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Location Polska, Lubelszczyzna, Rzeczyca
In Rzeczyca, there is a house in an old apple orchard, lack of coverage and limited access to the Internet almost as in the days of iconic modems. There are 4 hectares of revitalized farm, next to Kazimierz with cocks and charming art galleries and delicious Jewish food. There is an old wooden house in which the hosts live, a barn where you can eat, dance, make a party, a cowshed with guest rooms and a straw house. In the old orchards on the hill you will find idyllic peace, the smell of juicy fruit, time for conversation, reading books, walking the dog and a moment for children. And soon you will be able to take bathing suits to us - we are just building a natural bathing pond with water like a mountain stream. Drop by!

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Ewa i Tomek Gołąb
It's us, Ewa and Tomek Gołąb. Motorcycle enthusiasts, parents of almost adult children - Stefan and Zosia, proud owners of Gołębnik. We implemented the slogan "throw everything and live in the countryside" and escaped from Warsaw to the end of the world. We dreamed of home in an old apple orchard, we like interesting conversations and healthy cuisine and after adding these ingredients it turned out that you need to share all this with others. We are artistic souls, Ewa is an interior designer working in the profession, a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, and Tomek is a musician of flesh and blood. Bassist and trumpeter. Motorcycle travel around the world is our common passion. Each of us rides on his motorcycle, and the favorite destination is Romania and the Balkans. We practice concert tourism with children. We are looking forward to seeing you. Welcome to our paradise on earth.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English

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5 4-person rooms and 2 2-person rooms with a living room for 24 people
5 4-person rooms and 2 2-person rooms with a living room for 24 people
we feed good organic products from nearby farms
we feed good organic products from nearby farms
in the orchard of the apple tree you can get married outside, and in Stodola you can make a climate wedding
in the orchard of the apple tree you can get married outside, and in Stodola you can make a climate wedding
in the area of ​​the hill, ravines, ski slopes, vineyards, Kazimierz Dolny
in the area of ​​the hill, ravines, ski slopes, vineyards, Kazimierz Dolny
in the rooms we have no coverage, wi-fi and tv - you have to talk, you can read, lie under the pear tree
in the rooms we have no coverage, wi-fi and tv - you have to talk, you can read, lie under the pear tree
plac zabaw dla dzieci
plac zabaw dla dzieci

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In an organic farm located where the cocks of Kazimierz in Kazimierz say goodnight, Easter cats mow loudly, and the eggs taste like they used to be. We bought a 4 ha derelict farm and escaped from under Kazimierz near Warsaw. We renovated the old wooden log house and gave it a second colorful life. It is in him that we live, revived Stodola (here you will find a wi-fi and a projector) in which you can eat, dance, make a party and a cowshed with guest rooms. We are also in the process of building three straw houses for guests (as yet one is ready). In total, we are able to accommodate 24 people in the rooms and in the cowshed. - At your disposal is a guest house, in which there are 5 separate 4-person apartments (two beds downstairs and two on the mezzanine). Each room has a private entrance, mezzanine and a bathroom with shower and hairdryer. There are towels, bedside tables with lamps, style, chic and minimalist elegance. - We also have Obora, where there are 2 double rooms with a bathroom and a sitting room. - House for guests (the first of three) is built in the "strawbale" technology, i.e. it is a skeleton structure filled with straw. In addition, at your disposal is: - 120 m2 barn with a covered terrace (80 m2). This rural banquet and confession hall was created from the adaptation of the existing barn, while maintaining the original atmosphere. You can organize a wedding party in the style of boho, climatic communion, baptisms, training or workshops. In this part of the farm Wi-Fi hula and projector is available. - Parking by the object. - Two old orchards (apple and pear tree) located on the hill. In the apple orchard, we have prepared a clearing where you can get married outdoors, lie up with your belly and lie under a pear tree. In the rooms there is no TV or wi-fi, and the farm will not find coverage. You have to talk, you can read, lie under the pear tree and stuff. We invite you with dogs. Please inform us about this stay during booking. Due to the safety of people staying in our area, dogs must be kept on a leash. Please, let the dogs and cats "out of need" be taken outside the Gołębnik area, and the owners are obliged to clean up the waste left by the pets.

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What will I eat?

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In the old apple and pear orchard, we cook what nature gave. We like to host and serve, because we know that the food connects and it is at the common table that bonds are made. We combine regional cuisine with the author's version, mainly using products from neighboring farms. We like to test new recipes, and seasonality is our main ingredient. We invite you to: - Breakfasts are buffet style. There are: rennet and white cheeses from our neighbor, homemade yoghurts, eggs from happy hens, jams from our fruits, cured meats from nearby family labels, good sourdough bread and real "inflatable" bread rolls. - Dinner (soup, second course and dessert) with cakes of our baking. If necessary, we also prepare the veg version. Eating in the area is, of course, in Kazimierz Dolny, 9 km from Gołębnik. - U hairdresser's restaurant - here traditional dishes of Polish and Jewish cuisine such as broth, pork knuckle, but also Macobraj, or omelt with matzah and shakshuka. - You can not miss the Piekary Artystyczna Sarzyński. It is here where the famous Kazimir roosters are baked, and the younger generation of the family, that is, through siblings, Iga and Anna, enchant the most beautiful cakes and cookies on this side of the Vistula. - Green Tavern - you will not find other such pork chops. - The Bajgiel restaurant is primarily Jeremy's bagels prepared according to the author's family recipe.

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Lokalne produkty (Eggs, Cheese, Vegetables, Fruits, Wine, Bread, Preserves, Cakes)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon In the countryside

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Rzeczyca is basically the end of the world, but from Warsaw you will reach us in 2.5 hours, and from Lublin in an hour. Here, the trees sing and drop juicy apples and brown apples from the branches, the birds serve wild treble on the frequencies of the bird's radio, and the internet and cellular network ends somewhere in front of our home. So the special attraction is the lack of coverage. This place was created to calm down, use nature and cut off from reality. We are currently in the process of building an ecological swimming pond in natural swimming pool technology. This is a treat not only for children. It is a real chlorine free swimming pool, whose clean water is like the one in the stream. For sports enthusiasts we also have a beach volleyball court. Not podhale, not Karkonosze, not Beskidy, not even Pieniny. It may surprise you, but in the immediate area you will find 3 ski lifts. Winter in Dovecote is as beautiful and attractive as other seasons: - skiing and snowboarding center in Rąblów, - Ski station Kazimierz Dolny, - Parchatka ski slope. The visit to the neighboring Winnica Wieczorków will complete the relaxing summer session. Be sure to choose one wine tasting combined with local cheeses, cold meats and smoked fish in his own smokehouse. During such meetings, the owners talk about wine, their passion for it. You can also be guided around the vineyard and preview the wine production process. If in Kazimierz on the Vistula River just does not come across a festival or art exhibition, check out the local cafes. You will learn amazing things about the city from many of them. After delicious pastries and donuts from the Artistic Workshop Sarzyński, take a walk through the streets of Kazimierz. It is not only the Renaissance square surrounded by houses from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, but also the parish church, where in summer you can listen to concerts in some of the oldest bodies in Poland and the castle, whose ruined courtyard of the artists in the twentieth century indulged in arranging balls of panorama of Kazimierz. What else can you do in the area? - sleigh rides, - night tour of the Kazimierz gorges, - Nordic walking with a guide (beautiful trails !!), - bicycle routes.

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What’s there for children?

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For children, we have tracts of grass, a playground, pears on a willow and apples for apple pie. As there are small cats in the village, a tractor will pass somewhere, and a stork will fly overhead.  We are in the process of building an ecological bathing pond with a paddling pool for children in the natural swimming pool technology. With such a pond children need to be under constant adult supervision, but there will be a lot of fun.

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How do I get there?

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Our address: Rzeczyca 8, Rzeczyca, Lublin Region, Poland

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cena za dobę
pokój dla 1 osoby 120 zł
pokój dla 2 osób 190zł
pokój dla 3 osób 270zł
pokój dla 4 osób 360 zł
Powyższe ceny nie dotyczą długich weekendów, Świąt Wielkanocnych, Świąt Bożego Narodzenia i Sylwestra. Dzieci w wieku 0-2 lat gratis, dzieci w wieku 2-5 lat 50% zniżki (przy dwóch osobach dorosłych w pokoju) Zapraszamy na: - śniadanie w formie bufetu 30 zł - obiadokolację (zupa, drugie danie i deser) 50 zł.

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Wakacje: 2020-07-01 - 2020-08-31, minimum 5 days

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Co za magiczne miejsce! Idealne na wypoczynek na koniec lata, na leżaku w słońcu, albo w stawie z żabkami (albo na rowerze, albo na spacerze do Kazimierza). Do tego na temat wyżywienia można by pisać wiersze, jest wyśmienite. Taka cisza i spokój, że naprawdę żal stamtąd wracać, dziękujemy serdecznie za tak przyjemny wypoczynek :)


Bardzo urocze miejsce. Byliśmy w Gołębniku z mężem i klimat nas urzekł, można się na chwilę zresetować i spędzić czas w ciszy i spokoju wśród rechoczących żabek 😊 Lokalizacja pozwala na odwiedzenie pobliskich miasteczek. Zachęcamy do odwiedzenia Gołębnika 😊


Wspaniale miejsce zeby sie prawdziwie "wylaczyc". Polecam zarowno dla rodzin jak I na spokojny weekend we dwoje. Pyszne sniadania, gospodarze bardzo pomocni. Zadbane, ciekawe wnetrza. Dziekujemy I do zobaczenia

4.8 32 opinii