash water, and the host will patiently absorb it back. In summer, the swimming pool is open to the garden, you can drink the latte and watch the attempts of self-destruction. In winter, an excellent alternative to "after skiing".

„The stay was very pleasant, nice atmosphere and very nice owners. Fantastic view from the window to the mountains”

Slowhop opinion: Rather, do not take dogs, the Landlady probably does not mind, except that you will not take a dog in the Tatra Mountains, and the dogs will grumble for days in their rooms. So no dogs, nice place for families.


We always admired those, who set in Poland outdoor pools by the house.Zawsze podziwialiśmy tych zuchów, którzy w Polsce robią przy domach odkryte baseny. Dzięki nim nawet na Mazurach jest klimat jak z bogatego domu w Santa Barbara, wystarczą odpowiednie rekwizyty (wino, wielki flaming i bikini). Nasza Santa Barbara znajduje się w okolicach Starych Juch, czyli na Mazurach Garbatych. Ukochanych przez wielu podróżników, którzy szukają spokoju i domu dla 7 osób. Wokół jest pięknie.

Zdaniem Slowhopa: 2 sypialnie i salon z rozkładaną sofą dla maksymalnie 7 osób. Można przyjechac z psem.

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