In other words, country style design



A modern barn is a phenomenon at Slowhop. A simple structure on a rectangular floor plan is enticing for both hosts (because this is the most popular concept for new holiday homes) and also guests (because every house like this on Slowhop has its own fan club). And if it also has huge glass windows in the front, with a view of the mountains or the lake, the booking calendar fills right up.


It’s not often we have a place that excites the public this much. Ania and Piotrek hit the jackpot – they figured out exactly what people need just in time. It turns out that wanderers with children love modern design among tall spruce trees, with a view of the Giant Mountains and water for bathing nearby. The hosts’ first accommodation, Wooden Rose Villa, is more traditional and now works with this settlement. If only in such a way that it lets kids go on the climbing wall in the evenings. The surrounding areas are great for cycling trips. The kids have a bunch of attractions at their disposal: an educational path, trampolines, a tree house, sandboxes, swings and plenty of space to play football.

"Beautiful houses in a charming area, right behind the property there’s a trail that you can follow for hiking or cycling trips. The breakfast basket that’s brought to the cottage is really great. On cooler days, you can light a fire in the wood-burning stove and enjoy the view of the flames :) The hosts and service workers are very nice, it’s a friendly place for children and dogs. I definitely recommend it!"

Slowhop's review: We recommend this place for families who want to experience everything: water, sun and mountains. Electric bicycles can be rented on site. You can come with a good dog.

Ewa and Tomek abandoned their lives in the capital for a declining farm with two orchards in Kazimierz Dolny on the Vistula and they found happiness on four hectares. Ewa is an interior designer while Tomek has been a trumpeter for many years in the band Bracia. Gołębnik is their life project. In addition to minimalist interiors and a great place in the barn where weddings take place, they also offer guests a natural bathing pond with technology that allows you to swim in crystal clear water without chlorine.

"Beautiful interiors and surroundings, fantastic and welcoming owners as well as delicious cuisine filled with local delicacies is what makes Gołębnik a unique place to relax. This is how I imagined ‘slow life’ (even just for the weekend) and a break away from reality. I will definitely go back there again :)”

Slowhop's review: When staying at Gołębnik, it’s worth planning a night tour of the Kazimierz gorges. In winter, go skiing at the surrounding slopes. A place without GSM and wi-fi coverage. You can come with your dog.

The more we read about Moryń near Szczecin, the more we were amazed at this place. Not only is it a historical place, but it also has a clean lake and the best ice cream in the entire province. Since the establishment of the Ladimorg Estate, Moryń has grown into a designer place where you can stay. Both wanderers from Poland and newcomers from Germany come here. The owners know a lot about interiors and it’s clearly visible.

"I found the peace and quiet I was looking for. In a wonderfully furnished place, under the discreet but very attentive care of the hosts. If I stayed one day longer, I would never leave;) I'll be back, for sure.”

Slowhop's review: House for 6 people, two bedrooms, you can take a dog (with permission), and the lake is 700 metres away.

Everyone says that it’s even nicer in person than in the pictures. It’s worth visiting, because the settlement of modern houses with industrial interiors stands on a hill in a place that was once called Little Sopot. It was here that vacationers came to the Kashubian village of Przywidz before the war, looking to cool off in the lake and walk in the local forests. Today, residents of the Tri-City come on holiday looking for exactly the same thing. In addition to the settlement of houses, Sielska Stodoła is also located in Sielanek. Here you can organise a wedding or grandpa's birthday. All of it is just 300 metres from the forest line.

"A very atmospheric place. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Pictures don’t do it justice –it’s so much better in reality. And the breakfasts that appear at our door are really poetic. I highly recommend it to those who have had enough of the city, want to relax and collect their thoughts. We were delighted."

Slowhop's review: Great place for families with children. It’s close to a horse farm, there are bikes for big and small guests and there’s something super unique: wooden wagons for toddlers who do not like walking by the lake. You can come with your dog.

Ernest created a real hygge in Podlasie, using his plot and the idea for an extra small house. That is what you would call his commercial project. The house is only 41 metres, but it has the most important things: a fireplace, a place to read books, and behind the door there’s a piece of land to lie down on. The house is located in a village that is inhabited by friendly people, and this is one of the reasons why it is worth visiting. Dreams of hot bread torn from a loaf under a sky full of stars are fulfilled by the local priestess of the hearth, Ms. Ewa.

"[...] If you are tired of work and the rush of the city, if you want to cut yourself off from everything that wears you out for a few days, then you will 100% be able to rest here. We planned to explore the area and be active, but when we got there and saw the estate, we just sank into this house, on a blanket in the grass, on a swing under a pear tree, breakfast and dinner in the middle of the lawn, under a tree and we read all day, which is something we normally don't have time to do. The dog ran or slept next to us, on the grass, sometimes the neighbor would talk to us, we drank the homemade liquors at the fence, the covered well was used as a bar, the birds chirped. And there weren’t even any mosquitoes! Ms. Ewa, as previous guests wrote, was great, everything was relaxed, no one bothered us, no tourists next door, the nearest shop is just 600 metres away, you can stop by for ice cream and envy the locals enjoying a lazy morning beer in front of the store :) [...] We highly recommend it and thank the hosts for these few days of happiness :) See you soon! "

Slowhop's review: An ideal base for cycling trips around Podlasie, along the wooden architecture trail. Be sure to go canoeing on the Narew or you can do nothing at all. Dogs and cats are welcome.

The name has a meaning here because ‘naya’ is a Japanese barn, and "baya" means a fairytale environment. The house is located in one of the most popular areas possible, which are areas around large cities, especially Warsaw. From the centre of the capital to Nayabaya is less than a hundred kilometres and the hosts found this location when they weren’t able to find a nice place for their wedding in the open air near Warsaw. And since they didn't find it, they built it themselves on their own, where they are surrounded by three-quarters of a hectare of meadows, fields and trees, including an apple orchard and backwaters with old willow trees.

"We went there in search of peace and quiet – we found it, and it was beautiful. There are forests, fields and meadows all around, ideal conditions for going on walks. The house itself is like in a fairy tale – modern and atmospheric, well-decorated, you immediately feel at home there, and the wood burning stove gives it additional character. A great place to get away from city life and catch up on book or TV shows in peace. And if you don’t like to cook, then in 10-15 minutes by car there’s plenty to eat in nearby pubs. I definitely recommend it!"

Slowhop's review: During the summer holidays, Nayabaya is a wedding venue. But Ania and Szymon will rent it out to individual guests during all other times of the year. You can come with your dog, but the area is not fenced.

Hyttee is in the hygge style at the foot of the Bardzkie Mountains which we already wrote about in the list about the Sudetes. Marek was inspired by his travels around Scandinavia and decided to create something similar just 80 km from Wrocław, where the asphalt road ends, with a view of wild hares and pheasants. Even marriage proposals have taken place here, so there must be something about these barns. Included in the price, you have 1 hectare of land for rolling in the grass, picnicking, grilling, jogging, reading and doing nothing.

"The perfect place for someone who wants to relax and break away from the busy city. We spent a wonderful Valentine's Day in Hyttee. This place is unique because of its total privacy. Despite the fact that we went for a long walk up the road, we did not meet anyone and it was incredible. I didn’t think that we could experience such luxury in the form of privacy, beautiful sunsets and quiet in Poland. Congratulations and thank you to the owner and the people who care about this place – it’s simply beautiful!"

Slowhop's review: Perfect for couples, but there’s room for up to four guests. We recommend that you don’t come here with kids because the bed in the mezzanine is not suitable for them. You can bring a good pet who will not chase the local animals. And it has a great terrace for morning yoga.

Listen, this is practically unheard of because Magda and Marcin transformed a house from 1922 into a modern barn on the edge of the Świętokrzyskie forest. However, before this happened, they led the life of corporate workers, and shared their current home in the Świętokrzyska forest with guests. Then a neighbour appeared with an offer to sell a plot of land along with a house from 1922, and that’s how TuDomek was created. From the outside, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s that old, while the interiors encompass its eclectic nature, handmade furniture and original fixtures made by the hosts. You have a grill at your disposal (because TuDomek is in the forest, you can’t make bonfires), a private zone on the beach at the lagoon in Bliżyn and access to nature without limits.

"A great place – comfortable, elegant, cosy. In the house itself, every detail is refined, as well as in the surroundings. Chillaxing in the evening on a sun lounger, wrapped in blankets, is something we will remember for a long time. In addition, the cats and foxes roaming around the area which we observed from the window proved to be quite an attraction which gave us a lot of joy. An ideal place for a quiet rest away from civilization, but with the right comforts of home :) We also recommend relaxing by the lagoon in Bliżyn – a very neat and clean beach! We will definitely be back."

Slowhop's review: The house is entirely heated by a fireplace which guests use on their own. There is wood to start the fire, but if you run out of it because you are very thermophilic, you have to bring in more yourself. The house has 3 bedrooms for a total of 6 people and the hosts invite adults and older kids (12+). Meals are not provided here. You can come with pets.

We were very happy that another place was built next to Slowhop's summer headquarters – we like to enjoy drinks on Fridays with our neighbors. And we do not exaggerate when we say that it’s a barn for holidays in the version of Slowhop deluxe, i.e. on one side you have a pine forest, on the other a private jetty and Lake Zdrężno. Add to this Mazury Garbate, aromatherapy on a hammock, sauna with the option of jumping into the water, a substantial set of floating fleets to try and massages by Adam for those who are interested. In addition, the hosts have a fair approach to guests, because July is for everyone and you can come with kids, and August is only for those with IDs. And there were marriage proposals here too. The answer was yes, obviously.

"You can reset your mind ;) The house and its interior is an aesthetic wonder that soothes the senses, with the most beautiful view of GREENERY. In the autumn, the ambience by the fireplace, gramophone, and candles help you relax perfectly. Incredibly friendly and helpful hosts, even our last minute request for a basket of delicacies was fulfilled with a smile :) We recommend it and we will be happy to come back!"

Slowhop's review: Black Pine is one of three houses located on a large property, each at an intimate distance from the rest. Two of them are for rent, but the hosts’ parents occupy the one that's closest to the lake. The perfect place to relax, because the water area is considered a quiet zone. Even pooches can enjoy the lakes (for an additional fee).

First of all, ZaGórami House was founded by four friends. Secondly, two of them are architects who aimed to create a house in the style of a modern barn with a stunning view. The final result is that you wake up with a view of the mountain peaks lit by the rising sun, and you fall asleep with a glass in hand, warming your feet by the fireplace just after the sunset. The house is so delightful that there’s a chance that jealous passers-by will stop to take a picture of your happiness.

"A great house in a beautiful place! The house is well designed and prepared for guests, in a way that allows you to enjoy the views of the Tatra Mountains with morning coffee and more. We were there with our children and I must admit that the children had a lot of space in front of the house to play freely. The house has everything that guests may need, modern and just right, but very cosy :) Also, in Łapszanka there are plenty of paths and trails to wander around. In nearby Osturnia, there are great places, meadows and streams that are perfect on hot days for children and not only! We miss the daily visits of cows on their way to the meadows and the sound of bells from a nearby chapel, which woke us up for our morning coffee. I highly recommend the ZaGórami House, completely different Tatras and the proverbial ‘peace of mind’ Bravo! We would be happy to come back.”

Slowhop's review: ZaGórami House guarantees the happiness of up to 6 people. Here you can cook for yourself, order a pizza for delivery or drive 7 km to the nearest restaurant. No dogs, please.