18 amazing accomodations in the Sudetes



This is undeniably the biggest list that we've created. So big, that you have to take at least half bottle of wine or a pot of tea, to read it all. Here are our places in the Sudetes: mountain hostels in the Stołowe Mountains, extraordinary guesthouses in the Owl Mountains, atmospheric little hotels in the Karkonosze Mountains, places in the Jizera Mountains, Kaczawskie Mountains and Paczkowskie foothills.  

The common feature? Accommodation in the most atmospheric places on this side of mountains, delicious breakfasts, awesome hosts, interesting interiors and interesting company of other guests. They're here to help you turn off the engines for at least one weekend.


And that's Owl Mountains. One of those places which you enter and it takes your breath away. Not only the neighbourhood is like a fairy tale, because of mountains, brook and the smell of the forest, but the interiors make you drop the jaw involuntarily. The Hosts are well-known to those who love agritourism W Starym Domu, they feed well, kindly welcome and remain in your memories. Such place, to which you come back. Mały Domek is a candy for sensitive aesthetes. Cool area for sightseeing and walking: between Bardzkie and Owl mountain ranges, about 3 km away from the Srebrna Góra, which you must visit.

"When you're looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle, a place where there is no signal (!), but internet is, where the linen smells like in home, sofas in the living room invite you to collapse in their softness with one of many books available here, where the heat of the real stove wraps like a blanket, then you need to come here. We'll come back."

Slowhop opinion: From 2 to 5 places to sleep. There is a mezzanine with a large bed and living area, where you can sleep. Here, no pets.

Their appearance was preceded by posts on the blog. It all has started with looking for a house, then they found the house, then renovated it like crazy, including walking from one heritage museum to another to see how it was in the past. They even found centenarian shower. And it works! There is not enough space here, to describe all the things that we know about the Hosts in Janice, so you'd better visit their profile at Slowhop and quickly book a night, because within a few months they've already have a fanclub. If there was a benchmark of being a "slow" place, then Dzikie Róże would've been in Sevres, not in Sudetes.

"We've felt special, because Magda and Rafal make every effort to make every guest feel like that. Wonderful, healthy cuisine made from regional products. You can feel the union of the local farms in their dishes. Milk and wonderful cheese "from a neighbour." Vegetables from their own or friends' garden. Delicious jams and pastes. Guinea hen eggs. Great paneer with a beetroot sauce and many more..."

Slowhop opinion: 16 beds, phenomenal eco meals, you can take your dog, and children only over the age of five.

Secret place in the Dolina Bobru, on the Zamki Piastowskie trail and horse trail "Droga Wisielców." It sounds good! There are no indications of what will happen later. And it will be a nice man who makes smelling bread and knows everything about the night trips on bike in the area. In addition, place is vege, sometimes there are fish, people say that everything is tasty. All of this, along with the views, is located in a tiny village Radomice and the dwelling was founded in 1698, which gives it the status of such a monument, that we salute it.

"I was looking for "only" accommodation and I've found the atmospheric island in the middle of the ocean. It's beautiful in here! Royal breakfast. I'll come back with my family, I promise."

Slowhop opinion: For guests there are three rooms with bathrooms and you can take your dog.

This is the first answer, which is given when someone asks us about great place for holidays with children. Just to mention that there are paths to play in the mud. And a washing machine. And the apartments are actually located in an ancient watchtower for border guards and we give a guarantee that there is no way to get bored here. Besides, in Zieleniec there is alpine microclimate, there is snow, even when there is not even a single snowflake in entire Poland.

"I do not even know how to briefly describe love for this place, and we've been here in the winter and summer.. the best recommendation is that our 6 year old son asked when we were leaving today "when we will return again here":) 12 adults and 12 children, everyone promise to return, special thanks to Mrs. Sabina for incredible patience!! "

Slowhop opinion: You can take a dog, a few minutes to the ski slope.


Did we ever get tired of writing about Greta? We are doing this for the umpteenth time, because this is our wonder in the Sudetes and we like Krzysiek, the Host. Together with his wife Ewelina they belong to the species "person who manage everything" and it is suspected that they don't sleep, only hibernate for a while, and then get up and start to work again. They've created a great place here for parents with children, you can eat the best slow food in region, they even teach about all these minerals, searching for agates and other things. Cool.

"Family atmosphere, delicious local food, wise owner who appreciates what nature and surroundings give him. It must have worked. We will come back!"

Slowhop opinion: 15 minutes from the ski area, great for cross-country skiing, unfortunately leave dogs at home.

Once, we were looking for information about the village Kłopotnica at the Kaczawa foothills and we were surprised by the information that in this small village the mayor was an American woman. Almost like in TV series. Now we know a lot more about Kłopotnica, for example that there is a luxurious house, which is called agritourism. Our jaws dropped at the sight of the bookcase, because it looks that you only want to sit and read. And here are also animals and incredible cuisine. By the way, congratulations to the Hosts, because they're having a baby.

"Besides the fact that the place itself is a stunning beauty, the staff puts a lot of heart in the smallest details, providing atmosphere coherent with the decoration. Top-notch user experience:)"

Slowhop opinion: 12 km to the ski area, great place for cross-country and you can take your dog. Waterfall Kamieńczyk only 12 km away!

Such an agritourism, where you can leave your children with goats and go for a coffee. We wrote about them here, in the context of trips with children, but necessarily consider the winter holidays, because from Kowalowe there is only 15 minutes to Zieleniec ski lift.

"It's idyllic, delicious and angel's place! Lovely hosts have created an incredibly friendly place, that turned out to be a small paradise for our children... For me it was also heaven... in my mouth! After a longer stay I would probably have to expand doorframes."

Slowhop opinion: You can take the dog, you won't be disappointed with the interiors.


You can see on Slowhop our excitement of the existence of Złoty Jar, because we never let them go. They are cool people, they do brilliant things, so why we shouldn't write about them. Małgosia and Maciek, get to know them better, and because they have dealings with the gold mine in Złoty Stok, in addition to accommodation in atmospheric place, some golden adventure and stories is waiting for you. More here and here.

"Perfect for a couple that dreams of a wedding in a place different than the typical wedding hall. Great place for those who want to rest away from the hustle and bustle. The strongest point of Złoty Jar are the people who work with passion and a smile. And they create an amazing atmosphere of this place. PS. finger-licking food!!!"

Slowhop opinion: They like dogs in Złoty Jar and have various types of rooms, it's important that the're the finest kind and it's not expensive.

Such crazy things happen here, when the lovers of adventure, former 4x4 drivers on the Moroccan desert, decide to bring out the sand from their teeth and go to Lower Silesia. At Antek's place it will be tasty and nicely, because the house is old, but good and the Host is very interesting.

"Insanely good weekend - we were amazed by the surroundings and beautifully renovated old house - "with real soul." Additional attraction is Mr. Antoni - Host, who is an inexhaustible mine of historical knowledge of any subject."

Slowhop opnion: Not only you can, but you have to take the dog because it's a very dog friendly place.

Near Dobków (where the Villa Greta is) there is a wonder with beautiful interiors and wonderful Hosts. Your taste buds won't be disappointed, because they don't make fun of food here. The best for the winter, because skis and snowboard can be used after driving 11 km from Gościniec.

"Beautiful, atmospheric place - perfect for the rest in peace and quiet. Owners are very nice, you can feel like home. The rooms tastefully decorated, very clean everywhere. I would recommend option with breakfasts, based on regional products. Ideal strating point if you want to explore Kaczawskie foothills."

Slowhop opinion: Spacious, really pretty rooms and 40 beds. Leave your dog at home.

Three sisters, each different, but all stand in Lower Silesia Międzygórze, in the heart of Kotlina Kłodzka. 23 km from the ski slope in Czarna Góra. Before going to the "city" necessarily eat breakfast on the terrace.

"Fabulous place! Each Villa is decorated in a different style, which makes this place never boring! Beautiful decor and beautiful views. Ideal starting point for skiing, hiking and family relaxation. For guests two saunas and jacuzzi."

Slowhop opinion: There is a sauna, jacuzzi and hammam. And you can take not only York.

For everyone who like stables and horse studs, and have children and do not refuse to generous dishes. This is the essence of Agrohippika, and we'll add, that the Hosts are nice and they'll teach how to ride a horse even the clumsy oaf.

"The children were crying as were leaving:( We will definitely come back! This is one of the few places where once you set foot on, you'll never want to leave ... I already miss the coffee drunk on a bench in front of the house in the company of grazing happy horses:)"

Slowhop opinion: You can take the dog with you and explore the Kaczawskie foothills.

Old villa in Kudowa, which survived a lot, even times of Workers Vacation Fund in communism,  and finally happily got into the hands of those who love revitalization. You'll get here elegance, great breakfasts and a short way to the Stołowe Mountains National Park.

"We haven't met anywhere such hospitality and kindness towards guests :) Ladies are delightful and help even in difficult situations, we felt like home :) Room clean, very comfortable, beautiful interior. Delicious breakfast, varied, fresh... Villa is located in the center of Kudowa, close to the hiking trails and the city center."

Slowhop opinion: 47 beds, and leave dogs in the house.

At the foot of Szrenica, near the Karkonosze Mountains National Park, Rhine wine lovers opened cozy hotel. It gives you great perspectives, you should consider it while planning weekends with friends. Apart from the passion for wine and slow food they like children here and they have a ski school.

"Amazing hotel. All in great quality, clean, like it has been working since yesterday, comfortable, pretty. Varied breakfasts, a few hot dishes, wealth of good meat and salads, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dried fruit and nuts... Tasty dinners. Close to trails to Szrenica. Recommendable!! Necessarily!!!"

Slowhop opinion: Rather small hotel than a guesthouse, food and drinks delicious. Leave dogs at home. If you are looking for a cottage in the middle of nowhere, it's not here. Willa Odkrywców is located in the city, among other guesthouses.

What is a list about the Sudetes without Dolina Bobru and Polna Zdrój. Despite the fact that from some time in Polna there are mainly organized retro weddings, maybe you'll find free weekend here. More about Polna Zdrój we wrote here.

"Polna provides everything, even the weather! If wedding, only here! :) Fantastic food, contact with the Owners and the atmosphere of this place!"

Slowhop opinion: An intimate guesthouse with the wedding-part profile with a beautiful interiors, cuisine that ruins diet and crazy Hosts.

Authentic weavers house, which there were many in Rościszów in the past. But the industrial era came, machines were invented, weavers disappeared, and the house was painted with ugly paint and it lost its charm. Until some siblings took care of it. Real enthusiasts, they recovered it to such condition, that now tours come here. Interiors are so beautiful, that the brain stands on its feet, and thanks to contacts with people who like antiques, you'll put your clothes to authentic Lower Silesia cabinets. A wonder.

"Imagine mountains with beautiful scenery. The area overloaded with medieval castles, fortresses and palaces full of splendor. Places with a lot of war secrets, all embellished with local legends about hidden treasures. In the middle of all of it, there is a very magical place. It's Dom Tkacza. A wonderful cozy hotel that enchants when you enter the building."

Slowhop opinion: Cameral place by the brook at the foot of the Wielka Sowa Mountain. If dogs, they shoud be small, if the kids - bigger.

The work of two brothers from a big city, who once came upon the oldest house that survived in Świeradów Zdrój, and decided  to turn this wonder with a courtyard and a wild meadow into a guesthouse. You'll find here Zen and the Prana, that ho ho, because the Hosts specialize in 5 rhythms dance, breathing training and meatless cuisine. A kind of spiritual home in beautiful surroundings.

"The atmosphere is great, I would recommend to anyone who likes the smell of the fireplace at the entrance, sound of hardwood flooring and peace at its best. Unique atmosphere and... delicious hot chocolate!!!"

Slowhop opinion: Great starting point for those who love cross-country and bicycles. You can arrive with the dog.

Mamy tu starą, ewangelicką szkołę z 1913 roku, wnętrza ogarnięte zgodnie z gustem właścicieli i ich namiętnością do polskiego designu i niesamowity widok na Góry Izerskie. Kwieci znajdują się w niewielkiej wiosce Kwieciszowice i uwierzcie nam - okolice są pełne zajawkowiczów. Coraz więcej tam wolnych dusz, artystów i miłośników ekologicznego jedzenia. Piotr i Łukasz dopiero startują, więc przesyłamy im uściski i kciuki w górę, bo zrobili dobrą robotę. Na miejscu jest wszystko to, co powinno być w takim pensjonacie: pyszne śniadania i obiadokolacje, fantastyczne wnętrza i serce dla wszystkich gości.

Zdaniem Slowhopa: Aktualnie miejsc noclegowych jest 13 w trzech przestronnych pokojach. Genialna miejscówka dla rodzin z dziećmi i można zabrać psa.