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Kolonia Mazurska Mierki

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If Baba Yaga was looking for a place to build a hut on a hen, perhaps we would have argued for the area. And if the mysterious glade in the forest did not really exist, you could swear that the Grimm Brothers invented it and filmed Spielberg. The Masurian forests do not need Spielberg, the glade has been standing here for ages, and Danka from the Forest has had ambitions for something bigger than a cottage with a single room and unreasonable footage, so she jumped to the whole colony and introduced the hippopotamus principle. A moment later, the host, the forest man and the lakes, who knew every tree, came to live in the habitat and became even happier.

The time in Mierki flows slightly beyond the clock, the breakfast is when the guests get up from the beds, walks as it stops raining, horseback riding like horses do not have anything against, and expedition with the host as someone fancy a fish. Nobody here has ever seen rules of thumb nailed to the door of a room, everyone is doing what he wants.

He's honest and in the countryside. How cold is it, you have to smoke in the fireplace, how flies fly, you have to take it off as it rains, it catches drops on tongue, like the snow outside, we take the book as the evening, we make dumplings because life in the forest is Not a fairy, and the village is not SPA.

Come to our forest. Become more than a guest. Turn off the phone, listen to the forest. Learn to live here. Then you will definitely rest.

Danka Dymińska

Danka, called Danka from the Forest. Good day. The story of the Masurian Colony in Mierki begins with the forest and the picturesque glade, which asked for a beautiful place with a new story. It was for the place that I moved into the forest, and the place returned a hundredfold rebuking, but also severely teaching the things that a hut with a small stable in the Masurian forest requires. Habitat grew, there are more of us here and we know how to find cranberry in the swamps and where are hidden forest lakes that are not known by the oldest inhabitants ...
Doggy place
lake 1200 m
the possibility of lighting a fire
Podajemy śniadania Na inne posiłki w ciągu dnia, wskazujemy znane i lubiane miejsca, restauracje z pysznym jedzeniem
wędkowanie z łodzi
w środku lasu na odludziu


  • By the lake
  • In / At the edge of the forest

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments
  • Entire place


  • Breakfast included
  • Breakfast paid extra
  • Full board
  • Vegetarian, vegan, for allergics
  • Local products


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • No neighbors
  • Bicycles
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Kayaks
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Flexible arrival / departure times
  • Horse Riding
  • Animals on site
  • Skates
  • Double bed
  • Unique view from the window

Local food

  • Eggs
  • Wine

Where will I sleep?

There are 5 rooms in Mierki. Each room is spaciously spacious and has:
- wide, comfortable bed
- bathroom
- a window overlooking the forest
- free WiFi

Guests also fall asleep on the hammock, on the grass, on the couch, where their blissful sleep will catch, and catch quite often, because in Mierki...
is rather moody detox. more

What will I eat?

Cologne is a typical Bed & Breakfast, which means that from dawn in the kitchen, we work on breakfast, and lunches are served on special request. Because we are in the forest and the time is not chasing us, we use home-made products and growing vegetables at our own pace from the garden. Tomatoes come... from a friendly greenhouse, honey from a nearby apiary, fish from nearby lakes. Own work: cucumbers in jars, jams, plum jam, dry blackcurrant wine, sweet tinctures from wild rose collected in the forest.

Breakfasts are served at home or on the terraces, it is possible to order meals according to a specific diet.

How will I be entertained?

Our guests mostly:
- swim, splash and dive, in the Pluszno Lake, 1200 meters away
- take their first steps on the horse of Arizona and lead the injured mare Pompidou for walks in the woods
- spend a lot of time on the terrace with coffee, wine and various other beverages
- fish
- they walk and ride bikes...
in the forest for hours (4 bicycles on site)
- they visit nearby attractions (eg Grunwald Fields with the reconstruction of a historical battle, an old open-air museum in Olsztynek)
- in the winter they skate on a frozen lake, use the ski lift in Rus and run on cross-country skiing)
- chop the tree as you like
- sometimes they make pierogi
- and if they want, they do not let the fire go out

What's for children?

We have time for children


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Balcony, terrace
  • No TV set


How much will I pay?

wakacje, święta i długie weekendy

jeden nocleg ze śniadaniem 140 zł/os
dodatkowa 3 i 4 osoba w pokoju 70 zł

poza wakacjami i świętami

jeden nocleg ze śniadaniem 120 zł/os
dodatkowa 3 i 4 osoba w pokoju 60 zł

dom na wyłączność ok 12-15 miejsc

cena do uzgodnienia

opłata za zwierzaka

20 zł/doba

Price: PLN 120 per person including breakfast
Price per child: PLN 60
It is possible to buy half board: PLN 50 / children PLN 25

Place rules

Minimal rental period

Do weekendu poprzedzającego rozpoczęcie wakacji jest możliwość wynajmowania pokoi 2,3,4 osobowych na minimum dwie doby.<br /> Przez cały czas trwania wakacji wynajmujemy pokoje na 7 dni (od soboty do soboty) <br /><br /><br /> Po wakacjach, od 1 września do 30 października jest możliwość wynajmowania pokoi 2,3,4 osobowych - indywidualnie. Minimalny okres wynajmu to dwie doby. Późną jesieni i zimą wynajmujemy cały dom na wyłączność dla jednej grupy znajomych, rodziny. Minimalny okres wynajmu to dwie doby.

Payment and booking conditions

W celu potwierdzenia rezerwacji pobieramy 30 % zadatku od całkowitej ceny pobytu.
Zadatek jest bezzwrotny.

  • Cash on the spot
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:15:00
  • Check out till:12:00
  • Mierki 61b
  • 11-015 Olsztynek



Nice place with a delightful owner, but the price is inadequate for the service. It's mainly about the bathroom - the water in the shower is barely, the roomy if the toilet in the toilet is filling. And with the damage broken, the tank fills up almost non-stop. It's hard to talk about the comfort of the bath (especially because it is difficult to set the right temperature of the water). Plus in the price I would expect ankle (even gray) soap in the bathroom.


A decent place! Forest, lake, silence, peace. The perfect place to relax! The house has a fantastic atmosphere, delicious breakfasts, thank you, we will definitely recommend it to everyone :)


A place where all problems and stress are lost. Wonderful natural circumstances - a house in the forest, 20 minutes walk to the lake, and around Zwierzyniec - two horses, two cats and a hug dog. Great breakfasts, followed by a walk, boating on the lake, canoeing, a visit to jahodzianek in Olsztynek, a bonfire or discussions on the terrace. Calm and carefree.


This is a place where you forget about everyday life, about work and running time. Here is the silence ringing in the ears and "Egyptian darkness" at night. A dog that loves everyone, a faithful companion of walks - if you wish, and cats that choose their time and time of caress themselves. But what is the most valuable, there are People, at work and on holiday. Here, generations of people meet: young, mature, couples and marriages, young people and children ... and animals. Only from those present depends on how you spend your time, where you eat it, with whom you sit at the table. There is no reservation of places, you have every day a chance to have a meal in another company. In the evening, a bonfire, solving crosswords and conversations without end. This place has its own unique charm but the atmosphere is created by people present for whom the house is opened by Danuta, and Monika and Agnieszka care about the body (and not only). It is difficult to leave the Masuria Colony, but the friendly people we meet there help you to prolong your stay with the offer of puncturing tires, to stay a day longer - I greet the owners of 3 beautiful dogs - it was a very tempting proposition. All the people I meet there will stay in my memory forever. So if you're just a fan: all inclusive, lonely meals, relaxing with a watch and a phone in your hand, you do not like people and animals, you are afraid of flies, spiders, etc., it is not an offer for you. Please, do not go there! You will be bored! Thank you


Cool, plus for the location, the character of the house referring to traditional Masurian architecture, horses and Papi dog, surrounding forests and nearby attractions: rafting on the Marózka river, Olsztyneckie jagodzianki, open-air museum, Ostróda-Elbląg Canal, a lake to go cycling through the forest, local products at breakfast (honey, cheese, curd, milk). In addition, not everything played - such purity and various ailments: faulty installation of water and sewer, poor suppers for the price of 100 zlotys per pair, poor coffee, general chaos of service manifested by the lack of towels and toilet paper in the room or delays in serving meals. With this "work from the dawn" over breakfast and the "lack of rules" in the description of the Colony it was a little podkoloryzowano;)


Wonderful place - home and surroundings, nice lady Danusia, delicious food. 3 days detached from reality in full relax. We recommend it to everyone!


We felt at home with our wife (and our two dogs). A great place, secluded, located in the forest, and the guesthouse spacious and decorated so that after crossing the threshold we were no longer foreign strangers but we knew that we are in the right place - thanks to the surroundings, decor and all who care about the guests' leisure. We recommend! Magda and Marek.


First of all, peace, you do not need anything, everything is going at its own pace. Wonderful home-made breakfasts that drag on for infinity, because it's so nice to talk to the people we met here. Wonderful owner of Danka, who makes you feel at home. If you do not have a dog, and you always wanted to have it, here it is, such a dreamily cuddly :) who gladly go with you for a walk and play (cats a little less effusive :)) 15 min walk to the lake, evening bonfires, you can ride a horse after earlier agreement. A great place to relax, talk, eat well. A beautiful arcaded house in the middle of the forest, an ideal starting point for any nearby attractions. Be sure to try jam.


Somewhere at the end of the world, in the middle of the forest is a hut where time is a relative term, and peace, silence, "nothing strangling", movement or lack of it, smile and positive energy you get in a package for a good Bed & even better Breakfast hahaha Hmmmm, there is only a problem .... it can be addictive because you will not be able to leave and you already think when to come here again :-) If you like nature, animals and the warmth of the fireplace, enter this place on your "must see" list ...


Momentum, stress and worries are a companion of many ... I was looking for a place where I could go for a moment to forget about everyday life and be able to feel that I am alive. On the occasion of the embroidery workshops, I got there ... The Masurian Colony is a paradise on earth! The beauty of nature and the surrounding magical places were breathtaking. There you just have to be and experience all these charms! And additionally, the owner of the house Danka Zlasu (she says so) is a wonderful woman, full of good and wisdom of life, will give you a home of the highest quality!


Beautiful place, nice atmosphere and great food! Cottage located in the middle of the forest, close to the lake - perfect for cycling. A beautiful, clean interior. The dinners cooked on the spot are delicious and very filling - no one will leave the place hungry.