Hello, is there anyone here who doesn't like to spend summer by the water? We have something for those of you who like tanning, letting it all hang out on the beach, drinking coffee in the morning on a private jetty and breaking the record in cannonball jumping into the water. Or for those with rambunctious kids who can only be soothed by water like hydroxyzine administered through the skin. Or those who might forget to pack a change of underwear, but would never ever forget to bring a set of rods and bait.


As soon as the temperature hits 20 degrees at Slowhop, everyone storms towards the water. We are flooded with questions about rivers and lakes, private jetties and the distance to the water in steps. And here is our answer – 12 places where the water is unlimited. 


P.S. Everything is reserved at lightning speed, so be vigilant and act quickly, otherwise, you’ll end up hunting for last minute...

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Here’s how the story went: Wojtek, a fishing enthusiast, fish farmer and ichthyologist, and Ewelina, a lawyer, built two houses each with its own pier and a view of 3.5 hectares of water at the end of the village of Krasznice, in the vicinity of Biała Nida River. This came about from a husband who wanted to fish, children who wanted to be by the water, and a wife who as usual, wanted to appease everyone and their interests. Here you can appease your own interests by either drinking hot coffee with a view of the water or go for a breathtaking run in the peace and quiet. Children can jump off the jetty, sit in the warm sand, try out the kayaks or pedal boats, and go swimming while anglers gleefully cast their lines at fish willing to take the bait. And as if that wasn’t enough, Ewelina and Wojtek run a fishing farm and they smoke fish in their own smokehouse and seasonally serve trout caviar.


Slowhop's review: There are two houses, but the hosts plan to open two more and a sauna this season. The smaller one can accommodate 4 people and the larger one even 8. There’s no full-board but you’ll get delicious goodies for breakfast delivered to your door and the hosts will be happy to feed you fish and exquisite sweets upon request.

Here we have a dream come true – a blue house in Masuria created by Justyna and Stefan. Now we know exactly what happens when architects who are in love with Poland up to their ears, are responsible for making their dreams a reality. We don’t know what excites us the most, whether it’s the fact that the bed is located just 50 m from the lake, or the terrace that’s an extension of the bedroom or maybe the sauna with a view of Lake Janówko. There is also a romantic jetty and a stone barbecue right next to the lake, with a supply of wood, in case you want to go on a grilled food diet.

"Wonderful place! An amazing, warm house in a great place away from the hustle and bustle. Everything was as it should be. The view from the windows is flawless – on one side you can see the lake, on the other green fields. Wooden interior gives a feeling of warmth and cosiness, while heated floors give great comfort :). Thank you for a great weekend!"

Slowhop's review: What’s included – a sandbox with a view of the lake, SUPs, kayaks, badminton, table tennis, two bicycles and 5,500 sqm of grass to trample on. There is also a horse stable and a free tennis court nearby. You can rent the whole house for 12 people, half for 8, or a 4-person studio.

A modern barn hidden in the forests of Warmia next to a small lake and a small beach just 150 m from the house. There are three farms on the 7-hectare plot bordering the forests of the Wipsowo Forest District, including two Sauerwalds. At 200 m away from each other, they welcome fans of modern buildings, meadows, streams, ponds, forests and peace of mind. Not the type of place for drunken hen parties, noisy get-togethers until dawn and David Guetta blaring on a portable speaker. At Slowhop we enjoy a slightly different kind of rest. Expect water and forest to the horizon, thousands of kilometres of jogging paths, sunsets on the beach, mornings with a view of the forest and surprise treats from local slowfoodies. Adam, the owner, is a nice man, so be sure to talk to him when he shows up with the keys.

"Sauerwald is a slice of paradise on earth. Amazing silence, total relaxation and wonderful rest in the bosom of nature. The house is wonderful and atmospheric, and the area is conducive to countless walks and bike rides. Together with our four-legged companion we will definitely return there :)"

 Slowhop's review: A comfortable house for 4 people, or even up to 6 people. During the high season, guests can rent a SUP board and two bicycles.

First of all, Rogówko Estate is an exclusive house, so if you are looking for a large space for a team vacation, one where you don’t have to toss a coin to determine who sleeps on the floor and who sleeps on the sofa, you've come to the right place. Secondly, this estate will be appreciated by all those who are fed up with neighbours, drilling behind the wall, or children playing too loudly, because this is really in the middle of nowhere and there are simply no neighbours at all. Neither on this side nor on the other side of Lake Rogówko. There is a beach, a private jetty, a huge dose of greenery, a hot tub with hydromassage for 10 people and hosts who are there when the need arises, and on request they can even bring baked goods.

Slowhop's review: You cook your own meals here so please be prepared for it, because there are no restaurants nearby, no diners, not even a neighbour will rescue you by inviting you over for dinner because there is no neighbour! But you do get to use a pontoon, four deckchairs, smokehouse and a place for a bonfire and grill. And you can bring your dog.

There are three houses on the edge of a Masurian village, among the moraine hills and lush meadows. They don’t encroach on one another, even though they are unfenced, but come on, who would want to put up fences with such beautiful surroundings? And the location is unique because the houses stand near the Nietlickie Swamp Reserve, the largest and only peat bog that’s so well-preserved in the Masurian Lake District. There are no buildings in the area, a private beach and a pier at Lake Buwełno, and extremely impressionistic sunsets. The hosts are active, so they will offer you a boat, kayaks and even bicycles.

"It was wonderful! Morning coffee with a view of the lake, long rides through the surrounding forests, dinners on the shores of the lake in the glow of the setting sun, the sound of cranes from a nearby reserve, evenings with a book by the fireplace ... we took a break from everyday life, time seemed to slow down, the mind rested, all problems faded into the background. The houses match the character of the place, do not impose, and complement the surrounding area. The interior is cosy, thoughtfully furnished, equipped with everything we needed. A few days here allowed us to recharge our batteries for further endeavours, but we will definitely come back here – nature and silence around are addictive.”

Slowhop's review: Each of the houses is for 4 people. The shoreline is from 100m to 160m. You cook on your own here or eat in the “Stara Kuźnia” tavern on the other side of the lake. You can also ask the hosts for a breakfast package with local products. Be sure to visit Justyna Górecka from Manufaktura Górecka and order some of her works of art. Please leave your pets at home.

There are a lot of trees to embrace in the heart of the Wdzydze Landscape Park where there’s a house for 4 people with a fireplace, private jetty and terrace with a view of Lake Wyrówno. The house stands on the slope so you have a perfect view from the terrace. There is also a private tennis court, forests full of seasonal mushrooms, a stud farm in Dziemiany, a lake loved by sailors and the brilliant Skansen museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie.

In addition, Lake Wyrówno connects with the Wydzkie lakes and the Wda River, which means that you can spend your vacation in a kayak or on an inflatable flamingo (you should bring your own floatie) and we don't know which option excites us more.

"Thank you very much and we recommend it! It was great! A charming place, quiet neighbourhood, fairytale view! A beautiful place with a hint of magic, especially in the children's room! :-)"

Slowhop's review: House for big and small guests and even for dogs. There are safeguards for children against the fireplace, stairs and terrace. You cook by yourself here and keep in mind that the nearest store is 5 km away, and the nearest restaurant is just 20 minutes by bike.

Close to Olsztyn, somewhere between Lake Pisz and Lake Tumiański stands a 300-metre brick house with history. It fell into the hands of Bogusia as if by accident, although we don’t think that’s the case. Nothing is ‘accidental’ here. Not the extraordinarily beautiful house furnished in a modern style with a private jetty and a view of the entire lake. Nor the 100-metre living room with a pool table, or the 40-metre terrace with a 3D panorama of the water. There is also a garden full of blueberries, forests full of chanterelles, deckchairs hidden in the reeds and a place for a bonfire and next to it a giant, convivial table. There’s no water sports equipment on site, but just 500 metres from the house, you will find a canoe and water sports equipment rental with specialists who will tell you where to paddle.

"A wonderfully renovated and equipped house with a beautiful view of the lake would not be such a big attraction without ... a very nice owner who looked after us in a really great way. Thanks to this combination, we spent a great week together with friends surrounded by nature, enjoying all the charms of the lake and eating local delicacies."

Slowhop's review: The 7 rooms can fit up to 12 souls eager for a holiday. An ideal spot for kayaking and family outings. Without a dog here.

This is a quite new place located on quite historical land that has belonged to Przemek and his family for generations. The house of red brick and roof tiles refers to traditional half-timbered buildings and pre-war times when Lutówko was a border town with Germany. There are four apartments, each are 50 sqm and operate on a self-service basis. You get the keys and you make yourself at home, the host is on-site, but if he’s not there, he will show up if you need anything. The package also includes a private beach with a pier on Lake Lutowski, giant pike and rest in the heart of the Krajeński Landscape Park. There’s also a playground with a view of the lake, a place for a barbecue and bonfire, a pitch and volleyball court, table tennis, badminton, beach chairs, boats, canoes and even a paddle boat and bicycles – all included in the price.

Slowhop's review: Four family apartments with annexes, each for 5 people. Pets are welcome.

If you don't know about the Drawsko Lake District, you have a lot to catch up on. It's best to catch up here among the pines, on the crystal-clear Secino Lake, in Wolf Refuge with hosts Kasia and Mariusz. First of all, you have 200 metres from the house to the lake, secondly, the water is so clean that you can go ahead and drink it almost without boiling it first and you can count the pike swimming by. Thirdly, those who like diving will really love exploring the underwater forests here. We could go on and on because the connected rivers of the Drawskie Lakeland are a paradise for canoeists and sea wolves. If that’s not enough, right next to them in Jeleniewo is the largest deer breeding in Poland. Experience the best nature video live in HD of hundreds of fallows, does and deer walking around.

"Wonderful place. Silence, blissful peace. For us, our stay was full of relaxation, and the dogs had fun running around :) The house has everything you need for a comfortable rest. The surrounding area is paradise – forest, meadows, lake. Definitely a place to recharge your batteries and forget about every day worries."

Slowhop's review: There are two houses: Sly Fox and Noble Deer, both in Scandinavian style, each for 4 people with a mezzanine and a terrace. Be sure to try the local Drahim honey and especially the king of all honey – heather honey. You can go ahead and bring your pooch.

The most groomed barn west of Ełk, in the middle of the village in ‘Mazury Garbate’, with a view of Lake Krzywe. And we will immediately say that this is a real village, where there are flies and mosquitoes, where the neighbour's cows mow other people's lawns and the bull sometimes gets in the way. But trust us, it's awesome. We know this for sure because Krzywe 3 is Slowhop's summer headquarters, so we tested it out ourselves. When it doesn’t host the Slowhop team, it receives guests – those who like contact with nature, barefoot walks to the lake, a view of the water and everything that is real. The house can accommodate 8 people, has four bedrooms, a fireplace, a bathroom with a sauna, a pizza oven in the orchard and access to the lake through the old blue door. There are also two SUPs, a platform to jump off into the water, two bikes and old apple trees that still bear fruit.

"Definitely a magical place. Pure nature and beautiful views. The house is decorated masterfully. The garden in front of the house has many places for sitting and relaxing in the natural surroundings. The swing that looks like it’s from an old movie is an ideal place for really atmospheric photos and enhances the climate of the whole garden. The two SUPs that are included in the price are a lot of fun. We tried it for the first time and after many unsuccessful attempts, we decided to just sit down on one and paddle like a kayak – it was the best adventure of the whole trip, we explored the recesses of the lake while calmly floating on the board. In addition, the water in the lake is really clean. For quiet evenings in the house, there’s a great corner for movie screenings with a fairly large collection of very good films! I recommend it for people who want to cut themselves off from city life and relax in the heart of nature. It was just the two of us this time, but the house is ideal for a trip with a large group. And for those who want to spend time with their other half, the house and the beautiful surroundings create truly romantic moments. We will be back for sure :)"

Slowhop's review: The house and orchard are fenced, so you can bring a dog, a cat and a child, but you have to watch your children because the stairs are quite steep. There is a stud nearby so you can go horse riding. You can cook on the old wood stove, or if you want to switch to a carb diet, the stone pizza oven in the garden is at your disposal. 

We already wrote about Holistic Shot in this list about traveling solo and places with brilliant breakfasts. What we like the most about Aga and Irek is that they don't joke about food, and they take people who enjoy holidays without children (their own and others') quite seriously. They have 5 rooms for a total of 12 people, a grape gazebo, rennet cheese, moonshine from the next-door neighbour, the Bug flowing slowly outside the window and cows floating in the river.

"Great place, delicious breakfast, extremely nice owners (with the wonderful pup Namastek at the helm). The views are breathtaking, you can walk forever. Garden with a view of the river and an unpretentious atmosphere – PARADISE. We recommend it to all who want to escape from the city."

Slowhop's review: This place has a great, big fur ball named Namastek, who loves guests, but unfortunately doesn't tolerate other dogs.

Near Szklarska Poręba, 6 km from the Polish-Czech border, near the only waterfall in Poland that you can swim in, stands the Przesieka Swimming Pool Estate. It has its own pool, overflowing with mountain water and a hectare of fenced in greenery that’s available to tenants. This is probably the last post-German pool in Poland of its kind, with a natural sandy-rocky bottom, a bridge and water to splash around in. It used to have recreational functions, and the Przesieka area was called a luftkurort, with incredibly clean air comparable to that in the Alps. The house has over a hundred sqm so it can accommodate a large family and a group of friends, and don’t worry that not everyone will fit at the table because there is one made of solid wood for a dozen people. In addition to the pool in Przesieka, there is also an "oko morsa" – a mini tank built of stones and filled with water from a stream, for lovers of ice water plunges and fans of Iceman. And in the summer, a sauna will be built next to it if someone goes a little too crazy in this cold water and has to quickly warm up in the heat...

Slowhop's review: An extremely dog-friendly place in the heart of the Giant Mountains, which we already wrote about in this list. Not only is it possible to bring your dog, but you can also enroll your pup in a special, annual training program at Obóz Szeptuna. There are three rooms for a total of 10 people and nearby you’ll find the Podgórna Waterfall, the Szklarki Waterfall, the Kamienczyk Waterfall and mountain trails just over the fence.