10 amazing agritourisms for kids

Holidays in Bullerbyn



We have such agritourisms, that you won't even know how it happened that there is a cat in your bed, and your child doesn't want to eat dinner, because it's petting an alpaca for seven hours, and then it's going to feed pigs and greet its favorite goat. New trainers ends up in cow's urine and the night you can spend sleeping in the hay.  

Countryside, Ladies and Gentlemen, the best holidays in the world for children who like animals. Countryside - sets you straight and reminds you where does the food come from. Countryside - in prettier twist, but still real. Today at Slowhop rural addresses that are worth taking a note if you have kids.

Wonderful place in Greater Poland, just by the forest. There is a woman, in the role of housekeeper, who has always wanted to run kids-friendly agritourism so she educated specifically in this field. The effect is that habitants of Poznan area, rich in offspring, book rooms in droves. There are plenty satisfied with life animals, delicious cuisine and green surroundings.

"Great family place, delicious dishes, which you can't resist. Rooms very well furnished and equipped - I've felt here like home. Living room with fireplace and lots of toys, books for children. The area around - a fairy tale! Animals very well maintained, and the area quiet and peaceful. Hosts lovely and satisfying at every step."

Slowhop opinion: Lit place.


Great place for those who love horses, because Agrohippika was created especially for them. If your children already ride a horse - here they will improve their technique. If the thought, that your kids should learn how to trot, crossed your mind - they can start here. An extra bonus in cats and dogs - ordinary residents of the stables.

"Starting from the beautiful location - the house is surrounded by forests of the Chełmy Nature Reserve, and the village Kondratów lies in a small basin. What's important, there is very quiet and peaceful, because the road leading through the village isn'y a thoroughfare. Around there are hills, knolls perfect for walking with smaller babies (even in a baby carriage). The house is very nicely renovated and very well equipped. There are all the necessary amenities for children (baby bath, crib, platform, playground, refrigerator and microwave on the second floor). Meals are delicious - Polish cuisine at its best. In addition, the owners had no problem with adjusting meals to the diet of our daughter."

Slowhop opinion: There is an Educational Farm nearby with workshops, so kids will have something to do.

If you are looking for a private paradise by the lake, surrounded by art and good architecture - this is what Siedlisko Blanki is. We wrote about them many times, for example, here and definitely we will mention them more than once, because the Hosstess is a yogi and the Host is a sportsman and they like cooking. In this list they also deserve a mention because of a very special reason. Now, lives there the only donkey in the world that likes to be taken for a walk. And the goat. That's good enough for children.

"Brilliant place, very similar to those great agritourisms in Tuscany. Beautiful interior, refined in every detail, scenic views, peace, quiet."

Slowhop opinion: Spacious apartments with kitchenes for guests.

At Monica and Maciek's place there is no pressure. There is no kid's club, inflatable castle or trained monkeys. It's only farm at the end of the road, homemade cake, hens, dogs and cats. If you are looking for a simple, authentic house with nice hosts and delicious cuisine - it's here.

"This place is the best in the world! For people who appreciate beauty and charm of nature, this place will be a paradise. Beautiful, rustic interiors, garden full of flowers and herbs, marvelous surroundings and, for breakfast, bread straight from the oven baked by the Host. Here you can not only relax, but also feel like home... Lie carelessly in a hammock, try homemade delicacies (oh it was worth it...), walk for hours in the meadows, or swim in the nearby lakes."

Slowhop opinion: For people who like intimacy - in Agrozagadka there is a separate entrance to the apartment, bathroom and kitchenette.

Miła Dolina isn't, in fact, a typical agritourism, but their address will be useful, if you are looking for a holiday home (without hosts at home). The area is beautiful, and there is on-site deer farm, several fish ponds and sometimes forest animals approach the house.

"One of the most charming places in Poland. My desired zone of peace and comfort. And this unbelievable nature around..."

Slowhop opinion: If you seek nature, privacy and a moment free from the life - it is here.

Intimate place half an hour from Warsaw. Beside a great host, there are also ponies, geese, rooster Gustaw, hens, dogs and cats.

"Beautiful place in the middle of fields, peace and quiet. Ponies, dogs and cats, all friendly to each other and towards people. Nobody imposes to anyone here, you can happily relax and get some fresh air, which is here in excess. I recommend it to all environmentalists, animal and good people lovers. The owners with hearts on their sleeves welcome guests, a wonderful, friendly place and very positive."

Slowhop opinion: Try necessarily culinary workshops in Aleksandryn. Sometimes the teacher is a Sicilian and the Host shows how to make ajwar firecracker.

We've already written here about how tasty it is in Ciche Wody. There is described remarkable story of Prussian sheep, which hosts brought back into this area. But apart from sheep's wool, Ciche Wody has a good atmosphere for the children. The owners are a pair of ecologists, and a week stay at the farm replaces one semester of Science in primary school.

"Why we mill flour? What do the sheep eat? And will we see the ducks? Where are the Wellington boots? Are we going to make a mud? What kind of flowers are these? And does this black ram like tomatoes? You answer these questions with joy. We will come back and recover."

Slowhop opinion: Take part in workshops organized by the hosts. Anything you want: from making sauerkraut to wool felting.

Such place on our map, where you can freely roll around in the straw, walk dirty for a few days and get to know the real life. Kasia, the hostess comes from the area and once she has decided to experience the real city. She came back faster than she expected, stood on a hill, took a deep breath, and never come back to the city. Instead, she has created a comprehensive center of rural education in the form of a normally working farm. You can milk a cow, give water to calves and loosely chase hens. The hosts will teach you how to do all of it in a reasonable way.

"It is idyllic, wonderful and delicious! Lovely hosts have created an incredibly friendly place that turned out to be a small paradise for our children... For me it was also heaven... in my mouth! After a longer stay I'd probably have to widen the door frames. No one wanted to leave, and some even shed a tear because of this. I hope to come back here and not only once."

Slowhop opinion: Kowalowe Wzgórze is very well prepared for visits of families with children (baths, cribs, home cuisine). Addidtionally there is a place for sunbathing. Nothing else is needed.

If you haven't pet alpaca yet, then you have a lot to catch up. It's something as nice as the fluffy unicorn and it's real. If the alpaca therapy hadn't functioned with success since the 80s, it would have been invented as soon as possible. These pets are a cross between a sheep and a llama, they eliminate stress, tension and general misery faster than an glass of wine or even the whole bottle. But it suppose to be about children. Take your kids and go to Alpakarium in Podlasie, but without accommodation! Alpakarium as a guesthouse is intended to be a haven rather for adults, stressed, silence needy. So why did we put them in this list? It's only one of the few places in Poland, where your children can stay longer time with these animals, and the Hosts will tell them everything they know about alpacas. For a night stay in the neighbourhood, in Zaborek  - you can live there in the windmill and it's close to Janów Podlaski (book a tour od the stables with a guide).

"Magical place! The hosts with hearts on their sleeves, they decorated everything neatly and with taste. Every corner of the Alpakarium sweeps you off your feet. You can enjoy the closeness of alpacas, admire the garden or walk in the nearby forest. Despite the late arrival, we were greeted with delicious homemade dinner (and dessert!) at phenomenal porch."

Slowhop opinion:  The guesthouse is tiny and super new - established in July 2017 and necessarily go there instead of drinking herbs for the nerves.

Kłopotnica village, and the only problem we have with it, is that you don't want to leave. The hosts bend over backwards, so everyone could leave satisfied. There are amazing interiors, excellent cuisine, and what is really important for us, especially in the context of this list - a lot of animals: 200 sheep, 12 goats, and execpt from that, dogs and cats and goldfish.

"Beautiful place, wonderful atmosphere, delicious food. The house hides spacious rooms with hotel standard, games station, library, home cinema, place for kids. Plenty of activities: from quad tours to relax in the spa, which is located in a wooden house by the lake. It's impossible to enjoy the charm of this place, details, food, liquors and great stories of people who created it in only few days."

Slowhop opinion: One of the best bookcases that we saw at Slowhop and great room for kids.