The best spots in Poland for solo travelers



We recently received a request to make a list of places to go solo. Places that have single rooms or double rooms for a reasonable price, no one is surprised to see a solo traveler, no one asks ‘by accident’ about your age, reason for being alone, or how many cats you have. Places in which you can take refuge after a bad breakup, cheer up with some zootherapy, enjoy the quiet, lie in the tub, read Tokarczuk's latest book, or sit on the porch with a coffee and ponder existence. You can do it all there. We took into consideration places that let you pay for one person but also places with common spaces so you have an opportunity to meet cool people. If you ever considered taking a trip like this, these are our suggestions.



Lanckorona is always a good idea for singles. First of all: it's easy to get there, even without a car. Secondly, there are at least two great cafes where you can hang out with coffee and a computer. Thirdly, it's a great place for artistic souls, fans of history and Pinterest-like places. Villa Tadeusz is a family guest house from 1924 (after the great-grandfather Tadeusz and grandfather Tadeusz), which despite the passage of years and not entirely favourable historical circumstances, managed to survive. Now Kasia will welcome you and so: here we have a stone pool from the 1950s, historical interiors, delicious breakfasts and no less delicious lunches and dinners, and the magical Lanckorona in which it's good to get lost and finish the day with apple pie at Cafe Arka.

"I don't remember the last time I was in such a special place. A magical house, full of nooks and family souvenirs, a stone swimming pool like in a Tuscan postcard, a large garden and plenty of sunbeds, so that all guests can comfortably sit in the shade of trees. I was looking for a place to relax for a few days with a book in my hand and I couldn't find a better place. We decided on the option of the full board and Mrs Kasia together with her wonderful team, fed us from morning to evening with homemade delicacies. I think about those crepes with Russian stuffing and dumplings with plums all the time, and we could eat mushroom sauce three times a day with everything. All guests out of respect for the atmosphere of the place behaved quietly, no one disturbed anyone, everyone was extremely nice and smiling, but unimposing. We will definitely come back here, probably in a larger group, because there is a lot of space in Villa Tadeusz. Lanckorona itself also delighted us with an idyllic climate, architecture and views."

Slowhop's review: Great place for a solo trip (you pay for one person), food served right under your nose and the market in Lanckorona is a stone's throw away. The villa is really old so the rooms have no bathrooms – the shared one is on the ground floor. There are a total of 40 beds on-site, but guests respect Tadeusz's antique space, so there’s no sliding down the handrail, and the garden will accommodate fans of jumping into the pool as well as those who are searching for peace and sitting in the shade of trees. And you can come with a dog.

We know from a reliable source that the whitewashed rooms here have a soothing effect on the soul, and the proximity of the Baltic Sea and the beach where there are no windscreens helps even more. Guests meet here at a common table to enjoy breakfast first, then a 4-course dinner, and when you see them in the garden, you never know if they are practising yoga or bending over for a carrot. You can walk your own paths, but at By the Meadows, these paths often cross and you can form friendships that last years. If you are just looking for calmness, we recommend relaxing with a book in the garden on a sun lounger (which does not require prior reservation), walking in the surrounding meadows and nearby cliffs, meditation on an empty beach or the best – doing nothing.

"Heaven on earth! A place so wonderfully beautiful and atmospheric, it made me speechless. Then it only got better. Delicious cuisine, home-like atmosphere. No noise, beach 30 min walk, virtually no people. We managed to change our minds about coastal towns full of kitsch. We recommend it to anyone who wants to disappear for a moment. Greetings and we'll be back for sure!"

Slowhop's review: They have a nice yoga room, but for those who only want their own company, we recommend meditation on the beach and Czołpinska Dune. At a pleasant distance, you can rent kayaks, SUP boards or go windsurfing on Lake Grodno. There are a lot of kids here in the summer season so please remember that.

A pre-war barn in Jizera only for adults and (not only) for foodies, those seeking peace (and food) in Lower Silesia. It is rather intimate because there are four rooms here and the smallest one (perfect for one person) has a roof window with a view of the stars. Solo travelers get a really large bed at their disposal, which gives them a great opportunity to lounge and practice night acrobatics if they can’t sleep. We hear only good things about the hosts’ kitchen, so you can contemplate your life over a chocolate cake, draw energy from chlorophyll, read books in the fireplace room or take a seat in a shared armchair – if it's not occupied by a cat.

"A wonderful place where you can feel the hearts and souls of the owners. I was captivated by the interior design, where almost every item has its own history and where the smallest detail was taken care of. The rooms were clean, and the bed was so comfortable that you did not want to leave it. Not to mention, the owners were a delight! And the best breakfasts we've had [...]”

Slowhop's review: At Apple Paradise, they have a common table for celebrating meals, so if you’re feeling up for it, you can join in small talk over scrambled eggs. For a double room occupied by one person and breakfast, you will pay approx. 230 PLN/day and you can order a massage :)

House of Life, although it does not work like a visit to a specialist, is an effective supportive therapy (and can be done without a referral). Nekielka is located 32 km away from Poznań and according to us, singles who need to care for their body’s well-being should definitely go here. In Nekielka, herbal baths in alder bathtubs, a sauna, massages and naturotherapy treatments await, under the watchful eye of Ela, who, if needed, will even give you a development session. Guests come to Niekielka for healthy sleep, a digital detox and long conversations with the hosts, which, apparently, "end in improving the mood, regaining hope and a positive view of the world." Everything is in the pro-eco style, i.e. the house is made of wood, straw and clay, the bedding is linen, and the beds are comfortable. Rustic forest areas and sandy roads are supposedly ideal for jogging (and unlimited walks), and next to it is Sunny Farm, where you can ride a horse. They make cosmetics on-site, which are then used for treatments. And they have a Package for Singles so that means they know their stuff.

"An unusual, unique atmosphere, a place where you are so close to yourself and you can take care of yourself ... Ela and Agnieszka have open hearts and minds for each guest, here time flows differently and everything is accompanied by unique energy."

Slowhop's review: This year, Ela is planning a weekly workshop on self-development for women and a replay of last year's Christmas Eve for singles at the House of Life. The five rooms have space for a total of 10 people. Full board is included and meals are enjoyed at a shared table – just like at home. Come here without pets.

Here is a real hideaway, in a really secluded area in the Tuchola Forest where you can walk around in your pyjamas (or in a tracksuit) and no one will be surprised by your relaxed style and the same outfit with a sweater at breakfast and dinner. Yes, we know that we are talking about food again, but we can’t help that we associate relaxation with digestion. After your visit to Hideaway, you will also have this association and you will leave there believing that until now, you have been living basically on water and bread because after trying meals made by Kasia and Jacek, life will never be the same again. In addition, they have a lake with a bridge just three steps from the house and sound massages with Tibetan bowls, and when you put it all together, you will get a great detox without access to GSM but exchange, you’ll have access to water, peace and quiet and a kitchen which poems will still be written about. You'll see.

Slowhop's review: In Forest Hideaway, you'll pay 10% less for a double room occupied by one person. You can come with a doggo, but consult with the host beforehand and keep in mind that there are 3 cats on-site. If you like beer, then in the nearby town of Tleń you can get a delicious glass of the local brew.

Halfway between Warsaw and Białystok, where the asphalt road does not reach and there are no discos in the depot. The Bug flows lazily, unhurriedly, you can enjoy the fact that you do not need or want to do anything. But of course, you can feel like doing something! Sunbathe, bike, hide under a grapevine gazebo or stare into the Bug for hours and feed your inner child rennet cheese from Grażynka Dażenka whose cheeses are known throughout the county.

"A great place for a blissful rest and charging your batteries. You can sleep, eat well, spend a nice time with Agnieszka and Irek - wonderful hosts who show their passion and commitment. A big plus of the place is friendly Namastek :-) I highly recommend it.”

Slowhop's review: If you have a weakness for dogs, then in the Holistic Shot they have such a big ball of fur and there are rumours that instead of the close proximity to the Bug, some guests are motivated to come here just to cuddle with the pup. And the neighbour behind the fence apparently has great moonshine.

We know that information about Złoty Jar is everywhere, but we could not skip them in this list. First of all, because they have single rooms at a very reasonable price, and if you have to go somewhere to forget your pain, or you need to distract yourself, Gosia and Maciek will take care of you. If you are not indifferent to taking care of the planet, you and the Złoty Jar will get along: they avoid plastic like fire, vintage furniture fill the rooms, tablecloths are secondhand, and for a sack of garbage collected in the nearby forest, they’ll offer you free coffee. Gosia is a writer and traveler, and Maciek is the head of the Gold Mine, which he will gladly show you around. And they have dumplings, but you probably already knew that.

"Great place and people! If you are looking for a quiet place in beautiful surroundings, book this immediately! In addition, the friendly service makes everyone feel like a long-awaited guest, not just a visiting customer. Thank you very much for a wonderful weekend, homemade cake after a day of hiking and delicious breakfasts ;)”

Slowhop's review: Accommodation at Złoty Jar includes breakfast, but you can also order the full board (and it would be a shame not to) and they even have craft beer. The whole guest house is large because it has up to 40 beds, so don't expect a remote area, although it’s friendly, cosy and feels like home.

If videos of animals on a Monday morning work better for you than a dose of Diazepam, then imagine this happiness live...Slightly beyond Warsaw is a place for adults (or young adults), where 30 alpacas live and hugging them is encouraged. You can take an alpaca for a walk, hug them, learn patience from them, hug again, feed them herbs and watch them chew, bat their eyelashes and wonder which eyelash extension method gives such results. And when you put the alpacas to sleep, then grab a book from the bookcase or gossip with sausage in your mouth by the fire with the hosts or other guests. You will leave with a smile stuck to your face and soreness from laughing so much.

"The Alpacarium is run by people with a huge heart for these amazing animals. They care about their guests equally as much. Katarzyna can conjure up both a delicious breakfast and a friendly atmosphere of a hospitable home. Mr Wiesław and Agata will explain everything and anecdotally answer every question related to Alpaca breeding and habits. Just a good place with good people."

Slowhop's review: When you go to see alpacas, you need a lot of space on your phone – we’re warning you right away. And you don't need any filters. There are 4 rooms in the attic and you pay a reasonable price for one person in a double room (with breakfast!). The interiors are idyllically furnished with designer pieces and the hosts are delightful, they know the animals well and they are the most important to them.

I don't sleep just anywhere. Compendium for a leisurely traveler.


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If you suddenly want to run away and find yourself in Masuria, in an apple orchard in Mikołajki, Karolina and Marek run an intimate guest house and an artistic bistro with breakfast, which is renowned in the area. In this list about Masuria, we wrote about the wonderful history of the creation of this house, but in short, the story is that first there was Karolina, then the door, and then Marek the carpenter, who built a house around all this. You can stay in one of four rooms, drink Masurian coffee (from the roaster in Mrągowo) in the morning in the bistro and walk with the cup barefoot in the garden. It’s a stone's throw to the centre of Mikołajki and they have something special for hedonists – two friendly SPAs nearby, where guests of the Dream Locker get a discount.

Slowhop's review: Karolina loves to organise all kinds of events so before going to the Dream Locker ask if they have something cool planned. They don't have single rooms, but you will pay 20% less for a double room occupied by one person.

Somehow, good people always settle down at the end of the world. Lidka and Maciek abandoned their professional ambitions and living in a block of flats in favour of Paszków and Kłodzko Valley. There, in the wilderness, they moved their home and now they invite you too. They don't have TV sets, they live by what they have and admire it. Instead of looking at the screen, you look into people's eyes and talk about saving a hare, the history of the Kłodzko Valley and this house all while sipping a beer brewed at the end of the world.

"Fantastic place, with a home-like atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and stories at a common table. Perfect for a rest away from the hustle and bustle, and for a change of scenery among hares, cats, deers that come up to the house at night ...The owners are warm and extremely nice people who can create the perfect atmosphere with jazz in the background. I would highly recommend it!"

Slowhop's review: In the house of Lidia and Maciek there are 18 beds with a full board. Singles sleep in a double room and pay per person – not for the room. You can bring your pet but you must bear in mind that there are hares, cats and goats on-site so please consult with the hosts beforehand.

A real women's republic on the Bug, only for adults where Basia and eight other women rule. They have a real ecological farm here, confirmed by a certificate: water is heated by solar panels, towels and bed linen are not ironed and are replaced on request. A great place for sitting around in the evenings with your legs crossed and with homemade liquor in your right hand and a cat in your left. The house is next to the Bug River, which reveals wild beaches in the summer, and if you’re in luck, there is a chance for interesting workshops (painting, carpentry, wickerwork and the production of natural cosmetics) and a canoe trip around the Bug River backwaters.

"Fantastic place to unwind from everyday rush and excess stimuli. At the common table, you can meet cool, open-minded people, relax after a meal with a book in the company of friendly cats and a pup who, asking for caresses, nudges your knees with his sweet face. A walk around the area allows you to organize your thoughts and soak up the closeness with wonderful nature. And the hostess Basia is a warm and open person who is happy to welcome everyone in her home. I highly recommend it.”

Slowhop's review: We invite you to House by the Willows without pooches because the local Synek doesn’t tolerate them, but go ahead and bring the cat. On-site, you can use the sauna, herbal baths in the garden tub by the backwaters, kayaks, bicycles and be sure to explore the wild Bug River jungle. Here you pay per person.

Intimate agrotourism among the Dylewo Hills in Western Masuria. Agnieszka and Marek moved into a trailer for six months while they created their dream house on a dream plot of land. They have two tastefully furnished rooms on the first floor, (before leaving city life, Agnieszka designed interiors for people), two children, five horses, two dogs and countless cats. In the summer, there’s a brilliant barn in which you can seek shelter with a book from the rain or heat and in which they serve guests eco meals – even ones made with real weeds. In the garden, you’ll find shade under old apple trees, spend afternoons on a hammock, sit by the wild brooks and explore the Dylew Hills Landscape Park, which is just outside the threshold. 

"This is really a world champion. We love such atmospheres – the interesting and beautiful interior of the room and the kitchen, delicious food – Mark, you are a lard master :) House like in a fairy tale, loving animals, naturally clean air, you could even feel like you have a witcher by your side in these meadows and valleys and in the fog ;) we will gladly be back – but with the sun :) to test the barn!”

Slowhop's review: The hosts are two wise people who live at their own pace with an eco-spirit – be sure to talk to them about their approach to the world. They will feed you delicious and exclusively vegetarian meals mainly using their own crops and local products. There are no single rooms but per person in a double room that’s occupied solo, you won’t pay much more.

First of all, it’s not in a little village in the middle of nowhere, but something bigger. There will be no roosters crowing, children arguing about the sand shovel and an orchard with deckchairs, although if you try, you will probably find them in the area. However, there will be a breeze from the sea and ultra-comfortable sleep in an old house. We love Sopot invariably, especially after the high season and it reciprocates this love by offering us such people and places. Agnieszka professionally deals with interior design, modernisation of old buildings and offers 7 double apartments only for adults in the hygge style, with eco-cosmetics, a glass porch with a library and a clawfoot bathtub.

Slowhop's review: In the summer, guests can use the covered patio and roof terrace. It’s better to leave your car and come by train – no sense in worrying about parking if the train station in Sopot is really close to everything. Here, singles pay 30% less for a double room.