17 unique spots that you can reach without a car

Part 2



As we wrote recently - our Guests are increasingly abandoning cars. And it's completely conscious decision. So we create for them this list - colossus. Recently we released the first part - now it's time for a sequel. This is one of the few sequels in the world, that isn't worse than the first part.


To read the first part of the list for no-car-people click here.




We've already written many times about Agrozagadka, so it feel stupid to repeat again, so we'll give you graceful link. For example this one, from the list of cool kids friendly agritourisms. Select term in November and talk Host into common beer and cheese. Both of these things he's doing himself. This year Masurian guesthouses invite travellers to their orchards with banners "We demand good food" and "More cool events!". Agrozagadka hosted an event back in June, but don't lose heart, they'll show up with their products on August 25 in Przechowalnia Marzeń and in September in Karwik 122. Agrozagadka can pick up its Guests from Giżycko or Wilkasy.

"Here, everything moves at it's pace, plants grow robust, chickens and geese walk happy, dog ​​smacks with content. For us, the fact, that there's very intimate, is very comfortable. Ultimate comfort for us was, that we crossed paths with very sympathetic family, so we are lucky. We came back with handmade cheeses, soaps and good memories."

Slowhop opinion: No TV, no neighbors, no pressure. In the attic two rooms with private bathrooms, spacious living room with fireplace, old oak table and a kitchenette. Separate entrance. You can take your pet, although there are cats and dog on site.


We'll make you a small pleasure and forward you straight to the blog of Magda from Venila Kostis, because she nicely tells about ArtHouse. At Slowhop, as you know, there's an additional description, and then you can then ask some questions and book. Grzegorz from Pelnik will pick up every cheerful team from bus station. Although, the bus stop in the village is, plus or minus, ten minutes from the house, but Host reports that once he had to drive girls from the bus, because they had two boxes of Prosecco and couldn't get there. So inform the Host, you'll be heard.

"We had the opportunity to be here, both in early spring and in winter - house in each aura looked beautiful. There's all you need to relax, the owner is very nice, close to Olsztyn, near the Warmia therms. Only a few steps from the lake. On-site barbecue and fireplace, children's playground. We recommend in 1000% and will return more than once."

Slowhop opinion: Two minutes from the house is well-maintained beach with a lifeguard. Cool, modern design, something for people who prefer that atmosphere from a village style.


This is a place, where parents and those, who love animals, especially horses will feel good. We won't swaste our breathe, just give you lit link to lists, where you can read more. Krzysztof, Agrohippika's host, invites you without a car. He picks up guests from bus stop (Złotoryja) and railway station (Jelenia Gora, Legnica), he also drive guests traveling with Bla Bla Car from secret place at a gas station on the highway. So anything is possible.

"Hosts are friendly people, they offer advice and help. Delicious meals and aesthetically served often with "homemade" products. On the first floor there's a corner with fridge and the possibility of making a coffee or tea. Sister, me and my dog Wilma spent 8 pleasant days in Agrohippika. Beautiful house, even more beautiful rooms, decorated with love, clean and tidy. Great place for a family vacation, your pets, and more."

Slowhop opinion: Delicious cuisine, children usually play with cats and dogs. You can really relax. Dogs allowed!


Humped Masuria is a place, that no one takes seriously its name. And then there's surprise, after third hump, that God's sake, why no one told me. In fact - behind one mound there's another, and they're not so small. They're decent mounds, they take no prisoners. But it's worth a try. And then be sure to stop in Mazurska Arkadia. A place for families with the Big Family Card, because apartments are really spacious and there's huge area. Bicycles and all water sports equipment is on site. Lake onder your nose, with a nice beach and shed. Arkadia picks up its guests from Stare Juchy.

"Plenty of activities for children, starting from the volleyball, ending at sailing; enjoy tranquility, beautiful views, proximity to the crystal clear lake - all of it close to nature but in the appropriate, comfortable setting for city dwellers;) - suites meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers"

Slowhop opinion: Good option for kids with surplus energy. Arkadia is located just by the lake. Open from May to late September, book in advance.


They have beautiful story about a grandmother Greta here, who hid in the attic, so as not to leave the family home. They have something to create their own legend on and this is what happened. Krzysiek and Ewelina enliven half of Lower Silesia. They have a restaurant with delicious, outstanding cuisine and apartments with great, outstanding atmosphere. It's a kind of must see in a field, in which Slowhop operates. Krzysiek drives Guests from a bus stop in Świerzawa for free, and sometimes from the airport for additional charge.

"Fantastic place and great people! Garden multifunctional and designed in an interesting way. Plenty of activities for children. Adults will also find something for themselves;) Setting, views and food. Such food, flavors and such a place, with which you have good memories and where you want to come back."

Slowhop opinion: Be sure to come with children, be sure to drop by Sudeten Educational Farm, necessarily send children to Krzysiek's lessons of minerals. Necessarily!


We have here the wild Masuria, where the coolest storks live and where it's really far from reality. Here, you eat at shared table, and hosts are classified in category of "the most friendly ever". Siedlisko Jagiele picks up travelers from the bus station in Gołdap. They rent bikes on site for free (also with children's chair or a bicycle trailer + high-visibility jackets and helmets for children), so you can get anywhere with two-wheel method without a motor.

"Peace and quiet, beautiful area. A perfect place for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle. Apartments are atmospheric, they have everything that resting guests need. And in Gołdapia there are brine graduation towers which will cleanse the respiratory tract healthy and sickones."

Slowhop opinion: We recommend little further Masuria, closer to the Suwalki region. And we always recommend nice hosts.


It turned out that you can create paradise gardens in Western Pomerania. Warm place, hosts with class, and ultragreen environment, in the middle of the landscape park. Siedlisko Orlik drives Guests from the railway station in Choszczno and bus stop in Barlinek. For an additional charge they'll grab you from the airport in Goleniów

"Lovely place!!! I am delighted with the surroundings, nature and greenery around the habitats :) I highly recommend this place."

Slowhop opinion: Something for those who want to wear a straw hat, read all Donato Carrisi crime stories at once, and who want to be left in peace, by the river, two kilometers from the lake.


And here we have a villa by the sea, near the cliffs of Jastrzębia Góra. There you can reside in summer (green path to the beach) or winter (cool garden and essential oils of pine trees). Sometimes, they serve delicious homemade cake that tastes good any time of year. Villa Vinci picks up its guests from the railway station and bus station in Władysławowo.

"Everything positive. The house, whose owner gave his soul, you can feel the heart that they put here... I would recommend to anyone!"

Slowhop opinion: Good place for families, you can arrive with a few frindly ones and then it will be really fun here. You can rent the whole house.


This is a place, where love and respect for the animal and man is. In fact, for all living beings. Ewa has created an amazing place, initially only for the lucky ones who managed to book an apartment, and after renovation, for a  larger group Guest. Sieldlisko Niebieski Szczur drives guests from bus and railway stations.

"If you expect organized activities forget.... If you love the forest, horses, dogs, cats, good food and you can delight with it, yhis is the place for you. You give something back and you get more than you expected. We already want to come back..."

Slowhop opinoin: Very good choice for all holidays. Delicious cuisine, cool atmosphere.


Proper agritourism, but run by people who've already seen a piece of the world. They settled here, in the Drawa Lake District, and serve such food, that brain stands on its feet. Animals on site and close to the lake. Rawiczówka picks up its guests, for example, from Drawsko Pomorskie.

"There is no place... like Rawiczówka !! We spent Easter holidays in this wonderful place. The atmosphere in the house and the hospitality of the owners - unbeatable. Horses, dogs, cats, chickens, fallow ... amazing food ... beautiful pond, fields and meadows around ... we'll definitely return in the summer and we'll recommend it with all my heart."

Slowhop opinion: We'd come to Rawiczówka for holidays, to taste the food in the fusion version, because in this house, Polish and oriental flavors are mkixed, and the products are treated seriously. We'd come also for the stories from the world.


Our discovery of late spring 2018. First, there was an article in High Heels Wysokie Obcasy), stating about a woman that serves her husband dried grubs in a salad, her book about Slavic Cuisine, then profile at Slowhop. We have here rooms in the manor house and a holiday cottage in the garden. Incredible, really extraordinary cuisine and hostess with a culinary passion. Dworek Tradycja drives its guests from the train station in Łobez and from the airport in Goleniów.

"Very interesting place with an atmosphere, beautiful garden, educational homestead and many interesting corners (beautiful old trees, rowan alley). A lot of interesting stories about hosts and from them - in addition you don't have to persuade them to tell the story about this place. Delicious homemade bread and cake."

Slowhop opinion: We'd choose Dworek Tradycja for some outstanding holiday, for example, Dad's 70th birthday, golden anniversary or something equally important. Consider booking a holiday cottage for Christmas holidays.


This hot tub with wine glasses holder knocked us out, in our imagination glasses are already filled with red wine and a view of the Gorce. In general, Gorce, ladies and gentlemen, you have to go there. Especially since Hosts have built a second house, also lovely wooden and full of delicious details like the previous one. Górski Azyl picks up guests from the bus station and the railway station in Nowy Targ.

"Perfect cottage! Beautifully decorated, equipped with everything you need, perfect in every detail. Great views of the lake and the mountains, quiet and charming surroundings. Evenings spent in the tub on the terrace - priceless :-) Lovely owners! They created a beautiful place, ideal for rest. For sure we will come back"

Slowhop opinion: For us it's a great option for autumn weekends, holidays with friends and starting point for exploring the area.


This is the yoga place for development groups, families and calm people who want to combine quiet winter holiday with cross-country skiing. BioRezydencja is located in Świeradów, and there, you know - more cross-country skiers per square meter than the expensive shoes on Mokotowska. The kitchen is vege or vegan, and the Hosts (two brothers)  will drive their guests from bus stations, train and airport.

"Wonderful time spent in Biorezydencja. Suitable for families with young children, especially in apartment No. 1. Thank you for the delicious breakfasts Mrs. Ania, and Mr. Wojtek for the wonderful hospitality. We will definitely return!"

Slowhop opinion: Rooms with fireplaces, which beautifully fits with autumn spleen. They don't always offer food, so ask before booking.


Quite unusual agritoursm in Sandomierz Wilderness in an ordinary village Szosówka. Hosts have their own world here and they have time to show it to their Guests. You can smell bread here, Housewife likes to work in the kitchen, they have cool barn for events and sleeping and you can organize here workshops or other stuff. And Marcin works at Cieszanów Rock Festival, organizing a City NGO zone. Dobre Miejsce picks up and delivers its guests (you have to inform while booking), and gives bikes on site so you can go wherever you want.

"Necessary place not only in the Podkarpacie region but in the whole Poland. It shows that views of the mountains or iodine breath is not always the most important. People make the atmosphere - And it's been created in the agritourism aptly named "Good Place." Place warm, with the spirit of the time, in which we can stop for a "moment to take a breath or reflection." The hosts Asia and Marcin and their 2 years old son Jaś are the people who run open house, not a business."

Slowhop opinion: Three rooms for 9 people, you can sleep in a tent and a tree house.


If we write that this is a beautiful Polish nanohabitat built wth Strawbale technique, you probably don't understand a word. So we'll write that we have two cottages by the lake, the cottages are made of clay and straw, and it's very healthy and anti-allergic. And beautiful surroundings. A settlement drives from the nearest station.

"Beautiful place, friendly hosts, comfortable cabins, a stone's throw to the lake (even if someone doesn't know how to throw) and a lot of freedom. And fast wifi. I'd recommend anyone who wants to relax at ease.

Slowhop opinion: Hosts' mission is quite unique  - stories and education. Absolutely unobtrusively, just worth asking, if you are considering a healthy building. We certainly consider and we'd ask Marta about everything. The hosts don't cook, but kitchens are cool and you can make something on the campfire.


One of our favorite novelties of late spring 2018. Gosia and her Dalej Nie Idę - such a name that checking this place was quick as a good change legislative process. And Suwalki is always a good idea - in summer lake next to another lake, the number of wind screens - zero. In winter there's a chance of icy areas. In addition kayaking on Czarna Hańcza river. Dalej Nie Idę drives its guests from Suwalki / railway and bus.

"3 days is not enough !!! (But you have to dose yourself pleasures). Walking through the countryside, forest paths, between the lakes without the mass of tourists - wonderful. Cross-country skiing from the house - a revelation. Coffee in a comfortable chair with a view of snow-covered meadows and forests - unforgettable. We want to come back here and see how other seasons look like in here."

Slowhop opinion: They have a home here for you house for 5 people (2 bedrooms, living room with kitchen and bathroom). Very good cuisine, so come here in summer or winter (in the neighbourhood slopes and cool cross-country routes.)