16 unique spots that you can reach without a car.

Part 1



For over a year of Slowhop's activity and showing you all the wonderful agritourism, unique guest houses and huts, we have learned that our guests: a) love animals b) seek for climatic accommodation among family places, without children, with a bathtub and wood c) consciously they give up the car.

For the last ones we have prepared a colossus, a giant of giants, just Gulliver among lilliputs and here are the places, which you reach without your own four wheels. The hosts asked, however, to mention that on the spot you have to count on your own legs, poles, sledges and bicycles (sometimes they are on site). Use it, it is for you, you are the future of the nation and it is thanks to you that fewer people will become ill with type 2 diabetes this year. Greetings and cheer for a happy and cheerful commute to the place. In a week, the second part, and there will be even more places for the no-car-people.



It's such an ultra nice place near Gniezno. We like to imagine that it was probably there, in the vicinity, that Mieszko I was hunting. If Mieszko lived in our time and knew how many cool hen nights and weddings are here, he would probably come here by accident. And he would not have to take a horse, it would be enough for him to call Mrs Karolina, and she would pick him up from the airport, train station or any other point. You can read more about Przyborowo on their Slowhop profile and in a list of places from Wielkopolska

A wonderfully homely place... balm for the spirit and body. :) You can not dream of a better rest. Wonderful neighbourhood. :) :) :) ♥♥♥ The home made by the genius. ;) I will definitely come back ♥ soon. :) 

Slowhop opinion: We recommend Przyborowo 11 for Dad's 70th birthday and all family events in general. They have a hand there. And you can take a dog.

There is always a good time to write about Gosia and Maciek, the most smiling pair of the hosts in Poland. Well, maybe apart from Marta from Jagodowa Polana, who is smiling equally beautifully on her own. Returning to the topic, you will be able to reach Złoty Jar without a car. Gosia and Maciek have a vehicle capable of taking eight people at once from Złoty Stok PKS, and, as they know earlier, from Kamieniec Ząbkowicki.

„Great place, a unique one. Perfect for a romantic trip for two and a crazy getaway with friends. :) Very nice and professional service, tasty meals. Beautiful rooms, creaky wooden floors and fantastic furniture with a soul. There is also a specially designated barbecue area, deck chairs, hammocks... and around the forest, what more could you want! I recommend.”

Slowhop opinion: We recommend Złoty Stok for family events (as one of the few places on Slowhop they are prepared for invitations of all cousins and aunts and have a cool place - Stara Kruszarnia), but also an exploration of the area. It is what to do, alone and with kids (a fantastic adventure in a gold mine). You can take your dog.

Well, we can spend hours talking about Beskid Masala! And we will not get bored, there is no chance. People who live there are closer to Nepal than to the Beskids, communicate in an interesting language and infect their guests with a smile. The interiors are also not trivial, the names of the rooms are far from ordinary and in general, everything here is a promise of something extraordinary. Beskid Masala is in the language of the BezKids hosts in BeNio, i.e. an adult only zone in the Beskid Niski Mountains. And if we have encouraged you so much, and you do not have a car - the Mr and Ms Masalscy will pick you up from train or bus stations. Just let them know sooner.

We strongly recommend, because our half honeymoon in Masala was flawless ♥ I do not know what the best, so random order: food, atmosphere, hosts, pets and outdoor, peace and quiet, wild Beskids Mountains, "close to Bieszczady Mountains and the Tatra Mountains :D" For those who have far anywhere, Slovakia :) Omnomnom definitely you have to visit this unique place on the Polish map - and I recommend JataRani, the bathtub keeps the water warm indecently, you can be overjoyed. :)

Slowhop opinion: We recommend Beskid Masala for secret trips in nature, eating veggies with interesting people and being with each other. No children, no dogs (the hosts have their own dog whims, guest performances could be a problem here). To let someone take care of you. Zero duties, the same pleasures of the body and spirit.

If you sometimes read Slowhop, you already know that we have a weakness for Danka Zlasu and we will write about her until we die. Especially since she recently invited us to a home-made tincture and smoked fish, prima sort! We were a little surprised that you can go to the Kolonia Mazurska Mierki without a car, because it is a place for forest people, in the forest itself, in a clearing, like in a fairy tale. And here it is - the hosts will pick you up from the bus station in Olsztynek (here the schedule of a super fast bus from Warsaw, which goes to Warmia and Masuria through the airport in Modlin), from PKP in Olsztyn, from PKP in Biesal, next year from PKP in Olsztynek (meanwhile they have taken off the tracks, but when they put a new one, it will be a moment to get here). Then they promise that they will consider the option of substituting horses for the train station. :) 40 minutes through the forest from Mierki there is also an international airport and from there will also go a full guest carriage to Kolonia.

„First of all, peace, you do not have to do anything, everything goes at its own pace. Wonderful home-made breakfasts that drag on forever, because it's so nice to talk to the people you met here. Wonderful owner Danka, who makes you feel at home. If you do not have a dog, and you always wanted to have, then here is one, who willingly walks with you and play (cats are a little less effusive) 15 min walk to the lake, evening bonfires, you can ride a horse after making an appointment. A place to relax, talk, eat well, a beautiful arcaded house in the middle of the forest, an ideal starting point for all nearby attractions. Be sure to try jams.

Slowhop opinion: Kolonia Mazurska Mierki is recommended for all who love animals and human beings. There are horses, good food and a forest around.

Siedlisko Niedziela is still a novelty for us because it appeared on our map quite recently. The hosts are strongly connected with the subject of weaving and textiles, they used to embrace the Royal Manufactory in Warsaw's Łazienki Park. Now they are taking care of their own place and their creative barn. A warm place full of creative energy. If you come here without a car, head for Olsztyn, then take a bus to Sorkwit and wait patiently - hence the hosts will take you to Siedlisko Niedziela (of course, let us know in advance).

It was a great, quiet weekend. Delicious breakfasts, lots of space to relax and just to be. The views from Siedlisko are unearthly, the rooms very neat and the hosts super friendly. ☺️

Slowhop opinion: Go here for peace, wide spaces and a view from the hill. Take some creativity with you, you can weave on old weaving machines and play with fabrics. Dogs after agreement (the hosts have their own pets). Access to the kitchen, you can order breakfast.

This is a place that happily lives in a world without any bad reviews. And that gives you almost a hundred percent confidence that if you are their guest, you become a part of this positive world. A family place with delicious food, and the whole Podlasie region at your fingertips. At the sight of these green paths, the bikes get packed into the car by themselves. The hosts will take you from PKP. It will be a short ride because the Fronołów station is in the forest 3 km from them.

„Great place! Mrs. Iza and her team cook incredibly. Mrs. Iza's husband, a charming daughter and a dog who does not like foxes :) make us feel at home in Scheda Podlaska. Scenic surroundings like from the picture. I would like more such places on the map of Poland. I highly recommend the most chased, who on Friday, after a whole week of the marathon, are looking for a place where you can catch a balance. Scheda is also great because of its location. The concentration of iodine regenerates and makes us get up like a newborn on Monday. See you next time!”

Slowhop opinion: Totally a family place, necessarily to be checked by those of you who like people, food and mass amounts of chlorophyll. You can take your dog.

Dom Tkacza is different than anything we've seen so far. On a stylish sign, there is an inscription that this is a boutique hotel, but there is no reception. There is a passion for the size of the Wielka Sowa, the highest local mountain. A glance at the restored Lower Silesian furniture is enough to know that the Dom Tkacza is more than just a hotel. More like an elegant museum with accessories from Villeroy & Boch, where each light switch was probably well thought out. But forget that you will feel uncomfortable, that maybe too high thresholds - none of these things. The hosts have what we like the most - a class without even a bit of embouchure. If you come from Wrocław by train or bus - they will pick you up from Dzierżoniów.

„No doubt, the most beautiful place that I have visited. I remember the days spent there very nice. The atmosphere is magnificent, moody, but homey at the same time. By staying there you can feel at home, in its best version from your imagination. I do not need to mention the beauty of the area and the stream that rains outside the window. Ideally a place for romantics, dreamers and people who love nature.”

Slowhop opinion: At the Dom Tkacza, assets, historians, ultramarathoners, writers and poets will feel good. And such families who feel the spirit of the mountains and want to show children a bit different world. This is not exactly a place for small children due to the narrow and steep stairs. Eating on your own. Dogs, yes, but we are begging for peace because we will take every destruction personally.


We will never get used to the thought that something like this is within the administrative borders of the capital city of Warsaw. There is a pond (you can swim), there is a wooden house, there are hosts, which we love and it is Lila and Marek will not have to pick you up from anywhere because the city bus ZTM will reach the pond and after a small 10-minute walk you will be there. That means: ZTM'em - 521 or SKM to PKP Radość, then local bus 161 or 213.

Revelation! A magical, cosy and very atmospheric place. I organized a romantic bachelorette party for my friend, each girl was charmed and the bride does not believe that it is Warsaw until today. :) The plaiting of the wreaths was the greatest fun in the world, and the greenery around the perfect scenery for a boho photographic session. A really special place!

Slowhop opinion: For those who do not want to travel for long, but want to feel like on the Masuria. For blockers who are looking for a house near the town with a lake. And for the organizers of cool events.

Such a hybrid between a guest house and an annual conference of ultra-mountaineers, triathlonists and those who are preparing for the Iron Man. So, if you drop in there on the high heels, with Michael Kors's purse under the white leather jacket and ask for the chilled Prosseco to bed - probably everyone will be a little surprised. If you come with an infant - do not have claims that people are sitting up late and chatting. Oh, and Łąkowa is a dog-friendly, it really is. Nobody here spends the evenings in the room, you can listen about sporting activities, be inspired by someone's passion and cuddle at least four different dogs. If you were going without a car - head to PKP Kłodzko. Centrum Łąkowa (and so Beata or Jacek) will pick you up from the station.

„Total reset! A beautiful house, even more beautiful views, we are delighted and are already looking for partners for the next trip for a year. :) Ms. Beata and Mr. Jacek are very friendly and helpful hosts, always serving advice whether on the routes or history of the neighbourhood... The evening talks were favoured by the bonfire and a large table. We highly recommend this place.”

Slowhop opinion: We recommend those who are greedy for new experiences, not just the sporty one. Delicious breakfasts, largely consisting of tempting pastes. A brilliant location near Radkowskie Skały and Szczeliniec.

If you've ever passed through Warsaw and you were falling into a traffic jam on the way to Ostrów Mazowiecka, you probably had the opportunity to come across a sign pointing to Długosiodło. It is a bit like a rescue sign before the next route to Masuria and a chance to escape from a long queue made of passenger cars and trucks. We went there sometime in late spring and it was a lot of pleasure because everything is drowning in green. People say that the name means "long removal of the saddle" by the knights who stopped here to rest. As we are already talking about interesting names, the river surrounding Długosiodło is called Wymakracz. In Długosiodło there is a house for lovers of escapes from the city. There are chickens and close to the forest. And you will get there from Warsaw without a car - just about 1:20 PKS from Wileńska station in Warsaw straight to Długosiodło + 5 min walk, but if someone has a heavy suitcase or difficulty moving, the hosts will pick you up by car from the bus stop. Option number two is PKP to Przetycz + 2 km - from there you can also count on a ride.

„The house makes a great impression. The big windows in the bedroom make us feel like hanging in the treetops. Modern, thoughtful, equipped with everything that is necessary. I recommend it!”

Slowhop opinion: We personally recommend the house in Długosiodło to couples who are looking for a green retreat or a warm fireplace in winter, without having to cross the middle of Europe on national routes. Remember that the house is not in the middle of the Puszcza Biała, but the area is worth the bike rides.

It is impossible not to smile at the thought of Nasza Polana, for there seems to be some kind of glow in their veins instead of the blood. However bizarre it sounds, every contact with Marlena and Paweł is a nice, positive experience. If you would like to meet them in their veggie house in the Beskids, where only the moment is to Lake Klimkówka - there is a chance even without a car.

„We have found Nasza Polana by accident but we are planning to return to this place quite deliberately. A magnificent house moves the imagination, calms down, and the owners complete the picture. Super nice conversations at the cider, by the fire, a beloved four-year boy not demanding fairy tales just running open a chicken coop, eating a vegetarian chop or a delicious spaghetti... Those are just a few pictures for which we miss our Polana already.”

Slowhop opinion: For us, the mountains by the lake is such a unicorn that we can recommend it immediately. But not if you are fans of a great SPA and hotel bathrobes. Here it is naturally, there are wood and creaking floors, and the hosts like people.

And here we have a small Bergen with a view of the Masurian lake. Totally Scandinavian atmosphere in pleasant houses, and in addition hosts who like to move and as visitors from Silesia have a huge hunger for exploring the area. You can count on bikes and checked routes, forests, lakes, and finally a sauna. If you want to come to Widokowo - the hosts will pick you up from PKS Kętrzyn, Mrągowo, Reszel.

The super friendly couple from Silesia has created a climate place that will allow everyone to forget about the everyday rush and feel the true nature of Masuria. Three luxuriously equipped houses in which we find every necessary thing that only comes to our minds. Very well equipped kitchen and an amazing view of the lake. For this terrace with garden and coffee in such an amazing place will make you want to go back.

Slowhop opinion: This season in Widokowo a cool boutique with local products was created - there is honey, amazing beers from a small brewery (eg. form nettles) and preserves. The very nice place for funny family trips and holidays.

We have already written many times about an extraordinary pair of people from the Dzikie Róże. You will find such a cuisine there, to which you will be missing long time and such a story that the lovers of studying the riddles of the past are walking by the walls with a magnifying glass. Be sure to read about them on the Slowhop, and then book, because even without a car, you can get there. The hosts will pick you up from the train station. Two villages from Janice also have a bus stop from Jelenia Góra to Görlitz.

„In the morning, first of all, the smells arouse a wonderful atmosphere and then the creak of the elevator where our delicacies were transported upstairs... And the rest you will see and experience on your own. I will say I RECOMMEND it warmly!!!!!! PS. In this house you should beware of only one thing... the couch upstairs in the main room... when you sit on it, you will not get up... until the evening.”

Slowhopa opinion: The place will be appreciated by couples and parents with a bit older children. A place full of respect for history, it is worth giving this respect to the kids. And you can take a dog.

Life in Radomice marks the morning scent of bread, which Marcin, the host, is famous for. He is also famous for veg food and his love for bicycle rallies around the area. An amazing place whose existence we had no idea until recently. In the middle of the Dolina Bobru Landscape Park, on the Radomickie Wzgórza. Let know when booking whether you need a ride - it may happen that the host will not be able to come for you, but he will help somehow.

„Great place: atmospheric, full of the smell of baked bread and other breakfast delicacies, which I had the opportunity to try during my stay. The owner: smiling, friendly, always willing to help in choosing the route (and showing the most attractive route) - with enthusiasm very informative and interesting about the charms of the surrounding area. The room is clean, the interior is decorated in an interesting way, with taste, consistent with the whole house. Nothing more, nothing less, 10/10, I will be happy to come back there.”

Slowhop opinion: Certainly for families and lonely travellers who want a bike ride with a host. A nice climate of seclusion, there is also a bit of India.

Well, here we have a surprise because the hosts do not drive a car, but a boat. In total like in Venice, only on Rajgrodzkie lake. It can not be otherwise, because you live here in the houses on the lake, and if you do not have a car, it is enough to get to Rajgród, and from there it's just a boat straight to the cottage. It sounds fantastic.

One of the most wonderful of our family weekends we spent here!!! Wonderful place, quiet, calm. :) House on the water perfect for 4 people, modernly furnished with a terrace, from which we jumped to a warm lake. :) We made friends with the family of swans - together we ate all meals. :))) Go there! It's outstanding!

Slowhop opinion: Certainly not for babies and dogs. The lovers of water sports, throwing themselves into the water straight from the terrace and the wide panorama of the lake and the vine with the view of the sunset will be more satisfied.

We are told by the guests that at Aleksander's place is really cool. If you want to go somewhere near Warsaw and where are the pets. And really intimate, there are no Varsovians or Molochs. Mr Aleksander knows how to make a homemade ajvar, sometimes organizes weekends with children and without children, you have to ask and check. The host will pick you up from the bus station in Białobrzegi and PKP in Dobieszyn. He also take a ride to non-motorized guests to the city beach in Białobrzegi.

A very nice and warm place with a family atmosphere. The nicest time is spent in... kitchen :) (the best place to fall asleep baby). Tasty, fresh homemade food, preserves - especially jams and plum jam and ajvar (made by Mr Alexander). Our children and the dog also felt great there. I highly recommend this place.

Slowhop opinion: Super friendly hosts and about 1,5 hours from Warsaw. A little enclave, if a man has enough of the city. Only four rooms.