Leisure is a state of <em>mind</em>.

Leisure is a state of mind.

We help you switch off. Truly.

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Only on Slowhop
Poland, Warmia and Masuria
3 houses

Domy na Jeziorze

Floating houses on Lake Rajgrodzkie - unforgettable moments away from civilization
Poland, Gdańsk Pomerania and Kashubia
Cottage for 5 persons

Daleko w Lesie

Hidden in the forest by the lake, a comfortable cottage for 5 people. One of the most secluded locations on Slowhop. The forest clearing between the lake and the river will be yours only.
Poland, Mazovia Province
Cottage up to 8 persons

W Łosiu

Two charming cottages for 4 people each (but rented as a whole), in the forest, 30 km from Warsaw.

News at Slowhop

Poland, Lubusz Province
Cottage for 10 persons

Eko Dom Grabin

In the sleepy village of Grabin, we have created a place for a family or friend meeting. We have: two rooms for 4 people. with bathrooms, one room with a fireplace with a sofa, a kitchen-living room and a garden.
Poland, West Pomerania Province

Pasjonat Tu

A forest guesthouse where each room has its own musical patron. This is where the atmosphere comes in! There are as many as 3 lakes nearby, peace and quiet, and there is always good music playing in Pasjonat.
Poland, Beskid Mountains
Cottage for 7 persons

Górski azyl w Soblówce

Soblówka calls a 7-person team to rest with a view of the Beskid Żywiecki. There is a house with 3 bedrooms, a winter garden and a fireplace, and in the garden there is a jacuzzi and a sauna house. With dogs!