16 unique wooden cottages for holidays

List made on Facebook fans special request :)



"Hey, make some nice list of cool wooden houses!", asked one of the Slowhop Facebook fans. Hmmm, we thought, all in all, why not? Well, we did it. You wil find here typical summer houses, there is one wooden boarding house in the Beskids, also an elegant house in Gorce. Most are holiday homes, for exclusive use by guests, where you can enjoy nature and surround yourself with the sweet wooden smell of the houses. And trust us, there is a lot of wood here. A treat for carpenters and bark beetles. Have an pleasant reading.


Every day at Slowhop we learn geography and history and these are fascinating things. We already know that once Mormones lived at Masuria, Mennonitest in Żuławy and on the occasion of Willi Tyrolczyk we have learnd that refugees from Austria found refuge in the area of Karpacz. That's where a lot of architectural references to Tyrol come from, decorative, flower-filled balustrades. This miracle stands in Karpacz and makes an wonderful impression.

„A beautiful garden, you can grill or make a bonfire. Located in a quiet part of Karpacz, near the forest, close to the trail to Śnieżka. I recommend 100%!”

Accorind to Slowhop: A holiday home for 8 people, you can take a dog and don't forget to pack comfortable shoes.

For us, this is a hut that conquered Slowhop. There is so much wood that the average woodworm drools at the sight. And that's not all, because the forest actually enters the house, the view from the veranda is on coastal pine, smells like resin, and cones decorate the area. The hut may have an aromatherapeutic effect, because you can feel iodine in the air and the aroma from the forest delights. It was created by good people who wanted to have a cozy house for two friendly families. Now they give this house to other friendly families.

„Everyone who is looking for silence, peace and solace should choose this house. In each element of the decor you can see the attention to detail. The cottage is completely equipped! It only remains to come and rest. I highly recommend.”

According to Slowhop: The house is located in a forest cottage settlement, in such a place that you can feel intimate. It is possible that in the summer children will find decent opponents for cones fights. A very good place for families with children. Here without dogs.

And here we have a mountain cabin with fairytale elements, very close to Zakopane. Licking-fingers views, name promising a great time with the kids, a lot of gnomes inside.

"Beautiful place! Excellently equipped, warm, cozy cottage. The view from the windows indescribable :) Beautiful surroundings. Very friendly owners. We'll definitely come back."

Slowhop opinion: 3 bedrooms plus living room with sofa bed, something exclusive for 6 people or a family with large family card. As usual in Podhale you can't take your pet.


25 km from Warsaw such a nice gem. It has a barn and an interior such wooden as exotic, because hosts are looking for inspiration by the mediterranean sea and a create things a little bit. She is a designer, he's sculpting in the old wood. And all of this happensl under Grójec, familiarly, without excessive combustion of fuel for the Warsaw inhabitants.

"Wonderful and magical place for people who love nature and a return to old-style boho. Every little element of this place makes that you don't want to leave."

Slowhop opinion: Two double bedrooms (plus extras). For smaller and larger events. 12 km from the Zegrze Reservoir. You can take the dog.


We will start with aromas. Sweet wooden smell as a leading part. Long story short: take a tree, cut it along the core and you get the building material that smells, it's big, thick and heavy as it's supposed to be. Everything else is matches and fun for three-year-olds. Ania and her husband built a wooden house with a stunning view on everything that was possible. Wherever you look, there are treasures of nature (everywhere!): the Tatra Mountains, Lake Czorsztyńskie, Pieniny - you can not get rid of it :) A new definition of the majesty of nature can be invented in a wooden tub, with again amazing views. It is no wonder that people come here in crowds. That is why Ania and Konrad are just finishing building a second, similar house. Premiere 2018. Be vigilant. And for now, read what they have to say about themselves on their profile at Slowhop.

„A wonderful place, in a quiet area, a beautiful, wonderful house, tastefully decorated. Beautiful views from the window or from the terrace with a good cup of coffee or tea. The wooden hot tub is a very good idea, of course we took advantage of this attraction. We highly recommend spending your free time in this charming place! We will definitely be back.”

According to Slowhop: Górski Azyl is a holiday home for 8 people, there are 3 bedrooms with double beds and a super-convenient corner bed. You can take a dog.

Amazing smell of wood from all over the place and fresh bread waiting for you every the morning. Maybe we should not talk about it, but we hope that the hostess will not blame us for that. Giewontka is a novelty from summer 2017. Use your advantage that you know about it as one of the first people, remember that it is already on Slowhop and you can learn more about it, also things that you will not find on any other website. For example, the fact that the hostess of the house is singing well (in the backing vocals of Trebunie Tutka) and is fascinated by music and highlander folk. Whats more, this place is located at the intersection of three streams. It can not be better. More about Giewontka in our overview about the Tatras.

„A beautiful place, in the privacy of nature, near the valleys, allows you to escape from the crowd in Zakopane, even in the season. Very nice and helpful hosts! Cozy and clean rooms, created to a high standard. I would recommend!”

According to Slowhop: A few beautiful rooms, a shared kitchen where you can meet other guests. No dogs.

Probably everyone already knows Willa Tadeusz in Lanckorona. Thanks to the pool (click here for more pools at Slowhop), to the fascinating history, and the fact that everything here is without any pressure. You should read their profile at Slowhop, for example for their story and if we could give you one piece of advice for this holiday season: go to Lanckorona. You won't regret.

"Absolutely magical place. You can come here to recharge the batteries. Fantastic owners, who cooks like in heaven. Willa is beautifully located, you can walk endlessly. You can arrive with the dog, domestic atmosphere. The only "minus" are shared bathrooms on the ground floor, but it's a small detail."

Slowhop opinion: You can take the dog, one of the most atmospheric places at Slowhop. Cool cuisine.


We like to write about them because it's like other world, other people. Lovely, seriously, wonderful people, who hid in a wooden hut overlooking Lake Klimkówka. There is a lot of good heart, good food and authentic interiors.

"Hosts enchanted me with care for every detail of the interior, which refers to the appearance of the former Lemko huts. To what I also paid attention? Heating, which doesn't disappoint, even in the morning the rooms are warm. Comfortable mattresses, new duvets and coatings, maybe they're trifles, but for me, they indicate care to visitors. I also thank very much for the delicious, warm breakfast, which prepared me to walks in the snowy forest. I'll be back for sure. :)"

Slowhop opinion: Three guest rooms, delicious vege food and you can take your dog. Beautiful view.


And here the situation happened that cool people from Silesia built a substitute of Norwegian Bergen in Masuria. Cottages are pretty, really! Plus a view of the lake... You can sit down and write a cool crime story, and if not, just read a book. The sauna is also cool. And if you had enough looking at the lake and sauna, there are bikes and quite a nice paths to discover.

„A perfect place for people looking for silence and Masurian atmosphere. Widokowo is a small resort, consisting of three tastefully decorated houses, located on a hill from which there is a view of Lake Pasterzewo and forests. We only stayed there for 3 days, but we will definitely come back. Amazing atmosphere comes not only from nice views, but also from great hosts. Positively crazy people who escaped from the big city to settle on the border of Masuria and Warmia and decided to create this wonderful place. Thank you once again for your hospitality and bonfire.”

According to Slowhop: Cool place for sport freaks. There are SUP boards, MTB bikes and a good mood for activities. Here without dogs.

How often does it happen that someone finds a hundred-year-old house in Kasina, packs it like Lego blocks and wanders from the Tatry into the Beskidy, surrounded by amazing views and such emptiness that it seems that you are alone on planet Earth? That's what Monika did. She is not a carpenter or a historian by profession, but a hundred-percent enthusiast. She got a big help from a specialist in such open-air themes, and there it is - guesthouse which you can be book at Slowhop.

„A beautiful place, calm, perfect to relax :) The owners are amazing, very lovable :)”

According to Slowhop: Small guest house with five rooms, for 12 people. There is a common kitchen to use, but you can ask a guardian angel of this place, Mrs. Hania for preparing meals. Here without the dogs.

We have written so many times about Miłośliwka that we will not repeat ourselves like an old aunt from Zgierz and we will just leave you with some links. You can read about Miłośliwka here, and here, and you should also stop by at their profile at Slowhop.

„A great place to actually slow down in real-time. You can explore the forest that almost invades the property. Listen to the birds singing in the morning and to the grasshoppers in the evening. Warm up by the bonfire. You can meet interesting people, both the owners and other guests. They serve tasty food and the distance from other homesteads is just addition to the charm of this place and strengthens in its uniqueness. I heartily recommend. We will definitely be back.”

According to Slowhop: In Miłośliwka they love to cook, so get ready for scents and flavors. You can come with your dog. You will not be able drive all the way to the house unless you have a 4x4 Defender. But do not worry - the hosts will pick you up.

Time for the real village, such a treasure: Lemko's cottage from 1902. The owners refined everything in detail, the only thing they did not touch (on purpose) was the Bieszczady tales and legends. You will find nice people here who cooks well and happily host wanderers. Really nice interiors and such professionalism that does not happen often. We've already written about them, so jump in here or here for more. Check their profile at Slowhop, where you will book what you need.

„We spent a week in Smolnikowe Klimaty. One of the best weekends of our lives! Here the time flowed differently and the privileged guest is a peacock with a beautiful tail! Outside the window, silence, peace, lush greenery and the smell of trees. Paulina and Przemek are amazing hosts. They create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Those who are arriving for the first time in the Bieszczady regions are getting a lot of help from hosts to discover charms of this land. The icing on the cake is... food!”

According to Slowhop: A nice place for families who want to meet other people with passion. There are no random guests here. Here without the dogs.

One of two places in the Swieokrzyskie Mountains that we recommend. This exclusive house is an extraordinary place, especially for those who like to get away from reality and like sports. There is a volleyball place next to the house and everything is saying: move your butt, do not waste the circumstances of nature! To the slope in Krajno is 15 minutes drive, to Bodzentyn even faster, from Warsaw two hours. All roads lead to this cottage, and the hosts are nice people and they bring smoked meat for their guests. Read more here and of course book through their profile at Slowhop.

„A wonderful weekend in a beautiful place with wonderful girls! One of the best trips. I recommend... after an intense running workout, consultations with a great nutritionist, sauna, glass of wine, fireplace... very good organization, great food, wonderful views and a great atmosphere !”

According to Slowhop: Five bedrooms for fourteen people in total. Very nice interiors and breathtaking views.

It's impossible to describe Jagodowa Polana without describing Marta. It's like talking about the best restaurant without mentioning the chef. As if we were talking about Star Wars without mentioning George Lucas, and about Indiana Jones without at least small references to Harrison Ford. It;s impossible. Jagodowa Polana is Marta - a magician, herbs shaman and plants woman. If you like a good food, long table, where you can meet other guests and the view that is worth getting up at dawn - it's here.

"Beautiful place. The house is located on a hill with a beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains, in which you can stare with the morning coffee. And it won't be just any coffee, because everything Marta prepares in her kitchen has something surprising and it's just damn good at the same time. We rested here like never before and certainly we'll return in some time."

Slowhop opinion: 16 beds plus an extra beds, you can arrive with a dog, phenomenal cuisine. Open only in the late spring and summer!


One of the Slowhop seniors, it was more then enough that we heard reviews from several friends that the atmophere is unique and the host has talent for baking the best bread. Well, if the host bakes bread, we already love it. There is also a nice story about this place and surroundings of our beloved Suwalki region. We wrote about them with enthusiasm in ranking about the Suwałki region, and you know that you need to book via Slowhop, right?

„The place is perfectly suited for families, the owner cooks such delicious meals! All naturally, you can feed small babies there without any worries. We will have an additional positive reminder, because during the stay we got married in nearby Rutka. Oh and apples, your apples are brilliant! A forest outside the window like a fairy tale. I could talk about this place forever. Genious! See you later!”

According to Slowhop: Several wooden houses for rent. You can take a dog, there is good food and beautiful surroundings.

The owner is a fantastic guy, he makes the most beautiful pictures and he loves to captures the surroundings with the camera. And the house itself - in the color of the sky, inside olschool kitchen. This place is a reminder of how real life looks. And the air - crystal clear. A beautiful place, usually booked, so if you have any time off - hurry up and book in advance via Slowhop. And more about Korolowa Chata you can find here and here.

„A journey back to childhood and holidays at Grandma's!”

According to Slowhop: Two bedrooms and a hammock, turntable and vinyls. Here without a dog