Leisure is a state of <em>mind</em>.

Leisure is a state of mind.

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Poland, West Pomerania Province
26 houses

GRAND HT Houseboats - domki na wodzie

An unusual 5-star hotel drifting on Lake Jamno. It is close to luxury here, close to fresh water and the salty Baltic Sea. Close to the beach, to the private terrace for sunbathing and sauna, to the hot tub overlooking the water. You can with your fiancé, you can with your dog, you can with kids and friends.
Poland, Warmia and Masuria
Cottage up to 4 persons

Wiatrak Zyndaki

Have you ever slept in a windmill? We invite you. We built it using techniques from 200 years ago. It stands between 3 lakes, has beautiful views from the hill and a fabulous bathtub in the basement.
Poland, Mazovia Province
Cottage for 12 persons

W Kamieńczyku nad Bugiem

In Kamieńczyk on the Bug River, 80 km from the capital, there is an escape house for larger groups. It has harmonious interiors, a fireplace, a large terrace, and in the garden there is a swimming pool, a playground and a relaxation zone.

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Poland, Podlasie Province
Glamping / camping

Puszcza Glamping

Puszcza Glamping consists of 4 thematic tents for adults located in the Białowieża Forest. Two monkeys live here - Śnieżek and Kasztanek. Breakfast baskets included.
Poland, Warmia and Masuria
Cottage up to 5 persons

Domek Zarządcy

A house on the premises of the Nakomiady Palace for lovers of design and classic beauty. Access to the palace park and garden and views more beautiful than in Tuscany. We serve breakfast.
Poland, Lesser Poland Province

Gościnny Dom w Tyliczu

Guest house on an American farm in Tylicz. We have more animals than guests, our own products and a lot of attractions for families. See what everyday work on the farm looks like.