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Gościniec Szuwary

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The inn was opened in August 2011. We wanted our guests to feel lightly, leaving the everyday world behind. That is why we give them a forest, a river and spacious, Scandinavian interiors which allow to breathe nature in four walls as well. Our proposal is to give up the real world for 4 really comfortable apartments (for 2-4 people) and 4 double rooms, very good cuisine, entertainment of all kinds (from running to nothing) and exploring the surrounding areas. Nearby is a horse riding stud and a bicycle rental. Shewars offer peace, beautiful views and intimate atmosphere.

We are located in Masuria in Krutyń. This is mainly known from the river with the same (almost) name and beautiful forest. The river is 485 m and the forest is at your fingertips.

Katarzyna Puszczyńska

Kasia: a political scientist by education, a globetrotter of love, mother of Kuba and Antosia, the main originator of what is seen in Szuwarach.

Maciek: archaeologist by profession, gardener by passion, Kuba and Antosia, the main performer of what is seen in Szuwarach.

Kuba and Antoni: our beloved guys, sometimes they make rush attractions, have their faithful fans returning here every year for them :-))

Iga, Milky are our dog assistants and - rush mascots, each of them for their dedicated fan club.

Life in Szuwarach is going according to the rhythm of nature, we are slowing down in the fall, we fall asleep in the winter, and in the spring we wake up to work and use the charms of rural life in full summer. Autumn and winter is also time for our travels, because then we do not have to be here all the time, and spring and summer is a time of intense work in the garden, which we spend as much time as our guests :-)
Best with family
homemade food
Forests, rivers, lakes
Long breakfasts
Pet friendly
Special playground for children


  • In / At the edge of the forest
  • In the countryside

Type of accommodation

  • Rooms and apartments


  • Breakfast paid extra


  • Nearby the water
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Near the woods
  • Close to attractions
  • Pet friendly
  • The host on site
  • Place for a bonfire or barbecue
  • Kayaks
  • Fireplace
  • Private bathroom
  • Children's corner
  • Playground
  • Bed for a child

Local food

  • Cheese
  • Meat and sausages
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Preserve

Where will I sleep?

Double rooms in Gudzcu Szuwary have about 15m2 of space. All rooms are located on the ground floor. Interior design in gray and white, minimalist, Scandinavian style and subtle additions create a climate of relaxation and tranquility. There are two comfortable beds in the rooms and no third person extra... bed. There is a fridge, a kettle and a hairdryer in the lobby at the entrance to the double rooms.

The guest's favorite place is a three-sided glass, air-conditioned veranda. It was born of a fascination with Scandinavian simplicity. There, among hand-made benches, tables and details, with scenic views of the forest and backyard garden, we offer tasty and healthy breakfasts, and afternoons with home-made cakes of coffee, tea or compote. On cool days, by the fireplace, you can spend a nice time with family and friends. Typically, social gatherings take place there, and the pace is fast unhurried ...

What will I eat?

Life in Shuwar is going according to the rhythm of nature. Cooking is the maximum use of what our garden and local forests, rivers and fields provide. In the backyard patio, there are plenty of vegetables and fruits, from which healthy and organic dishes and home-cooked breakfasts in Verandah are created.... In the afternoon there is a good time for coffee, aromatic tea or a sweet lady's dessert, but there is no place or preparation for meals. That is why we present a list of fantastic culinary places in Masuria, each unique, conducted with passion. You will find both excellent restaurants with Culinary Heritage of Warmia and Mazury or Slow Food, Guided Gault & Millau Guides and Cafes and Cafes. more

How will I be entertained?

When you have a little fun with Shuffle attractions and want to go somewhere with family or friends, we have prepared for you a list of great attractions and places that you can not find in other parts of Poland - Mazury are unique. The choice is subjective, but most of the attractions we tested on the... skin. There will be something for everyone - from the flow of Krutynia, animals in the Wildlife Park through the Hitler's bunkers, old mills, monuments, up to the Indian village of Spytkowo. Have fun exploring! more

What's for children?

Children have a playground in the garden. There is a large trampoline, swings, sandpit, playhouse and a large green area for fun and frolics. There is a kid's corner with a board wall, a bookcase filled with games, puzzles, books, plastic artifacts, coloring books and toys, and small tables with chairs... in the Shackling Room. This is where children spend their time together in creative play. more


  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Kettle
  • Dryer
  • No TV set

How much will I pay?

Year 2019

Two-person room 170 PLN / room
Apartment in the middle of the building (2 pers.) 240 PLN / room
Apartment from the garden (2 pers.) 260 PLN / room
Summer Apartment in the Mountains (2 Persons) 260 PLN / room

June to September minimum stay is 7 days. During the remaining 2 days.

Additional fees

Baby on sofa bed - 30 PLN / day
Children up to 6 years old if sleeping with parents and do not need bed linen we pay free of charge

Cot for children - 10 PLN / day
With mattress and bed linen

Tourist tax - 2,18 PLN / person
At the rate set by the Piecki Commune Office

Breakfast - 30 PLN / person
Breakfast for a child in the price of 15 zł

Charge for animals - 25 zł / day
As we have two bitches: Iga and Lola, the animals are agreed individually

Fireplace - 50 zł / to 2 hours
We will fire on request. Price refers to the fire and wood wheelbarrow.

Place rules

Payment and booking conditions

Confirmation of the reservation is the payment of the deposit by the SlowHop system.
Cancellation less than 21 days before the start of the stay means that the advance payment is not refundable. The remaining amount must be paid on arrival / check-in.

  • Cash on the spot
  • Online transfer
Arrival and departure times
  • Check in from:15:00
  • Check out till:11:00
  • Krutyń 54b
  • 11-710 Piecki



Nieziemsko malownicze miejsce! Uciekając od zgiełku miasta można odpocząć w mazurskich urokach natury. Pięknie zadbany ogród. Miejsce ze smakiem, a urządzone pokoje są w klikacie obecnych trendów. Szarość, biel wewnątrz, z zewnątrz drewno, roślinność. Uroku dodaje oszklona weranda, na której śniadanie mogłoby trwać wiecznie. Jedyne do czego mogłabym się „przyczepić” to skrzypiące łóżka - głębszy wdech i miałam wrażenie ze wszyscy to słyszeli. Napewno tam wrócimy!


Gościniec schowany jest na końcu wsi tuż pod lasem. Do tego rzeka i jezioro, które są nieopodal i zapewniają atrakcje dla chętnych (głównie kajaki). Pobyt umilają także przepyszne domowe śniadania w urokliwej werandzie z widokiem na mazurską przyrodę. Wspaniałe miejsce na weekendowy wypad, polecam wszystkim!


Gorąco polecam Szuwary ;) Wszystko dopieszczone w każdym detalu, jeśli czegoś będziecie potrzebować z pewnością to znajdziecie (mapy, przewodniki, ładowarki - wystarczy pomyśleć i okazuje się, że jest gdzieś pod ręką ;) . Gościniec pięknie zaaranżowany, śniadania wspaniałe, a tosty francuskie - powalają z nóg, takie dobre. Miejsce na skraju wsi - także można odnaleźć ciszę i spokój. Powrócimy z pewnością bo zdążyliśmy zaledwie przedeptać kilka ścieżek, a przed nami jeszcze rowery i rzeka ;) Pupil jak i dziecko - bardzo zadowolone ;) Antek i Kuba cudowni kompani do zabawy - mam nadzieję, że kolejnym razem będzie więcej czasu na zabawę ;)


Cudowne miejsce na skraju lasu, z pięknym ogrodem i tarasem. Oczarowały nas przepyszne śniadania z domowymi wytworami właścicielki. Spędziliśmy czas w Gościncu wspólnie z naszym pupilem, co niewatpliwie jest dodatkowym udogodnieniem. Na pewno jeszcze wrócimy, by eksplorowac kolejne ścieżki rowerowe i biegowe, których w okolicy jest mnóstwo!


Cudowne miejsce! Przy samym lesie, cisza, spokój, piękne apartamenty i jeszcze piękniejsza weranda! Duży teren, rzeka blisko, nic tylko rozkoszować się naturą na leżaczkach. Śniadania to mistrzostwo świata, przepyszne, właściciele na medal. Na pewno kiedyś jeszcze wrócimy :) no i cudowne psiaki do miziania :)


Piękne miejsce blisko lasów i jezior ;) Mistrzowskie tosty francuskie na śniadanie, a na wieczór klimatyczne wieczory przy kominku. Można z psem !! Wszystkie meble są drewniane i ręcznie robione - na pewno wrócimy latem :)