Leisure is a state of <em>mind</em>.

Leisure is a state of mind.

We help you switch off. Truly.

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Only on Slowhop
Poland, Warmia and Masuria
Cottage up to 4 persons

Agrozagadka: Domek w Sadzie

A small house for 4 people in the orchard of the agritourism farm "Agrozagadka". For lovers of the intimacy of an exclusive cottage, but also the atmosphere of agritourism.
Poland, Upper Silesia
3 houses

Widokownia Brenna

3 modern houses with an amazing view of the Silesian Beskids. They have 2-level terraces with a private jacuzzi in front of each house and a sauna.
Poland, Gdańsk Pomerania and Kashubia
Cottage for 5 persons

Daleko w Lesie

Hidden in the forest by the lake, a comfortable cottage for 5 people. One of the most secluded locations on Slowhop. The forest clearing between the lake and the river will be yours only.

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Poland, Warmia and Masuria
Glamping / camping

Glamping Zyndaki

An atmospheric tent right next to the forest, with a view of the Zyndaki Windmill. A comfortable bathroom and kitchen in the building next door. Close to nature, but without sacrificing comfort. Around 3 lakes.
Poland, Suwalszczyzna
Cottage for 8 persons


Get together to drop by the Provençal-style house, located near Lake Studzieniczne (with a footbridge to it and a pier over it). There is a hot tub, 2 terraces and water equipment waiting for you.
Poland, West Pomerania Province
4 houses

SunRise HouseBoats

Here, the rocking waves relax better than a lomi-lomi massage. We invite you to houses on Lake Jamno with an amazing view of the lake waters. Only 300 m from the Baltic Sea.