We followed this one rule: there should be a huge window and a beautiful view. That’s because we’re writing this list in the middle of the national quarantine. So if you look back on this list in a few years, this is what we daydreamed about while we were locked in our concrete houses. It’s the beginning of April, in the fateful year 2020 when everything started to change. We can’t go to the forest, go for the weekend, nature is springing back to life, and for the first time, we can’t see it up close. Today we’re showing you 13 unique, specially selected places where glass walls, large windows and 360° views of the world are a complete must-have. Ones where every morning, you have to pick your jaw up off the floor because you’re so amazed that the view is so beautiful.


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A Window to the Tatras appeared on Slowhop quite recently, but it was immediately popular. The story goes that Wojtek, who’s passionate about mountains and cycling (he even wrote a guide on the bicycle paths of the Tatra Mountains), was traveling across the wilderness in the area, when he came across this hill in Dursztyn, behind the village at the end of the world and with views like from a postcard. He could not pass by indifferently and so he created Window to the Tatras with three delightful openings. Everything is guided by the bold motto "make views not walls", so the views of the peaks will be just as impressive from the sofa, bed and breakfast table. The couches face the windows, and if you climb the ladder-stairs to the mezzanine, you can also look out at the mountain peaks through the windows. 


Slowhop's review: Window to the Tatras provides a clear view of the mountain peaks and sleeps up to 4 people. There is internet on-site, but panoramic views operate without access to the network. Guests are asked not to bring their pets. Remember that Podhale is not the Alps and even if we try really hard, we won’t be able to find a lonely hut between two hills. There are other buildings in the area, but the view is not obstructed.

There’s been quite a lot said about ZaGórami House lately. We wrote about it in the last list about modern barns and about phenomenal spots in Podhale but we couldn’t skip it here. Thanks to four friends, here’s a picturesque spot of the Belianske Tatras, Western and High Tatras in Łapszanka, with many viewpoints in the house itself in the bed and on the sofa. There’s also an automatically burning pellet fireplace and a sheltered viewpoint in front of the house. And we will tell you right away – this is not a photomontage.

"A great house in a beautiful place! The house is well designed and prepared for guests, with the thought and idea to enjoy the views of the Tatra Mountains with morning coffee and not only [...] in Łapszanka there are plenty of paths and trails to wander around. In nearby Osturna, there are great places, meadows and streams that are perfect on hot days for children and not only! We miss the daily visits of cows on the way to the meadows and the sound of bells from a nearby chapel, which in the morning woke us up for morning coffee. I highly recommend ZaGórami House, it’s completely different Tatras and the proverbial "peace of mind" Bravo! We’d be happy to be back :) ".

Slowhop's review: The house can accommodate 6 adults and possibly two smaller ones. Sadly, dogs are not invited. 

Two houses made from shipping containers now stand on the Biebrza river thanks to a Varsovian resident and the most fashionable guy on the Polish Internet. The view shows nature, forests, Biebrza mists, deer, moose, birds and the bare sky above Sojczyn. Everything is basically invited inside because the large windows give the impression that nature is located inside here and you’re not entirely sure whether you sleep more in the forest or in an upcycled container. And this is very pleasant, especially from a lying position in the bedroom or a reclining position in the Finnish tub. In the area, there’s a lot of room for walking, and in summer it’s lusciously green and you can even meet a moose.

"Great place in a wonderful area. Houses decorated with taste, nicely integrated with the surroundings, cosy and functional. A huge advantage is the Finnish hot tub in which you can relax even when it’s cold. Very picturesque area with many walking/cycling routes and beautiful wildlife at your fingertips. In addition, a very helpful and friendly host. To sum up – it's the best!"

Slowhop's review: The houses are ideal for couples, or generally two people. You are greeted with wine and a basket filled with local delicacies, which can even be vegetarian (upon request). If you manage to get out of bed, we recommend bathing in the fog, barefoot walks on the grass and a visit to the Biebrza witch.

This treehouse with a panoramic view was built as part of Łubinowe Wzgórze | Eko Resort & Natural SPA in Nałęczów, massages with buckwheat stamps, hay bathing, earthy cuisine and absolutely fantastic field games created by the hosts. Away from the noise, but close to the loess gorges of Nałęczów, healthy cuisine and the benefits of the local herbal Spa, the 4-person house stands among the trees with a view of the rising sun. There’s no TV because there’s so much to watch and enjoy at any time of the day and it gives you powerful energy rather than consuming it. You can lazily nap on the sofa and see young deer munching on leaves, or ‘change the channel’ and watch leaves dancing in the wind on the terrace, and in the evening, climb the entresol and enjoy the evening program which is a panorama of the stars.


Slowhop's review: Breakfasts are served in a wooden crate at the door and contain local delicacies: a milk jug and farm delicacies. For a bigger appetite and internal happiness, stop by the amazing restaurant "Heaven and Forest". You get a chance to really reset in this house – there is no wifi.

Dominika was searching for her place on earth for a long time, looking in Poland and France, in the vicinity of Babia Góra and the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. However, life led her to Ropki, an old Lemko village in the Low Beskids, where there are mountain springs, streams and beautiful views and now also Manichatki which wink at visitors with their turquoise shutters. All three houses went from being old, demolished sheds with oil-soaked wood, aged stones, bricks and roof tiles to being restored and getting a second life. Two are for guests, and the third is where Dominica lives with her daughter Manuela, which is where the name Manichatki comes from. Both guesthouses have large windows on four sides of the world, and Chatka Mani has a glass conservatory with a fireplace and an armchair in which you can nicely hide from the cold while still feeling like you’re in the heart of nature. Everyone who was here said that the place is beautiful and they make sure to come back. 

"It was wonderful! A truly fabulous place, beautiful views of the stretched landscapes untouched by mankind. An ideal place to rest, think, calm down. It is impossible not to mention the host of this place. A very cordial, helpful person who loves people. And she loves to host them. It just shows. I would definitely recommend this place, we will definitely be back when it gets greener..."

Slowhop's review: Come here for peace, pleasant wilderness, views of the Low Beskids and windows to four parts of the world. Next to it is the Buddhist Retreat Centre, and at a distance of 10 km is the nearest ski lift in Smerekowiec. There is no food offered here, but there is a wood burning stove and delicacies from the neighbours in the area. You can come with the dog.

Nie sypiam byle gdzie. Kompendium niespiesznego podróżnika.


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We already wrote about Sywarne in the list of phenomenal exclusive houses in Podhale. Szymon, a professional cyclist and a real tough guy, put a modernist chalet at the foot of the mountains with a panorama of the Tatra Mountains in 4K outside the window. All this in Kościelisko, which is a safe distance from smoked cheese and the market in Krupówki. You can ask for a breakfast basket at the door, and even training in bicycle techniques (Szymon with a broken arm won the title of Polish Champion in the first competition in the country at the Cycling Congress). You don't have to ask for views, they are unlimited. As a gift.

Slowhop's review: Shepherd's chalet for 6 people and the best view (in our opinion) is from the couch. No pets.

Sobibór Estate has been with us almost from the beginning, and looking at this charming, round window invariably we feel like in a fairy tale and we guarantee that this is not a set design. It started with a resin cottage in the buffer zone of the Sobibór Landscape Park, and then the whole estate came about, i.e. a micro settlement in Polesie Lubelskie where nature is celebrated, absorbs silence and provides real food with warm bread at the forefront. You can sleep in old buildings or in houses in the treetops, and the most sought-after lace studio in the stable, with a 200-year-old wooden window in the shape of the Bethlehem Star and a view of the meadow, is only available in the summer season.

"This is the perfect place for everyone who loves nature and a little luxury – such as delicious food that reminds you of homemade dinners. The idea of the estate is fantastic – meals at common tables that are open and invite you to meet and chat with your neighbours, which is rare in today's world! The huge breakfast selection and the freshness of the local products speak for themselves. Dinners tailored to each guest. The area was huge and very well maintained, and our little son ran barefoot from morning to night with joy exploring the whole space [...]”

Slowhop's review: Ewa once worked in the theatre and every year on the terrace in Sobibór, she organizes the Cultural Terrace Cultivation concert with performances by Polish stage artists. 


We like Ewelina and Artur's project – they decided to build ‘drawers’ for sleeping on the slope of Kiczera Mountain in the Silesian Beskids instead of traditional tourist buildings. Two cascading buildings with suspended bedrooms will accommodate two to four people, and come on, who wouldn’t want to hang around in such drawers with a view? But there’s often a queue and new arrivals anxiously wait for their turn until they’re finally able to check out one of these drawers and to warm their bones in the sauna or hot tub, and the kids can’t wait to inflate their pool toys and put on their swimsuits. This place is especially beautiful in the morning when the fresh fog envelops the trees and even the deer shake their heads every day in amazement at what grows on Kiczera. In winter, it is no less cool, because the slope is literally next to Szuflandia, actually Szuflandia is on the slop. And you have to reserve another visit in advance because you can't fully experience it all at once.

“ A great place – if you want to go to the Polish mountains, this is the place to stay. A beautiful view, warm pool, the apartment is very nicely and functionally furnished, the views from sleeping ‘drawers’ are divine, and there’s a comfortable terrace where you can relax in the sun. There’s no breakfast, but that’s okay because the apartment has a fully equipped kitchen and there’s a shop nearby. They even have books here to read :)))) I highly recommend coming here with children because at Szuflandia, in addition to the pool, there’s a trampoline and playground. It's also a great starting point for short and long trips to the mountains, we'll definitely be back."

Slowhop's review: Double and 4-person apartments with suspended bedrooms. No pets allowed.

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All-inclusive holiday destination on the Beskids with two houses, a super cool host, the Magura National Park all around, waterfalls and the Klimkówka dam. We wrote about Dosbajka and Darek in our book "I don't sleep just anywhere. Compendium for a leisurely traveler" and here we will repeat ourselves again because Darek collects ohs and ahs and in the competition for the coolest host, he would probably be at the top. But back to the point, because Dosbajka, apart from Darek, also has a heated pool and you won’t have to reserve a sun lounger, jacuzzi, sauna and a Russian hot tub with a view of the Low Beskids and floor to ceiling windows in front of the house. The nearest ski resort, Magura Ski Park is 1.5 km away, and delicious, local food is served by "Gospoda Magurska" located a stone's throw from the houses.

"A place worth recommending. Nice and cosy houses, jacuzzi, hot tub and sauna with a beautiful view. Close to everything, but out of the way, so you can relax and feel at ease. Near the shop and tavern with quite tasty food. But the host is probably the best part of this place – cordial, helpful and always smiling. In addition, the homemade treats are worth the calories. Thank you for a magical weekend!"

Slowhop's review: Each house can accommodate 5 people and has its own kitchenette. Nearby, there’s a bunch of Lemkos cottages and churches you can visit and in Wysowa, they sell magical, bottled water called ‘Franciszek, which apparently alleviates hangover symptoms. You can come here with a dog.

When we first saw House by the Springs, we had to pick our jaws up from the floor and hold back the sudden desire to smash our piggy bank from 20 years ago. We have already mentioned this place on the list of good spots in the Lublin region and the one about the most designer accommodations. Wygnanowice is a house in the middle of the forest near natural springs (cold as hell at any time of the year) that you can walk to from the house, even in a bathrobe, even barefoot. There is no cell phone coverage, but there is a sauna (in case you need to defrost from the springs), a yoga room, a bathtub with a view, a sofa directed towards epic windows of trees, a hammock and a terrace that’s so breathtaking, it will make you tear up. 

"Without a doubt, Wygnanowice is an amazing place. If you just read the comments, you’ll know that this is not a normal house. For me, the most important part of this trip was a conversation with Ania and the history of this place. Ania and her family were the most inspiring part of our trip. The house is coherently designed with beautiful furniture. The whole trip we wondered ‘Who are the owners? What inspires them? How did they find this place?’ We received all the answers after a long conversation with the owner. Great, inspiring people who have opened our eyes to a coherent style and beautiful minimalism. Since leaving this place, something has changed in our lives. Tatar music accompanies us to this day and the Maori massage that we had was an out of body experience. We wish you so much success on every level!!"

Slowhop's review: The house is rented exclusively which means that the host is usually not on site, but there’s a small vegetable garden and basic products are provided. You can come with a small dog.

An oasis of peace near Warsaw with sleeping, reading and pine aromatherapy for people looking to escape from cities and corporations. This is one of the first places on Slowhop that is also an Instagram hashtag. You take the fast route from Warsaw and in 45 minutes you are in another world – surrounded by fields, dunes and a pine forest in Adelin in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Bartek and Marta were inspired by the "House of Baba Yaga" in Rzepiska and decided to create their own version of the house in a remote area. The effect is that all book worms in Adelin have their paradise and a private library with one and a half thousand books, pine and spruce aromatherapy, epic views through 5-metre windows of the forest and field, and a good chance of becoming a Zen master. There are shutters but who would want to separate themselves from nature in this place? The cellphone range is spotty, so don’t plan on working overtime on the weekend here, and besides, they have a yellow smartphone box, so we recommend putting it away and but just remember to take it back after your stay is over!


"The house is beautiful and cosy, I had a very nice time :) An additional surprise was a small, beautiful redheaded kitty who came by for affection and snacks – it’s worth bringing something non-vegetarian for him :) Coffee with a book on the terrace, morning reading, reading in bed, reading on the couch, books in the kitchen, books in the bedroom – it's a good thing that bookworms don't eat letters :) "

Slowhop's review: The house has a base of 25m2 and was built with spruce and pine wood. You sleep on the mezzanine (also with a view), and the terrace in front of the house is perfect for morning yoga. You can come with a small dog. It’s rather empty all around and the house stands in a young forest, not far from the road.