Unique places in Poland for lovers of galloping



We received so many questions about places with horses at Slowhop, that we couldn’t put off making this list any longer. We want you to know that these are not ordinary stables. Slowhop is full of people who are aware and sensitive, as well as those who are reluctant to ride horses. Some prefer just being close to the horses, petting them and taking them for a walk. There are also instructors who whole-heartedly train animals and people. We want to introduce them to all of you. 


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In the Land of Extinct Volcanoes, in the Kaczawskie Foothills, in the small village of Kondratów, there is a century-old house that has been brought back to life by Asia and Krzysztof. It all began with a passion for horses and they are the most important aspects of Agrohippika. A great option for families with children who want to learn how to ride a horse or improve their skills. We will tell you right away that if someone is planning to visit Agrohippika to get some exercise and lose weight, there’s no way that’s going to happen. Enjoy the exercise – close to Łysa Góra, horse riding and walking, but the calories will pile on in an unrestrained, wild and passionate way because everything is insidiously delicious.

"A wonderful, peaceful and beautiful place, restored with great care, fantastic food (a huge plus for adjusting to my diet without any trouble); for children, it’s a small Noisy Village – there is a pond with fish, horses, meadows, hammocks, trampoline, sand, swings, a place for a bonfire, there is silence and pleasure of being close to nature; lack of cell service, which is also a plus; you can go sightseeing, you can also do nothing and that’s fun too. I highly recommend it!”

Slowhop's review: Your hosts will feed you local delicacies without artificial preservatives and they will even be conscientious about your diet. Definitely take your kids here because it’s close to the Sudeten Educational Farm in Dobków. You can bring your pet with you.

A beautiful place in Kashubia at a good distance from the beach but at a safe distance from seaside resorts and waffles with whipped cream. Nicole runs a real organic farm here, and with her mother they grow tomatoes, bake cakes, practice yoga, feed newcomers, and take care of animals and their guests equally. On site, you can take advantage of horse riding lessons (with an instructor with a great approach), and if you pass the riding test with Nicole, she takes willing guests for off-road riding on the beach. The farm borders a beautiful park, and there is also an old palace on site, which is still waiting for renovations, but it’s still a great place for special events (e.g. engagements, anniversary candlelit dinners, etc.).

"For the first time, I can admit that the Farmstead is a place that 100% proved to be the right place for our holiday stay.... Our escape from the hustle and gray skies! Jackowo Farmstead is the place where we found: the silence we dreamed of, a place to relax, delicious food, ubiquitous contact with nature, adventure (in the forest, during bike trips, horse riding). It is definitely a place for those who are open to people (families with children and couples will easily fit in here), like outdoor activities (bikes were very useful), search for peace and are able to enjoy the moment without a TV or the Internet, and they don't need a beach at their fingertips. Yes, that was what our family needed."

Slowhop's review: You can bring your own horse or become friends with local ones. Take into consideration that this is a real farm and everything that goes with it. If you're looking for a palace with a stable, it's not that kind of place. There’s a friendly Jack Russell terrier on-site, but you can also take your pet, as long as it doesn’t bark at horses. Be sure to visit the Stilo lighthouse and the amazing beaches in the Sasino area. You will not reach the beach on foot unless you’re up for a considerable walk, so it's best to take a bike.

“In a small village at the very tip of Poland, so close to the end that a Russian operator jumps on the phone just a few kilometres further" – that's where Tomek and Justyna decided to start hosting people in their own way using their many years of experience in the hotel industry. They replaced Scotland with Masurian Lisy, rolled up their sleeves and have now prepared two apartments for you. Two horses roam around freely here, just like the dogs which were saved from a shelter. Nobody is in a hurry, unless the visitors are still imbued with the city and want to absorb the beauty of Lisy as soon as possible, but after some time the rush passes and they savor bravado...

"The best!!! Without a doubt, you can fall in love with this place. The magic that lies inside is indescribable. Wonderful animals, as we have seen coming back from our first walk around the area, i.e. excellent horses that were waiting for us ready to ride, and lovely dogs are just a small piece of what awaits you there. First of all, a wonderful host with lots of ideas to make our stay more pleasant (Tomek - mega respect) and the potential of this place ... Peace and quiet, closeness to nature, good bike routes (green velo), close to kayaks, e.g. Sapina, numerous ponds, forests, fields – time has stopped. House in Acacias (clean, well equipped, comfortable and hospitable) should be visited again...not once, not twice... Drop by and you will quickly feel this magic and you will not want to leave!”

Slowhop's review: The house is surrounded by ponds and fisheries, so in addition to galloping you can try your luck at fishing, rent kayaks or go to the nearest lake. There are two cycling routes for cyclists, the one closest to Banie Mazurskie is over 13 km long. You can also come here with a dog.

This is no Ulaanbaatar, only Mysłowice Tuchomskie and the first yurt in Pomerania, just in time for refugees from the city and modern nomads. Here you have 35 sqm of space and room for 5 people, a wood stove, bed with a view of the stars or a burning flame in the fireplace, grill at your disposal, a hammock for afternoon naps, and in front of the yurt, a tub which you don’t need to heat because the water is always warm. Everything works here in symbiosis, cats walk their own paths and horses ride only in accordance with the principles of natural riding. There are people who know exactly what "slow" means and follow the principles of empathy and understanding for people and animals. It's worth visiting them.

"A wonderful and atmospheric place – ideal for switching off all stress and daily bustle. Beautiful horses and cats that bravely endure all hugs definitely help in this. I recommend relaxing in the tub and walking around the area. Be sure to order some smoked goat's cheese, but don't make the mistake we did – take more for later because it just melts in your mouth! Be sure to go to the market in Tuchomie. They have delicious real butter and homemade bread. I recommend it with all my heart!”

Slowhop's review: This is one of those places where you can teach your child how to ride a horse. Thanks to the hosts (and Marysia herself), the horses are trustful and calm. The hosts do not provide meals, but the yurt has a kitchenette so you can cook and even bake whenever you want. There are ultra-clean lobelia lakes in the area – a paradise for diving enthusiasts. And you can bring your pet. There is a village near the yurt, so please take this into account if you are looking for a place where there is not a single living soul.

We already wrote about this estate in a list of places in Western Pomerania, and places you can get to without a car. And we will probably repeat ourselves now, but you must know that they treat horses there in a special way, in the same way as visiting guests. So get ready for caressing (animals not guests), cuddling sessions, grateful purring, lengthy meals, forest walks, horse rides and brisk baths in the surrounding lakes.

"We came here for peace, beautiful nature, welcoming people and all this was waiting for us in Blue Rat Estate. There was a walk around the estate in the morning, lace cobwebs decorated with dew, wild apple trees, nettles, singing birds, cows in the meadow, the smell of wheat, sunrises, horse trips to the beech forest, dinner by candlelight in the barn, delicious Russian dumplings and fruit cake, breakfast with a view of the meadow. We highly recommend this place.”

Slowhop's review: The old, historic house has 5 rooms, each with its own bathroom. Your hosts will surprise you with meals made from local products and will celebrate every moment spent at the common table. We still don't know where the name comes from, so go there and be sure to ask them yourselves. 

There’s a place in the Silesian Beskids, on the slope of the Tuł mountain, to which all horse- and animal-loving foodies should visit. This part of the Beskids is less known and wrongly so because Polish orchids grow on Mount Tuł and this alone should be a reason to visit. It is also close to the Polish-Czech border if someone wants a small beer and Czech chocolate (we like it very much). Bożena is a therapist and psychologist by profession and she is the one who runs the horse riding lessons, which speak for itself. Przemek takes care of the other tasks, i.e. hosting in agrotourism, and they both receive high praise from guests. It’s important to know that this is an absolutely open space and it’s the hosts’ house, where cats and dogs snooze under their feet. If this will bother you, choose a hotel.

"If we could give it 10 stars, we would do it without thinking twice! This is a wonderful place! Peace and quiet, from the windows you can see horses, deer, hares. In addition, delicious homemade food (the best cinnamon buns we have ever eaten!), and the owners are the icing on the cake of this wonderful place – very open and friendly. For dog lovers, Czata and Luna are waiting for you, and you can pet them for hours and it’s the best relaxation... We rarely return to the same places, but we already know that in this case, it will be different."

Slowhop's review: There are four apartments in the Old Orchard. It’s close to Polish and Czech cycling routes and ski lifts (also close to Czech dumplings). You can come with a dog – as long as it likes other dogs.

Still in Podlasie, but almost in Masuria, right next to the entrance to the Biebrza National Park stands Kuwasy Farm. This is not quite agrotourism, rather (as we agreed with Agnieszka from Kuwasy) something like a country hotel. There are those who come here to stalk flocks of wild geese in the spring, nonchalantly walk around the Biebrza marshes in the summer, cross-country ski in the winter and ride horses all year round, and there are a lot of yoga groups here (there is a yoga room). We miss Kuwasy, even though we were there during the worst time of the year. Delicious food for vegans and vegans which may surprise you. A truly masterful breakfast, especially if you like beetroot and other healthy creations.

"It's been a long time since I rested as well as I did in Zagroda. Very friendly service, the owner revolved around the guests, but was certainly unobtrusive, she sensed if someone wanted to be alone for 2 hours and just stare at the fireplace in the main dining room/living room. This room is overall a nice place – in the middle, there’s a table with delicious food, and around the tables, there is a fireplace and a bar. Children run around, while parents drink beetroot or birch juice or wine :), I felt very at ease here. The rooms are clean and nice, the view from the windows is divine even in the early spring. There are a lot of things to do around the farm, but we only managed to do a few of them, so I will definitely come back to see the elks ... this time, I wasn’t able to, because I slept so well."

Slowhop's review: This is not a typical stud, so if you’re expecting a dozen or so horses, you will be disappointed. There are a few ponies here and it’s more about recreational contact with animals than what professional stud farms offer. You can come with your dog. The interiors are wooden, so sometimes you can hear the sound of footsteps or a baby crying, so if you’re looking for total silence indoors, the acoustics of wood can surprise you.

A real outback, fragrant pine forest and in it, a wooden house.It’s a little bit Masuria, a little bit Warmia, but actually it’s both because if you stand with your feet shoulder width apart, you can be halfway in Masuria and halfway in Warmia. This is agrotourism in the middle of a forest – do not expect all inclusive holidays, or even walkways and regulated heating. Expect rural-forest conditions, long talks at breakfast, naps on a hammock, horse rides, burning wood in the fireplace, swimming in the lake, insects and also real Masurian flies. Here, like in Kuwasy Farm, we focus on building friendly relations with the horse rather than great horse riding. We have two horses in a small stable, but if you like places with intimacy and soul, it will be right for you.

"First of all, it’s peaceful, you don't have to do anything, everything goes at your own pace. Wonderful homemade breakfasts last forever because it's nice to talk to people you meet here. The wonderful owner, Danka, makes you feel at home. If you don’t have a dog and you always wanted one there’s a really cuddly one here :) who will gladly go with you on a walk and play (the cats are a little less enthusiastic :)). It’s a 15 minute walk to the lake and in the evening, there’s a bonfire, and you can also ride a horse if you talk to the hosts beforehand. It’s a great place to relax, talk and eat well. A beautiful arcaded house in the middle of the forest, an ideal base for all nearby attractions. Be sure to try the jam."

Slowhop's reviewIn the Masurian Colony the hosts serve breakfast, but you have to take care of other meals yourself. You can come with a dog.

Do you see those hairy cows? They have 23 in Szczere Pole. But they’re not just any cows, they’re a special Scottish variety of mountain cows, bred, among others, by the Queen of England. In Szczere Pole, the biggest attractions are the animals: 23 cows, 3 horses, plus Pola the cat and Grafik the dog. Maybe don’t overdo it with the petting of the cows, because we don’t know if they like it at all, but luckily, there are a bunch of other animals here. This is good news for parents who can distract their kids with the help of a kitten, and escape to the village spa. And there, they can spend 15 minutes in the salt hut, then hop into the Russian hot tub, another minute in the Finnish tub, and then go back to the cows, of course.

"A great place, which seems like it’s at the end of the world, where there is peace and quiet, and at the same time, you won’t have time to get bored. The hosts are super engaged, and extremely helpful – Marcin took care of our perfect holiday. Fresh eggs from happy chickens, homemade dinners, horse riding, a relaxation area with a sauna and the magic salt cave, and, above all, the wild areas around the manor make you want to go back here immediately after leaving. The canoe trip was unforgettable!"

Slowhop's review: There are 16 beds in Szczere Pole. There are no meals served but there’s an eco-garden and you can easily pull vegetables out of the ground and pick fruits from the bushes. The hosts will absolutely accept all animals with open arms.

And now something from our side. Slowhop is not a place where you’ll find something super close to the beach. That’s because we try to avoid it. Being near the beach means squishy spider toys and air hockey, so we stay away and instead, move a few kilometres where there’s no cell service. So if you have a sudden urge to swim in the Baltic Sea, you can hop on a bike (the hosts will be happy to lend one) and there is a good chance that you will not even get tired. In Lawendula there is peace and quiet, garden and orchard, horses and alpacas, seaside waves and the sweet and salty waters of Lake Kopań. 

"Beautiful place. Open, warm and cordial hosts. Delicious breakfasts!!! A place that I will gladly return to again. A great place for people who love a seaside holiday and can't stand the kitsch and noise of modern plastic facades.”

Slowhop's review: You can order breakfast from the host for an extra fee. There are three apartments for a total of 10 people and a lot of space for practising yoga (or even larger workshops). You can come with your dog.

If you don't know the Drawsko Lake District yet, it's time to catch up. Karpno Farm is very horse-centred because you ride horses, raise horses, bathe horses and take care of them. They also organise trail riding here, so if you feel like going to the forest, here you go. It’s a nice spot for kids because the hosts like to put together workshops every now and then, and besides, there is a lake right next to it where you can jump from the dock. Plus there’s a special fishery for lovers of fishing and bugs. A kitchen for carnivores, but if you want to stick to being vegetarian, you certainly won't leave hungry. We wrote more about the food in Karpno Farm in the list of ideal places for people who never joke about food. In between meals, you can explore the Drawskie Lake District from the horse saddle, but you can also stay on ground level if you prefer to stay away from the saddle. In addition, they have a horse that looks like Pippi Longstocking’s horse. What’s the story behind that, we don’t know, but go there and check it out.

"It was wonderful. Our daughter went horse riding at will, and from morning to evening she had contact with horses. The girls are fantastic, the horse riding lessons were very positive. Lake, sauna, bicycles – everything is close at hand. Food is above average. Every wish is fulfilled and we are not an easy tour group – vegan, vegetarian and a carnivorous daughter. I rested a lot more than I thought I would. And it's just beautiful there."

Slowhop's review: The farm has double and triple rooms and two two-room family studios. Those who are resistant can learn how to ride a horse with guidance from an instructor. And yes, you can come with your pet.

We should really thank the hosts’ kids for Zadnie Łuki in Bieszczady, who gave way to the guests coming in from all directions. And listen, there are 25 hectares of forests here – it’s green everywhere you look. There’s also Mariola's vegan kitchen and 5 rooms decorated with handmade furniture, grazing horses, the Bieszczady mountain range and the Trans-Beskid horse trail nearby.  

"A spontaneous trip to the Bieszczady Mountains resulted in the reservation of a room in Zadnie Łuki. We were looking for a place away from urban noise and we were definitely not disappointed. The silence of the Bieszczady meadows, a fire in the fireplace, cosy interiors, extremely nice hosts, calmed us down and regenerated our internal batteries. In addition, the most delicious vegetarian breakfasts and dinners made from homemade products satisfied our eyes and bellies. If you're looking for a place full of peace, quiet and delicious food, you've come to the right place. We will definitely come back here.”

Slowhop's review: You can purchase meals: breakfasts and dinners. A great place for workshop groups. This time, guests are kindly asked to come without a dog.

Agrotourism, which the hosts describe as "soft all inclusive" in the Drawskie Lake District, which we also wrote about in our book. So you book a bed, and then you just eat and ponder where to settle down today, who to talk to at breakfast, when to jump on a horse and which lake to check out and whether you should go after dessert or maybe it’s better to go before and what time to come back so that you’re in time for dinner. In short, everything is included in the price so those who don’t like detailed price lists and prefer to pay once and for all, won’t be billed for every single thing. This is not the lowest price at Slowhop and we say this with honesty. It’s a place for humorous foodies and connoisseurs of leisure without worries (and those with cooking aversion too). 

Slowhop's reviewThere are 22 rooms so you can come with family friends or in a larger group. Take your dog, but with its own bed.

There’s a place in the Elbląg Upland, on the Vistula Lagoon, where in the morning, instead of birds chirping, you wake up to the sound of horses snorting and grazing outside the window. You can jump on a horse, observe the other horses, pet the horses, feed them at night, hug them in the morning and just spend your day lazily lying on the grass daydreaming (or thinking about horses) and occasionally, you chase away a fly because almost certainly, one will find you and bring friends. The beach is within arm's reach, so you can enjoy kitesurfing from morning to evening and even have a chance to sail on the Vistula Lagoon. And if you’re in the mood for delicious fish, Tolkmicko is just a 5 minutes walk away.  

"Unique interior design, intimacy, beautiful surroundings and delightful hosts. We were really able to rest. For horse lovers, it’s an even fuller experience."

Slowhop's review: There are 3 apartments for a total of 16 people, and each of them has its own kitchenette. The hosts will be happy to tell you where to go for big and small appetites and if needed, they will offer you soup. You can come with your pet.

Unusual stables in renovated, former German farm buildings, in the heart of the Great Masurian Lake District. Agrotourism with Style invites horse-loving nomads on horse rides at any time of the year – they have an indoor riding school and a nice obstacle course, as well as their own beach on a nearby lake.

"Well, this is our third home :) Here, we found what we were missing in a big city. Serenity, fresh air, the smell of hay, the lake, doing absolutely nothing, a fireplace. Kids have an unplugged holiday, adults have time to chill. You can never eat too much breakfast :) The best coffee with the best views. Dinners are the same :) Certainly not everyone likes this atmosphere – this is not an ‘exclusive’ place, it’s not a place for those looking for entertainment, dancing or exceptional attention from the hosts. But it’s a 100% hit for us :) This summer we will visit Sterławki for the fourth time."

Slowhop's review: There are 5 rooms in Agrotourism. You can come with your pet if you talk to the host beforehand.