Top 10 in Beskidy Mountains for skis, snowboard and cross-country skis lovers



You ask as you about skiing, winter, reason for living, when, let's be clear, it's not hot. We found nice places in the Beskidy Mountains for cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding and with a fireplace. We have intimate guesthouses, cottages and wonderfully hospitable family boutique hotels. People in the Beskidy Mountains are fantastic. Check yourselves.



To Marta and Paweł you should go with kids, friends and family. Buczynowa Dolina is located in Sękowa, a small village located in the Lemko Land in Low Beskids, in the buffer zone of the Magura National Park. It stands on the picturesque glade and it tempts with delicious cuisine inside. Go there for downhill skiing (32 minutes by car to the Ski Park Magura), cross-country skiing and if you want to go sledding, just go behind the house. There is great hill for kids. Drop by to the profile of Buczynowa Dolina at Slowhop for the answers and bookings.

"Magical, full of peace place, perfect for families with kids who have no chance to get bored in here. It's easy to feel in Buczynowa like home thanks to very open and friendly owners. And so tasty and healthy food I haven't eaten anywhere else. We'll be back for sure."

Slowhop opinion: Seven rooms, including one studio with two bedrooms. Full board. You can arrive with a pet.


Dosbajka cottages stand exactly just by the ski station Ski Park Magura. It's about 1.5 kilometers away from the lift and it should be emphasized that all those, who went last year with Slowhop to Mr. Darek - were delighted. You'll find there also russian banya with beautiful view and wonderful hosts. Something for those, who prefer to have a separate accommodation than in the hosts' house. In terms of flavors, there are three options: trying and buying sheep cheese and smoked delicacies from the Hosts, cooking by yourself or eating at Gospoda Mazurska (750 m).

"Beautiful place, very peaceful and close to nature, and on the other hand, perfect place for the energetic bachelorette party :) Jacuzzi and swimming pool - a dream! Cottages clean, comfortable and decorated with taste ♥. Thank you for a fantastic weekend and for all the help!"

Slowhop opinion: Two five-person, year-round houses with swimming pool. You can arrive with the dog.


In general, look above, because Chyża is part of Mr. Darek's atmospheric empire. There is the same as in the cabins, and even more. Chyża is beautifully situated, also very close to skiing (700 m) and you can get delicious food.

"We were looking for a well-equipped cottage on the sidelines, somewhere on the edge of the forest where you can hear gurgling stream... and we found it :) In addition, the hearth in the middle of the house and Greetings to the host. We recommend !!"

Slowhop opinion: Exclusive house for nine people (two bedrooms and living room). You can arrive with the dog.


At Marlena and Paweł you'll be fine. We are one hundred percent sure of that. Great conditions for cross-country skiing. Marlena emphasized that, in fact, for downhill skiing it is rather further, because it's 15 km to the slope, so we say it honestly, you'll decide. We'd like to come. Delicious vegeterian food, people with enormous heart. It's a must see.

"It was the most wonderful week of vacation. Despite the large number of children (5 ones- 2 mine, 3 from my brother) we were able to relax, and it's all thanks to wonderful hosts. Marlena cooks great, healthy meals based on her own vegetable garden and products from her neighbor, Mrs. Maria (milk, eggs, cottage cheese - delicious!) and Paweł is a real "handyman" - he rebuilt and finished house by himself, and now he builds another, in addition, kids love him - he's a born "kindergartener". With each of them, together or separately you can spend very nice time having a conversation or playing social games. We felt a special bond with them. The setting is beautiful, it can be visited on foot or by bike. I sincerely recommend!"

Slowhop opinion: Three rooms (two for family, one for up to two people). You can arrive with a pet. Board on request can be gluten-free or vegan.


At Mr.Tomek you can talk, eat, walk around and ski. Host suggests guests many valuable books, which itself is lit. Place for someone who visits such places for relations with other people. From Hańczowa to the closest ski lift is only 4 km (Smerekowiec), perfect for learning to ski for young children, or ski lift on the Magura Małastowska for more demanding ones (18 km).

"We highly recommend :) Neat and pampered (and yet not exaggerated!) House with soul and history, in addition, fantastic view, we couldn't take our eyes off. And what is absolutely most important - peace of mind. Quiet, secluded (the very end of Hańczowa), terraces on both sides of the house, only a few people, a herd of cows in the meadow next to it and two buzzards circling in the sky. We relaxed, talked a little, catch up reading backlogs - and also in the culinary, because the host serve remarkable and masterful meals. What's more, we were able to buy fresh cheese and delicious preserves for the next journey. It's a pity that we were so short... Thank you very much, we will try to come back again :)"

Slowhop opinion: Four double rooms, two of them can also fit (if necessary) extra bed for children. Plus one room for four people. Here we take no pets. Delicious food.


There is a huge terrace with views of the mountains and almost none living soul around. Mała Łączka is loctaed on still not commercialised trail, so you can enjoy morning coffee with a view in peace. There's a nice trail to the Barania Mountain. It's necessary to go cross-country skiing in Kubalonka and go skiing in the neighbourhood (2,5 km to the nearest slope).

"Only people with a big heart, enthusiasm and creativity can create a place which you miss so much. Mała Łączka has all the qualities of an ideal place to relax. Beautiful wooden house with mountain views, the smell of mountain meadow, proximity to hiking and mountain biking trails, as well as the location away from the hustle and bustle. Wonderful peace and quiet. A big round of applause for Mała Łączka!"

Slowhop opinion: Five bedrooms for twelve people. You can cook or eat hosts' food. Here, no pets.


We won't write too much, because the very fact that we've found Beskid Masala in 2018 affects us in a way, that while writing we start to delight again. Read about a Masala here, in the list of places for adults. You'll get from Beskid Masala to ski lift in Smerekowca in 18 minutes by car, optionally to Magura Małastowska half hour by car (for the more demanding). Plus, of course, cross-country skiing.

"We strongly recommend, because our half honeymoon in Masala was wonderful ♥ I don't know what's the best, so in no particular order: food, atmosphere, hosts, animals indoor and outdoor, peace and quiet, wild Beskidy, Lemko Land, "close to Tatry and Bieszczady Mountains :D" for those who have everywhere too far, Slovakia :) omnomnom you have to definitely visit this unique place on the Polish map - and I recommend JataRani, hot water bath keeps indecently long time, you can melt with happiness :)"

Slowhop opinion: Place only for adults. Several double bedrooms, a chance for interesting conversations and stories from the world. Here, without dogs.


Miłośliwka is a fantastic place to spend New Year's Eve in a little different way. We know, because we practiced. How much we talked! Here, live such people, who stand across.Those, who don't like people who are open to the world and don't understand that this is not a hotel, shouldn't come here. They should go somewhere else, seriously, we all benefit from this. If you get lucky and the snow falls, first - our kids went crazy about sledding, we - about the views, and skiers could go ski center Czorsztyn Ski. In Miłośliwka you can't park in front of the house, you have to leave car a few hundred meters below, Hosts drive guests to the house.

"We found Miłośliwk by chance on the Internet. We decided to check it by yourselves. Mountains around are beautiful, idyllic surroundings, Dunajec, Ochotnica, Gorce, Beskid Sądecki... a dream :-) And yes, just like that ... Miłośliwka, Sara and Łukasz turned out to be a part of this dream :-) We are coming back. Because we miss. A small, beautiful house in the mountains, away from people, the extraordinary atmosphere, peace, tranquility and warmth..."

Slowhop opinion: Five rooms in two cottages, with board, you can take your dog,


If this isn't the most friendly place for parents with really young children at Slowhop,then it's definitely one of the most friendly and tailored to this special guest. What's going on there! Coffee of five changes for exhausted moms, moms joy for dads, happy kids, a real parenting firecracker. A few bloggers, who went there with us, have written about it - all came back happy. See here. And then, at Slowhop, here. For skiing - Beskid Ski Arena, about 400 meters.

"For holidays with a toddler there is no other place. No need to take baths together, car seat, crib, downstairs is a playroom. There is simply no need, that wonderful staff  from Górska Legenda cannot satisfy. And the breakfasts are the best. Please believe me. I haven't eaten better."

Slowhop opinion: Apartments from 3 to 6 people, Scandinavian cottages up to 6 people. Delicious cuisine. Here come without pets.


It was family friendly, so now we're going with dog friendly. Ultrafriendly. In Potoczówka, there is a large garden, stream, lack of signal, but you'll find wifi. To the ski lift (Czarny Groń) it's only 2 km, and there's on-site ski storage.

"Very nice quiet place. Large garden, barbecue, prepared fireplace. Direct access to the creek, where are places to bathe - a big plus."

Slowhop opinion: Two apartments for 7 and 8 people. Without food, but good addresses nearby. Dog friendly place.


Manichatki, it means Manuela's cottages, a 12-year-old daughter of Dominica, who invented it all so nicely. Quiet, calm, positive emotions, and two spots to ski. Ski lift in Smerekowiec (10 km), perfect for learning to ski for young children, or ski lift on the Magura Małastowska for more demanding (18 km).

"Manichatki is a place which you don't want to leave. Wonderful, wooden house is very cozy, morning coffee on the swing overlooking the mountains anywhere tastes so well, and breakfast on a beautiful wooden table you could eat for hours. Around beautiful mountains, where you can wander endlessly, and so starry sky you won't find in Warsaw. Weekly stay is not enough to enjoy this place. I left with tears in my eyes. I hope to come back here soon. I miss you already!"

Slowhop opinion: In total 13 beds, 3 apartments (3-bed and two 5-bed). You can arrive with the dog. Whitout food.