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Stajnia Lipnik Apartments

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Location Poland, Gdańsk Pomerania, Elbląg Upland, Kadyny
One cannot argue with facts, so we will start with them. We are in the Elbląg Upland, which is said to be a small Bieszczady. The Green Velo cycling route runs right next to it. From here, we have only 40 minutes to the Vistula Spit, and there is Krynica Morska, waffles and the Baltic Sea. Tolkmicko is just five minutes away, known for its bathing beaches, harbour and fresh fish. And after the facts, emotions. We are always on the move, but not here. Well, unless on horseback, at a gallop and trot. Or on the water while kitesurfing. In the centre of Lipnik Stables, apart from morning horse neighing and evening bike trips, there will be time for being together offline, unforgettable mega and micro trips and moments to do nothing and nothing to do. So let your imagination run wild, and we will take care of your precious time. To soak up what surrounds you, search for amber on the Vistula Spit, jump into the mother lode of the Teutonic Knights and fly kites on wild beaches. Then, a bonfire, smoked fish, a canopy of stars and simple country life. We want to give you what we have in abundance - proximity and peace. If you do not like the smell of stables and the intense buzzing of insects, you must know that we have plenty of it as it is in the countryside. But you are welcome anyway!

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Hi, this is our home to which we wholeheartedly welcome you. This is our next beloved child, and there are quite a few of them (children, not houses). I promise to be helpful but not burdensome. I will try to make these few days at our farm a respite from everyday life for you. We have horses, though mostly sport horses and private ones. If you cannot ride with us, there are more stables around; there will always be a steed. You are welcome to bring your own horses. We also have a boarding house for them. Bicycles are available on-site, the Green Velo trail is just a stone's throw away. The nearby Kadyny, Frombork, Malbork, the water tram to Krynica Morska are all must-do excursions. In fact, I know that for many of you, peace and quiet is the most precious thing, so I can assure you that you will not lack it. You are cordially invited, Anetta.

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About us

We speak these languages: Polish, English, Russian

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3 lux apartments for a total of 16 people
3 lux apartments for a total of 16 people
You can pet, feed or just watch our horses
You can pet, feed or just watch our horses
Farm by the Vistula Lagoon, and by ferry to the Baltic Sea
Farm by the Vistula Lagoon, and by ferry to the Baltic Sea
Dogs accepting other pets are welcome
Dogs accepting other pets are welcome
Place for energetic, active and resilient
Place for energetic, active and resilient
Kitchenettes in apartments and good restaurants to try
Kitchenettes in apartments and good restaurants to try

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In the very center of the dynamically operating Stajnia Lipnik. We hope that you do not mind the horses' snorting in the morning, the smell of hay, studs and some flies flying around the ears, which are rather the norm in the countryside. Each of the 3 apartments has mosquito nets in the windows, so the presence of insects will only be in the backyard. Our little mission is to bring our loved ones closer to each other and leave you room to create shared memories. Whole families, groups of friends and acquaintances will find their place here. We have three comfortable apartments for you, a cozy fireplace room, horses outside and many hectares of meadows, clearings, paths, forests, meadows, and finally the Vistula Lagoon. We can accommodate 16 people in the apartments, and how much you like each other, maybe a little more. Each room has a private bathroom with a shower. Ułańska Fantasia Apartment on the ground floor - for 6 people. Here, a large, blue kitchen connects to the living room with a fold-out sofa. Two cozy bedrooms with double beds have their own bathrooms with showers. The 2 + 2 + grandparents layout will work great here. Apartment Rocking Horse on the 1st floor - for 6 people. Natural colors, idyllic atmosphere, old wood and new rooms. You will find here 3 bedrooms with the possibility of 2 extra beds, so take the card of a large family or a harmonious package with you. Each room has a separate bathroom with shower. You can eat breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner in the kitchen-dining room located on the ground floor. The apartment will be perfect for a pack of 6 friends who love to spend time together and share food, but prefer a separate bathroom. Studio Horses at a gallop in the attic - for 2 people + dog or child. Such an open space that you will occupy the entire attic. There is no soul, no divisions, so the boundaries for the bedroom, kitchen and living room are rather conventional. 2 separate small sleeping places situated in the sloping attic will be an attraction for kids. One bathroom, quite acoustic room, so opera singers and showerers will be delighted. We recommend it for those in love, newly weds, getting to know each other again or couples with children. We invite you with children of all ages, but we do not have cots for small people. Of course, we invite you with the pets. It would be wonderful if quadrupeds were social and accepting other dogs, horses, cats, and ponies.

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What will I eat?

Stajnia Lipnik Apartments - What will I eat?
Stajnia Lipnik Apartments - What will I eat?
Stajnia Lipnik Apartments - What will I eat?

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Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, where you can prepare meals using local products, gifts of the forest and herbs from the surrounding meadows. We have an ace up our sleeve in the form of specialties that we can be really proud of. Fresh fish caught straight from the Vistula Lagoon and those bought in Tolkmicko (only five minutes from our apartments). Would you like something else? No problem, we can provide you with delicious pancakes and homemade soups. The nearest village shop can be found in Kadyny - 1.5 km, more choice in Tolkmicko -2 km. Of course, the area is rich in recommendable addresses for lunch, dinner and a little hunger. There is also something for fans of honest portions of fish. Let's go: You can eat delicious fish at the market in Tolkmicko in Smażalnia Ryb "Ryneczek". Prepared by the wife of a fisherman, who delivers new specimens every morning, and delicious homemade, natural soups and pancakes that are addictive. To Fregata Tolkmicko for delicious fish, fish soup, pizza and wonderful views of the beach. To the Stara Gorzelnia Restaurant in Kadyny - less bar and more luxurious there. Delicious and very interesting dishes.

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Food on-site

Local products(eggs, fish)

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Will I not be bored?

Icon By the lake
Icon In the countryside

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Stajnia Lipnik Apartments - Will I not be bored?
Stajnia Lipnik Apartments - Will I not be bored?

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We focus on being close, on the move, active freedom and the free flow of good energy. Regardless of whether it is a large group, in a family circle, just for two or in a two-pack. Our farm is a place created for action. It's not like we live alone. Of course, you will meet them in every corner, but you do not have to get into the saddle. You can run to the beach and feel the sand under your feet, take a walk to the sunrise, beginner riders can try their hand at riding or simply read a book in the meadow. We have the Vistula Lagoon under our noses - a miracle of water sports. We assure you that you will use the wind at will. Kite surfing from morning to evening - prepare sunscreen and prepare your muscles for exercise. We calm sea and flooding wolves, sail not only on the board, but also on the boat! We have an agreement with the local sailing club, so we can help with sailing boat rentals and going with the wind. Especially that sailing on the Vistula Lagoon includes a trip along the Żuławy Loop and the waterways of the Vistula, Szkarpawa, Nogat, Jagiellonian Channel up to the Bay of Gdańsk. Right next to it, you can get on any ferry and reach Krynica Morska by water tram. It's best to take your bikes on board. The Vistula Spit on two wheels is a miracle. Ahoy adventure! Nothing brings closer to anything the wonderful expeditions you tell for years and the album is full of memories. For these advanced amazons and riders, we always offer horse trips and a gallop on the Vistula Lagoon. We have prepared a special square for beginners. Our instructors will introduce you to the secrets of dressage. Who knows, maybe you will jump over the obstacle? Fans of two wheels instead of four hooves will not be disappointed. Take your bikes with you, and we provide wonderful routes and views. Right next to Stajnia Lipnik there is a famous bicycle path - Green Velo. You will not find such views, literally breathtaking, as on our beloved Elbląg Upland anywhere in the world. Our areas are called "little Bieszczady". Add to that romantic sunsets on the beach, meadows full of colorful flowers and forests full of natural treasures. All these ingredients create a dream vacation. Boredom does not appear in the schedule, but there are attractions: Water sports (kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, canoes), Motocross, Sand Valley golf course in Pasłęk, · Landscape Park of the Elbląg Upland. We also have a respectable neighborhood: - Amber Coast, - shell beach at Holy Stone, - an observation tower on the outskirts of Tolkmicko (follow the dirt road along Stradanka), - historical Kadyny, - Frombork and the Nicolaus Copernicus Museum, - Elbląg, - Museum of the Braniewo Region, - Malbork, - Tricity, an hour away. Book a minimum of seven days with us, otherwise you will leave with a lot of hunger.

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For those who want relaxation

Forest paths (0 km)
Yoga room

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For sports enthusiasts

Horse riding (2 km)
Golf course (20 km)
Kayaks (4 km)
Cross-country trails (0 km)
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What’s there for children?

Stajnia Lipnik Apartments - What’s there for children?
Stajnia Lipnik Apartments - What’s there for children?

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As with kids, it's only for us. We love the joy that the little ones bring to the farm. They are not afraid of anything and our hectares are fighting with their hit. On horseback, then running through the meadows, wearing galoshes over puddles, in winter sleigh rides, and in summer circled by a colored swimming circle. The beaches on the Vistula Lagoon are a children's paradise. Clean, semi-wild, sandy, and gentle descent to the water. In the evening, feeding the horses, brushing the mane, stroking little kittens and running through the obstacles with dogs. Then a fire and sleep. We understand such a vacation. Take your children's equipment with you, we have 1 travel cot.

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Our address: Kikoły 75, Kadyny, Gdańsk Pomerania, Elbląg Upland, Poland

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Apartment "Ułańska Fantazja" on the ground floor PLN 650
The "rocking horse" apartment on the first floor PLN 650
Apartment "Horses at a gallop" in the attic 550 PLN

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Spokój, cisza i przestrzeń - obok ciekawie urządzonych i czystych wnętrz - sprawiły, że spędziliśmy w Stajni bardzo przyjemny, relaksujący tydzień. Dzieciaki doceniły oczywiście możliwość biegania boso po trawie, obserwowania koni, bocianów w gnieździe tuż przed oknami, dopiero co urodzonych kociaków i kur. Okolice malownicze, w Kadynach dobrze karmiące restauracje z dużymi ogrodami oraz baseny hotelowe dostępne dla gości z zewnątrz (co bywa ważne nie tylko, gdy pogoda nie dopisuje, ale również wówczas, gdy Zalew atakują sinice). Spaliśmy w apartamencie Koń na biegunach. Decydując się na niego warto wziąć pod uwagę nie tylko to, że pokoje są na pierwszym piętrze, a kuchnia na parterze, ale również to, że przechodzi się między tymi pomieszczaniami klatką schodową częściowo dzieloną z gośćmi zajmującymi apartament na poddaszu. Nam to nie przeszkadzało, ale nie wywnioskowaliśmy, że tak jest z czytanego przed przyjazdem opisu. Kontakt zarówno z p. Anettą, jak i z właścicielami miejsca, z którymi mieliśmy przyjemność spędzić wieczór, bardzo łatwy i przyjazny. Dziękujemy i myślimy nad powrotem w większym gronie.


To miejsce jest doskonałe! Jestem zakochana - apartament „ułańska fantazja” super wygodny, komfortowy, idealny dla rodziny z małymi dziećmi (u nas 17 miesięczne bliźniaczki). Ogromny teren do biegania, skakania, obserwowania koni i - co najważniejsze - traktorów :) super doświadczenie, chętnie wrócimy. Sam Zalew doskonały dla dzieci - woda ciepła i płytka. Polecam każdemu!


Wspaniałe miejsce. Ładnie urządzone, przestronne pokoje, mieliśmy też dużą kuchnię do własnej dyspozycji. Piękne otoczenie i bardzo przyjaźni oraz pomocni zarówno właściciele, jak i pracownicy Stajni. Pomogli w skompletowaniu rowerów dla całej naszej ekipy, podpowiedzieli ciekawe miejsca na spacer i spędzenie wolnego czasu. Sama okolica też sprzyjająca wypoczynkowi, zarówno temu aktywnemu, jak i słodkiemu lenistwu w ciszy i spokoju.

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